Lifetime365http://blog.lifetime.comThe Lifetime blog by LIFETIME PRODUCTS. Written by experts in backyard and home products: folding tables and chairs, basketball hoops, outdoor sheds, playsets, and many other products that you likely use every day. We'll share with you breaking company ne24026 Mar 2019 7:46:45 AMLifetime365en-usChildren’s Furniture Giveaway Winner!!!<img src=' Furniture Banner.jpg' style='width: 223px; height: 234px;' /><br />Congratulations Karrie S!<p><img src="" alt="Day Care.jpg" width="300" height="450" />Wow! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only one week away!? It seems like it has come super fast!</p> <p>Thank you for all of the responses! We had over a hundred!!! Here are a here are a few of my favorite:</p> <p>&ldquo;These are so adorable!&nbsp; Thank you for thinking outside the box and producing a child's chair that is useful, fun, and practical!&rdquo; &ndash; Shara H.</p> <p>&ldquo;We love the durability of our other Lifetime products and love that there is now an option for a kids table and chairs that will stand up to the messes and rough housing of our three little kids. The chairs look cool and super comfortable too!&rdquo; &ndash;Melarie W.</p> <p>&ldquo;So COOL!&rdquo; &ndash; Clint P.</p> <p>&ldquo;I am in love with the new kid's table and chairs! I especially love the blue and green. I've been looking for the perfect table and chairs set for my kids for Christmas, and this is it! I'm thrilled these came out in time for me not to waste my money on something less awesome. I love Lifetime Products!&rdquo; &ndash; Katie F.</p> <p>&ldquo;Where has this been all my life?&nbsp; That is way cool.&nbsp; Perfect in so many ways.&rdquo; &ndash; Suzanne B.</p> <p>&ldquo;I have 5 kids! This table is so stinkin&rsquo; cute!! It is a perfect size for my younger kids. My 5 year old is always wanting to do projects at the kitchen or dining table. It is not fun to always keep those clean. I would love to have this cute perfect sized table for her!!&rdquo; Karrie S.</p> <p>"Oh my biggest heck! Love love love. I'm a big fan of you guys and my family owns lots of your products! I would love to add this to the collection. It is darling!" - Keri G.</p> <p>Here at Lifetime, we are just as excited about this set. I myself have been to multiple Costco locations as well.</p> <p>Congratulations to our winner:</p> <p><strong>Karrie S. - Marriott Slaterville, Utah</strong></p> <p>Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. To find out more information about our products, head over to <a href=""></a>.</p> <p>Happy Thanksgiving!</p>Zach20 Nov 2014 10:07:46 AMThe Kids’ Table is Now the Cool Table<img src=' Furniture Banner.jpg' style='width: 223px; height: 234px;' /><br />The Lifetime kids' furniture is hitting Costco stores this week!<p><img src="" alt="Kids Furniture Thumbnail 2.jpg" width="250" height="250" />I can&rsquo;t even tell you how excited I am about our new Kid&rsquo;s Furniture! This is a project that the whole company has rallied around &ndash; even employees can&rsquo;t wait to get their hands on these!</p> <p>The Lifetime Children&rsquo;s <a href="" target="_blank">Square Folding Table</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Stacking Chairs</a> are hitting Costco stores this week! They are absolutely perfect for homes, daycares, parties, etc. and would be great as your kids&rsquo; Thanksgiving Table this year.<img style="float: right;" src="" alt="Day Care.jpg" width="250" height="375" /></p> <p>The table comes in our traditional almond color, and the cute stack chairs are available in blue, green, and almond. The great thing about our tables and chairs is that they clean up super easily. They can handle food spills, finger paints, and craft paints, coloring, etc. Another thing I love about these products is they are unique! At Lifetime, we are inventors, we are designers, and we absolutely LOVE bringing new and innovative products to the market. You won&rsquo;t find children&rsquo;s furniture like this anywhere else! They are stylish, safe, and strong so both mom and kid will love them!!</p> <p>In preparation of Thanksgiving, we&rsquo;re going to giveaway our new Children&rsquo;s Table and four chairs!</p> <p>To enter to win, send an email to <a href=""></a> (with the subject &ldquo;The Kids&rsquo; Table is now the Cool Table&rdquo;) and let us know what you think about our newest table and chairs.</p> <p>For additional entries, "Like" Lifetime Products on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter, @Lifetime, and retweet to your friends "@Lifetime is giving away some great products to get ready for #Thanksgiving! <a href=""></a>". Follow @LifetimeProducts on Instagram. These three steps will get you one bonus entry each! Email us each of the steps you complete.</p> <p>The contest begins Wednesday, November 5, 2014 and will end Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 12:00 Midnight MDT. We'll announce one random winner on Thursday, November 20, 2014. (Each person may only enter once via email, once via Twitter, once via Instagram, and once via Facebook. Click here for complete contest rules.)</p> <p>Good luck, and Happy Thanksgiving!</p>Shalane05 Nov 2014 9:23:38 AMLove my Pumpkin Carving Table!<img src=' Table Banner 1.JPG' style='width: 223px; height: 234px;' /><br />Who doesn’t love costumes, face paint, spooky decorations – and my personal favorite – pumpkin carving?! <p><img src="" alt="photo-4-small.jpg" width="300" height="227" />Halloween is such a fun time of year! Who doesn&rsquo;t love costumes, face paint, spooky decorations &ndash; and my personal favorite &ndash; pumpkin carving?!</p> <p>So last night, my husband and I set out on our pumpkin carving adventure. My husband not only carves pumpkins, but he is amazing at shaving in faces, and doing all sorts of cool stuff. Over the years, he has helped me get more and more into it as well.</p> <p><img style="float: right;" src="" alt="photo-3-small.jpg" width="198" height="250" />Since I knew this was going to get pretty messy, I didn&rsquo;t really want to use my wooden kitchen table, so I decided to pull out my trusty <a title="Purchase 4-Foot Fold-In-Half Table" href="" target="_blank">4-Foot Fold-In-Half Lifetime Table</a>. We live in a smaller apartment, so this is the perfect table for us. It is super easy to store and fits perfectly in our small kitchen. I also have a couple <a title="Purchase Lifetime Chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime chairs</a> which are great for this kind of mess &ndash; while still being comfortable to sit in for hours.</p> <p>Knowing this was going to go up on our Lifetime blog, I figured I&rsquo;d maybe carve a Lifetime logo or something into the pumpkin. Seemed like a good idea&hellip;.well, let&rsquo;s just say I got a little carried away and decided I&rsquo;d try carving the face of our V.P. of Sales and Marketing along with the logo. I realize this is a risky idea, but thankfully he has a good sense of humor. :)</p> <p><img style="float: left;" src="" alt="Vince-Picture.jpg" width="314" height="359" />Well, personally I think it turned out pretty good &ndash; especially since this is my first try at this kind of pumpkin carving. But the best part was that we were able to clean up our place in less than 10 minutes. The Lifetime tables and chairs cleaned up so easily. I just wiped off the plastic with my kitchen dishrag and put the products back in my closet &ndash; so easy. If we had used my padded kitchen chairs, they would have been pretty horrible to clean.</p> <p>Anyways, if you love pumpkin carving as much as I do, I highly recommend getting yourself some Lifetime tables and chairs. The cool thing is that you can find Lifetime tables and chairs everywhere &ndash; Walmart, Costco, Sam&rsquo;s Club, Lowe&rsquo;s &ndash; just look for the Lifetime logo molded into the product. You can also find a variety of Lifetime products online at <a title="Lifetime Online Store" href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p> <p>Happy Halloween!</p>Shalane27 Oct 2014 11:35:59 AMOur Latest Innovation<img src=' in USA Banner.jpg' style='width: 223px; height: 234px;' /><br />This chair is 100% made in the USA by our own Utah employees.<p><img src="" alt="Chair.JPG" width="250" height="167" />Every Lifetime product has its niche and purpose. Every market niche has a need. For the past two years, we&rsquo;ve been designing, re-thinking, and bringing new definition to the residential tables and chairs market. And now, the first Residential-grade Lifetime chair is rolling into <a href="" target="_blank">Walmarts</a> across the nation.</p> <p>This chair is 100% made in the USA by our own Utah employees. Every piece, rivets and all, has been carefully designed and made to represent the Lifetime brand. Its purposeful blueprint has been crafted and honed to target our Walmart customer base, while also standing up for the strength and dependability of the Lifetime name. Though its convenient thin frame and residential grade look deceiving, our engineers have specifically made the design to be sturdy, strong, and it still continues to pass our WBP internal&nbsp; and external tests.</p> <p><img style="float: left;" src="" alt="Chair (2).JPG" width="167" height="250" />Not only has Lifetime never had a chair available at Walmart, but this will be marketed as a Lifetime product. It&rsquo;s a product we&rsquo;re proud to put our name on.</p> <p>This new chair is available only at Walmart. So head on over and see exactly how each piece combines to create this revolutionary Lifetime chair!</p>Shalane30 Sep 2014 1:00:00 PMNew Tailgate Table Available Now!<img src=' Banner.jpg' style='width: 223px; height: 234px;' /><br />Our new Tailgate Table!<p><img src="" alt="DataVault2.jpg" width="300" height="300" />We are so excited to introduce the new <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Tailgate Table</a>! Hitting your local <a href="" target="_blank">Sam&rsquo;s Club</a> this week, this table is the perfect addition to your summer activities. As one of our most innovative items yet, this table features a metal rack for grills or other hot items and folds under the table when not in use. It also includes molded-in cup holders, a molded-in carry handle, and paper towel &amp; utensil holders. So for your next outdoor BBQ, tailgate party, or camping trip, pick up this table at Sam&rsquo;s Club!</p>Shalane14 Jul 2014 2:37:14 PMUnique 4th of July Tables<img src=' Banner.jpg' style='width: 223px; height: 234px;' /><br />We have a table that will be the perfect addition to your holiday!<p><img src="" alt="Table 1.jpg" width="250" height="167" />I don&rsquo;t know about you, but the 4th of July has got to be one of my favorite holidays! First, we get to celebrate how lucky we are to live in such a great country, second I absolutely love fireworks, and third&hellip;.who doesn&rsquo;t love a good BBQ?</p> <p>Lifetime always seems to make products that make these fun events and family gatherings easier and more convenient. Lifetime tables are used all over the world and easy to recognize - I&rsquo;m sure you&rsquo;ve seen our white plastic tables that are available in many major retailers. However, did you know we also make a variety of specialty and recreational tables that range in size, color and function?</p> <p>Did you know we have tables that include <a href="">metal racks</a> for grilling, or barbequing?</p> <p>Did you know we make tables that include <a href="">benches</a> that hook to the bottom of the table while transporting it?</p> <p>Did you know we have small <a href="">personal</a> sized tables that are adjustable in height and super easy to carry or store?</p> <p><img style="float: right;" src="" alt="Table 2.jpg" width="250" height="206" />Well, we have even more options that you can check out at <a href=""></a>, but believe me, no matter your 4th of July plans, we have a table that will be the perfect addition to your holiday!</p>Shalane27 Jun 2014 11:01:56 AMPerfect Father’s Day Gifts!<img src=' Banner.jpg' style='width: 223px; height: 234px;' /><br />A table perfect for all his projects.<p><img src="" alt="Table2.jpg" width="200" height="257" />Having trouble finding the perfect gift for your dad? Well, if your dad is anything like my dad, a folding table is the perfect option. I know that on the surface, a folding table might seem like something for dinner parties, games, or entertaining, but it also makes the perfect outdoor project table.</p> <p>My dad always seems to have some kind of project going on &ndash; whether it&rsquo;s working in the yard, fixing cars or motorcycles, or the many projects around our house. And it seems like he always has a<a href=""> Lifetime Table</a> there helping him out. Lifetime tables are perfect for the many projects he has. They&rsquo;re lightweight, yet super durable. They&rsquo;re stain resistant and easy to clean, powder coated and UV protected for outdoor use, and Lifetime tables come in a variety of sizes - so we have the perfect table for your father, no matter what he&rsquo;s tinkering with!</p> <p>So for this Father&rsquo;s Day, head on down to your local <a href="">Lowe&rsquo;s</a> or visit <a href=""></a> to get your dad the perfect Lifetime Table.&nbsp;<img style="float: right;" src="" alt="Table1.jpg" width="244" height="200" />&nbsp;</p>Shalane13 Jun 2014 9:23:43 AMHow do you game?<p><img src="" alt="FootBall_Infographic_small.jpg" width="540" height="1332" /></p>Shalane10 Jan 2014 8:43:27 AMSeating Solutions For Your Holiday Festivities<p><img src="" alt="Christmas_Infographic_Part_5.jpg" width="500" height="1233" /></p>Shalane20 Dec 2013 10:12:52 AMThe 12 Days of Tables and Chairs, Part 4!<p><img src="" alt="Christmas_Infographic_Part_4.jpg" width="500" height="1233" /></p>Shalane18 Dec 2013 9:36:39 AMThe 12 Days of Tables and Chairs, Part 3!<p><img src="" alt="Christmas_Infographic_Part_3.jpg" width="500" height="1233" /></p>Shalane16 Dec 2013 1:30:00 PMThe 12 Days of Tables and Chairs, Part 2!<p>Still looking for gift ideas?&nbsp;Christmas is fast approaching and you can rest easy knowing <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime</a> has something for everyone. Stay tuned next week for more ideas!</p> <p><img style="float: left;" src="" alt="Christmas_Infographic_Part_2.jpg" width="400" height="986" /></p>Shalane12 Dec 2013 12:36:31 PMThe 12 Days of Tables and Chairs, Part 1!<p>Needing some awesome gift ideas for Christmas this year? Lifetime has a full line of products that are the perfect gift for anyone and everyone on your shopping list. And maybe the best option is getting yourself the gift so you&rsquo;ll have extra seating and entertaining space this holiday season!</p> <p><img style="float: left;" src="" alt="Christmas_Part_1.jpg" width="400" height="986" /></p>Shalane09 Dec 2013 3:15:10 PMCongratulations to Our Two Winners!<p>Hope everyone is ready for Thanksgiving! It was so great to hear from all of you and hear what your favorite dish is for Thanksgiving. Everything from the classics like: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pie; to the family specialties like tamales, cheesy carrots, ponsit, and menudo.</p> <p>&nbsp;<img src="" alt="Official Table of Thanksgiving 4.jpg" width="500" height="1320" /></p> <p>Congratulations to our two winners!</p> <p><strong>Richard&nbsp;C. - Pikeville, Kentucky</strong><br /><strong>Joey R.- Chubbuck, Idaho</strong></p> <p>They will each receive one of our <a href="" target="_blank">6&rsquo; Fold-In-Half tables</a>, perfect for any celebration!</p> <p>We here at Lifetime wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving!</p>Zach27 Nov 2013 9:35:43 AMThe Offical Table of Thanksgiving!<p>I can&rsquo;t believe Thanksgiving is one week away! Being the official Thanksgiving Table of choice, Lifetime <a href="" target="_blank">Tables</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Chairs</a> have seen many Thanksgiving dinners in their time. So whether you are hosting an event or if you have plans to attend one, you are likely to see a Lifetime Table helping out! And we&rsquo;d also love to help out this year by giving away two Lifetime Tables &ndash; just in time for the holidays!</p> <p>Also, if you have questions on how to set up your Thanksgiving dinner this year &ndash; please see our helpful advice below!</p> <p><img src="" alt="Offical Table of Thanksgiving.png" width="500" height="1080" /></p> <p>That's right, we're the official table of Thanksgiving, and we want to help by giving away TWO <a href="" target="_blank">6' Fold-In-Half Tables</a>!!! To enter to win, send an email to <a href=""><span style="color: #0000ff;"></span></a> (with the subject &ldquo;Table Giveaway&rdquo;) and let us know what your favorite Thanksgiving dish is.</p> <p>For additional entries, "Like&rdquo; Lifetime Products&nbsp;on <a href="" target="_blank"><span style="color: #0000ff;">Facebook</span></a>.&nbsp; Once you "Like" us (or if you already do), send an email to <a href=""><span style="color: #0000ff;"></span></a> with your full name telling us you "Liked" Lifetime Products and you'll receive one bonus entry. Also, follow us on Twitter (<a href="" target="_blank"><span style="color: #0000ff;">@Lifetime365</span></a>) and tweet to your friends "I need one of these&nbsp;Fold-In-Half&nbsp;Tables&nbsp;that @Lifetime365 is giving away!" to receive another bonus entry.</p> <p>The contest begins Thursday, November 21, 2013 and will end Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 12:00 Midnight MT.&nbsp; We will announce the random winner on Wednesday, November 27, 2013. (Each person may only enter once via email, once via Twitter, and once via Facebook.&nbsp;Click here for complete contest rules.) So good luck, and have a happy Thanksgiving and holiday season!</p>Shalane21 Nov 2013 11:45:00 AMHappy Tailgating Season!<p><img style="float: left;" src="" alt="LGTT-80240-0211-0145.jpg" width="250" height="216" />With football season just around the corner, it&rsquo;s time to break out those game day shirts, hats, and foam fingers. However, as much as I love the games, an even better part of Football season is the food and good times to be had while tailgating!</p> <p>At Lifetime, we know how important this time of year is for so many people. And we&rsquo;ve seen many times how having the right table can really make or break your event. So, before you run off to the game, be sure to check out <a title="Lifetime Tailgate Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime&rsquo;s Tailgate Tables</a>.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><img style="float: right;" src="" alt="80240.jpg" width="200" height="122" />The great thing about our <a title="Lifetime Tailgate Table" href="" target="_blank">Tailgate Tables</a> is that they are built specifically to enhance your tailgating experience. Our <a title="View more of the Lifetime Tailgate Table" href="" target="_blank">5&rsquo;6&rdquo; Fold-In-Half Tailgate Table</a> includes additional features such as: a heavy-duty grill rack with utensil hooks, paper towel and garbage bag holders, and a convenient carry handle. The table is designed to fold in half for easy transport and storage, and the metal rack folds under the table when not in use.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;<img src="" alt="TCTB-80261-1111-0022.jpg" width="200" height="141" />We also offer another smaller version &ndash; our <a title=" - Lifetime Cooking Table" href="" target="_blank">4-Foot Fold-In-Half Cooking Table</a>. This table is unique because half of the table is a heavy-duty metal rack &ndash; perfect for cooking or other hot items, and the other half of the table is a regular polyethylene tabletop. This compact table still includes a carry handle, paper towel holder, and utensil hooks for added convenience.</p> <p>So no matter your tailgating needs, Lifetime Tailgate Tables are here to give you a reason to cheer hard this season &ndash; no matter if your favorite team wins or looses!</p>Shalane20 Aug 2013 3:40:27 PMPerfect Camping & Tailgating Tables!<p><img src="" alt="80261.jpg" width="233" height="210" />To most of us, summer is a time to get out, have fun and make memories. Something about the warm air, bright colors and cool water makes it hard to hold on to any stress. And for you campers out there, we know all too well the buzzing allure nature holds this time of year.</p> <p>Here are Lifetime, we share your passions and want to make sure you get the most out of this season. Many people know about our kayaks, basketball systems, playsets and other outdoor items &ndash; however, we also have a great selection of <a title="View Lifetime's variety of outdoor, camping, recreation tables." href="" target="_blank">outdoor recreation tables</a> to help make your next camping trip more convenient.</p> <p>The <a title="Watch a video on the 4-Foot Camping / Cooking Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime / Ozark Trails 4-Foot Camping Table</a> comes with a two-foot metal grill rack as half of your table. This rack provides a convenient cooking surface that is perfect for a grill or other hot items. We also offer the Lifetime Tailgate Table which is a <a title="Shop the 5.5-Foot Folding Tailgate Table" href="" target="_blank">5 &frac12; Foot Fold-In-Half Table</a> with a rack extension that folds out the side. This table is perfect for tailgating, camping, or other <img src="" alt="80286.jpg" width="256" height="249" />outdoor activities. It provides plenty of table space and also includes other features such as holders for paper towels, trash bags, and utensils. These two multi-purpose outdoor tables are designed specifically to enhance a camping or tailgating experience with cooking surfaces and other cool features.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />&nbsp; <br />Whether it&rsquo;s a family camping trip or tailgating with the neighbors, you are sure to have the proper table to enhance your experience. So before you set out on that family trip, be sure to pick yours up in-stores or on the <a title="Shop the Lifetime Online Store" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Store Online</a>.</p>Shalane23 May 2013 1:53:00 PMWhat a Handy Craft Table!<p><img src="" alt="WP_000446.jpg" width="164" height="253" />I recently purchased a <a title="Shop for the Lifetime 4-Foot Fold-In-Half Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4-Foot Fold-In-Half Table</a> for my own personal use. I live in a fairly small apartment, so space can be limited at times. This <a title="View a large variety of craft and scrapbooking tables." href="" target="_blank">4-Foot Table</a> is perfect because it has an awesome fold-in-half design that allows me to store it in my small closet. It is also very easy to set up and use when I want to. Another cool feature is the adjustable height design which allows you to raise and lower the table to whatever height is best for your project. And even thought it is a super lightweight design, I also love the handle to help carry it around my place.</p> <p>Well, I found out that my sister-in-law is pregnant and is having a baby boy! I am very excited and decided that I want to make her a baby quilt. So far my project is working out very well &ndash; with much thanks to my <a title=" Folding Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime table</a>! I don&rsquo;t have room for a specified craft area where I can keep my sewing machine out at all times, so luckily, my 4-Foot Fold-In-Half Table has been the perfect craft solution for my project! It provides the perfect extra space I need to fit my sewing machine, quilt blocks, and any other items I need while I work on my project. If you are in need of such a handy little craft table like I am - visit the <a title="Lifetime Store Online" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Store Online</a> or see our fold-in-half table selection available at Walmart.</p>Shalane09 May 2013 1:19:43 PMOvernight Kayak Adventures<p><img src="" alt="IMG_8510_small.jpg" width="280" height="187" />For most people,&nbsp;when they think about kayaking, they think of a&nbsp;day trip to the local lake.&nbsp; Maybe a vacation day spent floating on the ocean, watching the birds and listening to the calm ocean ripples.&nbsp; While these trips are great, with just a bit more effort, you can really turn a kayaking trip into a fun filled outdoor adventure.</p> <p>What better way to bond with your family or a group of friends then to be outside, away from all the electronic distractions, kayaking and camping in the wilderness.&nbsp; There are several ways to enjoy a camping and kayak trip.&nbsp;&nbsp;Some rivers&nbsp;flow through campgrounds, parks or national forest land allow camping right along the banks of the rivers.&nbsp;&nbsp; This type of trip can be great for a weekend get-a-way.&nbsp; Day one is spent paddling a few miles to your secluded campsite and getting yourself all setup.&nbsp; You get to spend one fantastic night by the fire, listening to the river and enjoying good company.&nbsp; The next day, you pack up, and get going for another paddle.&nbsp; A few miles and your back on dry land!&nbsp; This style trip will require some additional planning and equipment.&nbsp; It is good to have some <a title="Storage bags" href="" target="_blank">dry bags</a> and storage so you can bring your tent, sleeping attire and of course food!&nbsp;&nbsp; Paddlers will need kayaks with storage, such as hatches, larger tank wells, or a lot of bungee to tie things down.&nbsp; Also, be sure you find a calm section of river that does not have rapids or hazards.&nbsp; Always check with the Park Service, Forest Service, Army Core of Engineers or whoever manages the river to make sure this style trip is permitted.&nbsp; Local libraries always have great resources for finding overnight rivers, launch points and campgrounds.&nbsp; Look for a guide to kayaking or river running in your destination state.&nbsp; Be sure not to camp on private land.</p> <p><img src="" alt="TCTB_80305_0313_141.jpg" width="250" height="171" />The second, and easier route for camping and kayaking, is to just find a campsite a long a river, lake or pond where you can paddle during your free time.&nbsp;&nbsp; Many lakes and reservoirs permit camping along the banks.&nbsp; Here you can setup and not have to worry about hauling your camping equipment down the river.&nbsp; This lowers the need for storage, dry bags and creative packing.&nbsp; While maybe not as secluded, you still get to enjoy the wildlife, campfire and fresh air of the great outdoors.&nbsp; And really, nothing beats good campfire food and s&rsquo;mores!</p> <p>If you need a kayak for these adventures head on over to our <a title="Kayaks" href="" target="_blank">kayak page</a> to see our versatile line up of kayaks and paddleboards.&nbsp; If you are looking to do some overnight trips and want a beefy-storage friendly kayak, head on over and check out our friends at <a title="Emotion Kayaks" href="/Blog/CreatePost/" target="_blank">Emotion Kayaks</a>.<img style="float: left;" src="" alt="IMG_8480_small.jpg" width="300" height="133" /></p> <p>We also offer a wide variety of camping friendly products in addition to our kayaks.&nbsp; Get yourself ready for a summer of camping with these great products; <a title="Camping Table" href="" target="_blank">Camping Table</a>,&nbsp;<a title="Camping Bench" href="" target="_blank">Camping Bench</a>, <a title="Kids Picnic Table" href="" target="_blank">Kids Picnic Table</a>, and our&nbsp;<a title="Tent Trailer" href="" target="_blank">&nbsp;Tent and Utility Trailer. </a></p> <p>*Remember, always wear proper safety equipment, training&nbsp;and research the waterway you plan to visit before you go.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Check with local authorities on water levels and hazards.&nbsp;</p>Candace29 Apr 2013 12:38:14 PMMarch Madness<p>If you&rsquo;re anything like me, then I&rsquo;m sure by now you&rsquo;re all spending these days fidgeting at work, eager to get home so you can don that familiar jersey and find your lucky spot on the sofa, just to ensure your team has all the superstitious advantage it can get. That&rsquo;s right folks, it&rsquo;s March Madness! Better stock the pantry, dust the television and ready your home for guests, because it&rsquo;s the tournament we&rsquo;ve all been waiting for.</p> <p><img style="float: left;" src="" alt="Snack_Attack.jpg" width="250" height="315" />But now, with the <a title="See Lifetime Personal Tables at" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Personal Table</a>, you can say goodbye to picking chips out of the couches and carpet. With its adjustable height and 30 inch tabletop, this table is the perfect way to display your snacks right in front of your seat &ndash; just try not to jump in excitement! Plus with its compact size and various uses, it probably won&rsquo;t spend too much time in your closet.</p> <p>So, enjoy the tournament, be nice about your friends&rsquo; teams and pick one up at a <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Store</a> today.</p>Shalane05 Apr 2013 3:11:00 PMDare We Hope?<p><img src="" alt="Bistro.jpg" width="250" height="250" />Today, here in Utah, it&rsquo;s warm and sunny. Buds on my flowers and trees are starting to emerge. Snow is harder and harder to find. Dare we hope that Spring has arrived?</p> <p>I love being outside, and look forward to preparing the yard for summertime. Part of that preparation for me this year is getting a new table for the deck. Our previous table was given to us and we learned the hard way that it isn&rsquo;t snow and water friendly.&nbsp; Basically the table top is sitting in a heap of rubble on the deck.&nbsp;</p> <p>My wife and I like to hide from the kids and have breakfast outside. So I think this year I am going to get the <a href="">Lifetime Bistro Set</a>. If you haven&rsquo;t seen this yet, it&rsquo;s pretty nice. Made from Polystyrene, which is a type of plastic that looks like wood, this table is definitely snow and water friendly. It comes with a table and two chairs.</p> <p>Since it&rsquo;s a Bistro-style table I&rsquo;ll also need something bigger for the Summer barbeques, so I&rsquo;m thinking about a <a href="">Lifetime Picnic Table</a>. The table I have in mind looks similar to a traditional wooden picnic table, with wide flat legs and attached benches, but is made from HDPE, also a type of plastic, and powder-coated steel, which make it weather resistant. This table has an umbrella hole built in too.</p> <p><img style="float: left;" src="" alt="w-frame.jpg" width="250" height="193" />Both these tables fold up for storage, but I will probably just leave them out, since we often get sunny days here in Utah in the winter, and we have been known to be outside eating breakfast bundled up in our winter coats. Also, because of how they are made, the Utah winter won&rsquo;t do to them what it did to my current table.</p> <p>Good luck with your Spring gardening preparations. If in your preparations you find you need some new tables, check these two out at Costco or online at<a href=""></a>.</p>Darrin01 Apr 2013 12:16:43 PM5 Foot Fold-In-Half For All Your Easter Events<p><img src="" alt="TCTB-4534-0212-0103.jpg" width="250" />For over 25 years now, we at <a title="Lifetime Products" href="">Lifetime</a> have been working to bring you and your families closer together by offering quality products that bring ease and comfort to all of your most important get-togethers. Which is why, as we prepare for spring we would like to present you with another of our innovative tables; the <a title="See our product at" href="">5-Foot Fold-In-Half</a>.</p> <p>Whether it&rsquo;s decorating Easter eggs with the kids or a place to put the refreshments, our fold-in-half tables provide the space and stability your family looks for when it&rsquo;s time to get active. And with our safe, easy-to-use locking system, your table takes half the storage you once required! Now your trunk has more room for all of the accessories that make your outing exactly what you&rsquo;re looking for.</p> <p>So when you and yours are ready to get out and enjoy the fresh weather, keep in mind that you can pick one up at a <a title="Sam's Club" href="">Sam&rsquo;s Club</a> or <a title="Lifetime Products Store" href="">Lifetime Store</a> near you.</p>Shalane29 Mar 2013 3:15:05 PMHow to Use a Lifetime Fold-In-Half Table<p>One of the most innovative products that Lifetime makes is the Fold-In-Half table. Our Fold-In-Half tables come in a variety of sizes and shapes ranging from <a title="Lifetime Square Fold-In-Half Tables" href="" target="_blank">square</a> and <a title="Lifetime Round Fold-In-Half Tables" href="" target="_blank">round</a> tables to <a title="Lifetime 4-Foot Fold-In-Half Tables" href="" target="_blank">4-foot</a>, <a title="Lifetime 6-Foot Fold-In-Half Tables" href="" target="_blank">6-foot</a>, and even <a title="Lifetime 8-Foot Fold-In-Half Tables" href="" target="_blank">8-foot</a> banquet tables. This unique design allows for easy carrying, transporting, and storage.</p> <p>However, because of this innovative design, you may have questions on <a title="View Tutorial Video on How to Fold and Unfold a Lifetime Table" href="" target="_blank">how to properly fold and unfold your table</a>. If so, here are a few tips and an instructional video to help you use your table.</p> <p><img src="" alt="Mechanisms.PNG" width="330" height="197" />Lifetime fold-in-half tables have two folding mechanisms &ndash; a locking clip and an automatic locking system.&nbsp; To unfold a Lifetime fold-in-half table with a locking clip, locate the molded hand slot where the ends of the table are, and pull open the table. Because of the durable design to keep the table securely closed, it may require extra pressure to open.&nbsp; Find the red tab clip at the center of the table, and push it to the indicated lock position. Set each leg till they are straight, and make sure the steel rings slide into place before setting the table upright.</p> <p>To fold the table when not in use, set the table on its side and slide the steel rings away from the leg hinges.&nbsp; Fold in one leg at a time. If the leg doesn&rsquo;t fold with a simple push, place a small amount of pressure on the hinge with your hand and it will fold easily.&nbsp; Unlock the clip by pushing to the indicated unlock position, and close the table making sure it&rsquo;s tightly secure. You can now carry it to storage with the easy carry handles on the side.</p> <p>The self-locking table may be tricky because you will feel like you need an extra step to make sure that table is locked into position, but the great thing about this mechanism is that it automatically locks during a regular set-up process. So to unfold a Lifetime self-locking fold-in-half table, rest the table on its side with the handles facing up and unfold.&nbsp; When opening both legs, the unique fixed position of the center bar will automatically lock the pin, keeping the table open.&nbsp; Unfold the second set of legs and set the table upright. When it comes time to fold the table after use, simply fold the legs inward once more.&nbsp; By folding in the legs, the pin in the center automatically releases and you can fold the table in half to store it away.</p> <p>Now you are ready to enjoy your Lifetime Fold-In-Half Table!! If you do have additional questions, always feel free to contact our <a title="Customer Care Website" href="" target="_blank">Customer Care</a> department at: 1-800-225-3868.</p> <p><iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="425" height="350"></iframe></p>Shalane18 Jan 2013 12:48:21 PMCongratulations to Our 5 Holiday Winners!<p><img src="" alt="6 foot adjustable height table.JPG" width="225" height="190" />Ho! Ho! Ho! The Christmas present giving has started early here at Lifetime.&nbsp; I may not be donning a fuzzy red suit and a white fluffy beard, but&nbsp;yesterday I felt just a little bit like Santa Claus when I notified five lucky people that they were the random winners of our biggest giveaway of the year!&nbsp;</p> <p>We'll be giving each of the five winner's of this month's giveaway their own <a title="about Lifetime Adjustable Height Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 6-Foot Adjustable Height Folding Table</a>.&nbsp; This versatile table is perfect to use for holiday entertaining, as well as many other times throughout the year.&nbsp;</p> <p>Congratulations to our winners:</p> <ul> <li><span style="font-size: small;"><strong>Bruce F. - Shrewbury, MA</strong></span></li> <li><span style="font-size: small;"><strong>Mell M.&nbsp;- Fresno, TX</strong></span></li> <li><span style="font-size: small;"><strong>Keith P. - Watauga, TX</strong></span></li> <li><span style="font-size: small;"><strong>Allyson T. - Waterville, NY</strong></span></li> <li><span style="font-size: small;"><strong>Nicole W. - Bear River City, UT</strong></span></li> </ul> <p>Thanks to everyone who entered this month's giveaway.&nbsp; If you weren't a lucky winner but would still like a Lifetime Adjustable Height Table, you can find them in the <a title="buy Lilfetime adjustable height tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Store Online</a> in 6', 4', and even Personal Table sizes.&nbsp; Merry Christmas!</p>Jan18 Dec 2012 8:15:00 AMTop 5 Holiday Uses for a Lifetime Table<p>We all have so many events and things going on during the holidays, don&rsquo;t we? I know for myself I have the annual White Elephant gift party or the always-entertaining Ugly Sweater Party, a Christmas Eve Party, Christmas Day, New Year&rsquo;s Eve, and the list goes on. But it&rsquo;s not just about the parties either.&nbsp; It&rsquo;s the homemade decorations, the dinn<img style="float: right;" src="/imagecache/blog/untitled.bmp" alt="untitled.bmp" width="264" height="176" />ers, and everything else that goes on that fills up our time. So, in the spirit of the holidays and in an attempt to help give you ideas on how Lifetime can make this year a little easier, here are the top 5 ways you can use a Lifetime Folding Table during the holidays:</p> <p><br />1-&nbsp;<strong>Extra Dinner Seating Room</strong></p> <p>If you&rsquo;re like me, you&rsquo;ve got not just your family, but parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and the whole clan coming over for a special dinner.&nbsp; But you probably don&rsquo;t have a table to seat forty, or three dining tables just laying around. So, we&rsquo;ve made it easy with a variety of <a title=" Tables" href="" target="_blank">tables</a> ready to pull out for that extra room. Our <a title="Fold-In-Half 6-Foot" href="" target="_blank">Fold-In-Half tables</a>, <a title="Folding Tables 5-Foot" href="" target="_blank">Folding Tables</a>, and even our matching <a title="Folding Chairs" href="" target="_blank">folding chairs</a> make dinner&nbsp;more comfortable.&nbsp;</p> <p>2-&nbsp;<strong>Buffet Table</strong></p> <p>Or, you could be going with a pot-luck theme. Bring your own holiday dessert!&nbsp; Lifetime <a title="Fold-in-Half 5-Foot" href="" target="_blank">tables</a> are easy to store, simple to set-up, and some are even <a title="Adjustable Height" href="" target="_blank">adjustable</a> to give you any required height for a laid-back party with family and friends.&nbsp; I know when I was growing up, we always had a hard time putting the spread out on a counter, taking up that valuable space, but Lifetime tables make it easier for you and your guests!</p> <p>3-&nbsp; <strong>Holiday Crafts</strong></p> <p>I&rsquo;m really into making my own decorations.&nbsp; And I&rsquo;m grateful that I have the time to do so! I like making my own wreaths, ornaments, and table decorations.&nbsp; But, I won&rsquo;t lie &hellip; sometimes having all that crafty stuff laying around the floor or kitchen table can be frustrating with people who share your home.&nbsp; Lifetime <a title="42-Inch FIH" href="" target="_blank">tables</a> can be easily set up, taking your crafts off the floor and away from eating areas, giving you a space just to work on those holiday projects!</p> <p>4-&nbsp;<strong>Game Table</strong></p> <p>Most years around Christmas time, my family likes to stay in during the cold weather.&nbsp; And almost every year, we pull out a puzzle.&nbsp; And most years &hellip; we&rsquo;d set it up on our kitchen table. Trying to eat dinner while a large 2,000 piece puzzle rested on the table was not easy!&nbsp; Having a Lifetime <a title="Square Folding" href="" target="_blank">square table</a> for games or puzzles takes all those problems off &hellip; the table!</p> <p>5-&nbsp;<strong>Christmas Display</strong></p> <p>Whether you&rsquo;ve collected Christmas Village pieces, nativity scenes, figurines, nutcrackers, or something else, what better way to display them than by giving them their own <a title="4-Foot FIH " href="" target="_blank">Lifetime table</a>!</p> <p>These are only five, but I know there are LOTS more!&nbsp; If you have a favorite use for your Lifetime Table during the holidays, please share.&nbsp; Leave us a comment on this blog post or even on our <a title="Lifetime on Facebook" href="" target="_blank">Facebook page</a>.&nbsp; No matter the use, Lifetime tables can make any holiday event easier!&nbsp; And,&nbsp;we want to make&nbsp;it easy for you to own your own Lifetime table for this holiday season...&nbsp;so we are&nbsp;giving away a Lifetime 6-Foot Adjustable Height Table to five lucky winners!&nbsp; Simply&nbsp;read&nbsp;our <a title="A Lifetime Holiday Table Giveaway blog post" href="" target="_blank">giveaway blog post&nbsp;</a>from earlier this week to learn how to enter. &nbsp;Happy Holidays!</p>Jernae07 Dec 2012 2:00:00 PM A Lifetime Holiday Table Giveaway - 5 Winners This Month!<p><span style="color: #ff0000;"><strong><a title="see winner's announcement" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="December 2012 contest ended.jpg" width="225" height="180" /></a>This giveaway has ended.</strong></span> Warm up your singing voice and give this tune a try: "On the fifth day of Christmas, Lifetime gave away&hellip; 5 folding tables!"&nbsp; Maybe it's not really the fifth day of Christmas yet.&nbsp; But, we're starting our December giveaway today anyway.&nbsp;And, in the spirit of the giving season, we're making this our biggest giveaway of the year!&nbsp; We'll be giving away a free product to not just one or even two winners this month&hellip; but to five lucky winners!&nbsp;</p> <p>What will each of the five winners receive?&nbsp; A Lifetime 6-Foot Adjustable Height Folding Table!&nbsp; These adjustable height tables are perfect for the busy holiday entertaining season.&nbsp; You can set them at their regular 29" table height to use as extra dining table space. Or, lower them to the 24" children's height for a perfect kiddie table space when the extended family arrives.&nbsp; And, you'll love the flexibility of being able to raise them to the 36" countertop height to use for buffet space, a gift wrapping station, and more.</p> <p>Of course, you'll find lots of others reasons to use a <a title="about Lifetime adjustable height tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 6-Foot Adjustable Height Folding Table</a> throughout the entire year in addition to the holiday season.&nbsp; (Garage sales, bake sales, craft nights, picnics, reunions, and birthday parties just to name a few.) Since Lifetime tables have a high-density polyethylene tabletop and a weather-resistant frame, you can use them indoors or outdoors.&nbsp; You'll also love the stain-resistant tabletop that will not crack, chip, or peel - which makes cleaning off the spilled shrimp cocktail sauce at this year's New Year's Eve party a piece of cake.</p> <p>To learn more about the <a title="buy a Lifetime adjustable height table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 6-Foot Adjustable Height Table</a> and to see how easy it is to raise and lower the table, watch this quick video.&nbsp; Then, deck the halls, trim the tree, and enter to win this month's giveaway.&nbsp; Happy Holidays!</p> <p><object width="420" height="315" data=";hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="src" value=";hl=en_US" /><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /></object></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><span style="font-size: small;"><strong><span style="font-size: small;">How to Enter:</span></strong></span></p> <ol> <li>Send an e-mail to <a href=""></a> with the subject line "December Giveaway" and your full name in the email message.</li> <li>In the email, let us know how many folding tables you own.</li> </ol> <p><span style="font-size: small;"><strong><span style="font-size: small;">Bonus Entries:</span></strong></span></p> <ol> <li>"Like" Lifetime Products on <a title="Lifetime Products on Facebook" href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a>. Once you "Like" us (or if you already do), send an email to <a href=""></a> with your full name telling us you "Like" Lifetime Products and you'll receive one bonus entry.</li> <li>Follow us on <a title="Lifetime on Facebook" href="" target="_blank">Twitter</a> @Lifetime365 and retweet to your friends "Enter to win a folding table from @Lifetime365 for holiday entertaining. 5 winners! <a href=""></a>" to receive one bonus entry.</li> <li>Follow <a title="Lifetime on Pinterest" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime365 on Pinterest</a> and "pin" the Lifetime 6-Foot&nbsp;Adjustable Height Folding Table to your own Pinterest board to receive one bonus entry. (Be sure to let us know your Pinterest name in your email entry.)</li> </ol> <p>The contest begins Monday, December 3, 2012 and will end Sunday, December 16, 2012 at 12:00 Midnight MST. We'll announce one random winner on Monday, December 17, 2012. (Each person may only enter once via email, once via Twitter, and once via Facebook. Click here for <a title="official rules" href="" target="_blank">complete contest rules</a>.)</p>Jan03 Dec 2012 10:25:00 AMCard Table and Chairs - A Wedding Gift of Yesteryear?<p><img src="" alt="card table and chairs.JPG" width="225" height="186" />I'm not a wedding expert, but I think it's safe to say that wedding gifts have changed over the years.&nbsp; Or, at least the way we decide what to give as a wedding gift.&nbsp; Today, the happy couple typically registers at their favorite store for gifts they want or think they need for their new home.&nbsp; So, a majority of gift givers simply pick something off the list or give a gift card so the couple can make their own purchase.&nbsp; Sure, this method has some advantages.&nbsp; But, in most instances, gone are the days of creative gift giving.&nbsp; Case and point&hellip; I can't remember the last time I was at a wedding and saw a card table and chairs sitting there as a gift.&nbsp; But apparently, once upon a time, a card table and chairs was a popular wedding gift.&nbsp; We had numerous entrants to <a title="blog post about October giveaway" href="" target="_blank">this month's giveaway</a> who said they currently own a card table that was given to them as a wedding gift 10, 20 and even 30 years ago.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>It's kind of sad that people don't give a card table and chairs as gifts much these days.&nbsp; After all, card tables and chairs have come a long way!&nbsp; When you buy a Lifetime Square (aka Card) table, you can purchase a <a title="about Lifetime Square Tables" href="" target="_blank">37" or 34" size</a>, and even ones that <a title="about Lifetime Fold-In-Half Card Tables" href="" target="_blank">fold-in-half</a> with a carry handle.&nbsp; And, gone are the days of those wobbly card tables with vinyl tabletops that tear the first time you accidentally drop some scissors on them.&nbsp; Lifetime Square Tables have a sturdy, steel frame and a thick, blow-molded polyethylene tabletop that is easy to clean, stain resistant, and won't tear, crack, warp, or peel.&nbsp;</p> <p>I'll admit, the bride and groom may not be jumping up and down at first, but they'll soon appreciate&nbsp;the practicality and versatility of receiving a card table and chairs as a gift (especially a Lifetime Card Table and <a title="about Lifetime chairs" href="" target="_blank">Chairs</a>).&nbsp; When they first move in to their home and don't have a dining table, they can pull out that card table and it's an instant dining space.&nbsp; Then, they can move it to the office for the computer desk or in the family room for a TV stand.&nbsp; Later as the couple matures, it may eventually get tucked away, but they will surely find various reasons to use it again and again for holiday dinners, crafts, game nights, and more.</p> <p>Regardless of whether you decide to revive the idea of giving a card table and chairs for a wedding gift, we're happily giving a <a title="buy a Lifetime Fold-In-Half Square Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Fold-In-Half Card Table</a> and four <a title="buy Lifetime folding chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Folding Chairs</a> to <strong>Krista G. of Burkburnett, TX</strong>.&nbsp; She was&nbsp;our luckly October winner who will get to seat her extra Thanksgiving dinner guests around her new Lifetime Table and can then pull it out throughout the years for bake sales, hobbies, and a whole lot more.&nbsp; Congratulations to Krista and thanks to all of you who took the time to enter and share your feedback.</p> <p>By the way, giving a Lifetime Card Table and Lifetime Folding Chairs as a Christmas gift to newlyweds is also a great idea.&nbsp;&nbsp;And, you can purchase them onilne with&nbsp;FREE shipping every day&nbsp;in the <a title="visit the Lifetime Store Online" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Store Online</a>.&nbsp; (Hint, hint&hellip; only&nbsp;47 shopping days left until Christmas!)</p>Jan07 Nov 2012 8:05:00 AMFrom Factory to Floor to You<p><img style="float: left;" title="Blow-Molding Machine" src="" alt="IMG_3435.JPG" width="225" height="225" />Over the years, we&rsquo;ve told you about how our <a title="What Is Blow-Molding?" href="" target="_blank">blow-molded products are made</a>, and <a title="Why Use Powder Coating?" href="" target="_blank">how our metals are powder-coated to protect them</a>, but how does the whole process work, anyway?&nbsp; I certainly didn't know before I started working for Lifetime.&nbsp; But, here at the Freeport Center, all your products begin from scratch.&nbsp;</p> <p>When I was first hired, I had the chance to tour the entire facility. And it was probably one of the most amazing things I&rsquo;ve ever seen.&nbsp; No kidding.&nbsp; Did you know that in our blow-molding facility, our High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)&nbsp;plastic starts out as beads that are pumped from the trains to the building silos?&nbsp; The beads are melted and poured into the blow-molding forms. When the formed part comes out, Lifetime employees remove excess plastic a<img style="float: right;" title="Steel Coil" src="/imagecache/blog/IMG_3342.JPG" alt="IMG_3342.JPG" width="225" height="150" />nd prepare them for assembly.</p> <p>In metals, our roll-former slowly rolls and forms the steel into the shapes we need for individual products, be it poles for your <a title=" Basketball" href="" target="_blank">basketball system</a>, legs for your <a title=" Tables" href="" target="_blank">table</a>, or even the reinforcement for your backyard <a title=" Shed" href="" target="_blank">shed</a>.&nbsp; The steel starts in loose coils, which looks similar to an 8-track tape.&nbsp;</p> <p>Before a new model even comes to shelves, our Research and Development team tests each product in every condition possible; from UV-testing and transportation damage, to weight and strength tests on all products. In fact, it would take probably a book to explain all the testing and processes our products go through! We do this because it&rsquo;s important to us that the Lifetime products you own, can live up to their name.</p> <p><img style="float: left;" title="Basketball Packaging" src="/imagecache/blog/IMG_3472.JPG" alt="IMG_3472.JPG" width="225" height="225" />After each part is made, they&rsquo;re <a title="Powder-Coating" href="" target="_blank">powder-coated</a>, sent to the assembly line, and then packaged. With the use of amazing robotics, boxes are stacked on a pallet and shrink-wrapped to protect them during the shipping process.</p> <p>What&rsquo;s amazing about our basketball packaging is we were the first to ever package an entire basketball system in one single box. Pretty impressive, huh? Our engineers designed the best possible solution to get everything to you as simply as possible.</p> <p>Each pallet is then placed on trucks by one of the many, many forklifts being operated in Lifetime&rsquo;s warehouses.&nbsp; Want to know something fun? Our Lifetime delivery trucks average about 43,378 miles per year &hellip; just driving around the Freeport Center where our factories are located. Eleven hundred miles of that is spent just driving backwards into delivery doors! Not only are our products shipped on trucks, but the train system runs right through the Freeport Center, giving us more economical ways to ship to distribution centers and even ports when shipping internationally!</p> <p>Before you know it, you&rsquo;re walking through stores, or browsing our website and bringing a <a title="Tables" href="" target="_blank">table</a>, <a title="Chairs" href="" target="_blank">chair</a>,&nbsp; <a title="Sheds" href="" target="_blank">shed</a>, <a title="BasketBall" href="" target="_blank">basketball system</a>, <a title="Kayaks" href="" target="_blank">kayak</a>, or any of the other hundreds of products that we make home with you! And we&rsquo;re glad to be there!<img style="float: right;" title="Table Assembly" src="/imagecache/blog/IMG_3619.JPG" alt="IMG_3619.JPG" width="225" height="241" /></p> <p><br />For more information, be sure to check out <a title="" href=""></a>!</p>Jernae22 Oct 2012 11:15:00 AMWin a Fold-In-Half Table and Chairs to Seat Your Thanksgiving Guests!<p><img src="" alt="card table and chairs.JPG" width="225" height="186" />&nbsp;<span style="color: #ff0000;"><strong>This giveaway has ended.</strong></span> Halloween isn't even here yet, but if you have walked through any stores lately, you know that retailers are already in full swing with Thanksgiving and even Christmas displays.&nbsp; Personally, I like to think about one holiday at a time!&nbsp; But, at Lifetime we're already starting to think about the holidays, too with products, sales, and more.&nbsp; In fact, the holiday entertaining season is one of the most popular times for people to purchase Lifetime folding tables and chairs because they need extra dining space for Thanksgiving dinners, extra buffet table space, and more.</p> <p>So even though it's still October, this month our giveaway is geared for your November and December needs.&nbsp; We're giving away a Lifetime <a title="about Lifetime Square Fold-In-Half Tables" href="" target="_blank">34" Fold-In-Half Square Table</a> and four <a title="about Lifetime Light Commercial Folding Chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Light Commercial Folding chairs</a>!&nbsp; Square tables&nbsp; - or card tables as they are often called - are so convenient to have around the house.&nbsp; Not only are they great for extra dining space at your holiday dinners, but they are also handy to pull out for game nights, birthday parties, crafts, puzzles, garage sales, bake sales, and so much more.&nbsp; And, I love this particular table we are giving away because it actually folds in half!&nbsp; That makes it so easy to carry and store and, best of all, it easily fits in any-sized vehicle or closet since it folds to just 34"x17.6"x3".&nbsp;</p> <p>Like all of our Lifetime tables and chairs, this <a title="buy a 34&quot; Fold-In-Half Table" href="" target="_blank">34" Fold-In-Half Table</a> and <a title="buy Lifetime folding chairs" href="" target="_blank">matching chairs</a> are made of blow-molded, high-density polyethylene with a powder-coated steel frame so they are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.<img src="" alt="34 FIH folded.jpg" width="225" height="225" /></p> <p>Even if you don't plan to use the table this holiday season, feel free to still enter the giveaway.&nbsp; I know you'll find plenty of other uses for this great little table and chairs throughout the year!</p> <p><span style="font-size: small;"><strong>How to Enter:</strong></span></p> <ol> <li>Send an e-mail to <a href=""></a> with the subject line "October Giveaway" and your full name in the email message.</li> <li>If you currently own a card table, let us know if you typically buy a card table as a set with matching chairs... why or why not?</li> </ol> <p><span style="font-size: small;"><strong>Bonus Entries:</strong></span></p> <ol> <li>"Like"&nbsp; Lifetime Products on <a title="Lifetime Products on Facebook" href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a>.&nbsp; Once you "Like" us (or if you already do), send an email to <a href=""></a> with your full name telling us you "Like" Lifetime Products and you'll receive one bonus entry.</li> <li>Follow us on Twitter <a title="Lifetime on Twitter" href="">@Lifetime365</a> and retweet to your friends "Love this card table that @Lifetime365 is giving away&hellip; it folds in half! Would be great for my Thanksgiving dinner. <a href=""></a>" to receive one bonus entry.</li> </ol> <p>The contest begins Wednesday, October 17, 2012 and will end Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 12:00 Midnight MST.&nbsp; We'll announce one random winner on Monday, October 29, 2012. (Each person may only enter once via email, once via Twitter, and once via Facebook.&nbsp; Click <a title="official rules" href="" target="_blank">here</a> for complete contest rules.)</p>Jan17 Oct 2012 10:20:00 AMTransforming the Table Industry Yet Again!<p><img src="/imagecache/blog/nesting%20table.jpg" alt="nesting table.jpg" width="284" height="285" />&nbsp;We did it again! Back in 1998,&nbsp;Lifetime revolutionized the folding table industry by inventing the first blow-molded folding banquet table.&nbsp; The tables were lighter and stronger than traditional wooden folding tables.&nbsp;&nbsp;Our invention made heavy, wooden folding tables practically&nbsp;obsolete as&nbsp;blow-molded tabletops became the new market standard.&nbsp;&nbsp;Today,&nbsp;I'm excited to introduce to you Lifetime's&nbsp;new line of <a title="See the new 6-Foot Stacking Table" href="" target="_blank">stackable folding tables</a> -&nbsp;the biggest&nbsp;innovation in&nbsp;the folding table&nbsp;industry since our original invention!&nbsp;</p> <p>Why is this new design such a big deal?&nbsp; Several reasons.&nbsp; First, the new<a title="See our new 6-Foot Stacking Table" href="" target="_blank"> Lifetime 6-Foot Stackable Folding Table</a> features an innovative nesting design that allows multiple tables to easily be stacked together for space saving storage. The stacking design also prevents shifting or sliding during transportation, keeping the tables together and organized.&nbsp; With our nesting table, storage, transportation, and packaging are 20% more efficient.&nbsp; That means you can now stack 26 tables in the same space that 21 tables previously occupied.&nbsp; For a church, conference center, business, or other organization, that extra storage space goes a long way!&nbsp; And, that means you can fit more on your Lifetime <a title="buy a Lifetime Table cart" href="" target="_blank">table cart</a>, too.</p> <p><img src="" alt="stacking table.jpg" width="239" height="248" />Additionally, the 6-Foot Lifetime Stackable Folding Table has a sleek, modern look with exposed steel channels to highlight the strength of the table which can hold up to 2,000 lbs. of evenly distributed weight.&nbsp; Yes, you read that right - 2,000 lbs.&nbsp; The tabletops are blow-molded High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and the new patented frame is constructed from High Strength Low Alloy Steel (HSLA). The new design and materials is nearly 10% lighter in weight with the same great strength and stability Lifetime tables are known for.</p> <p>Like all Lifetime folding tables, our new design is UV-protected, stain resistant and easy to clean. Our sturdy powder-coated steel frame protects against weather, rust and corrosion. The Lifetime 6-Foot Stacking Table exceeds commercial furniture standards and is backed with a 10-year limited warranty.</p> <p>With&nbsp;holiday entertaining season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to try our newest table.&nbsp;Look for the Lifetime 6-Foot Stackable Table at <a title="Find a Sam's Club Location" href="" target="_blank">Sam&rsquo;s Club locations</a> nationwide&nbsp;this November.</p>Shalane10 Oct 2012 10:17:00 AMPull Up A Chair!<p><img src="" alt="DataVault4.jpg" width="203" height="210" /><a title="Lifetime Products Website" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime</a> is excited to announce a new folding chair design that features a molded-in carry handle. This new addition to our chair program demonstrates our commitment to innovation and product development. The handle makes it easy for anyone to carry, transport and use, while providing a sleek, contemporary look.</p> <p>Built with the same comfort and durability that customers have come to expect from <a title="See our full line of Lifetime Chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime chairs</a>, our new design is the perfect addition to a home, office or outdoor gathering.</p> <p>The unique contoured design of Lifetime Folding Chairs makes them more comfortable than any folding chair on the market. They have a wide seat and a tall back that supports you in all the right places. Our engineers specifically design our chairs to be ergonomic and comfortable for all sizes and shapes.</p> <p><img src="" alt="DataVault1.jpg" width="179" height="170" />Constructed of high-density polyethylene and powder-coated steel, Lifetime&rsquo;s new chair design meets commercial furniture standards, ensuring superior strength and durability. With a UV-protected seat and back, and an all-weather, rust-resistant, powder-coated, steel frame, Lifetime chairs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. No matter your event, you can count on the durable and comfortably designed chairs from Lifetime Products.</p> <p>So give it a try, pull out a Lifetime chair and compare it to the others. You&rsquo;ll find that our quality design and durable strength will give you exactly what you need. And, if you want to try our new&nbsp;Lifetime Folding Chair with the handle, you can find it in-store at <a title="BJ's Wholesale" href="" target="_blank">BJ&rsquo;s Wholesale</a>.</p>Shalane26 Sep 2012 9:05:00 AMWhere to Find Lifetime Tables<p><img src="" alt="private labels.jpg" width="225" height="112" />We often have consumers ask where they can find Lifetime tables in their area.&nbsp; The simple answer is at most every major retailer! But, here is general list: Sam's Club, Costco Wholesale, BJ's Wholesale, Lowe's, Walmart, Kmart, Shopko, and a variety of regional retailers.&nbsp; <br />&nbsp;<br />However, some of you who have been in some of these stores may not have been able to find Lifetime branded tables. You may have seen a table that looked like a <a title="about Lifetime folding tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime folding table</a> and wondered if it really was a Lifetime table.&nbsp; Although most of our tables are sold with the Lifetime brand loud and proud, a few of our retail partners sell our product under their in-store private label brand.&nbsp; <br />&nbsp;<br />To help you find a Lifetime table next time you are out shopping, here's a quick list of some of the private label names that our Lifetime tables have:</p> <ul> <li>Mainstays -&nbsp; at Walmart in the furniture department</li> <li>Ozark Trail - at Walmart in the sporting goods department</li> <li>Style Selections - at Lowe's</li> <li>Northwest Territory - at Kmart&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>Regardless of the label on top of the table, in most instances, you can always find our Lifetime logo molded into the actual tabletop or a production sticker underneath indicating it was manufactured by Lifetime Products. Looking for and finding the Lifetime logo will help you feel confident that you are purchasing a well-made, reliable product.&nbsp;</p>Shalane01 Jun 2012 9:00:00 AMWhat Lifetime Table Grades Really Mean<p>I just attended our annual sales conference last month.&nbsp; During the&nbsp;conference, the main product categories of our company present category updates and strategic direction.&nbsp; We also train the rest of the&nbsp;team and the sales force on our product, as well as why we have, and offer, what we do.</p> <p>One topic I covered during my presentation was the need for different table grades.&nbsp; Our table grades allow us to sell quality product to different consumer segments.&nbsp; At Lifetime, we tout ourselves on the fact that we offer the best product on the planet in each of our consumer segments.&nbsp; We break our <a title="about Lifetime Folding Tables" href="" target="_blank">folding table lines</a> into four different grades:&nbsp; Professional, Commercial, Light Commercial, and Residential.</p> <p><img src="" alt="6 foot professional.JPG" width="225" height="134" />Our <strong>Professional Grade</strong> product is our highest specified product, having the highest weight and stability ratings intended for heavy-duty institutional use at places like universities, government institutions, churches or other business use.&nbsp; These tables are available for purchase only through direct sales channels, including our Lifetime Stores in Utah, and the <a title="buy a professional grade Lifetime Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Store online</a>.</p> <p><img src="" alt="6 foot commercial.JPG" width="225" height="124" />Our <strong>Commercial Grade</strong> product is our widest selling product, and it is also rated for heavy-duty commercial use. It is mainly distributed through our wholesale club partners at a great value.&nbsp; It also has very high performance specifications.</p> <p><img src="" alt="6 foot light commercial.JPG" width="225" height="165" />Our <strong>Light Commercial</strong> product is mainly sold through home improvement stores, but also at other mass retailers.&nbsp;</p> <p>All three of these table grades: professional, commercial, and light commercial pass BIFMA or Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer Association standards.&nbsp; But they pass at varying percentages above that basic standard.&nbsp;</p> <p><img src="" alt="6 foot residential.JPG" width="225" height="125" />And last, but not least, is our <strong>Residential Line</strong> of product.&nbsp; These products sell primarily through our mass retail partners like Walmart.&nbsp; They are quality tables that fulfill a need at a value price.&nbsp; They are the best tables available at this price and they are sleek and stylish.</p> <p>All of our tables are manufactured to the highest quality standards.&nbsp; We simply develop tables at different performance specifications to give each consumer segment and distribution channel the most appropriate product and value to best fit their needs.</p> <p>What does this mean for you the consumer?&nbsp; It means no matter your need or intended use, there a great folding table available at an affordable price from the Lifetime brand you can trust.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>William30 May 2012 9:00:00 AMHelp! We're Overstocked! Get a Lifetime Kids Picnic Table for 40% Off<p><img src="" alt="kidspicnictableputty.jpg" width="300" height="200" />We need to do some spring cleaning and you can help. We are offering our blog readers a 40% discount off the regular price of our <a title="kids picnic table" href="" target="_blank">kids picnic tables</a>. If you think your kids would enjoy one of these awesome little picnic tables, now is the time to buy.</p> <p>Just like&nbsp;the regular-sized Lifetime picnic tables, the Lifetime kids picnic table is constructed with a double-walled polyethylene plastic tabletop and benches and a steel frame. This design provides strength and durability with very low maintenance.&nbsp;Ideal&nbsp;for kids because they're stain resistant, scratch resistant, and water proof. UV-protected tabletop resists warping and powder-coated steel frame resists rusting. Unlike wooden picnic tables, the Lifetime kids picnic table won't splinter, split, or warp. No painting, staining, or varnishing necessary to keep this little picnic table looking as good as new year after year.</p> <p>Kids will enjoy the comfort (and safety) of dining at a table designed especially for their little bodies. Their little feet can touch the ground and their short arms can reach all the way across the table. How convenient! Seat up to four children, indoors or outside, for snacks, craft projects, or puzzles. The portable design even allows you to collapse the table flat so it can be taken along to parks or camp sites.</p> <p>If you've been admiring this&nbsp;<a title="kids putty table" href="" target="_blank">kids portable picnic table</a> in stores or yards around your&nbsp;neighborhood, don't miss this chance to get one of your very own at an amazing price. To purchase, just visit&nbsp;the Lifetime&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Online Store</a> and enter model number 80232 in the search box. Use the special discount code "picnic" when you check out to get 40% off the regular price. Offer expires 6/01/2012. If you would like assistance in making this online purchase, please call our helpful sales representatives at 1 800 424 3865.</p>admin14 May 2012 10:30:00 AMCelebrate National Scrapbooking Day with a Lifetime Table and Chairs Giveaway!<p><img src="/imagecache/blog/National%20Scrapbooking%20Day%202012.jpg" alt="National Scrapbooking Day 2012.jpg" width="225" height="138" />We know that Lifetime tables and chairs get used for A LOT of different reasons.&nbsp; And, one of the most popular uses for our tables&nbsp;is for a craft table.&nbsp; It's easy to see why. They are stain resistant and easy to clean -&nbsp; so no need to worry about spilled paint, dripping hot glue guns, or bleeding stamps.&nbsp; They are lightweight&nbsp;and a easy to transport to craft/scrapbooking parties.&nbsp; Plus, they also come in a variety of sizes and even adjustable height styles to fit any craft space.</p> <p>If you&nbsp;follow our blog regularly, you know we LOVE giveaways! So, in honor of National Scrapbooking Day which is this Saturday, May 5, we've teamed up with the <a title="giveaway blog post" href="" target="_blank"><em>Creating Keepsakes</em> magazine blog</a> team to celebrate one of the most popular uses of our tables and give scrapbookers the ultimate&nbsp;National Scrapbooking Day prize - a <a title="about Lifetime 6-Foot Fold-In-Half Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 6' Fold-in-Half Table</a> and four <a title="about Lifetime Folding Chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Folding Chairs</a>!</p> <p>Simply head over to <a title="Giveaway blog post" href="" target="_blank"><em>Creating Keepsakes</em> blog</a> before&nbsp;May 7 to enter to win a Lifetime folding table and chairs for your craft room.&nbsp; Good luck!</p>Jan30 Apr 2012 9:15:00 AMSee Lifetime's Factory on Live TV!<p><img src="/imagecache/blog/Studio%205.JPG" alt="Studio 5.JPG" width="225" height="169" />Lights, camera, action!&nbsp; It has been another exciting week here at Lifetime. On Monday, Lifetime was featured in a Made in Utah segment on <a title="about Studio 5" href="" target="_blank">Studio 5</a>, KSL's local lifestyle show.&nbsp; The hour-long show featured a pre-recorded segment (starring yours truly) that was filmed in the <a title="about the Lifetime Stores in Utah" href="">Lifetime Store</a>, as well as three live segments with host Darin Adams in our factory.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Studio 5 is doing a week-long series to show products and companies that are made in Utah. We were honored they decided to start with Lifetime!&nbsp;&nbsp; Filming the pre-taped piece was SO much fun. Studio 5 Producer, Stephanie, was a blast and great to work with. She was very creative and full of energy. Who knew sipping lemonade on a <a title="about Lifetime Glider Benches" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Glider Bench</a> would be so fun?&nbsp;</p> <p>For the live segments, the KSL camera lady, Jen, showed up about 10:00am to get things set up, find a broadcast signal since&nbsp;it was live television (which has got to be such a nerve-racking job), and finalize details. Stephanie and Darin arrived at about 10:40am, asked a few questions about the company and products, and did a quick run through of each segment... then the&nbsp;count down was on for the live show at 11:00!</p> <p>Darin did a fabulous job at showing off Lifetime and our products. He started by showing some of the actual products we make, then he headed to our <a title="about Lifetime Folding Chairs" href="" target="_blank">folding chair</a> assembly plant to watch the chairs being assembled.&nbsp; We decided to have&nbsp;the host Darin talk with&nbsp; Adam and Najah (our LEAN production trainers) since they both started in production and know a lot about our production process. They both did a fantastic job on their TV debut!&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>For his final live segment,&nbsp;the host&nbsp;had a <a title="about Lifetime folding tables" href="" target="_blank">folding&nbsp;table</a> assembly race with some of our workers.&nbsp; This is where we were quickly reminded that part of live TV is learning to roll with the punches.&nbsp; During the table race, Darin almost got hit with the moving parts on the rack because he stepped through the rack and didn&rsquo;t step up far enough. Yikes!&nbsp; (Watch closely, you can see it on camera in the final clip below.)&nbsp; Luckily, he didn't get hurt!</p> <p>We've read some wonderful comments from viewers who were thrilled to learn that Lifetime was located in Utah and to get a live look at how our products&nbsp;are actually made.&nbsp; I could tell you more, but it's really much for exciting if you watch the actual clips from the show.&nbsp; There are three separate clips, so be sure to watch them all.&nbsp; Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what your favorite part is, we'd love to hear. &nbsp;Enjoy the show!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="640" height="360"></iframe></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="640" height="360"></iframe></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="640" height="360"></iframe></p>Tonnie 16 Feb 2012 9:00:00 AM Be My Valentine and Get $15 Off the Lifetime Kids Pink Picnic Table<p>In honor of Valentine's Day, the <a title="visit the Lifetime Store online" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime&nbsp;Store</a> online&nbsp;is&nbsp;offering $15 off the kids pink picnic table throughout the month of February. Be sure to check out our other pink and red products, too, like the pink youth kayak, and our red and white tablecloths.</p> <p>The Lifetime <a href="" target="_blank">kids pink picnic table</a> is popular because it is portable, durable, and cheerful! This is the perfect little snack and craft table for a child's bedroom, a daycare center, or a backyard patio.&nbsp;Polyethylene plastic&nbsp;tabletop and benches are water proof, stain resistant,&nbsp;and UV-protected from fading or warping. Powder-coated steel frame is sturdy and resists rusting. This&nbsp;bright little&nbsp;picnic table is fun for kids to use and easy for parents to maintain.</p> <p><img src="" alt="pinktable.jpg" width="300" height="200" /></p> <p>The <a href="" target="_blank">pink youth kayak</a> is a fun model that has just recently been added to our line of outdoor recreational products. At only 6 ft long, it's designed for kids ages 5 yrs and up, with 130 lbs weight capacity. Constructed from blow-molded plastic so it's light weight and there are no sharp edges or protruding parts to scrape or scratch your child. Lots of handy built-in features like footrests, paddle craddle, towing handle, and molded-in hand grips make it very convenient to use. Kids will especially appreciate the sloped rear deck for easy mounting.</p> <p><img src="" alt="pinkkayak.jpg" width="300" height="200" /></p> <p>Lifetime has also recently added a new line of <a href="" target="_blank">coordinating tablecloths and toppers</a> to accessorize our banquet tables. You're going to be impressed! These tablecloths and toppers turn Lifetime folding tables into elegant dining accommodations for special holiday occasions--like those romantic Valentine's dinners.&nbsp;Premium quality, tightly woven polyester fabric is stain resistant, machine washable, and dryer safe. Detailed tailoring with pleats and grommets provide a snug fit and an elegant look that we're sure you're going to love. Order now to receive it in time for Valentine's Day!</p> <p><img src="" alt="redtabletopper.jpg" width="300" height="200" /></p> <p>If you&nbsp;would like to take advantage of&nbsp;the $15 discount on the pink picnic table, or check out these other fun products,&nbsp;visit our&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime online store</a>.&nbsp;For the kids pink&nbsp;picnic table, be sure&nbsp;to enter the discount code&nbsp;<span style="color: #ff00ff;"><strong>Pink15</strong></span> when you're ready to "check out". Just our way of saying thank you for following us on the blog. We'd love to hear from you!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>Charlys27 Jan 2012 10:00:00 AMNarrow 18" Table Saves Space<p><img src="" alt="Conference Table2.jpg" width="225" height="150" />We all use folding tables for a variety of reasons. Just think of how you use your tables.&nbsp; You can probably think of a few different uses, right?&nbsp; At Lifetime, we provide affordable quality tables in all shapes and sizes for that exact reason.&nbsp; For dining and eating, a standard <a title="about Lifetime banquet tables" href="" target="_blank">banquet style table</a> works really well - the 30-inch wide surface provides the right amount of space to lay out the food and still give you room for plates and table settings across from each other.&nbsp;</p> <p>Now, the question I pose today is what about the times when you just need to display food in a buffet style and you need to keep the table out of the way?&nbsp;Well, a great option for you would be to use one of our 18-inch wide <a title="about Lifetime Conference Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime&nbsp;Conference Tables</a> as that perfect buffet table for the home, office, or church get together.&nbsp; This style of table is a recent addition to our wide range of tables already available.&nbsp; They come in <a title="About Conference Table" href="" target="_blank">6 foot&nbsp;</a>and <a title="about 8 foot Conference Tables" href="" target="_blank">8 foot</a> lengths.&nbsp;</p> <p>Now as I was saying, removing 12 inches from the width of the table can mean the difference between having the right amount of space for foot traffic around obstacles that would otherwise obstruct the ideal flow you need.&nbsp; For instance, in the home, these tables could be put up against a wall or along the back side of a couch as a nice serving table.&nbsp; Another great use for these tables is for a table that is needed to stay up&nbsp; more permanently, but still stay out of the way.<img src="" alt="conference table1.jpg" width="225" height="142" /></p> <p>So far I have mainly been talking about uses for these tables in more of a residential setting.&nbsp; The name of these tables really doesn't have much to do with their residential application.&nbsp; As their name suggests, the main use for these tables are in commercial settings.&nbsp;&nbsp;Conference Tables are also called&nbsp;Lecture or&nbsp;<a title="buy Lifetime Seminar Tables" href="" target="_blank">Seminar&nbsp;Tables</a>.&nbsp; At&nbsp; seminars or conferences, they can be used as registration tables.&nbsp; Informational materials and sign-up sheets can be placed on the tables and chairs can be lined up behind the tables for those greeting the event attendees.</p> <p>Another related use and probably the more common use is as instructional tables.&nbsp; Tables can be lined up in a presentation hall or smaller room with <a title="about Lifetime chairs" href="" target="_blank">chairs</a> on one side facing the front.&nbsp; The tables give just the right amount of room to take notes, to hold laptops, and to hold some drinks or other snacks or materials.&nbsp; The narrow orientation allows for the most efficient use of space, fitting the largest amount of attendees into the lecture room.&nbsp; In churches, these tables make for great instructional tables for Sunday School or Bible Study classes.<img src="" alt="conference table 3.jpg" width="225" height="188" /></p> <p>For home use or for business, <a title="buy Lifetime Conference Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime&nbsp;Conference Tables</a> will give you the features you need to best utilize your space.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>William16 Jan 2012 9:30:00 AMBouncy Good Time!<p><img src="/imagecache/blog/230865_10150611498515402_679010401_18906934_4444891_n.jpg" alt="230865_10150611498515402_679010401_18906934_4444891_n.jpg" width="206" height="169" />Last year was a great year for me. I got married in September, and am loving this new adventure! Our wedding day turned out just the way we wanted. It was perfect. Although my wedding day was the best day of my life, we ended up having a pretty great time the night before as well. My husband and I are both pretty laid-back, casual people. So the night before, instead of having a formal dinner or a fancy rehearsal party or reception, we ended up just having a big bash with family and friends at my parent&rsquo;s house. I don&rsquo;t think many people can say that they had a huge bouncy slide, snow cone machine, and children&rsquo;s bouncy castle at their wedding party! But we did, and it was a blast! Although people ended up with sore muscles, plastic burns, and scuffed knees, everyone sure had a great time and I wouldn't have changed it for anything! Standing at the top of a 30-foot bouncy slide screaming &ldquo;I&rsquo;m getting married tomorrow&rdquo; is an experience I will never forget!</p> <p><img src="" alt="Chaircoverblog.jpg" width="215" height="146" />Of course a lot of planning goes into such a big day, and although my new husband was a champ and helped a lot, it still got very overwhelming at times. We ended up with hundreds of neighbors and friends at our pre-wedding party, and thank goodness we had enough <a title="Shop Lifetime Tables" href="" target="_blank">tables</a> and <a title="Shop Lifetime Chairs" href="" target="_blank">chairs</a> set up for everyone to eat and mingle. Where did we get those tables and chairs? From Lifetime of course! But no, we definitely didn&rsquo;t buy all of those products&hellip;..we rented them! The<a title="Lifetime Store Locations" href="" target="_blank"> Lifetime Store</a>, located in our very own Clearfield Utah, rents tables and chairs. It was so nice to have these tables and chairs so accessible to us, and to not have to go through a big, expensive rental company. Planning a wedding is so stressful on its own, that these simple conveniences really help out a lot! So if you find yourself in need of large quantities of tables and chairs, think of the Lifetime Store, Clearfield, Utah&nbsp;location,&nbsp;for your next big event! Our rentals are simple, inexpensive, and perfect for your big day!</p>Shalane06 Jan 2012 10:53:06 AMOur New Kitchen Table<p><img src=" table.jpg" alt="kitchen table.jpg" width="225" height="169" />I'm guessing a lot of our readers will pull out their Lifetime folding tables and chairs to use as extra seating for holiday dinners and parties&nbsp;this month.&nbsp; Well, no need for me to pull out ours - we are already using them every day!</p> <p>That's right.&nbsp; We have a new kitchen table and chairs in our house.&nbsp; For the past few weeks - and for the next month or so - we are using our <a title="about Lifetime Square Folding Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 37-Inch Square Folding Table</a> and <a title="about Lifetime Contemporary Folding Chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Contemporary Folding Chairs </a>for our kitchen table and chairs.&nbsp; No, I'm not doing consumer research for Lifetime.&nbsp; We are getting ready to move in a few weeks and our old kitchen table and chairs were too big for our new kitchen eating space, so we sold them at our garage sale a few weeks ago.&nbsp; And, we don&rsquo;t want to buy a new one until we get to our new house and really decide what shape and style will work best.</p> <p>So, in the meantime, we are using our Lifetime Square Folding Table and Chairs.&nbsp; You know what?&nbsp; They are working out great!&nbsp; It's actually kind of nice to have the extra walking space in our kitchen eating area by using a smaller table.&nbsp; And, when the kids (or my husband) spill on the table, it's a cinch to clean up!&nbsp; Just yesterday, my kids were painting Thanksgiving turkey cards.&nbsp; Normally, I would make them put paper down to cover and protect our wood kitchen table. But, this time, I just let them go to town on our Lifetime table with no worries at all because I knew it would wipe right off without any damage.</p> <p>Unlike a lot of other card tables on the market, the Lifetime Square Folding Table is super sturdy and the chairs are sized like a regular&nbsp;dining chair with a full seat and tall back. It really feels like we are eating at a piece of furniture, not just a temporary table.&nbsp; Even when the kids get wiggly and bump it, it doesn't shake like most card tables.</p> <p>But, I will tell you, there are a few things that do not work quite as well as our old kitchen table.&nbsp; First, even though the size of our <a title="buy a Lifetimes square table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Square Table </a>is larger than most card tables (37" compared to 34"), it's still too little to really serve meals family style.&nbsp; We can fit one casserole dish in the middle of all of our place settings if we really try, but certainly not two or three dishes.&nbsp; The other difference we've noticed is the chairs.&nbsp; The good news is they are contoured for comfort, which means they are actually more comfortable than our old wooden chairs!&nbsp; But, since they are contoured, the bottom dips down slightly in the back (to fit the curve of your rear!), which makes it difficult for my 4-year-old to reach the table because it slides her back too far.&nbsp; And, since the back of the folding chair is open, we can't put her booster seat on the chair because it could easily slip out the back. (So, she usually resorts to sitting on her knees.)</p> <p>But, other than those two minor things, using our Lifetime Table for our kitchen table has been a perfect transitional table for us.&nbsp; And, the kids have been thrilled because when it's not mealtime, they can throw blankets over it and <a title="5 Ways to Entertain Kids with a Folding Table blog post" href="" target="_self">transform it into a fort </a>- that's something they certainly couldn't do with our wood pedestal table!</p> <p>Whether your Lifetime table is a temporary or permanent table in your kitchen, I hope you give thanks for the meal and the company you have around it this holiday!</p>Jan19 Dec 2011 8:00:00 AMLifetime 34" Square Fold-in-Half Table - Just in Time for Holidays<p><img src=" FIH folded.jpg" alt="34 FIH folded.jpg" width="220" height="220" />Lots of Americans will be rushing out this week to buy an extra table for their Thanksgiving feast and upcoming holiday dinners.&nbsp; Because of its size, one of the most popular folding table options on the market is the square table, often referred to as a card table.</p> <p>At Lifetime, we pride ourselves on constantly innovating and improving products.&nbsp; And, I am happy to share with you that Lifetime has made this popular temporary card table even more convenient to own, store, and transport thanks to a&nbsp;fold-in-half design and a built-in carrying handle. The new <a title="about Lifetime 34&quot; Fold-in-Half Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 34-Inch Square Fold-in-Half Table </a>offers ample seating space for up to four guests, yet folds in half to just 17&frac12; inches to easily carry and fit in the trunk of the smallest car or a hallway closet.&nbsp;</p> <p>However, even though the Lifetime 34-Inch Square Fold-in-Half Table is small in size, I assure you, it's still big on strength.&nbsp; We have specifically engineered and patented the fold-in-half braces to swivel perpendicular when opened to increase the load capacity to hold even more weight than most standard vinyl-top card tables on the market.&nbsp; To see exactly what I mean by the brace, and to see how easily this square table folds-in-half, take a look at this quick video.</p> <p>&nbsp; <object width="425" height="350" data="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="src" value="" /> </object> </p> <p>Like all Lifetime Folding Tables, this table is constructed with a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tabletop that is UV-protected, stain resistant, easy to clean, and will not crack, chip, or peel. In addition, the Lifetime 34-Inch Square Fold-in-Half Table features a powder-coated, weather-resistant, steel frame with locking leg braces.</p> <p>One of the other exciting things about this table is that we've also made it convenient to buy. This table is now available at Walmart stores nationwide in the furniture department and retails for under $33. The product label will be branded Mainstays, but if you look at the actual table, you'll see the Lifetime logo molded into the tabletop.&nbsp;</p> <p>For those of you still wanting a bit more space, a slightly larger <a title="buy a Lifetime 37&quot; Fold-in-Half Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 37-Inch Square Fold-in-Half Table </a>is also available at <a href=""></a>.</p> <p>Even after the holidays are over, you are sure to find many uses for a Lifetime 34-Inch Square Fold-in-Half Table.&nbsp; But, no matter what size or shape you have, I hope you enjoy using your Lifetime tables and chairs this week for your Thanksgiving dinner.&nbsp; Feel free to share how you use your Lifetime products for the holidays by uploading a picture on our <a title="Lifetime Facebook page" href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a> page.&nbsp; Happy Thanksgiving!</p> <p><img src=" FIH.jpg" alt="34 FIH.jpg" width="225" height="199" /></p>William22 Nov 2011 2:15:00 PMWinner Announced of Our Most Popular Giveaway This Year!<p><img src=" table package.JPG" alt="dinner table package.JPG" width="225" height="162" />Lifetime is the #1 brand of Folding Tables and Chairs in America.&nbsp; So, it's no wonder when we decided to give away a Holiday Dinner Table Package which included a <a title="buy a Lifetime 6' Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 6' Folding Table</a>, 8 <a title="buy Lifetime Folding Chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Folding Chairs</a>, and <a title="buy table linens" href="" target="_blank">Table Linens </a>that it was our most popular giveaway ever!&nbsp;</p> <p>Congratulations to&nbsp;<strong>Christine J.&nbsp;of Syracuse, Utah</strong>.&nbsp; She was our lucky random winner of this month's giveaway and picked the&nbsp;<a title="buy a Sand Tablecloth" href="" target="_blank">Sand Tablelcoth</a>&nbsp;with the <a title="buy a Brown and White Damask Table Topper" href="" target="_blank">Brown and White Damask Topper</a>.</p> <p>We loved hearing all of the great color combinations that people picked as their favorite linens they wanted win.&nbsp; With all of the color and patterns, the options are endless for creating a look to fit your style.&nbsp; The <a title="buy a Black and White Damask Topper" href="" target="_blank">Black and White Damask Table Topper</a> was&nbsp;by far the most popular choice.&nbsp; But, what&nbsp;it was&nbsp;paired with was always changing!&nbsp;&nbsp; (The Sand Tablecloth with a Red Topper was something I had never thought of and several of you put that beautiful combo together!)</p> <p>These fitted table linens truly transform a Lifetime Folding Table into an elegant dining table.&nbsp; If you didn't win but would still like to purchase these cute fitted linens, the <a title="Lifetime Store online" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Store online </a>currently is offering <a title="$10 off table topper blog post" href="" target="_self">$10 off any tablecloth or topper</a>. Simply enter "<strong>Tablecloth10</strong>" when you check out.&nbsp; And, they also have reduced <a title="reduced prices on chair covers blog post" href="" target="_self">prices on chair covers </a>to really give your holiday table a touch of class.</p> <p>Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter.&nbsp; Keep reading our blog because we promise to have a&nbsp;fantastic December giveaway for the Christmas season!</p>Jan07 Nov 2011 8:50:00 AMWin a Holiday Dinner Table Package!<p><span style="color: #ff0000;"><strong><img src="" alt="November 2011 contest ended.jpg" width="225" height="180" />This giveaway has ended.</strong>&nbsp;</span> Happy Halloween!&nbsp; No tricks here, only treats, I promise.&nbsp; And, boy, do we have a BIG treat for you!&nbsp; It seems almost impossible that tomorrow is November 1&hellip; which means Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away.&nbsp; But, yes, it's now that hectic time of year when we happily usher out one holiday only to replace it with planning the festivities for yet another one.</p> <p>With this busy holiday season, we know you have a lot of your hosting plate!&nbsp; So, we're going to help you check one thing of your list.&nbsp; Open your trick-or-treat bags because our Halloween treat to you is... a giveaway for a Holiday Dinner Table Package!&nbsp;</p> <p>When we say package, we mean the whole kit-n-kaboodle to seat your guests in style.&nbsp; That's right, we're giving away to one lucky random winner a <a title="about Lifetime 6' Folding Tables" href="" target="_blank">6-Foot Lifetime Folding Table</a>, <a title="about Lifetime Folding Chairs" href="" target="_blank">8 Lifetime Folding Chairs</a>, AND your choice of a <a title="Lifetime table accessories" href="" target="_blank">fitted tablecloth </a>and <a title="Lifetime Table Accessories" href="" target="_blank">table topper</a>!&nbsp; These linens are brand new to the Lifetime Store online.&nbsp; (In case you missed it, Charlys debuted them in her <a title="$10 off Tablecloths &amp; Toppers blog post" href="" target="_self">blog post </a>on Friday.) They truly transform a plain folding table into a sophisticated dining area.&nbsp; They are available in some terrific colors and patterns&hellip; so many fun ones that we couldn't pick our favorite. So, we'll let YOU pick whichever colors you like best so you can dress up your table for Thanksgiving, Christmas, July 4th, or just stay completely neutral for any occasion if you'd like.</p> <p>Not hosting a holiday dinner?&nbsp; Don't let that stop you from entering! Think about all the other times throughout the year you could use an extra folding table and chairs, not to mention a wrinkle-resistant tablecloth that is always ready to use at a moment's notice.&nbsp;</p> <p>Want to give us a Halloween treat, too?&nbsp; Do us a favor and share this blog post via <a title="Lifetime Facebook page" href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a>, <a title="Lifetime Twitter page" href="!/lifetime365" target="_blank">Twitter</a>, or email with your friends so they know about Lifetime, our great products, and our great giveaways that you love so much!</p> <p>Ready for your treat?&nbsp;</p> <div><strong><span style="font-size: small;">How to Enter:<br /></span></strong><ol> <li>Visit the "table accessories" page on the <a title="Table Accessories page" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Store online </a>and check out all the new fitted tablecloths and table toppers.</li> <li>Send an e-mail to <a href=""></a> with the subject line "November contest" and your full name in the email message.</li> <li>Tell us which color/pattern of tablecloth and table topper you will pick if you win.</li> </ol> <p><br /><strong><span style="font-size: small;">Bonus Entries:</span></strong></p> <ol> <li>"Like"&nbsp; Lifetime Products on <a title="Lifetime Facebook Page" href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a>.&nbsp; Once you "Like" us (or if you already do), send an email to <a href=""></a> with your full name telling us you "Like" Lifetime Products and you'll receive one bonus entry.&nbsp;</li> <li>&nbsp;Follow us on <a title="Lifetime Twitter page" href="!/lifetime365" target="_blank">Twitter</a> @Lifetime365 and retweet to your friends "This would be great for my holiday dinners! @Lifetime365 is giving away a Folding Table, 8 Chairs and Linens! <a href=""></a>" to receive one bonus entry.</li> </ol> <p>The contest begins Monday, October 31, 2011 and will end Sunday, November 6 at 12:00 Midnight MST.&nbsp; We'll announce one random winner on Monday, November 7 2011.&nbsp; (Each person may only enter once via email, once via Twitter, and once via Facebook.&nbsp; <a title="official terms and conditions" href="" target="_blank">Click here </a>for complete contest rules.)</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> </div>Jan31 Oct 2011 8:00:00 AM$10 Off Tablecloths & Toppers for Your Lifetime Tables<p><img src="" alt="New-Years-Tablecloth.jpg" width="300" height="240" />We've found the perfect match for your Lifetime table! Yes, occasionally we think that some products made by other companies compliment ours so well that we decide to adopt them. So I'm sure you will be just as excited as we are when you see the gorgeous new selection of tablecloths and toppers we are now offering in the Lifetime Store Online to dress up your <a title="buy a Lifetime table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime table</a>. And for a limited time we will be offering you a special introductory discount price of&nbsp;$10 off any table topper or fitted tablecloth.</p> <p>This new line of table accessories includes full-length tablecloths for both our <a href="" target="_blank">rectangular tables&nbsp;</a>and <a href="" target="_blank">round tables</a>. They are available&nbsp;in three different solid colors with coordinating toppers. We also have&nbsp;short damask tablecloths for rectangular and round tables&nbsp;as well. I have always loved the damask print because it lends itself so well to both formal or informal table settings. I especially love the fitted (or tailored) design. All of these styles (except the short damask tablecloths) use grommets and ties at the corners to give the tablecloth a snug fit and a truly sophisticated look.&nbsp; <img src="" alt="Autumn-Tablecloth.jpg" width="300" height="240" /></p> <p>Another nice feature with the full-length tablecloths is the fact that the sides are split into panels by inverted pleats at the corners. This not only allows guests to sit up to the table with ease, it also allows things to be easily stored under the table. Most handy if the tablecloth is being used on a gift table! You'll also be glad to hear that these attractive new tablecloths and toppers are made from 100% tightly woven polyester to create strength, a silky smooth feel, and a subtle luster. Machine washable, and dryer safe. You get a luxurious look with easy care maintenance.</p> <p>With coordinating tablecloths and toppers, it's easy to pick out a set that will match your decor. Choose a full-length tablecloth and top it off with a solid Betty topper or a Laura damask topper. Or maybe you prefer a simple short printed tablecloth which can be used all by itself or over a full-length tablecloth. You don't need a fancy table to create a fancy setting! While Lifetime tables are well-known for their heavy-duty durability, they're also easy to dress up. For special occasions you can't go wrong with this winning combination of Lifetime tables and stylish tablecloths.&nbsp;(In addition to one of&nbsp;our&nbsp;beautiful new&nbsp;fitted tablecloths and table toppers, you can also add an elegant <a href="" target="_blank">chair cover </a>to your Lifetime Folding Chairs for an extra-special touch!)</p> <p>To get $10 off&nbsp;a&nbsp;gorgeous table topper or fitted tablecloth, just&nbsp;browse our&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Table Accessories </a>on our&nbsp;online store, select the one of your choice, and be sure to use the special discount code of "Tablecloth10" when you check out.&nbsp; To kick-off the debut of these tablecloths in the <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Store Online</a>, <a title="about Jan" href="" target="_self">Jan</a> will be giving away a Thanksgiving Dining Package which will include some of these new linens later on this month.&nbsp; So, stay tuned!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Charlys28 Oct 2011 10:00:00 AMHosting A Backyard Campout Birthday Party<p><img src=" campfire cake.jpg" alt="nathan campfire cake.jpg" width="169" height="225" />It's been almost three weeks.&nbsp; Whew.&nbsp; I think my husband and I have finally recovered.&nbsp; I don't know what we were thinking but we somehow let our son talk us into a Backyard Campout Party for his 8th birthday.&nbsp; (Sniff, sniff.&nbsp; I still can't believe my little man is 8 years old already!)&nbsp; It seemed harmless enough, but this was his first group sleepover and "no guests' parents" birthday party so it was a pretty big milestone for him -- and us.&nbsp; After he made his list of neighborhood kids and classmates he wanted to invite, the list totaled 12 kids which sounded manageable.&nbsp; After all, teachers do this all the time with lots more kids, right?&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>The kids were all talking about&nbsp;the party for days beforehand. In addition to the sleepover, the other "big deal" of the party was that they all walked home with my son from school.&nbsp; (Come on&hellip; think back&hellip; remember how exciting and cool it was when you went to someone's house for a sleepover right from school with sleeping bag in tow? Yes, it's the little things that make life an adventure.) I knew&nbsp;the night&nbsp;was going to be a hit the moment we saw the herd of kids literally sprinting down the sidewalk to our Camp and screaming the entire way. So precious.</p> <p>We set the scene with "camp" signs made out of wood pointing the way to our backyard.&nbsp; On our fence gate, we had a "Welcome to Camp" sign. Once they entered&nbsp;the gate, the oohs and ahhs began.&nbsp; My son had painted a giant Camp Claborn banner on an old sheet that we hung between the trees. We had the tent set up with a fire pit, camping chairs, and a watering hole with drinks.</p> <p>After reading the Camp Rules we posted on the fence, we split into teams by blindly picking colored marbles and headed out for our first adventure - a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood.&nbsp; Next, we played a <a title="where to buy a marshmallow launching game" href="" target="_blank">marshmallow launching relay game</a>, and a marshmallow spoon race game.&nbsp; By now, the kids were starting to lose interest in coordinated activities and the wild running and rough-housing was beginning.&nbsp; Thank goodness it was time to roast hot dogs over the fire pit!&nbsp; With that many wound-up kids and only two adults, we had strict rules about the fire and only allowed three kids to cook their hot dog at a time so we could help and monitor.&nbsp;</p> <p>After dinner, it was time for birthday cake!&nbsp; As you'll recall from some of my <a title="M-I-C-K-E-Y-T-A-B-L-E blog post" href="" target="_self">other blog posts</a>, it's always my tradition to make my kids' birthday cakes.&nbsp; This year's was definitely the easiest of all.&nbsp; I looked at several ideas online and made a <a title="directions for a campfire cake" href="" target="_blank">campfire cake </a>simply by stacking two pre-made ice cream cake logs and frosting them&nbsp;hastily with brown icing - the sloppy lines looked like wood grain texture. This seriously took only five minutes.&nbsp; Then, I added chocolate cake donut holes around the bottom to look like charcoal or rocks and used pieces of Fruit Roll-Ups (wildfire cherry flavored) for flames.&nbsp; Since the kids were just eating dinner in their camping chairs, I had to figure out someplace to put the cake for the obligatory birthday song and candle blowing.&nbsp; So, I quickly pulled out my <a title="about Lifetime Personal Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Personal Table</a>.&nbsp; It was the perfect height and size to fit inside the camping chair ring and to hold the cake.&nbsp; Plus, after we were done with cake,&nbsp;the <a title="buy a Lifetime Personal Table" href="" target="_blank">Personal Table&nbsp;</a>was a great place to set the ingredients for the s'mores so I could have them close to the fire to quickly smoosh the graham crackers and chocolate on the roasted marshmallows. Its compact size really does make it a great table to pack for real camping trips. <img src=" smores.jpg" alt="campfire smores.jpg" width="169" height="225" /></p> <p>We ended the evening by hiding 144 <a title="where to buy glow-in-the-dark bugs" href="" target="_blank">glow-in-the-dark plastic bugs </a>in our backyard.&nbsp; I armed each child with a glow bracelet, mini flashlight, and a bug box and they spent&nbsp;almost 45 minutes&nbsp;looking for centipedes, scorpions, spiders, and more.&nbsp; After the girls went home, the boys retired to the tent and finished their night playing a <a title="where to buy the Smores card game" href=";ean=890183001044&amp;r=1" target="_blank">S'Mores card game </a>and doing&hellip; well, whatever it is 8-year-old boys do at sleepovers that makes them giggle all night!</p> <p>My husband and I were absolutely exhausted after trying to ensure safety at all times around the fire pit and refereeing all the incidents that take place with so many different personalities. But, after hearing our son profusely thank us over-and-over and hearing some of the kids say "that was the best campout EVER," we know it was all worth it.&nbsp; Do we want to have another backyard campout next month?&nbsp; No!&nbsp; Next year?&nbsp; Maybe.&nbsp; Ever? Definitely!</p>Jan27 Oct 2011 8:00:00 AMLabor Day Special! Save $20 on the Lifetime 33" Round Folding Table<p><img src="" alt="80230-patio-resized.jpg" width="251" height="163" /><br />Through the month&nbsp;of September, we&nbsp;are&nbsp;offering $20 off Lifetime's handy little <a href="" target="_blank">33" Round Folding Table</a>&nbsp;in the <a href="">Lifetime Store online</a>.&nbsp;It's durable, lightweight, and super easy to open and close. Thanks to the unique x-frame design, it sets up in just one smooth move. No braces to lock into place. It's not only functional and user friendly, but also attractive, with curved legs and beveled table edges. Great for home or office, indoors or out. Portable design allows you to take it along in the trunk of your car to outdoor events, as well.</p> <p><img src="" alt="80230-office-resized.jpg" width="252" height="157" /></p> <p>If you find yourself reaching for a place to set your drink while you're lounging on the patio, or looking around for somewhere to set up your laptop, take advantage of this great price on a great little table for a limited time only. Just visit the <a title="buy a Lifetime 33&quot; round table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Store online</a>, enter 80230 in the Search Bar, and be sure to use coupon code &ldquo;<strong>33round</strong>&rdquo; when you check out to get $20 off the regular price.</p>Charlys05 Sep 2011 8:00:00 AMNew Lifetime Folding Tailgate Table - Perfect for Tailgating, Picnicking, and Camping<p><img src="/imagecache/blog/tailgate table 2.jpg" alt="tailgate table 2.jpg" width="225" height="150" />If you are going camping this summer or planning a July 4th picnic on-the-go, then our newest product is perfect for you - the <a title="more about Lifetime Tailgate Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Folding Tailgate Table</a>!&nbsp; Although we designed this new table with a tailgater in mind, don't let the name mislead you - this recreational table is ideal for picnics, camping, or any outdoor get-together.</p> <p>Simply put, this table is basically like a Lifetime <a title="about Lifetime banquet tables" href="" target="_blank">banquet table </a>with a metal grilling table attached to it - it saves you from lugging around two tables all the time.&nbsp; It has a 5'6" x 28" high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tabletop for prepping or serving food.&nbsp; (You can even easily sit four people around the table to use it as a dining table.)&nbsp; At the end of the table,&nbsp; there is an attached 28" x 15" heavy-duty grill rack with utensil holder.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>But, the best part is how compact this table folds.&nbsp; The metal rack conveniently folds inside the polyethylene table, and the entire table then folds in half to a mere 33" x 28".&nbsp; We've also added a built-in carry handle so it's easy to transport and store.<br />&nbsp;<br />Like all Lifetime folding tables, the HDPE tabletop is UV-protected and is stain resistant, easy to clean, and will not crack, chip, or peel.&nbsp; In addition, the sturdy steel frame has a powder-coated finish that protects against weather, rust, and corrosion.</p> <p>You may be wondering what makes this table different from the <a title="more about Lifetime Camp Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Camp Table</a>?&nbsp; Good question.&nbsp; The concept is very similar, but the size is very different.&nbsp; The new Lifetime Folding Tailgate Table has a much larger polyethylene table and a slightly bigger grilling rack.&nbsp; (The Camp Table has a 42"x24" tabletop and a 14" x 24" stove rack.)&nbsp; But, with the fold-in-half feature, this new larger Folding Tailgate Table is actually more compact to carry and store than the Lifetime Camp Table.&nbsp; We've also made the Lifetime Folding Tailgate Table a neutral&nbsp; almond color so it aesthetically fits better with tailgating parties, family reunions, picnics, and more.<br />&nbsp;<br />My wife and I will be doing a lot of barbeques this season and we will be using this table. Since I have to do the grilling, it&rsquo;s a nice place to layout the tools I use to create&nbsp;my masterpieces&nbsp; - my hamburgers!&nbsp; If you want one of these tables too, they are available for $59.99 - <em>only</em> at Sam's Club.&nbsp; If you want to get a better look at the Lifetime Folding Tailgate Table before heading to the store, check out this <a title="watch video" href="" target="_blank">quick video</a> below.</p> <p> <object width="425" height="350" data="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="src" value="" /> </object> </p>Darrin27 Jun 2011 8:00:00 AMIs Your Folding Table Safe?<p><img src="" alt="gravity_table_lock.jpg" width="225" height="153" />As consumers, we have become accustomed to looking for safety features when making important purchase decisions, especially when it comes to products like vehicles, power tools, and baby items.&nbsp; But, did you know you should also look for safety features when buying a folding table, too?&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>In my past <a title="how much weight can my table hold" href="" target="_self">few blog posts</a>, I've been diving into various topics that help you make more educated folding table purchases.&nbsp; Unfortunately, probably the most overlooked features consumers consider when buying a folding table are safety features. The last thing you need is for your table to collapse while you are using it!</p> <p>So, what should you look for to ensure you are purchasing a safe table?&nbsp; A secure locking mechanism for the table legs.&nbsp; Now, the tricky part is that locking mechanisms will vary depending on the leg style. For rectangular banquet tables with pedestal style legs, we recommend a "gravity" locking ring-- a ring that slides down the table leg frame (with natural gravity-- so you don't have to slide it and risk pinching your finger) and locks the legs in place like the one in this picture. This is just an extra precaution to prevent the table legs from unintentionally folding when bumped even if you, or your neighbor, fails to fully deploy the legs.&nbsp;&nbsp; If you are purchasing a card table with four separate legs, we recommend locking angle braces with good resistance and a steel gauge much thicker than your average card table.</p> <p>If the table <a title="Lifetime fold-in-half tables" href="" target="_blank">folds in half</a>, be sure to also look for a mechanism that locks the tabletop when it is assembled.&nbsp; This will keep the table flat while you are working on it, so it won't begin to fold in the center when bumped or lifted.&nbsp;&nbsp; Some manufacturers actually use a locking feature that uses a spring and automatically locks (at least for a while).&nbsp; The problem is that these spring fed locking mechanisms are prone to becoming faulty.&nbsp; We recommend using a fold-in-half table lock that is manually secured by the user and will not wear out over time. In addition, a fold-in-half table should also include secure leg clips to keep the table securely folded together for carrying purposes &ndash; they shouldn&rsquo;t be so tight that you can&rsquo;t open the table, but they should securely hold the table in the folded-in-half position when carrying or storing &ndash; we actually have a test for just the right amount of resistance to be engineered into a leg clip.&nbsp; Another feature to look for in fold-in-half tables is a carry handle or strap.&nbsp; While it's not a true safety feature, a handle can make a folding table easier and safer for you to carry and transport.</p> <p>If you'd like more information about how to pick the perfect folding table, be sure to check out my previous posts about <a title="blog post" href="" target="_blank">Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying A Folding Table</a>, <a title="blog post" href="" target="_blank">What Makes a Folding Table Weather-Resistant</a>, and <a title="blog post" href="" target="_blank">How Much Can My Folding Table Hold</a>.</p> <p><img src=" brace.jpg" alt="table brace.jpg" width="150" height="225" />So with that advice, best of luck with your table purchase. As you can now see, both me and our Tables &amp; Chairs Sales and Engineering team probably think about tables and chairs WAY too much... but can you blame us? It's what we do and I feel lucky to do it. As a result, we like to say that our tables&nbsp; have attention to detail, are engineered to perfection, and their durability has given Lifetime a name that is not just a brand, but is also descriptive of the longevity of product we produce.&nbsp; All of this has allowed us to have years of experience successfully selling our product worldwide, with a brand and a product we can take pride in.</p>William06 Jun 2011 1:30:00 PMHow Much Weight Can My Folding Table Hold?<p><img src="/imagecache/blog/Lifetime Commercial Table.jpg" alt="Lifetime Commercial Table.jpg" width="225" height="175" />One of the most frequently asked questions I hear at Lifetime as a member of the Tables &amp; Chairs team is:&nbsp; "How much weight will this folding table hold?"&nbsp; That's a pretty loaded question, no pun intended.&nbsp; You would think the answer would be pretty cut-and-dry.&nbsp; Truth is, it's actually quite complicated.&nbsp; But, as part of my <a title="What makes a folding table weather-resistant?" href="" target="_blank">continuing series </a>on what features to look for when <a title="Questions to ask when buying a folding table" href="" target="_blank">picking the perfect folding table</a>, today I'm going to help answer that question while helping you understand why durability is so important to consider when buying a folding table.</p> <p>So, as a shopper, where should you start to try and figure out which table is strong enough for your needs?&nbsp; First, before you purchase a folding table, think about what you primarily want to use the table for.&nbsp; Paper crafts may not require as much durability as a table at a construction site or that 400lb bass you just caught!&nbsp;&nbsp;Then, look for a weight rating on the table.</p> <p>Different manufacturers use different names for their grades of tables to distinguish how much they can hold.&nbsp; Lifetime uses Professional, Commercial, Light Commercial, and Residential grades.&nbsp; Our Light Commercial grade tables meet the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association (BIFMA) standards for strength and durability, while our Professional and Commercial grade tables actually <em>exceed</em> the <a title="BIFMA Standards explained" href="" target="_blank">BIFMA standards</a>. BIFMA standards are industry standards that are designed to provide manufacturers with a common basis for evaluating safety and durability.&nbsp; The standards define specific tests, laboratory equipment to be used, formulas to determine weight or height to use in each test, the conditions of testing, and the acceptance levels to be used.&nbsp; In a nutshell, it means in order to meet or exceed BIFMA standards, our folding tables are extensively tested and must have superior strength, durability, and safety features.&nbsp; Yet even with this industry standard as a great starting point, in many instances the BIFMA standard is just a minimum benchmark.&nbsp; At the end of the day, we exceed these industry standards by many times over with much of our testing.</p> <p>Part of that testing involves weight load tests including evenly distributed functional load tests.&nbsp; For instance all of our 6-foot and 8-foot banquet tables have a weight-rating of at least 1000lbs of distributed weight load, regardless of grade.&nbsp; Now let me ask, when are you ever going to put that much weight on a folding table &ndash; the answer is probably never.&nbsp; The fact is even our minimum weight ratings far exceed what the average user would ever dream of putting on a folding table &ndash; but we feel we need to build quality into our table wherever we can.&nbsp;</p> <p>So here is quick summary of <strong>Lifetime 6-foot and 8-foot tables</strong>:</p> <ul> <li>Lifetime <strong>Light Commercial</strong> grade tables&nbsp;- weight-rating of <strong>at least</strong> <strong>1000lbs</strong></li> <li>Lifetime&nbsp;<strong>Commercial </strong>grade tables - weight rating of <strong>at least 1500lbs</strong></li> <li>Lifetime <strong>Professional</strong> grade tables&nbsp;- weight rating of <strong>at least 2000lbs</strong>.&nbsp; </li> </ul> <p>However, the fact of the matter is that we test our tables far above these weight-ratings with our functional and proof load testing.&nbsp; We just don&rsquo;t advertise the maximum weight our tables will hold before failing like many of our competitors.&nbsp; We prefer to list a rating that is closer to the realm of actual use than brag about the actual limits of our product.&nbsp; For specific weight-ratings on each Lifetime table, visit our <a title="Lifetime Store online" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime&nbsp;Store online</a>&nbsp;and look for the &ldquo;table weight capacity&rdquo; in the &ldquo;specific information&rdquo; section under each model description.</p> <p>In addition to looking at the weight ratings of a table, you should also look at the type of plastic a folding table is made of and its tack-offs.&nbsp; Ideally, a plastic folding table should be constructed of a heavy-duty, high-impact plastic that won't crack. Lifetime uses a specially formulated blend high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and we recommend it because it's stronger, lighter, and more durable than wood and more long-lasting than other inferior plastics.&nbsp; And because we also include UV-inhibitors, as I mentioned in my last post, it can withstand wear and tear and the harshest elements.&nbsp;</p> <p>So, how do you know if the table you're looking at is a good quality of plastic?&nbsp; Here's a simple test you can do&hellip; feel the table's surface. First sign is if it feels rough and brittle without just a little flex to it, then you know you have a table made from inferior plastic.&nbsp; Or, if it's chalky and creates a white residue on your finger, the manufacturer might use too many additives (like calcium) in the plastic to lower the cost. While calcium and other minerals can make the table more rigid, when a manufacturer adds too much it can make the table surface brittle and prone to cracking.</p> <p>Next, look at the underside of the tabletop and check the tack-offs&nbsp; - the waffle-like pattern below the table's surface. Each tack-off supports the table surface, so when it is hit with force, they absorb the impact.&nbsp;&nbsp; Tighter tack-off patterns improve overall strength while utilizing less material.&nbsp; Tack-offs also improve impact resistance which keeps the top from crushing when dropped inadvertently on its corner.&nbsp; Also, look for double-wall construction which improves rigidity and keeps the panel flat so there are no sags or soft spots.<img src=" channel and tack offs.jpg" alt="j channel and tack offs.jpg" width="225" height="150" /></p> <p>Last, but certainly not least, look at the frame of the table and how it attaches to the tabletop.&nbsp; Lifetime's patented steel frame "J-channel" design spans the length of many of our tables to provide a sturdy foundation for the tabletop. The tabletop is actually molded in a way that conforms to the shape of the channel to giving extra connection points that keep the frame and tabletop securely attached to one another and cross-tubing was engineered to equalize the stresses from opening and closing the table legs and also to give a more secure way for attaching the legs to the tabletop.&nbsp; The cross-tubing also works together with the J-channels or steel tubing to form the foundation of the tabletop.</p> <p>Arming yourself with this information will help you more easily spot a folding table that will be both strong and durable.</p>William04 May 2011 8:00:00 AMWhat Makes A Folding Table Weather-Resistant?<p><img src="/imagecache/blog/water pic.jpg" alt="water pic.jpg" width="225" height="295" />A few weeks ago I wrote <a title="Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Folding Table" href="" target="_blank">a post </a>with some basic questions to ask yourself before buying a folding table.&nbsp; One of the questions was "Are planning on using your table inside, outside or both?" Obviously, choosing a weather-resistant table is important to consider if you'll be using your table outside.&nbsp; So,&nbsp; today I want to tell you a little bit more about what to look for if weather-resistance is a necessary feature for you.&nbsp;</p> <p>Let's&nbsp;face it though, <a title="buy a Lifetime folding table" href="" target="_blank">folding tables </a>are most often used for occasions when extra seating or a temporary work surface is necessary&hellip; which usually means using one is not really "planned".&nbsp; So, it's important to look at a table's protection against weathering and water damage no matter what your original intended purchase reason. Look for protection on any wood surfaces.&nbsp; Water (or humidity) can often get between adhered protective layers and cause warping. This is why Lifetime's tables are made with a solid, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic tabletop. If you've never used a polyethylene table before, you're going to love them.&nbsp; Polyethylene will not crack, chip or peel.&nbsp; This means your folding table is virtually maintenance-free and can get wet with no worries whatsoever!&nbsp; At Lifetime, we use a proprietary mix of polyethylene that makes our plastic top tables stronger, lighter, and more durable than wood.&nbsp; It is also formulated to withstand extended wear and tear and the harshest elements.&nbsp;</p> <p>Speaking of harsh elements, another feature to look for when considering tables for outdoor use is UV-inhibitors.&nbsp; We all know to use sunscreen to protect our skin from UV rays, but did you know you should give your furniture the same protection?&nbsp; Look for tables that are made with UV-inhibitors to help make the table resistant to heat and extended exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun to prevent fading and degradation.&nbsp; (By the way, Lifetime's UV-protection is the best on the market!)</p> <p>Lastly, after you've evaluated the weather-resistance of your tabletop, don't forget to look at the all-important table frame, too. Powder-coated metal (like what is used on <a title="about Lifetime tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Tables</a>) will prevent rusting and UV-damage when left outdoors. Lifetime's protective and decorative powder-coating is a proprietary formula that we have painstakingly tested with abrasion, adhesion, and environmental tests.&nbsp; It makes our steel parts more resistant to chips, scratches, and regular wear-and-tear.</p> <p>If you look for these qualities in your next <a title="buy a Lifetime folding table" href="" target="_blank">folding table purchase</a>, you'll have a table that's built to last, come rain or come shine.</p>William09 Mar 2011 1:00:56 PM$15 Off New Lifetime 33-Inch Round Tables<p><img style="float: right;" title="33 inch round table" src="" alt="80230_33in-round-tbl.jpg" width="225" />We are excited to&nbsp;feature yet another new Lifetime folding table in the Lifetime Store online!&nbsp; The Lifetime <a href="" target="_blank">33-Inch Round Table </a>easily folds up or down with one hand, in one motion, in just one second! Unique x-frame simply slides into place with no collapsible leg braces or locking rings to fiddle with. If you're looking for a stylish,&nbsp;lightweight, durable table&nbsp;that you can set up or take down in the blink of an eye, this is the table for you. This small folding table truly has a touch of class. The tabletop&nbsp;is designed with&nbsp;attractive beveled edges and the legs with a slight&nbsp;flare at the feet to give it an overall graceful and elegant appearance.&nbsp; For a limited time only, you can receive <strong>$15 off the regular price</strong> of this new&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">folding table</a>&nbsp;in our <a title="Lifetime Store online" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Store online</a>.&nbsp; Read on to find out how to get your discount!</p> <p>We're confident that this table has more than enough features to meet your needs:</p> <ul> <li>Small enough to fit in your car to take to craft shows or demos. </li> <li>Versatile enough to use at home for a variety of purposes; such as&nbsp;an accent table with a tablecloth, a party refreshment table, a craft table, or a patio table. </li> <li>Stylish enough to use in a&nbsp;formal setting. </li> <li>Durable enough to handle the&nbsp;constant&nbsp;wear and tear of an&nbsp;institutional setting, such as schools or churches.&nbsp;</li> <li>Rugged enough to be used outdoors because it is constructed from UV-protected, high-density polyethylene plastic with a powder-coated steel frame. You won't have to worry about discoloration, warping, or rusting. </li> </ul> <p>Wherever you choose to use it, you're going to appreciate the fact that this compact Lifetime <a href="" target="_blank">folding round&nbsp;table </a>requires very low maintenance to look as good as new throughout many years of use.</p> <p>Ready to try one for yourself?&nbsp; Then, visit the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Store online&nbsp;</a>and enter the <strong>special discount code: 15off33 </strong>during checkout to&nbsp;receive <strong>$15 off the regular price </strong>of the new&nbsp;<a title="Buy a 33&quot; Round Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 33-Inch Round Folding Table</a>!&nbsp; Special discount offer valid through 2/28/2011.</p>Charlys16 Feb 2011 10:00:00 AMQuestions to Ask Yourself Before Buying A Folding Table<p><img src="/imagecache/blog/tablecollage.JPG" alt="tablecollage.JPG" width="225" height="175" />When purchasing a folding table, you may think that all you need is a basic structure with a flat surface, four legs, and the ability to fold flat. In some cases, you may be right, right?</p> <p>I think about tables and chairs a lot. Every day I&nbsp; talk with our Lifetime Tables and Chairs team about corner impact, leg locking mechanisms, channeling, leg deployment, and lots of other details that will make you stop reading this. All this knowledge has made me a firm believer that a very durable table with safety and convenience features will pay off in the long run.</p> <p>Do you remember the "old" folding tables? Let me jog your memory-- they were wooden, heavy, and clumsy. I remember carrying <a title="plastic vs. wood comparison" href=";id=3302821" target="_blank">heavy tables</a> made of wood or metal, with sharp metal edges below the table top that cut&nbsp;my fingers. If you were alive in the 1990's and earlier&nbsp;&ndash;and I assume you were- you likely remember this, too.</p> <p>In 1995, that all changed when <a title="Lifetime's inventions" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime invented and patented the first table with a blow-molded table top</a>. Quite a nice invention that has been widely accepted as the <a title="wikipedia folding table" href="" target="_blank">modern folding table</a>. Today&rsquo;s tables are nothing like the tables of yesterday. But, because there have been so many innovations in folding tables, knowing which one to buy can be a bit daunting.&nbsp; So, to help ensure you pick the folding&nbsp;table best suited to meet your needs, ask yourself these quick questions before shopping:&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li><strong>Are you planning to use your table inside, outside, or both?</strong>&nbsp; If outside, be sure to look for a weather-resistant table.</li> <li><strong>How do you plan to use your table?</strong>&nbsp; If you plan to use it for purposes that involve standing or young children, consider an adjustable height table to make your table more versatile.</li> <li><strong>What shape of table will work best?</strong>&nbsp; Today's folding tables are available in rectangular, round, and square.&nbsp; And, depending on the shape of the table, the leg styles will varying to accommodate chairs in different arrangements.</li> <li><strong>Do you plan to transport your table often?</strong>&nbsp; If so, consider portability features including weight of the table, handles, and even fold-in-half designs.</li> <li><strong>How much weight do you plan to put on your table?</strong>&nbsp; If you're purchasing a folding table for use&nbsp;in a&nbsp;commercial&nbsp;location like&nbsp;a construction site or to hold extremely heavy items like fish tanks, appliances etc., be sure to review the weight rating of the table.</li> </ul> <p>Taking a few minutes to contemplate these questions will help you more easily pick your perfect <a title="shop for Lifetime folding tables" href="" target="_blank">folding table</a>.&nbsp; Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing even more details with you about each of these questions to really help you understand what your options are and what to look for when pondering these questions about folding tables.&nbsp;</p>William28 Jan 2011 2:30:00 PMLifetime in Hawaii<p><img src="" alt="IMG_0986.JPG" width="317" height="242" />This year for Christmas, my family decided to take a vacation to Maui, Hawaii. My mom is the only one who had ever been to Hawaii before and that was years ago, so we were all pretty excited. It turned out to be one of my family&rsquo;s favorite vacations. We absolutely loved it and were able to get the most out of our time. From seeing amazing ocean life while snorkeling, to driving down a tiny, windy road through the tropical Hawaiian jungle, we were able to take full advantage of the beautiful island.</p> <p>As everyone knows, one of the main Hawaiian traditions is the luau. If you go to Hawaii, attending a luau is a must! The dancing is wonderful, and there is no better way to experience Hawaiian culture and tradition. Our hotel hosted a nightly luau, and much to my surprise, guess what tables and chairs were used.....that&rsquo;s right, they were from Lifetime! It was so exciting to see that our products have made it out to a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But after thinking about it, I shouldn&rsquo;t have been that surprised. Our products are now available in over 58 countries worldwide and we are the<a title="History of Lifetime" href="" target="_blank"> leading manufacturer</a> of polyethylene <a title="More on Lifetime Tables" href="" target="_blank">folding tables</a> and <a title="More on Lifetime Chairs" href="" target="_blank">chairs</a>.&nbsp;With a set up to accommodate at least 300-400 people, they would definitely need strong, affordable, lightweight tables and chairs to meet their needs. I&rsquo;m just happy they knew to go with Lifetime!</p>Shalane26 Jan 2011 4:34:04 PMHow My Blog Posts Unfold<p><img src="" alt="sidewalk1.jpg" width="225" height="169" />When Lifetime started this blog&nbsp;nearly three&nbsp;years ago, it was with the intention of showing you how we all incorporate Lifetime products into our everyday lives.&nbsp; Today, this blog has grown into so much more.&nbsp; But, every once in a while, I still like to share just the normal, everyday stories about using Lifetime products.&nbsp;&nbsp;Sometimes I really have to think, ponder, and put on my creative hat to come up with my lifestyle blog post ideas.&nbsp; Other times, they just unfold right before my eyes - literally.</p> <p>Look at these photos.&nbsp; You probably think I purposely set up my Lifetime Card Table and Chairs just for a photo op.&nbsp; Nope.&nbsp; The other day I went to the grocery store while my husband stayed home with the kiddos.&nbsp; When I pulled in the driveway, I was welcomed by this absolute cutest scene adorning my sidewalk.&nbsp; It was a beautiful, sunny Fall day and the kids wanted to play outside. So, they asked Daddy if he would set up our Lifetime Card Table (ok, to be fair, I'm sure they just called it "the table in the closet") on the front sidewalk so they could play games outside.</p> <p>So, smack dab in the middle of our sidewalk with their radio blaring children's songs behind them, my kids played everything from <a title="about Operation" href="" target="_blank">Operation</a> to&nbsp;coloring for nearly two hours using our Lifetime table and chairs.&nbsp; They were having so much fun they even ate their lunch outside and built&nbsp;a train track to go around their plates on the table.</p> <p>That's it.&nbsp; Pure childhood innocence.&nbsp; (Sure, I could&nbsp;remind&nbsp;you&nbsp;how great <a title="about Lifetime tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime tables </a>and <a title="about Lifetime chairs" href="" target="_blank">chairs</a> are for outside use since they're made out of high-impact polyethylene and powder-coated steel etc.&nbsp; But, I won't&hellip;although I guess I just did.)&nbsp; This is just a simple, adorable&nbsp;testimonial of how Lifetime products really, truly are designed <em>For The Way You Live.&trade;<img src="" alt="sidewalk2.jpg" width="225" height="169" /></em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan30 Dec 2010 6:00:00 AMWhich Lifetime Chair Is Right for You?<p><img style="float: left;" src=" chair.jpg" alt="desk chair.jpg" height="225" />Lifetime Products is a leading manufacturer in high-density polyethylene&nbsp;folding chairs. Keep on the look out and&nbsp;I'm sure you'll notice them everywhere from industrial break rooms to professional waiting rooms. Why? Because they are durable and require very little maintenance to look as good as new throughout many years of constant public use, indoors or out. That's especially important for professional environments, but for me personally, I love Lifetime <a href="" target="_blank">chairs </a>because THEY'RE COMFORTABLE.</p> <p><img src="" alt="resized-stacking-chairs.jpg" width="150" height="140" />If you spend alot of time sitting at a desk suffering from back pains (like I did) you may want to start thinking less about cushioning and more about firm support. I found my cushioned office chair was causing me to slump into the back of the chair with my shoulders rolled forward and absolutely no support against my lower back. My aching back prompted me to do some research. So, I experimented with the different styles of chairs we&nbsp;make at Lifetime Products. Each week I used a different Lifetime chair at my desk. I found that they were all very comfortable, but I ended up going with the <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Stacking Chair </a>for two reasons. First, I like the way it contours to my back and supports me in an erect upright position just a little bit better than the other styles, which are designed at a slightly&nbsp;reclining angle. This stacking chair was actually designed to be&nbsp;more&nbsp;upright for sitting up to a table, for example a dining table. Second, it has a sleek, modern look and it's available in a rich caramel color; warm and sophisticated&nbsp;to compliment&nbsp;my office decor.&nbsp;&nbsp;<img style="float: left;" src=" chairs.jpg" alt="contoured chairs.jpg" width="200" height="142" /></p> <p>Lifetime also manufactures the <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Contoured Folding Chair </a>which is also VERY comfortable, and as I mentioned before, designed with a little bit of a reclining back. This chair comes with two types of legs to choose from, standard or loop leg.&nbsp;The <a href="" target="_blank">loop leg </a>is an ingenius idea in which the legs are designed so they won't sink into the turf at outdoor events like wedding receptions.</p> <p><img style="float: right;" src=" chair.jpg" alt="contemporary chair.jpg" width="179" height="150" />The <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Contemporary Chair </a>is just what the name implies, the chair with a flair. This is a unique design that will definitely appeal to our more fashion-minded customers. With this chair you not only get the comfort you expect from a Lifetime chair, but creative styling as well. Nice combination!</p> <p>When considering which of our <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime chairs </a>would best suit your own needs, you should, of course, consider your storage space. Would stacking chairs be best for you? You can stack up to 8 chairs in the space of just one. Or would folding chairs be more practical for your needs?&nbsp;In our <a href="" target="_blank">chair accessories </a>line, we&nbsp;also offer a <a title="about a Lifetime Chair" href="" target="_blank">chair cart </a>for easy transportation and storage of your folding chairs, as well as <a href="" target="_blank">slip covers&nbsp;</a> to dress up your chairs for formal events.</p> <p>No matter which style you choose, I know you'll be impressed with the comfort. Of course you're also going to appreciate the superior durability and easy-care maintenance. For attractive seating accommodations in the home or workplace, for lightweight take-along seating to outdoor events, and for superior comfort and firm support, I personally recommend <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime chairs</a>.&nbsp;&nbsp;Go to&nbsp;our online store at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and enter the special discount code&nbsp;Chair10 to get $10 off of any of these awesome chairs for a limited time only.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Charlys17 Dec 2010 10:00:45 AMUnique Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List<p>If you're like me, the lights are up and the tree is decorated&hellip;but now I need to figure out what to put <em>under</em> the tree for everyone.&nbsp; Sure, Dad can always use a new shirt and Mom can ooh-and-aah over the latest kitchen gadget, but sometimes it's a nice surprise to get them something totally unexpected.</p> <p>So, in case you are still struggling to come up with an out-of-the-ordinary gift idea, I've pulled together a few unique items from Lifetime Products that are sure to make Santa's elves&nbsp; - and your family - smile.</p> <p><span style="color: #339966;"><strong><span style="font-size: small;"><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Kids&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /></span></span></strong><strong></strong></span></p> <p><strong><span style="font-size: x-small;"><img style="float: left;" src="" alt="tetherball product.jpg" width="115" height="92" />Portable Tetherball&nbsp; Set<br /></span></strong>You know Lifetime makes <a title="about Lifetime basketball hoops" href="" target="_blank">basketball hoops</a>, but did you know we also make a fun portable Tetherball Set, too?&nbsp; The <a title="buy a Lifetime Portable Tetherball set" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Portable Tetherball system </a>brings another childhood playground game to the convenience and safety of your own backyard with a portable base which makes it easy to move and simple to store.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong><span style="font-size: x-small;"><img style="float: left;" src="[1].jpg" alt="151200-lgOverlayLeftMiddleWatermarkLeftTop[1].jpg" width="115" height="96" />Ace Flyer<br /></span></strong>If you have younger ones, then this is a backyard must!&nbsp; The <a title="buy an Ace Flyer Teeter-Totter" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Ace Flyer&nbsp;Teeter-Totter </a>can seat up to seven kids to provide up-and-down and side-to-side seesaw action. With the interactive dashboard, propeller, and spinning wheel, the Ace Flyer will set their imaginations soaring!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><span style="font-size: medium;"><strong><span style="font-size: small;"><span style="color: #339966;"><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Mom&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;</span></span></span></strong></span></p> <p><strong><span style="font-size: x-small;"><img style="float: left;" src="" alt="personal table image.jpg" width="115" height="92" />Personal Table<br /></span></strong>All of us can use a little extra personal space, especially Mom.&nbsp; A <a title="buy a Lifetime Personal Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Personal Table </a>has dozens of uses with four adjustable height settings and a folding design.&nbsp; Whether she uses it as a TV tray, a beading table, a coffee table, or a child&rsquo;s craft table, this is one gift she's sure to use for years to come.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong><span style="font-size: x-small;"><img style="float: left;" src="[1].jpg" alt="composter" width="115" height="92" /></span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style="font-size: x-small;">C</span></strong><strong><span style="font-size: x-small;">omposter<br /></span></strong>If Mom's been vowing to be more green this year, a <a title="buy a Lifetime Composter" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Composter Tumbler </a>is the way to go.&nbsp; Not only is composting a good green idea for the environment by reducing waste, but it also makes great organic fertilizer for greener grass and gardens.&nbsp; And, Mom will love how easily the Lifetime Composter&nbsp; Tumbler turns on its axis&mdash;saving her the time and effort of turning a compost heap with a pitchfork!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><span style="font-size: medium;"><strong><span style="font-size: small;"><span style="color: #008000;"><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><span style="color: #339966;">Dad&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span> <br /></span></span></span></strong></span></p> <p><strong><span style="font-size: x-small;"><img style="float: left;" src="" alt="kayak.jpg" width="115" height="89" />Kayak <br /></span></strong>Even dads need to have a little fun every now and then and this sit-on-top <a title="buy a Lifetime kayak" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Kayak </a>is nothing but fun!&nbsp; It's great for a beginner since it is almost impossible to tip over, but even seasoned kayakers will be impressed with all of the awesome built-in features like the paddle cradle, a mast receiver receptacle for a sail, and foot wells for leverage when paddling. And, it's perfect for Dad to enjoy with the kids too since it has a molded-in child seat positioned directly in front of the adult seat.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong><span style="font-size: x-small;"><img style="float: left;" src="" alt="deck box 1.jpg" width="115" height="92" />Storage Box<br /></span></strong>If Dad is always looking for a way to expand his storage but has limited space available, then a <a title="buy a Lifetime Outdoor Storage Box" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Outdoor Storage Box </a>is just the gift.&nbsp; The weather- and water-resistant seal keeps the interior dry, perfect for on a patio to store pool equipment, outdoor toys, or outdoor furniture cushions.&nbsp; And, it's extra large size and durable construction make it strong enough to double as extra seating, too.</p> <p><br /><span style="font-size: medium;"><span style="font-size: small;"><strong><span style="color: #339966;"><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Grandparents&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;</span></span></strong></span></span></p> <p><strong><span style="font-size: x-small;"><img style="float: left;" src="" alt="4-foot adjustable.jpg" width="115" height="103" />Adjustable Height Table<br /></span></strong>Give a <a title="buy a Lifetime adjustable height table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Adjustable Height Table </a>and you're sure to see it used at Grandma and Grandpa's house many times.&nbsp; Of course, it's always handy to have around for extra dining space, but they'll love being able to raise it up to the countertop height to use as a buffet table, as extra counter space, as a potting table, or as a quilting table without having to bend over causing unwanted back pain!&nbsp; And, since spoiling grandkids is what grandparents do best, they'll definitely love using it at the lowest children's height for a special kiddie table at family get-togethers.</p> <p><strong><span style="font-size: x-small;"> <object width="193" height="220" data="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="src" value="" /> <param name="align" value="left" /> </object> Cane<br /></span></strong>If someone you know needs the security and stability of a walking cane, then you have to check out the Lifetime Tru-Motion Cane. I must say, just looking at a picture of this cane doesn't do it justice.&nbsp; Take a few minutes to watch this video to see how this adjustable height cane truly provides consistent contact on any surface and encourages correct posture for an upright, confident gait with less energy expenditure.&nbsp; It's definitely different than any other cane you've seen before!</p> <p>You can find these great gift ideas at various <a title="where to buy Lifetime products" href="" target="_blank">retailers nationwide</a>.&nbsp; And, all of these gifts and more are available in the <a title="" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Online Store</a>.&nbsp; Hurry and order soon to ensure your gift arrives by December 25!</p>Jan08 Dec 2010 2:30:00 PMBlack Friday Deals - Up to $200 Off Lifetime Products at Backyards Inc.!<img src=' Lifetime Banner Blog.png' style='width: 223px; height: 234px;' /><br />Black Friday Deals<p>If you're headed out to start your holiday shopping this Friday&nbsp;(Black Friday), be sure to make your first stop at Backyards Inc., the Official Outlet Store for Lifetime Products.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>All six <a title="" href="" target="_blank">Backyards Inc. stores </a>in Utah will be open <strong>9am-3pm the day after Thanksgiving</strong> and will offer some of the biggest deals of the year, including <strong>up to $200 off</strong> select Lifetime products and some <strong>products for less than $15</strong>!&nbsp; Seriously, a table for just $14.99!&nbsp; (Surely one&nbsp; - or even two - people on your list could use a handy Personal Table that adjusts to four different heights...perfect for a child's desk, a microwave stand in a dorm room,&nbsp;a&nbsp;TV tray for dad, a hobby table for grandma, and much more!)</p> <p>Here's a quick list&nbsp;of just a few of the amazing IN-STORE deals you can get during this ONE-DAY&nbsp;SALE with the complete ad below. (In-store prices may vary from online prices.)</p> <p>$200 off - Lifetime <a title="about the Lifetime swingset" href="" target="_blank">10' Swingset&nbsp; </a>(Reg. $599&nbsp; On Sale $399)<br />$150 off&nbsp; -&nbsp; Lifetime <a title="about Portable Basketball Hoops" href="" target="_blank">Portable Basketball Hoop&nbsp; </a>(Reg. $249&nbsp; On Sale&nbsp; $99!)<br />$100 off&nbsp; - Lifetime <a title="about Lifetime Double Shot" href="" target="_blank">Double Shot Basketball Arcade Game </a>(Reg. $299&nbsp; On Sale $199)<br />$74 off - Lifetime <a title="about the Helicopter" href="" target="_blank">Helicopter</a> or <a title="about the Ace Flyer" href="" target="_blank">Ace Flyer </a>Teeter Totter (Reg. $249&nbsp; On Sale $174.99)<br />$30 off - Lifetime <a title="about the kids' kayak" href="" target="_blank">Kid's Kayak with Paddle </a>(Reg. $129&nbsp; On Sale $99.99)<br />$10 off - Lifetime <a title="about the kid's picnic table" href="" target="_blank">Kid's Picnic Table</a> (Reg. $59.99&nbsp; On Sale $49.99)<br />$9 off - Lifetime <a title="about the Personal Table" href="" target="_blank">Personal Table </a>(Reg. $23.99&nbsp; On Sale $14.99)</p> <p>In addition, each store location will have varying in-store specials on overstocked products.&nbsp; With deals this good, one stop and you can check everyone off your list!&nbsp; But remember, these deals will only be offered on Friday, November 26, IN-STORE at Backyards Inc.&nbsp; Happy shopping!<img src=" 500.jpg" alt="thanksgiving 500.jpg" width="500" height="455" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan24 Nov 2010 5:00:00 AMOne Winner Announced, Another Giveaway Continues!<p><img src=" foot adjustable and chairs.jpg" alt="6 foot adjustable and chairs.jpg" width="225" height="180" />Wait! Before you stop reading because you weren't this month's winner, you might want to know that another site is currently&nbsp;giving away a Lifetime Double Shot Basketball Arcade Game!</p> <p>Now before I tell you about the Lifetime Double Shot giveaway, I need to congratulate our November giveaway winner <strong>Michelle K. of Carp Lake, Michigan</strong>!&nbsp; She will be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner on her new <a title="about a Lifetime 6' adjustable height table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 6' Adjustable Height Folding Table</a> and&nbsp;six&nbsp;<a title="about Lifetime folding chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Folding Chairs</a>.&nbsp; Like most of you, Michelle's favorite feature of the adjustable height table after <a title="6' adjustable height table video on YouTube" href="" target="_blank">watching the video</a> is that it adjusts.&nbsp; The table's versatility and stain-resistant top were also popular favorite features.</p> <p>Surprisingly though, we learned that many of you didn&rsquo;t know until this giveaway that Lifetime makes <a title="about Lifetime adjustable height tables" href="" target="_blank">adjustable height tables</a>.&nbsp; Although they aren't as widespread as our regular tables, we've actually been making adjustable height tables for several years.&nbsp;&nbsp;In addition to the 6' size that Michelle won, we also make a <a title="about a 4' adjustable height table" href="" target="_blank">4' Adjustable Height Table</a> and an adjustable <a title="about a Lifetime Personal Table" href="" target="_blank">Personal Table</a>, as well as a <a title="about a 4' adjustable height fold-in-half table" href="" target="_blank">4' Adjustable Height Table&nbsp;that folds-in-half</a>. All of our adjustable height tables are available in <a title="" href="" target="_blank">The Lifetime Online Store</a>.</p> <p>Now for those of you skimming page to find out how to win a <a title="about a Lifetime Double Shot" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Double Shot Basketball Game</a>, it's easy. Simply visit <a title="Lifetime Double Shot giveaway" href="" target="_blank"></a> to read about the Vinez family's experience with their new Lifetime Double Shot.&nbsp; At the bottom of the&nbsp;Vinez blog post,&nbsp;you'll&nbsp;find&nbsp;details&nbsp;on how to enter to&nbsp;win your own Lifetime Double Shot for the holidays.&nbsp; And, don't forget to keep reading this Lifetime365 blog because we'll be announcing our next monthly giveaway early in December to help you finish your holiday shopping!</p>Jan17 Nov 2010 7:29:49 PMWin A Lifetime Table and Chairs for Your Thanksgiving Feast!<p><a title="Giveaway Announced blog post" href="" target="_blank"><img src=" contest ended.jpg" alt="November contest ended.jpg" width="225" height="180" /></a><span style="color: #ff0000;"><strong>This contest has ended.&nbsp;</strong></span></p> <p>Let's face it, your Thanksgiving planning plate is already more than full with cleaning, invitations, grocery shopping, cooking, and decorating.&nbsp; The last thing you need to worry about is how in the world you're going to seat all of the guests coming to your house for Thanksgiving dinner.&nbsp; But, if you enter our giveaway this month, you may be able to sit back and relax&nbsp; (in a Lifetime chair, of course)&nbsp; and check off at least one thing on your growing to-do list.</p> <p>This month we're giving away&nbsp;one&nbsp;<a title="about a Lifetime 6' Adjustable Height Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 6' Adjustable Height Table </a>and six&nbsp;<a title="about Lifetime folding chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Folding Chairs </a>to one lucky winner!&nbsp; Set the Lifetime Adjustable Height table at its 29" height and your dining dilemma is solved.&nbsp; If you're expecting lots of little turkey gobblers this year, use this Lifetime table at its lowest 24" setting for a kiddie-table that's just their size.&nbsp; Or, if serving space is what you lack, simply raise the table to the 36" height and you have a portable buffet table.&nbsp;</p> <p>The Lifetime Adjustable Height Table has lots of other great features in addition to adjustability.&nbsp; Watch this quick video below and see for yourself.&nbsp; Once you do, you'll be all set to enter this month's giveaway.</p> <p> <object width="450" height="278" data="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="src" value="" /> </object> </p> <p><strong><span style="font-size: small;">How to enter:</span></strong></p> <p><strong></strong>1.&nbsp; Watch the Lifetime 6' Adjustable Height Table video</p> <p>2.&nbsp; Then, send an e-mail to <a href=""></a> with the subject line "November contest".&nbsp; In the email:</p> <ul> <li>Tell us which feature on the Lifetime 6' Adjustable Height Table you think you'll like best and why.</li> <li>Include your full name.</li> </ul> <p><strong></strong></p> <p><strong><span style="font-size: small;">Bonus Entries:</span></strong></p> <p><span style="font-size: x-small;"><span style="font-size: xx-small;">1.</span><strong>&nbsp; </strong></span>"Like"&nbsp; Lifetime Products on Facebook.&nbsp; Once you "Like" us (or if you already do), send an email to <a href=""></a> with your full name telling us you "Like" Lifetime Products and you'll receive one bonus entry.</p> <p>2.&nbsp; Follow us on Twitter @Lifetime365 and retweet to your friends "I hope I win this folding table and chairs from @Lifetime365 for my Thanksgiving dinner!&nbsp; <a href=""></a>" to receive one bonus entry.</p> <p>The contest begins Wednesday, November 10 and will end Tuesday, November 16 at 12:00 Midnight MST.&nbsp; We'll announce one random winner on Wednesday, October 17.&nbsp; (Each person may only enter once via email, once via Twitter, and once via Facebook.&nbsp; <a title="Official giveaway rules" href="" target="_blank">Click here for complete contest rules.)<br /></a></p>Jan10 Nov 2010 12:00:00 PMLifetime Commercials Air in Utah<p>As part of our regional <a title="Lifetime Launches Awareness Campaign Press Release" href="" target="_blank">advertising and public relations campaign in Utah</a>, Lifetime has recently launched videos showcasing actual employees in&nbsp;different areas, talking about the products&nbsp;they make, and why they&nbsp;work hard to make them.&nbsp;</p> <p>I talked about this campaign a few months ago in&nbsp;the <a href="" target="_blank">blog post announcing the&nbsp;launch of this campaign</a>, we are proud of our company, our people, our products, and our community.&nbsp;We are featuring&nbsp;the history of our greatest inventions and innovations. Who better to tell our story than the people who come to work here every day!</p> <p>Eleven out of our 1,200 people were selected to represent the company for this campaign. Some are being&nbsp;featured at <a title="Backyards Inc Website" href="http://www.Backyards" target="_blank">Backyards Inc.</a>, the Official Outlet Store for Lifetime Products, and various places throughout the company. The others are currently featured on Utah billboards, bus ads, and some in these all new videos, being shown on local Utah&nbsp;TV, in theatres,&nbsp;online, and at;&nbsp;And, you can also take a look at all of them&nbsp;right here...</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p> <object width="425" height="350" data="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="src" value="" /> </object> </p> <p> <object width="425" height="350" data="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="src" value="" /> </object> </p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p> <object width="425" height="350" data="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="src" value="" /> </object> </p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p> <object width="425" height="350" data="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="src" value="" /> </object> </p>Katie03 Nov 2010 2:50:21 PMTake Home Lifetime Tables for the Holidays<p>The leaves are beginning to change colors and there's a frosty nip in the air. Autumn has arrived. But while Nature is preparing for her long winter's nap, we homosapiens are about to enter the busiest phase of the year--The Holidays!&nbsp; Oh the excitement! &nbsp;The food!&nbsp; The people!&nbsp; Where are you going to put them all?!</p> <p>At Lifetime Products, we have the perfect tables for your holiday activities. Why risk staining or scratching your nice dining table during pumpkin carving projects or holiday crafts? Lifetime tabletops are constructed from heavy-duty polyethylene plastic so they're stain resistant and scratch resistant. No worries! <img title="take_home_pumpkin_table" src=" table.bmp" alt="" /></p> <p>During the social get togethers of the holiday season, you'll especially appreciate the lightweight portablity of Lifetime tables. It only takes a couple of seconds to set one up and the folding legs make it easy to store these tables out of the way between events.</p> <p><a title="buy a Lifetime table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime tables </a>come in a variety of styles and sizes to choose from; from Personal Tables to Banquet Tables, round or rectangular, adjustable height tables, fold-in-half tables, and tables &amp; chairs sets. Why does Lifetime Products offer so many different options? Because we know that with your busy and active lifestyle, you&nbsp;need tables designed for lightweight portability, durable construction, low maintenance, and convenient storage. <img title="take_home_fall_table" src=" table.bmp" alt="" /></p> <p>A&nbsp;<a title="about a Lifetime Personal Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Personal Table </a>&nbsp;would be ideal for your Halloween candy bucket, or set up a <a title="about a Lifetime banquet table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime banquet table </a>and invite friends and family for a home-cooked dinner for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We also offer <a title="table accessories" href="" target="_blank">table accessories</a> like tablecloths and skirts so you can dress up your Lifetime&nbsp;tables for a more elegant look.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>For your New Year's Eve party, <a title="about a Lifetime 4' adjustable table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4 ft adjustable height tables </a>make ideal&nbsp;refreshment tables that you can raise for&nbsp;stand-up snacking or lower for seated guests. Check out the variety of tables we have to offer&nbsp;for all of the festivities you have planned for this holiday season. <img title="take_home_christmas_tables" src=" table.bmp" alt="" />&nbsp;</p> <p>Enter this special&nbsp;code to receive a <strong>10% discount</strong> when you order any table or table accessory in <a title="" href="" target="_blank">The Lifetime Online Store</a>. The code is: <strong>Holiday10&nbsp;</strong></p>Charlys29 Oct 2010 12:15:00 PMComposter Winner Announced … and 6' Table Giveaway Continues!<p><img title="composter" src="[1].jpg" alt="" />Congratulations to <strong>Stephanie H. of Ephraim, Utah</strong>!&nbsp; As the lucky random winner of our October contest, Stephanie will receive an <a title="about a Lifetime Composter" href="" target="_blank">80-gallon Lifetime Composter</a>!&nbsp;&nbsp; With this tumbler-style composter which turns on an axis for balanced rotation and features a mixing bar, Stephanie can easily make her own compost without the time and hassle of using a pitchfork to turn the pile.&nbsp; For those of you like Stephanie who are new to composting, check out these quick <a title="Compost Tips" href="" target="_blank">composting&nbsp; tips </a>to help get you started making your own rich organic fertilizer.</p> <p>Thanks to all of you who took the time to enter our giveaway this month.&nbsp;&nbsp; If you didn't win, hang in there; we'll start out next monthly giveaway in just a few more weeks.&nbsp; In the meantime, head on over to <a title="tablevogue promotions" href="" target="_blank"> </a>and enter to win the Ultimate Entertaining Kit featuring a <a title="about a 6' Lifetime Table" href="" target="_blank">6' Lifetime Folding Table </a>and a stylish table cover from tablevogue.&nbsp; (Deadline to enter is Friday, October 29.) With the busy holiday entertaining season just around the corner, an extra table is sure to come in handy!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan25 Oct 2010 8:40:45 AMLifetime Card Table Comparison<p><img title="card tables folded front view" src=" folded.jpg" alt="" />A few months ago, I posted some <a title="How Lifetime Chairs Compare blog post" href="" target="_self">photos</a> to show you a comparison of the size of <a title="buy a Lifetime folding chair" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime chairs </a>to a typical folding chair.&nbsp; So, today, I thought I'd go ahead and show you how a <a title="buy a Lifetime card table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Card Table </a>compares to a typical card table.</p> <p>First of all, what you may not realize, without having two card tables to compare side-by-side, is that a typical card table is 34" square while the Lifetime card table is actually 37".&nbsp; As you can see by the photo, this provides quite a bit of extra useable surface area.&nbsp; This extra space certainly comes in handy when I seat four people around the table to eat, piece together large puzzles, and more.&nbsp; And, don't worry, the table is still lightweight and easy to carry at just 19lbs.</p> <p><img title="Jan sitting on card table" src=" sitting on table.jpg" alt="" />Speaking of weight&hellip;the Lifetime card table is engineered for superior strength and durability.&nbsp; In fact, the Lifetime card table so strong and sturdy that I&nbsp;can easily sit in the middle of the table with no fear of it collapsing.&nbsp; (Sorry, I didn't even attempt this on my other card table since simply leaning on it makes it wobble!)&nbsp; So, what makes the Lifetime table so much stronger?&nbsp; Several things. First, if you look closely at the photo below, you'll notice the steel frame on a Lifetime table has a much larger tubing diameter. Plus, it has&nbsp;a broader leg stance that creates more stability.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><img title="card tabletops" src="" alt="" />Second, the Lifetime Card Table is so strong because - like all Lifetime tables -&nbsp; the tabletop is constructed of UV-protected, double-walled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that&nbsp;will not tear, crack, chip, fade, or warp.&nbsp;&nbsp;(Can't say that about my other table with a vinyl top - it's covered in tears!)&nbsp; The Lifetime tabletop is also&nbsp;significantly thicker than a typical card tabletop.&nbsp;&nbsp;Plus, the&nbsp; honeycombed tack-off design on the underside of a Lifetime table provides extra rigidity.</p> <p>Oh, two more great features to point out: the Lifetime card table is made in the USA and it is backed by a 10-year warranty!&nbsp; Now, I will be honest with you and admit that the Lifetime table is slightly more bulky to store and transport.&nbsp; But for me, having the extra&nbsp;surface area&nbsp;when using the table and the unmatched stability and durability easily outweigh the few extra few inches I have to store.</p> <p>Want to know more?&nbsp; You can find more Lifetime Card Table details and product specs in <a title="" href="" target="_blank">The Official Lifetime Online Store</a>!</p>Jan06 Oct 2010 3:56:41 PMNew Updates to www.lifetime.com<p>Have you checked out the Lifetime website lately?&nbsp; At Lifetime, we're constantly looking for ways to improve our&nbsp;online experiences&nbsp;for you!&nbsp; Just this week, we updated and added several new pages to <a href=""></a> to help you learn more about Lifetime and its products.&nbsp; So, what's new? Well...</p> <p><a title="Lifetime Tips and Solutions" href="" target="_blank"><strong><img src="" alt="" border="0" />Tips and Solutions</strong><br /></a>Yes, we've always had this page of useful articles, tips, and other&nbsp;ideas that involve our many products, but&nbsp; we recently changed the layout to make it easier to find these great ideas.&nbsp; You'll now find all of the articles on easy-to-view tabs categorized by celebration, inspiration, organization, and recreation.&nbsp; Inside each tab, we added handy thumbnail&nbsp;photos to help you quickly see what the article is about.&nbsp; Plus, all of the timely articles for each current season or holiday are visually highlighted for you with a "featured" label.</p> <p><strong><a title="Lifetime promotions" href="" target="_blank">Promotions</a></strong><br />We know our readers love a good deal.&nbsp; That's why we've added a new promotions page!&nbsp; This page will be updated with links to all of our monthly giveaways, free tools, and more so that our&nbsp;great offers are always just one click away.</p> <p><strong><a title="Lifetime video library" href="" target="_blank">Video Library</a><br /></strong>We actually added this new page a few months ago, but we're filling it daily with new informational product videos.&nbsp; If you're interested in learning more about a specific Lifetime product and want to see more than just a photo or need some how-to advice with the product, be sure to check out our Video Library. Don't see&nbsp;the product video you're looking for?&nbsp; Drop us a&nbsp;line and we'll see what we can do... we're easy to reach on our blog, <a title="Lifetime's Facebook page" href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a>, <a title="Lifetime's Twitter page" href="" target="_blank">Twitter </a>or via email at <a href=""></a></p> <p>These changes are just the tip-of-the-iceberg of the plans we have in store for <a href=""></a>.&nbsp; Keep checking back because we have more big changes taking place soon.&nbsp; In the meantime, take a peek at our new Tips &amp; Solutions page and let us know what you think!</p>Jan03 Sep 2010 1:16:00 PMLifetime's New Modular Storage Cabinet<p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" width="205" height="154" /></a>We are always excited to bring new products to the market and I am happy to announce Lifetime&rsquo;s newest addition &ndash; <a title="Get more information on the Modular Storage Cabinet on" href="" target="_blank">Modular Storage Cabinets</a>! Built with durable, steel-reinforced construction and high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Lifetime&rsquo;s new Modular Storage Cabinet is tough enough for your garage, but looks great for your home or office. With a convenient modular design, multiple cabinets can be hung and used as wall cabinets (mounting hardware not included) or can connect together and be used as base or stacking cabinets (attachment hardware included). The cabinets can be arranged in both top-to-bottom and side-to-side configurations allowing you to customize your storage area to fit your needs.</p> <p>Lifetime&rsquo;s Modular Storage Cabinet includes two steel-reinforced, adjustable shelves that can hold up to 75 lbs when mounted on the wall and 125 lbs freestanding. It has a spacious 9.4 cubic-ft interior capacity with heavy-duty doors that lock into the upper and lower panels of the cabinet. The doors have a convenient 180 degree opening for easy storage access and the cabinets have a 10-year limited warranty.</p> <p><a href=""></a>One of the best features about these cabinets is how strong and durable they are. Like many of our other products, the Modular Cabinets exceed BIFMA commercial furniture standards, which makes them perfect for commercial or heavy-duty residential organization and storage needs. They are UV-protected, stain resistant, easy to clean, and will not crack, chip, or peel.</p> <p>Want a closer look at this great new versatile product? Watch our <a title="modular cabinet video" href="" target="_blank">informational video</a> for&nbsp;a quick product overview.&nbsp; The Modular Storage Cabinets are now available at many Costco locations and in the <a title="Lifetime's online store" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Online Store</a>.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="">[View:]</a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>William30 Aug 2010 5:48:00 PMHow to Get More Seating Around Your Patio Table<p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Are you planning a backyard picnic to celebrate the end of summer or upcoming Labor Day? Still trying to figure out where everyone can sit?&nbsp; If you're like me, you have a nice patio table and chair set, but it seems like I'm still always short just one or two chairs&nbsp;to be able to have everyone sit together.&nbsp; I could set up my <a title="buy a Lifetime card table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime card table</a> and <a title="Buy Lifetme folding chairs" href="" target="_blank">folding chairs</a>, but it feels awkward having two people dine by themselves away from the group.&nbsp;</p> <p>Well, here's a handy suggestion my mom shared with me that's the perfect solution to your seating dilemma. Typically, the chairs that come with a&nbsp; patio table are very comfy, but they are also usually very wide and feature arm rests.&nbsp; If you need to add a few extra seats to your patio table, simply use your <a title="buy Lifetime folding chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime folding chairs</a> instead of your bulky patio chairs and you'll have instant extra room!</p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Check out these pictures to see what I mean.&nbsp;&nbsp;Using my patio chairs, my table can only seat six people maximum. But, by using my Lifetime folding chairs, I could actually fit 10 chairs around the table if I needed so we can all eat together at one table. (If I had 10 Lifetime chairs, that is.&nbsp; I actually only have eight so I couldn't quite fill it up completely.)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Yes, it's a tight squeeze, but it does work!&nbsp; And, don't worry, Lifetime chairs are made of high-density polyethylene and powder-coated steel that are weather-resistant so&nbsp;the chairs&nbsp;are&nbsp;perfectly fine outside if happens to starting raining.</p> <p>I hope this helps for your next big backyard BBQ.&nbsp; Happy dining!</p>Jan20 Aug 2010 9:00:00 AMTips for the World's Longest Yard Sale and National Garage Sale Day<p><a title="garage sale video" href="" target="_blank"><img title="garage sale video" src=" sale video.jpg" alt="" /></a></p> <p>If you're a yard sale/garage sale/flea market enthusiast, this is probably your favorite month of the year.&nbsp; After all, the <a title="about the World's Longest Yard Sale" href="" target="_blank">World's Longest Yard Sale</a> is August 5-8 and just a few days later on August 14 you can celebrate National Garage Sale Day!&nbsp; (Yes, you read that right.&nbsp; There is actually an official World's Longest Yard Sale!&nbsp; Over 675 miles of sales stretching from Michigan to&nbsp;Alabama along US Highway 127.)&nbsp;</p> <p>If you're thinking about participating in one of these events, or just hosting your own sale sometime soon, here's a quick video for you to watch with some on how to turn your clutter into cash.&nbsp; Also, be sure to check out the articles from Lifetime's Tips &amp; Solutions page on our website for some helpful garage sale/yard sale pointers.&nbsp; You'll find information about how to best display your items, organization, printable price tags, signage, and more.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><a title="World's Longest Yard Sale Tips" href="" target="_blank">World's Longest Yard Sale Tips</a></p> <p><a title="Garage Sale secrets" href="" target="_blank">Secrets to Success When Selling Your Old Treasures</a></p> <p>And, I've also published two blog posts previously about my own garage sale experiences&nbsp;that might come in handy, too:<br /><a title="Tables are a Garage Sale Must blog post" href="" target="_blank">Tables Are A Garage Sale Must</a></p> <p><a title="Make a Garage Sale Banner blog post" href="" target="_blank">How to Make a Waterproof Banner in Minutes</a></p> <p>Finally, in honor of the World's Longest Yard Sale and National Garage Day and to help you organize your own sale, we are once again offering $<strong>10 off a purchase</strong> of a <a title="buy a Lifetime 6' adjustable height table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 6' Adjustable Height Table</a> or <a title="buy a Lifetime 6' fold-in-half table" href="" target="_blank">6' Fold-in-Half Table</a> in the <a title="Lifetime Online Store" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Online Store</a>.&nbsp; Simply enter code <strong>WLYS09</strong> when you checkout.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Happy selling!</p>Jan02 Aug 2010 12:23:00 PMNew Product Videos Online<p><a href=""></a><a title="Lifetime Video Library" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>We at Lifetime Products&nbsp;are proud to announce our&nbsp;all-new <a title="Lifetime video library" href="" target="_blank">video library</a>!&nbsp;</p> <p>We have been busy working&nbsp;to produce Lifetime product videos for nearly all of our products.&nbsp; These videos are a great way to&nbsp;help&nbsp;you better understand the products and check them&nbsp;out before you buy, especially if you are ordering online and have not seen a product in person.&nbsp;The videos allow you to&nbsp;view the product from all angles and&nbsp;see the various features in action.&nbsp;Our video library is growing every day and with&nbsp;about 200 product offerings, more are certainly on the way!&nbsp; You will soon start&nbsp;seeing these new product videos pop up on a lot of the websites that sell our products, including in the <a title="Lifetime Online Store" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Online Store</a>, <a title="" href=";topnav=&amp;search=lifetime&amp;N=0&amp;Ntt=lifetime&amp;cm_re=1_en-_-Top_Left_Nav-_-Top_search&amp;lang=en-US" target="_blank"></a>, <a title="Sam's Club" href=";searchCategoryId=all"></a>, <a title="competitiveedgeproducts" href="" target="_blank"></a>, <a title="" href="" target="_blank"></a>, <a title="" href=";SearchType=Header" target="_blank"></a>, <a title="amazon" href=";field-keywords=lifetime+products&amp;ih=4_3_1_0_0_0_0_0_1_1.117_99&amp;fsc=2" target="_blank"></a>, and more.&nbsp;</p> <p>You can also&nbsp;see <em>all </em>of our&nbsp;product videos by visiting the <a title="Lifetime video library" href="" target="_blank">Video Library</a> on <a href=""></a>, or by visiting our YouTube Channel at <a href=""></a>.&nbsp; (You can even subscribe to the Lifetime Products YouTube channel to easily get notified when new videos have been posted.)&nbsp;&nbsp;The videos are&nbsp;organized by&nbsp;category:&nbsp;&nbsp;tables and chairs, lawn and garden, basketball, playground, trailers, and corporate videos. Additionally&nbsp;on our YouTube channel, you can also watch some videos we have "favorited" from other users' videos&nbsp;that feature our products.</p> <p>Keep checking for more videos on new and existing products. If you are looking for a certain Lifetime product video and have not&nbsp;found it, please send us an email at <a href=""></a> and we will either let you know where it is, or get it on the list to be produced.</p>Katie30 Jul 2010 4:00:00 PMHoHoHo! Check Out the Christmas in July Sale From Lifetime Products!<p><img style="float:right;border:0;" src="" border="0" alt="" width="200" height="155" align="right" />We simply can't wait until Christmas. We need to make room in our warehouse so we're&nbsp;putting some of our most popular products on sale&nbsp;<strong>right now </strong>on <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. Use them for birthday gifts this summer or hide them away for five more months (and hope Santa will remember where they're stashed). We're offering discounted prices on something for everyone in the family--including you!</p> <p>The kids will be delighted with Lifetime's hot pink <a href="" target="_blank">kids picnic table</a> #80156. Add a bright spot to a child's bedroom or outdoor patio. Just the right size for&nbsp;craft projects and picnic parties. Portable, lightweight, and easy to clean. <img style="border:0;" src="" border="0" alt="" width="200" height="155" align="right" /></p> <p>Anyone would be thrilled to get Lifetime's <a href="" target="_blank">4ft Adjustable Height Folding Table</a> #280118&nbsp;with convenient carry handle. Manageable table size and various height options make it the perfect table to take along to scrapbooking parties, craft shows, or camping trips. Ideal for the gal or guy&nbsp;on the go.</p> <p><img style="border:0;" src="" border="0" alt="" width="200" height="155" align="right" /> Everyone can use a portable 30 x 20 inch&nbsp; <a href="" target="_blank">Personal Table</a> #80056&nbsp;with adjustable height options. Perfect&nbsp;as a&nbsp;snack table&nbsp;or a&nbsp;homework table&nbsp;in&nbsp;the bedroom,&nbsp;family room, or on the patio. Just grab a couple of lawn chairs and take this&nbsp;little portable&nbsp;table along to parades, fireworks shows, or camping trips.</p> <p>Looking for something to add a little class and European "flavor" to your outdoor patio furnishings? You won't want to miss this opportunity to take advantage of the significant savings we are offering on our adjustable height Lifetime <a href="" target="_blank">Bistro Table</a> #80065.</p> <p><img style="float:right;border:0;" src="" border="0" alt="" align="right" />You don't have to wait until Christmas to get some sweet deals. Take advantage of these great discounts now and avoid the crowded malls and long lines later. When you're relaxing with a hot cocoa in front of your favorite TV Christmas special, you'll be glad you did!</p> <p>For&nbsp;you faithful blog readers, we will be offering an additional 10%&nbsp;discount off the sale price of these items when you order from and enter the special code 10July.&nbsp;This special additional discount will be valid on <a href="" target="_blank"></a> from&nbsp;07/23/2010 to 08/06/2010. Keep watching each month for great deals on new and innovative products from Lifetime.</p>Charlys23 Jul 2010 10:44:00 AMHere A Table, There A Table, Everywhere A Lifetime Table!<p><a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Even after being part of the Lifetime team for nearly 10 years now, I still get a little giddy every time I see a Lifetime table when I&rsquo;m out and about.&nbsp; This past weekend, I was practically jumping up and down when my husband and I went to an outdoor concert at <a title="about Whitewater Amphitheatre" href="" target="_blank">Whitewater Amphitheatre</a> in New Braunfels, Texas.&nbsp; Whitewater is appropriately named because it is nestled amongst the trees in the Texas hill country on the banks of the bubbly Guadalupe River.&nbsp; It is an absolute picturesque setting for enjoying concerts in the summer evenings under the stars.</p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>As soon as we walked into the facilities, I was greeted by <a title="buy a Lifetime banquet table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime banquet tables</a> at the ticket entrance and in the merchandise area where they were selling concert t-shirts and souvenirs.&nbsp; However, my real excitement came as I walked a few steps further and saw nearly 50 <a title="Lifetime picnic table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 6&rsquo; picnic tables</a> set up for guests to mingle at away from the concert crowd.&nbsp; What a great setting for picnic tables - next to the horseshoe pit, kids&rsquo; playset, and huge shade trees - with the rocky Texas hills as a backdrop.</p> <p>But my giddiness didn&rsquo;t stop there.&nbsp; Nope, as we continued into the actual concert viewing area, there was a VIP Table area for guests to order food and drinks while watching the concert.&nbsp; Guess what were used as the VIP Tables?&nbsp; Yes, more <a title="buy a Lifetime picnic table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime picnic tables</a>!&nbsp; Probably another 50 or so tables!&nbsp;</p> <p>I&rsquo;m still not sure who was more excited&hellip;my husband to see his favorite Texas bands <em><a title="about Mickey and the Motorcars" href="" target="_blank">Mickey and the Motorcars</a></em>, <em><a title="about Charlie Robinson" href="" target="_blank">Charlie Robinson</a></em>, and, <em><a title="about Reckless Kelly" href="" target="_blank">Reckless Kelly</a></em>&hellip;or me to see more than 100 Lifetime picnic tables!&nbsp; If you&rsquo;ve been to some place with lots of Lifetime products being used, feel free to share them on <a title="Lifetime's Facebook page" href="" target="_blank">our Facebook page</a>, we&rsquo;d love to see them!<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>&nbsp;<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a></p>Jan16 Jul 2010 9:29:00 AMLifetime Products Launches Local Awareness Campaign<p>Lifetime Products&nbsp;has recently launched a <a href="" target="_blank">regional advertising and public relations campaign</a> in Utah. This unique&nbsp;campaign&nbsp;features acutal employees and the history of our greatest inventions and innovations.&nbsp;Pride&nbsp;is at&nbsp;the heart of what we are&nbsp;trying to communicate. We are proud of our company, our people, our products, and our community. And we want our community to be proud of us. But to do that, they need to know who we are. And who better to tell our story than the people who come to work here every day!</p> <p>Eleven out of our&nbsp;1,200&nbsp;people were selected to represent the company for this campaign. Six employees will be featured in ads at Backyards Inc., the Official Outlet Store for Lifetime Products, and various places throughout the company.&nbsp;The other&nbsp;five employees are currently featured on Utah billboards, bus ads, and commercials--- <a href="" target="_blank">watch the first&nbsp;commercial here</a>!</p> <p><strong><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>&nbsp;Ed VanNimwegen of North Ogden</strong> &ndash; Ed has been with Lifetime for 17 years and is currently the Sporting Goods Engineer.</p> <p><strong><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>&nbsp;Wes Guy of Hooper</strong> &ndash; Wes has worked with the Lifetime production dept. for 13 years and is currently the Production Support Manager.</p> <p><strong><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>&nbsp;Shanda Miller of Roy</strong> &ndash; Shanda works in the metals department as a metals supervisor and has been with Lifetime for 7 years.</p> <p><strong><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>&nbsp;Neil Watson of Layton</strong> &ndash; Neil has worked with Lifetime for 12 years, and is now the R&amp;D Manager for the lawn and garden category.</p> <p><strong><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>&nbsp;Maly Phongsavath of Layton</strong> &ndash; Maly has been with Lifetime for 23 years and currently works in packaging.&nbsp;</p> <p>Commercials will be aired on local television, in Megaplex theatres, and on&nbsp;our website: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.&nbsp;Here you can get an inside&nbsp;look at Lifetime and &ldquo;find out how&rdquo;&nbsp;over the past 24 years we&nbsp;have invented and&nbsp;continue to make innovative products in Utah.</p>Katie14 Jul 2010 1:00:00 PMGood Things Utah features Lifetime Products<img src=' Lifetime Banner Blog.png' style='width: 223px; height: 234px;' /><br />Good Things Utah<p><a title="Watch video part 1" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0" /></a>Backyards Inc., <a title="Backyards Inc" href="" target="_blank">The Official Outlet Store for Lifetime Products</a>,&nbsp;recently supported a very deserving family on <em>Good Things Utah</em>, by&nbsp;donating some Utah-made products from Lifetime Products!&nbsp;&nbsp;<em>Good Things Utah's</em> viewers nominated the "Makeover My Backyard"&nbsp;winner, The DeYoung family from West Valley City, in Utah.&nbsp;They&nbsp;have endured some rough life challenges, including the mother Emily being&nbsp;diagnosed with Lupas and a glass-littered lawn from the previous owners.&nbsp;Backyards Inc. was a part of a team of Utah companies that came together to re-vamp their backyard in a matter of weeks.The&nbsp;donations included a new lawn, sprinklers, curbing, and a handful of cool products&nbsp;sold at Backyards Inc. including a&nbsp;<a title="buy a Lifetime playset" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Playset</a>, <a title="buy a Lifetime shet" href="" target="_blank">Lifeitme Shed</a>, <a title="buy a Lifetime picnic table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 8' Picnic Table</a>,&nbsp;and a <a title="buy a Lifetime basketball hoop" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Basketball Hoop</a>. The Lifetime Playset was definitely a hit with the kids...and reporters!&nbsp; Check out the videos on <em>Good Things Utah's</em> website and congrats again&nbsp;to the DeYoung family!&nbsp;<a title="Watch the Backyard Reveal" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0" /></a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>admin13 Jul 2010 10:00:00 AMHow to Host A Road Rally Scavenger Hunt<p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Looking for a fun summer party idea for adults?&nbsp; Try hosting a Road Rally Scavenger Hunt!&nbsp; I've participated in three different Road Rallies and they are a blast.&nbsp; So much fun! It's a great way to explore some new sights in your hometown and feel like a kid again.&nbsp;So, what is a Road Rally Scavenger Hunt?&nbsp; Well, it's a little bit like the reality TV show "<em><a title="amazing race" href="" target="_blank">Amazing Race".</a></em>&nbsp; Teams drive around in cars following clues, complete tasks and challenges, and try to be the first to team to the finish line.&nbsp; Depending on how creative the race coordinator is and how competitive your team is, the more fun you will have.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Be sure to always go over the race rules with all participants before you begin&hellip;of which the most important one should be to drive safe and obey all traffic laws!&nbsp; Each team is given an envelope with a clue to start the race.&nbsp; You have to figure out where that clue is sending you to find your next clue.&nbsp; Sometimes the clue is direct and tells you to go to a specific place, other times the clue is vague or filled with riddles you must decipher.&nbsp; When you finally find the clue spot, there is either another envelope with your next clue, or a person waiting for you that assigns you a task to complete and then hands you your next clue.&nbsp;</p> <p>A sampling of some of the tasks we've had to complete in our Road Rallies over the years include:<br />&bull;&nbsp;bowl a strike at a bowling alley<br />&bull;&nbsp;find a specific page in a specific book at a library (and go to the actual place being described on that page for your next clue)<br />&bull;&nbsp;hike a trail in a Japanese Tea Garden and find a missing person with a clue<br />&bull;&nbsp;drive a golf cart blindfolded through an obstacle course with your partner giving directions<br />&bull;&nbsp;make a hole-in-one at a miniature golf course<br />&bull;&nbsp;shoot a bulls-eye with a paintball gun<br />&bull; push a teammate in a <a title="buy a Lifetime wheelbarrow" href="">wheelbarrow</a> around an obstacle course<br />&bull;&nbsp;ride a child's tricycle around a track without spilling a drink<br />&bull;&nbsp;look at a wall of wood blocks with various symbols then run back to another spot and turn over those same symbols on a similar board of wood blocks<br />&bull;&nbsp;go to a restaurant, order fries, and sing a karaoke song<br />&bull;&nbsp;take a picture of your team in front of specific local landmarks like a statues, a store, with a policeman, etc.<br />&bull;&nbsp;answer a sheet of trivia questions<br />&bull;&nbsp;buy a certain item in a store (like a dessert for the dinner after the Road Rally)<br />&bull;&nbsp;find a headstone with a specific name in a graveyard and write down the birth date<br />&bull;&nbsp;take a picture in front a specific road sign</p> <p>Usually, you can also earn bonus time by completing non-mandatory tasks.&nbsp; The dilemma for the team is to decide if the task will take more time to complete than the bonus time it will earn.&nbsp; To make it even more entertaining, you can also require teams to wear costumes and award a best costume prize.&nbsp; (Plus, it can be a little helpful to wear costumes so people know why grown adults are running wildly through public places!)</p> <p>Typically, the Road Rallies end at a restaurant or group picnic. The last Road Rally I participated in was with my husband's squadron. After a fun day of racing all over the San Antonio area, we ended up at the host's house where she had several <a title="Buy a Lifetime table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime banquet tables</a> set up in her backyard for a traditional Texas BBQ.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Depending on the tasks and distance you have to drive, Road Rallies can vary widely in length.&nbsp; We've participated in one that was only two hours, and one that was eight hours of non-stop fun!&nbsp;</p> <p>If you're interested in a hosting a Road Rally, here's a helpful site I found that gives you some more ideas.<br /><a href=""></a></p> <p>And, if you think a Road Rally sounds like fun but way too much work (which I will warn you, they do involve a LOT of planning), there are actually companies&nbsp;who will do the planning for you! Simply search "host a road rally scavenger hunt" online.&nbsp; Have fun, drive safe, and may the best team win!&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan10 Jul 2010 10:00:00 AMAnd the Winner of the Picnic Table Is….<p><a title="buy a Lifetime picnic table" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>... Brett R. of Logan, Utah!&nbsp; Brett is the lucky random winner of our June contest. Thanks to all of you who entered this month.&nbsp; As the winner, Brett will receive one of our new <a title="Buy a Lifetime picnic table" href="" target="_blank">A-frame 6' picnic tables</a> which is maintenance free - it can endure weathering without chipping, cracking, peeling, or rusting.&nbsp; The table also features&nbsp;an umbrella hole and folds completely flat for storage. And, since the polyethylene tabletop is stain resistant, spilled ketchup or baked beans will be easy for Brett to clean at his July 4th BBQ this year!</p> <p>Another great feature of this <a title="Buy a Lifetime Picnic table" href="">Lifetime picnic table</a> is that it is lightweight and easy to move, which&nbsp;Brett&nbsp;will be&nbsp;happy to hear since he actually said in his entry that he was looking for a picnic table that is easy to move around to use on his patio and for camping.&nbsp; He also wanted a table that was easy to move so&nbsp;it won't&nbsp;have to stay in one place and kill his grass.&nbsp; Great point, Brett!</p> <p>Wish you would have won? Well, you can still purchase your own picnic table&nbsp;at our <a title="buy a Lifetime picnic tabe" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Online Store</a>.&nbsp; And, don't forget to keep checking back because our July&nbsp;contest&nbsp;will start soon!</p>Jan28 Jun 2010 10:27:00 AMA Lifetime Gift for Newlyweds &amp; New Homeowners<p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Since June is one of the most popular month for weddings, chances are you have a newlywed gift purchase on your to-do list.&nbsp; Want to know a great idea that the Bride and Groom are sure to use? A <a title="Buy a Lifetime card table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Card Table</a> and four <a title="Buy Lifetime chairs" href="" target="_blank">chairs</a>!&nbsp; New couples, especially young couples, are always in need of extra seating.&nbsp; Whether it is used as their kitchen table, for game nights, in the office, or for their first holiday dinner, a Lifetime card table and four chairs is a gift that the bride and groom are sure to use throughout the years!</p> <p>And, if they aren't newlyweds, summer is also a popular time to buy a new home.&nbsp; If someone you know is moving to their first place, it&rsquo;s always nice to show up to someone&rsquo;s new home with a congratulations gift!&nbsp; If in doubt about what the new homeowner needs, a <a title="Buy a Lifetime 4' table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4' table</a> is a perfect addition to any room!&nbsp; (Don't forget those college students moving into apartments this fall, too!) New homeowners can use a versatile Lifetime 4' table as a kitchen table, in the laundry room, an office, the garage, or simply store it in the closet to use when extra dinner guests arrive.&nbsp;<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a></p>Jan25 Jun 2010 12:00:00 PMWin a Picnic Table for Your July 4th BBQ!<p><a href=""></a></p> <p><span style="font-family:'Arial', 'sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-fareast-font-family:'Times New Roman';"><strong><a href=""></a></strong></span></p> <p><a title="Contest Winner Announcement" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Last month for our monthly giveaway, we let you tell us which table you wanted to win most.&nbsp; Since the majority of entrants wanted to win a <a title="Picnic Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime picnic table</a>, we figured we'd give you yet another chance to win our most popular requested table.&nbsp; In our <a title="Shalane's blog post" href="" target="_blank">last blog post</a>, Shalane told you about our new <a title="Lifetime Folding Picnic Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime&nbsp;6' Folding&nbsp;Picnic Table with Umbrella Hole</a>.&nbsp; Guess what? Light the grill and set the fireworks because this month one lucky person will win one of those new Lifetime Heavy-Duty 6' Picnic Tables just in time to use for a big July 4th BBQ!</p> <p><strong>How to enter:<br /></strong>Send an e-mail to <a href=""></a> with the subject line "June contest".&nbsp; In the email:<br />1.&nbsp;Tell us if you currently have a picnic table or patio table.<br />2.&nbsp;If you do currently have a picnic table or patio table, please briefly tell us what you like or don't like about it.<br />3.&nbsp;Include your full name.</p> <p><strong>Bonus Entries:</strong></p> <p><strong></strong></p> <ol> <li>"Like"&nbsp; Lifetime Products on <a title="Lifetime Facebook page" href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a>.&nbsp; Once you "Like" us (or if you already do), send an email to <a href=""></a> with your full name telling us you "Like" Lifetime Products and you'll receive one bonus entry</li> <li>Follow us on <a title="Lifetime Twitter page" href="" target="_blank">Twitter</a> @Lifetime365 and retweet to your friends "I hope I win this picnic table from @Lifetime365!&nbsp; <a href=""></a> " to receive one bonus entry.</li> </ol> <p>The contest begins Monday, June 21 at 12:00 PM MST and will end Saturday, June 26 at 12:00 Midnight MST.&nbsp; We'll announce one random winner on Monday, June 28.&nbsp; (Each person may only enter once via email, once via Twitter, and once via Facebook.&nbsp; <a title="official rules" href="" target="_blank">Click here for complete contest rules</a>.)</p>Jan21 Jun 2010 12:00:00 PMIts Summer - Time to Eat Outside!!<p class="MsoNormal"><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" width="213" height="203" /></a>Tired of picnic tables that warp, rot, and splinter? Lifetime's new <a title="6-ft. Picnic Table" href="" target="_blank">6-ft Picnic Table</a> has the attractive design of a traditional A-frame picnic table without the high-maintenance.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Combining a classic look with solid stability, the 6-ft picnic table is completely waterproof and can endure weathering and rain without chipping, cracking, peeling, or rusting. Constructed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the tabletop is stain resistant, easy to clean, and you will never have to varnish or paint your picnic table again. Best of all, <a title="Lifetime Picnic Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime picnic tables</a> have a unique folding design that folds completely flat, making them simple to store and easy to set up and take down. With summer here, this picnic table is the perfect addition to your backyard and neighborhood barbeques!</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Keep checking our blog posts for our upcoming monthly contest and your chance to <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>WIN</strong> a picnic table from <a title="Lifetime Products" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Products</a>!! </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" width="219" height="166" /></a></strong></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>Features:</strong></p> <ul> <li> <div class="MsoNormal">Seats 6-8 Comfortably</div> </li> <li> <div class="MsoNormal">Superior Strength and Durability</div> </li> <li> <div class="MsoNormal">Attractive, Traditional Picnic Table Design</div> </li> <li> <div class="MsoNormal">Folds Flat for Easy Storage</div> </li> <li> <div class="MsoNormal">72&rdquo; x 30&rdquo; Polyethylene Tabletop</div> </li> <li> <div class="MsoNormal">Rust Resistant Powder Coated Steel Frame</div> </li> <li> <div class="MsoNormal">Umbrella Hole Ready (cap included)</div> </li> <li> <div class="MsoNormal">10-Year Limited Warranty</div> </li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p>Shalane18 Jun 2010 9:00:00 AMGreat Gifts for Dad<p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;">Father's Day is just around the corner - Sunday, June 20.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Still pondering what to get dear old Dad? Lucky&nbsp;for you, I've pulled together a list of Lifetime products in various price ranges to help you come up with a great gift idea that's a little out of the ordinary and sure to please any man on your list!&nbsp; And,&nbsp;as a special Father's Day's shopping treat,&nbsp;you can use coupon code <strong>Dadgift5 </strong>for $5 off any purchase over $15 in the <a title="Lifetime Online Store" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Online Store</a> now through Saturday, June 19.&nbsp; Happy shopping!</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;"><em>Under $20</em></span></strong></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;"><strong><a title="Lifetime peg strips" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" />Lifetime Shed Peg Strips - 2 strip pack - $19.99</a></strong></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;">Does the man on your list have a <a title="Lifetime sheds" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime shed</a>?<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>If so, here's a simple gift that will add lots of space.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>These molded peg strips attach directly to the Lifetime shed walls (screws included) and include 10 assorted peg hooks for hanging tools.</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;">&nbsp;</span><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;"><em>Under $40</em></span></strong></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-bidi-font-weight:bold;mso-fareast-font-family:'Times New Roman';"><a title="Lifetime Personal Table" href="" target="_blank"></a><a href=""><strong><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></strong></a><br /><strong><a title="Black Personal Table" href="" target="_blank">Black Lifetime Personal Table - $39</a><br /></strong>If the man in your life spends most of his time tinkering around in the garage and fixing this and that, then he&rsquo;ll love the Black Lifetime Personal Table. It&rsquo;s the perfect size to help with small projects and hobbies since it adjusts to&nbsp;four different heights.&nbsp; It also comes in handy on game day as a&nbsp; TV dinner tray while he snacks in his recliner at home, or he can fold it up and take it along to the tailgate party! <br /></span></p> <p class="MsoBodyTextIndent">&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-fareast-font-family:'Times New Roman';">&nbsp;</span><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-fareast-font-family:'Times New Roman';"><strong><em>$100-$125</em></strong></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-fareast-font-family:'Times New Roman';"><strong><a title="Lifetime sport table" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" />Lifetime Sport Table with Benches - $110</a></strong></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-fareast-font-family:'Times New Roman';">Here's a versatile table that's great for an outdoor enthusiast or</span><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;"> a sports fanatic.</span><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Calibri;"><span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>You&rsquo;ll hit a home run when you give him the Lifetime Sports Table.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>The separate benches store flat under the table so he can easily take a table and seating for four of his buddies to tailgate parties, little league games, </span><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;">camping, </span><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-fareast-font-family:Calibri;">or even just to his favorite quiet fishing hole.</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-fareast-font-family:'Times New Roman';">&nbsp;</span><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-fareast-font-family:'Times New Roman';"><strong><em>$150-$200</em></strong></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-fareast-font-family:'Times New Roman';"><strong><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a><a title="Lifetime Poolside hoop" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Poolside Portable Basketball Hoop -$169</a></strong></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-fareast-font-family:'Times New Roman';">Help Dad stay cool this summer with a Lifetime Poolside Basketball Hoop.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span></span><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-ansi-language:EN;" lang="EN">This hoop adjusts to six different heights without the use of tools, so it&rsquo;s great for Dad to play with the kids or with his friends. And, the portable design allows him to roll it to any location around the pool to get the best shot.</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal">&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-fareast-font-family:'Times New Roman';"><strong><a title="Lifetime wheelbarrow" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" />Lifetime Wheelbarrow - $180</a></strong></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-fareast-font-family:'Times New Roman';">If your guy loves to work outside, the Lifetime Wheelbarrow is a must-have gift.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Dad's back will appreciate the extra-wide two-wheel wheelbase and low center of gravity that provide better load stability and distributes 85% of the load weight to the wheels and only 15% to the operator!<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Plus, the front of the tub is also tapered which makes dumping the 500 pounds he can haul in it<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp;</span>lots easier! </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-fareast-font-family:'Times New Roman';">&nbsp;</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-fareast-font-family:'Times New Roman';"><strong><a title="Lifetime glider bench" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" />Lifetime Wood Glider Bench - $180</a></strong></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-fareast-font-family:'Times New Roman';">Sometimes it's just nice to let Dad sit and relax.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span></span><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-ansi-language:EN;" lang="EN">The Lifetime Garden Glider Bench provides the all the charm of a wooden bench with the convenient low maintenance of high-density plastic. With a weather-resistant simulated wood and powder-coated steel construction, Dad will love that he doesn't need to stain or sand it or worry about uncomfortable splinters, unsightly warping, or rusting.</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-ansi-language:EN;" lang="EN">Want a chance to WIN a free Lifetime Yard Cart for your hubby or Dad? Visit&nbsp;<a title="Consumer Queen" href="" target="_blank"></a> for details of how to enter!</span></p>Jan09 Jun 2010 12:00:00 PMPick Your Favorite Lifetime Table…and WIN It!<p><a href=""></a><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Ever wish you could pick your own prize to win for a contest?&nbsp; Well, this month, we&#39;re doing just that!&nbsp; Simply tell us which Lifetime table you want to win and why you want/need the table, and one lucky random winner will win the table of his/her choice!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; That&#39;s it&hellip;just pick it to win it!</p> <p><strong>How to enter:</strong><br />&bull;&nbsp;Visit&nbsp; <a href=""></a> and check out all of our tables in the <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime Online Store">Lifetime Online Store</a>.&nbsp; </p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Find your favorite one&nbsp;<a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime tables">Lifetime table</a> that you want to win!&nbsp; <br />(ALL Lifetime tables are included in this contest&hellip;banquet, picnic, camping, specialty, etc. Please note: If a table is sold in bulk, the winner will receive just 1 of the&nbsp;tables, not the bulk package.)</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Send an e-mail to <a href=""></a> with the subject line &quot;May contest&quot;.&nbsp; In the email:<br />1. Tell us the specific Lifetime table you want to win.&nbsp; <br />2. Tell us why you want/need this particular Lifetime table.<br />3.&nbsp; Include your full name.</p> <p><strong>Bonus Entry<br /></strong>For an extra bonus entry after you&#39;ve entered via email, follow&nbsp;<a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime&#39;s twitter page">@Lifetime356</a> on Twitter and retweet to your friends:<br />&nbsp;&quot;Cool!&nbsp; Enter the @Lifetime365 #MayContest to win ANY Lifetime folding table you want.&nbsp; Just pick it to win it!&nbsp; <a href=""></a>&quot;.</p> <p>The contest begins Monday, May 17 at 12:00 PM MST and will end Saturday, May 22 at 12:00 Midnight MST.&nbsp; We&#39;ll announce one random winner on Monday, May 24.&nbsp; (Entries are limited to one entry per person and one Twitter entry per Twitter account.&nbsp; <a target="_blank" href="" title="official contest rules">Click here</a> for complete contest rules.)</p> <p>Good luck!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan17 May 2010 12:00:00 PM$15 Off Lifetime Tables for National Scrapbooking Day<p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Tomorrow, May 1, is a big day for scrapbooking fans&hellip;.it&#39;s National Scrapbooking Day!&nbsp; Here at Lifetime, we know how important it is to have lots of space to spread out all of your supplies, pages, and photos when you&#39;re creating a scrapbook.&nbsp; It seems you never have enough room and can always use an extra <a target="_blank" href=";fromflash=true" title="buy a Lifetime table">table </a>or two, right?</p> <p>Well, good news!&nbsp; In honor of&nbsp;National Scrapbooking Day, tomorrow we will be announcing a special one-day coupon code you can use in the <a target="_blank" href="" title="">Lifetime Online Store</a> for $15 off&nbsp;any table purchase!&nbsp; Yes, I said ANY <a target="_blank" href=";fromflash=true" title="buy a Lifetime table">Lifetime table</a>.&nbsp; Even though we&#39;re offering the discount in conjunction with National Scrapbooking Day, just in case you don&#39;t need a scrapbooking table, feel free to use the coupon code for a <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime picnic tables">picnic table</a>, <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime card tables">card table</a>, <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime Camping Tables">camping table</a>, or a <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime specialty table">specialty table</a>!</p> <p>So, are you ready to find out what the $15 off coupon code is?&nbsp; Thought so.&nbsp; Here&#39;s the catch.&nbsp; We&#39;re going to announce the code tomorrow&hellip;but only on our <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime&#39;s Facebook page">Facebook page</a> and <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime&#39;s Twitter ">Twitter </a>account. So, if you&#39;re not already following us on Twitter or Facebook, today&#39;s the day to start!</p> <p>Oh, and speaking of National Scrapbooking Day, last week <a target="_blank" href="" title="About Creative Memories">Creative Memories</a> held a contest&nbsp; asking people to say in 50 words or less what they like most about National Scrapbooking Day and the winners received Lifetime products!&nbsp; Congrats to the winners&hellip;there were some very creative and moving answers.&nbsp; To see a complete list of the winners and their answers, visit the <a target="_blank" href="" title="Creative Memories blog">Creative Memories blog</a>.</p> <p>Don&#39;t forget to find us on Facebook or Twitter to get your $15 off coupon code tomorrow&hellip;and happy scrapbooking!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan30 Apr 2010 8:28:00 AMEarth Day Slow Food style- with Yummy Pea Pesto!<p>Because I&nbsp;always love&nbsp;hearing how much people love Lifetime Products, I just HAD to contact the great woman mentioned in my <a target="_blank" href="" title="Celebrating Earth Day post">last post</a>, and hear more about our <a target="_blank" href="">tables</a>!&nbsp;:)</p> <p><a target="_blank" href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a></p> <p>Heather (shown above working at an Earth Day event with her little boy--&nbsp;a shy guy&nbsp;in this photo!) is with <a target="_blank" href="">Slow Food Utah</a> and is powering a&nbsp;&quot;Good, Clean, Fair food movement&quot;,&nbsp;a global organization with grassroots efforts to link people with information about the food in their community and the environment. One of Slow Food&#39;s lesser known initiatives is the &quot;<a target="_blank" href="">Slow Food in Schools</a>&quot;, a garden-to-table program that helps children develop an appreciation for real, wholesome food and an understanding of sustainable food practices.&nbsp;</p> <p>Heather told me more about her&nbsp;<a target="_blank" href="">Lifetime 6 foot fold-in-half &nbsp;table</a> and how she&nbsp;uses it:</p> <p>&nbsp;&quot;I love your tables. I bought it to use as an extra table for work events, but I seem to use it for everything now - impromptu dinner guests, craft projects, loaning it out to friends etc. The folding feature sold me on the product along with the handles that make it that much easier to carry with kids.&quot;</p> <p>The Slow Food Utah&nbsp;website mentions that&nbsp;one of their objectives is to &quot;awaken&quot; people to the enjoyment and health benefits of quality food.&nbsp; Her booth certainly did the trick for me when&nbsp;I tried their Pea Pesto!! WOW!&nbsp;See the recipe for this delicious dip below:</p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a></p> <p><strong>Pea Pesto </strong></p> <p>Shown here with cherry tomatoes. (Great as a bruschetta topping or this amount is perfect to toss with a pound of cooked pasta, topped with diced tomatoes.)</p> <p>1 (10-ounce) package frozen peas<br />2 large garlic cloves<br />1/2 cup pine nuts (2 ounce)- or other nuts. (Heather&nbsp;mentioned you can also use&nbsp;almonds)<br />1/2 cup Parmesan plus additional for serving<br />1/3 cup olive oil<br />1/2 tsp Salt<br />1/2 tsp pepper<br />Cook peas on the stove or in a microwave according to package directions, then drain well.<br />With food processor running, drop in garlic and finely chop. Turn off motor and add peas, nuts, cheese, salt, and pepper then process until finely chopped. With motor running, add oil, blending until incorporated.</p> <p>Enjoy!</p>Katie26 Apr 2010 10:00:00 AMCongrats Craft Contest Winner!<p><a href=""></a>Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!&nbsp; We want to give a big thank you to all of our contestants for taking the time and effort to share their craft in our <a target="_blank" href="" title="Favorite Spring Craft Contest">Favorite Spring/Easter Craft Contest</a>.&nbsp; Hopefully, they provided some of you with a few new ideas to try yourself.&nbsp; </p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>I&#39;m pleased to announce that after nearly 300 votes and a very close race that literally came down to the last few minutes and only a 10 vote separation&hellip;drum roll please&hellip;.the <strong>Poopy Duck</strong> craft waddled away with the most votes to claim first prize!&nbsp; As the winning crafter, <strong>Whitney L.</strong> will receive the Lifetime Craft Table package which consists of a <a target="_blank" href="" title="Buy a Lifetime 4&#39; adjustable table">Lifetime 4&#39; Adjustable Height Table</a>, a <a target="_blank" href="" title="Buy a Lifetime Personal Table">Lifetime Personal Table</a>, and 2 <a target="_blank" href="" title="Buy a Lifetime folding chair">Lifetime folding chairs</a>.&nbsp; <a href="" title="Poopy Ducks craft directions">Click here</a> to&nbsp;view Whitney&#39;s winning Poopy Duck craft and complete instructions on how to make it.&nbsp; Congratulations, Whitney!</p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>I&#39;m also happy to announce that bouncing into second place was the <strong>S.P.R.I.N.G. Blocks</strong> craft made by <strong>Montay D</strong>.&nbsp; As the second place winner, Montay will receive a $25 gift certificate to use in the <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime&#39;s Online Store">Lifetime Online Store</a>.&nbsp; Be sure to check out how to make the S.P.R.I.N.G. Blocks by<a target="_blank" href="" title="S.P.R.I.N.G. Blocks craft directions"> clicking here</a>.</p> <p>Thanks again to all of our contestants and a huge thank you to all of YOU who voted to decide the winner!&nbsp; </p> <p>Oh, and just a reminder, if you&#39;re a scrapbook fan, you still have until tomorrow (Saturday, April 24) for another chance to win some more FREE Lifetime tables.&nbsp; In conjunction with National Scrapbooking Day, Creative Memories is giving away a Lifetime table on their <a target="_blank" href="" title="National Scrapbooking Day giveaway details">Free4Me Blog</a>!&nbsp; We&#39;ll also be announcing a special coupon code for $15 off ANY table purchase in our <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime&#39;s Online Store">Lifetime Online Store</a> to our <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime&#39;s Facebook page">Facebook</a> and <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime&#39;s Twitter account">Twitter</a> followers on May 1.&nbsp; So, if you aren&#39;t following us yet, now is the perfect time to start!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan23 Apr 2010 1:43:00 PMCelebrating Earth Day<p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Earth Day is one of those things I&nbsp;learned about in elementary school. I remember running home to tell my mom that each drop of water we waste actually becomes a gallon of wasted water for the earth!&nbsp;Like my mom reacted at the time, I now don't think that's true. My&nbsp;first grade brain&nbsp;must have exaggerated the concept.&nbsp;For this year's&nbsp;Earth Day, I decided to volunteer at the <a href="" target="_blank">local nature center's</a> event, helping with a craft table for children making <a title="Learn how to make them!" href="" target="_blank">magazine&nbsp;bead necklaces</a>. Lots of fun!&nbsp;Volunteers before me had made thousands of beads and even sorted them by color. Looking around, I spotted a couple Lifetime tables. I asked one of the vendors a little about her booth then let her know I work for the company who made her table. She immediatley beamed "I love this table!"&nbsp;and went on to say that she bought it for a&nbsp;certain purpouse but uses it for everything. Needless to say, my heart swelled a little with pride.</p> <p>At Lifetime, I like to say that we're a little greener than you think.&nbsp;I know&nbsp;almost&nbsp;all of our&nbsp;engineers personally, and&nbsp;know that they work&nbsp;hard to create products that are built to last and won't end up in landfills.&nbsp;Lifetime's High Density Plastic (HDPE)&nbsp;products are also 100% recycleable.&nbsp;At Lifetime, we also re-grind the excess plastic and defunct plastic parts, and use the regrind in other plastic products. Many of our black plastic products, including the <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime wheelbarrow</a> tub are made from 100% recycled material. Most recently, Lifetime always recycles the steel we use, and we have&nbsp;recently been trying various ways to recycle cardboard used in our factory too. Lifetime&nbsp;also has a strict policy to never let liquid&nbsp;from machines out of the facility, where they&nbsp;seep into&nbsp;the drainage system.&nbsp;</p> <p>Earth Day is all about appreciating the natural resources we have and finding ways to&nbsp;protect them. It's a good remider for us all, companies and families, to try a <a title="Read about 10 ways to celebrate Earth Day" href="" target="_blank">few small things</a> every day that might make a big difference. &nbsp;</p>Katie22 Apr 2010 4:53:00 PMTake a seat. How Lifetime Chairs Compare.<p>Lifetime makes several <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime folding chairs">different styles of folding chairs</a>. The two most popular are our original Contoured Folding Chair and our newer Contemporary Folding Chair.&nbsp;&nbsp; I happen to own both of them, so I thought I would take a few up-close photos to show you how they stack&hellip; uh, I mean fold&hellip;up to each other.</p> <p>First, if you&#39;ve never sat in a Lifetime folding chair, you should.&nbsp; Lifetime has conducted numerous focus groups and consumer surveys where we line up various styles of folding chairs&hellip;ours, metal, padded, etc.&nbsp; While the Lifetime chair may not look comfortable, once people take a seat, they quickly change their mind.</p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Why are Lifetime chairs so comfortable?&nbsp; Easy.&nbsp; First and foremost - size.&nbsp; Take a look at this first picture.&nbsp; See?&nbsp; A Lifetime folding chair is significantly wider and taller than a standard folding chair you purchase with a card table set.&nbsp; (I will warn you though, while bigger is better for comfort, keep in mind it can be a negative when it comes to storage or transporting.)&nbsp; Second, as the name implies, Lifetime&#39;s chairs are contoured for comfort.&nbsp; Yes, we&#39;ve conducted extensive research and tests to determine the most ergonomical curves for a folding chair.&nbsp; Sit in our chairs next time you see one in a store and I think you&#39;ll agree.<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a></p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>So, that brings me back to my original topic.&nbsp; What&#39;s the difference between a <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime Contoured chair">Lifetime Contoured Folding Chair</a> and a <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime contemporary chair">Lifetime Contemporary Folding Chair</a>?&nbsp; Quite frankly, it&#39;s mainly just a personal preference for looks.&nbsp; Both chairs are manufactured with the same high-density polyethylene plastic seat and back, and powder-coated steel frame.&nbsp; They both meet BIFMA strength standards and feature a 10-year limited warranty. </p> <p>As far as design, the contoured chair features a more curved/rounded edge back and seat. The seat back also includes a molded handle to make it easier to carry or move.&nbsp; The contemporary chair has a more, well, contemporary look.&nbsp; It&#39;s edges are straight, rather than curved and the seat bottom flares slightly upwards for a more modern design.&nbsp; The contemporary chair weighs just slightly less and seems a bit easier to carry since it has a shorter seat back.</p> <p>Honestly, to me, since I have a smaller build, I can&#39;t tell much of a comfort difference when I sit on the chairs.&nbsp; However, my mother-in-law and husband both have chronic back problems.&nbsp; So, I asked them to take a test sit and see which chair felt better to them.&nbsp; Ironically, even though the contoured chair is contoured, they both felt the contemporary chair actually offered more back support for people with back problems because of where and how the seat back actual makes contact with your back.</p> <p>So, in a nutshell, the quality is the same and the size is pretty similar. The choice then comes down to one of design and color preference. Here are a few more side-by-side photos, as well as additional size comparisons.<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a></p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>Contoured Chair&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <strong>Contemporary Chair</strong><br />Total height&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;34.35&nbsp; inches&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 33.25 inches <br />Seat height&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 17.5 inches&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;17 inches<br />Seat width&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 18 inches&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;18 inches<br />Seat depth&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;20 inches&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;20 inches<br />Folded Thickness&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 5.43 inches&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 7 inches<br />Weight&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 11.3 pounds&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 10.5 pounds<br />Color options&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; white or almond&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; almond<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan21 Apr 2010 2:34:00 PMWin A Lifetime Table for National Scrapbooking Day!<p><a href=""></a></p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Do you love scrapbooking?&nbsp; If you shouted &quot;yes&quot;, then the folks over at Creative Memories want to hear from you! Simply visit the <a target="_blank" href="" title="Creative Memories Blog">Creative Memories Free4Me Blog</a> and leave a comment&nbsp;telling &quot;what you love about National Scrapbooking Day&quot; and you can win Lifetime tables!&nbsp; Easy as that.</p> <p>The best answer (judged by Creative Memories) will win a <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime chair">Lifetime folding chair</a> and <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime adjustable height table">4&#39; Adjustable Height Table</a>.&nbsp; Second place will win a <a target="_blank" href="" title="Buy a Lifetime Personal Table">Lifetime Personal Folding Table</a>&nbsp;and third place will win a $25 gift certificate to use at the <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime&#39;s online store">Lifetime Online Store</a>.&nbsp; Entry deadline is Saturday, April 24 and winners will be announced on Tuesday, April 27.&nbsp; </p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Also, in honor of the nationally-recognized National Scrapbooking Day on May 1, we&#39;ll be announcing an exclusive one-day-only scrapbooking discount good for $15 off ANY table purchase at <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime&#39;s Online Store">Lifetime&#39;s Online Store</a>!&nbsp; How can you learn about the code?&nbsp; We&#39;ll announce it on Twitter and Facebook so be sure to&nbsp; follow us on <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime&#39;s Twitter page">Twitter</a> and/or become our <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime&#39;s Facebook page">Facebook</a> fan!</p> <p>Oh, and speaking of giveaways, don&#39;t forget we have some crafty individuals who have entered their craft in our Favorite Spring Craft contest for a chance to win a Lifetime table.&nbsp; YOU get to decide the winner and voting ends this Thursday! <a target="_blank" href="" title="vote for your favorite Spring Craft blog">Check out the crafts</a> and vote for your favorite today!</p>Jan19 Apr 2010 10:00:00 AMVote for Your Favorite Spring Craft!<p><a href=""></a><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>It&#39;s time to start voting!&nbsp; Voting for our <a target="_blank" href="" title="Favorite Spring Craft Contest details">Spring Craft Contest</a> is now open, so help us pick Lifetime&#39;s April contest winner.&nbsp;&nbsp;Six people entered their favorite homemade Easter/Spring craft for a chance to win a Lifetime craft table package valued at $200 (which includes a <a target="_blank" href="" title="Buy a Lifetime 4&#39; adjustable table">Lifetime 4&#39; Adjustable Height Table</a>, a <a target="_blank" href="" title="Buy a Lifetime Personal Table">Lifetime Personal Table</a>, and 2 <a target="_blank" href="" title="Buy a Lifetime folding chair">Lifetime folding chairs</a>)!&nbsp; And YOU get to decide the winner!</p> <p>Below is the official list of entries.&nbsp; Click the name of each craft to visit the entrant&#39;s blog which shows a photo of the craft and step-by-step directions of how to make the craft. Have fun trying some of the new ideas, too!&nbsp; After you&#39;ve viewed them all, pick your favorite ONE craft and vote for it to win!&nbsp; </p> <h3>How to vote:</h3> <p><strong>Send an email to </strong><a href=""><strong></strong></a><strong> with your favorite craft name in the subject line.</strong>&nbsp; (Example would be &quot;vote: stuffed bunny&quot;.)&nbsp; That&#39;s it!&nbsp; Daily vote result updates will be given on our <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime Facebook page">Facebook</a> page.</p> <h3>The Rules:</h3> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Only 1 vote per email address<br />&bull;&nbsp;<strong>Voting will end Thursday, April 22 at midnight MST<br /></strong>&bull;&nbsp;Be sure to ask viewers of your site to vote for your craft.&nbsp; (Make it easy for them and include a link directly to this post!)&nbsp; And, don&#39;t forget to follow us on <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime Facebook page">Facebook</a> for daily announcements of who is in the lead!<br />&bull;&nbsp;Winners will be announced on Friday, April 23.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; o&nbsp;Most votes wins <strong>1st place</strong> - Lifetime craft table package<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; o&nbsp;Second two most votes wins <strong>2nd&nbsp; place</strong> - $25 <a href=""></a> gift certificate</p> <p><a target="_blank" href="">Donut Bunnies</a> </p> <p><a target="_blank" href="">Flip-flop Door Hanger</a> </p> <p><a target="_blank" href="">Paper Covered Letters</a> </p> <p><a target="_blank" href="">S.P.R.I.N.G Blocks</a> </p> <p><a target="_blank" href="">Poopy Ducks</a> </p> <p><a target="_blank" href="">Egg Shell Photo Frames</a> </p> <p>Now start looking at these crafts and vote!</p>Jan16 Apr 2010 6:38:00 AMFavorite Spring Craft Contest EXTENDED!<h2 class="MsoListParagraphCxSpFirst"><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>This contest has ended.</h2> <p class="MsoListParagraphCxSpFirst">Today I was supposed write a blog post and tell you to get busy voting for your Favorite Spring Craft.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>But, guess what? Instead, I'm announcing that we're extending the contest entry deadline! The original contest&nbsp;was&nbsp;during the Easter holiday which is a very busy time for many crafters and bloggers.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>So, we're going to extend the contest one more week to allow more of you to enter your crafts!<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp;</span></p> <p>(Oh, and don't forget, even if you don't enter, we're still giving everyone a discount!&nbsp; Use coupon code EASTER to save $5 off any purchase at <a title="" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime's online store</a>. (Offer ends April&nbsp;13 at midnight. MST)</p> <p>Here are all of the contest details again, including the NEW dates:</p> <p>This contest is reader&rsquo;s choice. After the entry deadline, we'll let our readers vote for their favorite craft out of all the submissions.&nbsp;&nbsp;The 1st place winner will win a&nbsp;craft table package valued at $200&nbsp;which includes: a <span style="color:windowtext;text-decoration:none;text-underline:none;"><a title="Lifetmie 4' adjustable height table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4' Adjustable Height&nbsp;Table</a></span>, a<span style="color:windowtext;text-decoration:none;text-underline:none;"> <a title="Lifetime Time Personal Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Personal Table</a></span>, and 2&nbsp;<span style="color:windowtext;text-decoration:none;text-underline:none;"><a title="Lifetime folding chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime&nbsp;Folding&nbsp;Chairs</a></span>!&nbsp; The 2nd place winner will receive a $25 gift certificate for <span style="color:windowtext;text-decoration:none;text-underline:none;"><a title="" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime's online store</a></span>.</p> <p>This month's contest requires that you have a blog or website.&nbsp; If you don't have one, unfortunately, you can't <em><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';">enter</span></em> this month's contest.&nbsp; BUT, you can <em>vote</em>for your favorite craft!&nbsp; Be sure to check back on April 16 to view all of the creative entries and vote for your favorite to win.&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>How to enter your craft:</strong></p> <ol> <li class="MsoNormal" style="line-height:normal;margin:0in 0in 10pt;mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo1;tab-stops:list .5in;">Post a picture of your own Spring/Easter craft creation AND step-by-step directions of how to make your craft on your own blog or website.&nbsp;&nbsp; </li> <li class="MsoNormal" style="line-height:normal;margin:0in 0in 10pt;mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo1;tab-stops:list .5in;">Mention in your craft directions that you are entering the "Lifetime Products Spring Craft Contest" with a link to this blog post.&nbsp; (Don&rsquo;t forget to also tell readers of your blog to be sure to vote for your craft. Voting begins April 16.) </li> <li class="MsoNormal" style="line-height:normal;margin:0in 0in 10pt;mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo1;tab-stops:list .5in;">Leave a comment on this Spring Craft Contest blog post with: </li> </ol> <ul> <li class="MsoNormal" style="line-height:normal;margin:0in 0in 10pt;mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto;mso-list:l1 level1 lfo2;tab-stops:list .5in;">your name </li> <li class="MsoNormal" style="line-height:normal;margin:0in 0in 10pt;mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto;mso-list:l1 level1 lfo2;tab-stops:list .5in;">the name of your craft </li> <li class="MsoNormal" style="line-height:normal;margin:0in 0in 10pt;mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto;mso-list:l1 level1 lfo2;tab-stops:list .5in;">and a link to your own blog post/website showing your craft photo and directions&nbsp; <br /><br /><strong><em>Deadline to enter is Thursday, April&nbsp;15 at midnight MST.</em></strong>&nbsp; All information and steps above <em>must</em> be&nbsp;completed&nbsp;for an&nbsp;entry to be eligible.&nbsp; <a title="Official Contest Rules" href="" target="_blank">Click here</a> for official contest rules.</li> </ul> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>How to vote:</strong></p> <ul> <li class="MsoNormal" style="line-height:normal;margin:0in 0in 10pt;mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto;mso-list:l2 level1 lfo3;tab-stops:list .5in;">On Friday, April&nbsp;16 we will post a new blog post listing all of the entries and complete voting instructions.&nbsp; </li> <li class="MsoNormal" style="line-height:normal;margin:0in 0in 10pt;mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto;mso-list:l2 level1 lfo3;tab-stops:list .5in;">Voting will end Thursday, April 22 at midnight MST.&nbsp; Winners will be announced on Friday, April 23.<br />1st place - Lifetime craft table package<br />2nd place- $25 <a href=""></a> gift certificate </li> </ul> <p class="MsoNormal">(By participating and submitting your craft, you agree to give Lifetime permission to use your craft and your name on our website in our <a title="Lifetime Tips and Solutions" href="" target="_blank">Tips &amp; Solutions</a> section in the future if we desire. What a great way to show off your creative crafty skills, huh?)</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="line-height:115%;font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;">&nbsp;</span></p>Jan09 Apr 2010 10:34:00 AMTable Washing Can Be &quot; Eggstremely&quot; Fun<p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Happy Easter!&nbsp; I hope you are enjoying this beautiful, special day.&nbsp; Yesterday we finally managed to find time to let the kids dye Easter eggs&hellip; just in time for the Easter bunny to hide them this morning.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; My kids had been begging me to do this for days so I knew they were going to be wound up and over-anxious for the activity.&nbsp; I wasn&#39;t too keen on the thought of dye possibly getting spilled on my kitchen rug.&nbsp; So, since the weather was absolutely gorgeous, I grabbed my <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime Personal Table">Lifetime Personal Table</a> and egg dyeing supplies and we headed outside where messes are always welcome.</p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>I placed the little cups of dye on the <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime kids&#39; picnic table">kids&#39; picnic table</a> and I set my <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime Personal Table">Lifetime Personal Table</a> at the lowest height right next to the picnic table to hold the rest of the supplies so the kids would have plenty of room to move around.&nbsp; They had fun coloring their names on the eggs, adding stickers and rubber bands, and experimenting with color combinations.&nbsp; But, I think the real fun came AFTER we were done dyeing eggs.&nbsp; We had more than a few spills, so the tables needed a good washing.&nbsp; And, since it was sunny and almost&nbsp; 80 degrees, it was a perfect day to don the swimming suits!&nbsp; Armed with a sponge, a bucket of soapy water and a hose, my&nbsp; kids eagerly went right to work.&nbsp; That&#39;s what I love about <a target="_blank" href="" title="about Lifetime tables">Lifetime tables</a>&hellip;simply use a little soap and elbow grease and the mess washes right off, even Easter egg dye!&nbsp; And, yes, you guessed it, the cleaning quickly turned into an entire afternoon of good old fashioned water fight fun!<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>&nbsp; </p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Obviously, coloring Easter eggs wasn&#39;t anything original.&nbsp; But, if YOU were more creative and helped your kids make a cute and original Easter or Spring craft, don&#39;t forget to enter it in our <strong><a target="_blank" href="" title="Favorite Spring Craft Contest details">Favorite Spring Craft contest</a></strong> for your chance to win a <a target="_blank" href="" title="Favorite Spring Craft contest details">Lifetime Craft Table package</a> worth $200!&nbsp; Entries must be submitted by Thursday, April 8.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan04 Apr 2010 12:00:00 PMFavorite Spring Craft Contest: WIN A Craft Table Package!<h3><a target="_blank" href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>This contest has ended!</h3> <p>Surprise!&nbsp; We just finished our <a target="_blank" href="" title="March contest results">March contest</a> last week, and here we are again already announcing April&#39;s contest.&nbsp; We have a good reason for starting so soon&hellip;it&#39;s a Spring contest!&nbsp; Ok, really it&#39;s Spring and/or Easter.</p> <p>This month we&#39;re giving prizes to two winners...and that&#39;s <em>not</em> an April Fool&#39;s Day joke!&nbsp;&nbsp; So, time to put on your creative hat and <strong>show us your own favorite homemade Spring/Easter craft</strong>.&nbsp; It can be any sort of craft&hellip;paint it, sew it, stuff it&hellip;.make it for you, make it for kids&hellip;hang it on a door, or put it on your table.&nbsp; We don&#39;t care what type of craft it is, just as long as it&#39;s original, creative, and related to Spring and/or Easter.</p> <p>This contest is reader&rsquo;s choice. After the entry deadline, we&#39;ll let our readers vote for their favorite craft out of all the submissions.&nbsp;&nbsp;The 1st place winner will win a&nbsp;craft table package valued at $200&nbsp;which includes: a <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime 4&#39; Adjustable Height Table">Lifetime 4&#39; Adjustable Height&nbsp;Table</a>, a<a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime Personal Table"> Lifetime Personal Table</a>, and 2&nbsp;<a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime Folding Chairs">Lifetime&nbsp;Folding&nbsp;Chairs</a>!&nbsp; The 2nd place winner will receive a $25 gift certificate for <a target="_blank" href="" title="">Lifetime&#39;s online store</a>.</p> <p>This month&#39;s contest requires that you have a blog or website.&nbsp; If you don&#39;t have one, unfortunately, you can&#39;t <em>enter</em> this month&#39;s contest.&nbsp; BUT, you can <em>vote </em>for your favorite craft!&nbsp; Be sure to check back on April 9 to view all of the creative entries and vote for your favorite to win.&nbsp; And, even if you can&#39;t enter, we&#39;re still giving everyone a discount!&nbsp; Use coupon code EASTER to save $5 off any purchase at <a target="_blank" href="" title="">Lifetime&rsquo;s online store</a>. (Offer ends April&nbsp;13 at midnight. MST)</p> <h3>How to enter your craft:</h3> <ol> <li>Post a picture of your own Spring/Easter craft creation AND step-by-step directions of how to make your craft on your own blog or website.&nbsp;&nbsp; </li> <li>Mention in your craft directions that you are entering the &quot;Lifetime Products Spring Craft Contest&quot; with a link to this blog post.&nbsp; (Don&rsquo;t forget to also tell readers of your blog to be sure to vote for your craft. Voting begins April 9.)</li> <li>Leave a comment on this Spring Craft Contest blog post with:</li> </ol> <ul> <li>your name</li> <li>the name of your craft</li> <li>and a link to your own blog post/website showing your craft photo and directions&nbsp; <br /><br /><strong><em>Deadline to enter is Thursday, April&nbsp;8 at midnight MST.</em></strong>&nbsp; All information and steps above <em>must</em> be&nbsp;completed&nbsp;for an&nbsp;entry to be eligible.&nbsp; <a target="_blank" href="" title="Official Contest Rules">Click here</a> for official contest rules.</li> </ul> <h3>How to vote:</h3> <ul> <li>On Friday, April&nbsp;9 we will post a new blog post listing all of the entries and complete voting instructions.&nbsp; </li> <li>Voting will end Tuesday, April 13 at midnight MST.&nbsp; Winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 14.<br />1st place - Lifetime craft table package<br />2nd place- $25 <a href=""></a> gift certificate</li> </ul> <p>(By participating and submitting your craft, you agree to give Lifetime permission to use your craft and your name on our website in our <a target="_blank" href="" title="Lifetime Tips and Solutions">Tips &amp; Solutions</a> section in the future if we desire. What a great way to show off your creative crafty skills, huh?)<br />&emsp;</p>Jan30 Mar 2010 6:45:00 PMProduct Safety Testing<p><a href=""></a>A visit to the Testing Lab at Lifetime Products is like a scene from the Nutty Professor... robotic arms at work, the sound of weights crashing onto chairs, the smell of strange chemicals....&nbsp; Slip on your safety glasses-- you&#39;ll want to see this! </p> <p>Since we rigorously test every single product we manufacture, the testing lab is always bustling. With over 200 products and many more prototypes,&nbsp;our testing lab engineers are constantly whacking, swinging, and smashing-- to make sure each product meets our high standards. All of Lifetime&rsquo;s products are tested for strength and safety-- new designs and redesigns of our products. New designs are tested over and over again, and the testing lab engineering work closely with the design engineers, giving data and feedback that improves the product. Even the most common products undergo this process. One great example&nbsp;is our <a target="_blank" href="">folding chairs</a>. Think about the impact that your folding chairs endure... constant weight on the seat and back, cloth and skin rubbing the surface, strain on the hinges, and weathering from going outdoors and indoors.<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a></p> <p>Some of the tests that are applied to Lifetime&#39;s folding chairs are impact, weathering, and strain. For&nbsp;example,&nbsp;one&nbsp;impact test uses&nbsp;heavy weights that are dropped repeatedly on the chair seat. Most Lifetime chairs stand up to this abuse for 100,000 cycles! The weathering tests are done by placing the chair in heavy UV-lights and exposing them&nbsp;to water and salt for long periods of time.&nbsp;This chair, like many&nbsp;Lifetime chairs, are tested to meet BIFMA business and institutional furniture manufactures association standards. This means the are all thoroughly tested relative to safety durability and structural performance-- making most Lifetime Folding&nbsp;chairs durable and&nbsp;safe for commerical-use. With over 17 million folding chairs sold worldwide, Lifetime has only had 4&nbsp;reported&nbsp;safety incidents.&nbsp;</p> <p>The folding chair is just one simple, yet cool example of what goes on in our testing lab. Since here at Lifetime we make many other products that are meant to last outdoors, our engineers perform some much more creative tests for envrionmental factors.&nbsp;Some recent things the&#39;ve been up to: permanent marker stains and removal on plastic, wind tests up to 80 MPH on our <a target="_blank" href="">storage sheds</a>, flammability of plastic, snow loading on <a target="_blank" href="">storage sheds</a>, and swing tests on our <a target="_blank" href="">metal swing sets</a> (not as much fun as it sounds... they place weights on the swings instead of engineers). As Lifetime continues to research, re-engineer and invent new products that make everyday life easier, the way we test products is ever-changing! Which means more creativity, simulation, and of course, science! Now finally, time for an evil laugh-- Bwwwahh ha ha! Thanks for visiting the lab.<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a></p>Katie10 Mar 2010 10:00:00 AMHeat Up Your Fundraising with a Workplace Chili Cook-Off<p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>A few weeks ago, my husband&#39;s squadron hosted their annual Chili Cook-Off. Our chili cook-off is simply an excuse for a fun get-together.&nbsp; But, a lunchtime chili cook-off contest is also a popular way to brew up some extra fundraising money for your organization. Follow these simple tips and your fundraiser will be easy as banging a pot.</p> <p><strong>Find Your Cooks</strong><br />Make a sign-up sheet for people to participate in the cook-off.&nbsp; If you are going to invite the public or other organizations to attend, consider recruiting local politicians and business leaders to make a pot of their favorite chili. </p> <p><strong>Find Your Judges</strong><br />If you are keeping your contest within your workplace, simply draw names out of a hat to pick impartial judges.&nbsp; If you are hosting a more public event, ask well-known community leaders to lend a hand, or actually tongue, to your event.&nbsp; </p> <p><strong>What to Judge<br /></strong>Determine the award categories such as hottest, best tasting, best consistency, and best aroma.&nbsp; You can also try spicing things up a bit by adding some creative categories like&nbsp; most bizarre tasting, best cook&rsquo;s costume, best named chili, etc.&nbsp;&nbsp; (To help save the judges&rsquo; taste buds, consider limiting the categories to five!)&nbsp; Have the judges arrive prior to the luncheon starting so they can do the taste testing before guests arrive then post signs in front of each chili pot so guests know who the judges deemed as the winners.</p> <p><strong>What to Award</strong><br />You can award small cash prizes, certificates, company products etc.&nbsp; Or, if it is a public contest, consider asking businesses to donate more substantial prizes and trophies.&nbsp; </p> <p><strong>How to Set Up</strong><br />Set up a <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime 4&#39; table">Lifetime 4-Foot Folding Table</a> and <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy Lifetime folding chairs">chair </a>at the door of your event to use as your cashier stand.&nbsp; Next, line up <a target="_blank" href="" title="Buy a Lifeitme 6&#39; adjustable table">Lifetime 6-Foot Adjustable Height Tables</a> end-to-end set at the tallest countertop height to use as your chili buffet line. </p> <p>Depending on the size of your room and number of you guests you are expecting, set up Lifetime tables and chairs throughout the room for guests to eat. For easy workplace contests, line up your <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy Lifetime picnic tables">Lifetime picnic tables</a> or <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime 6&#39; table">Lifetime 6-Foot banquet tables</a> from your break room to make a cafeteria style dining area.&nbsp; To give a classier feel to your cook-off, use <a target="_blank" href="" title="Buy a Lifetime 5&#39; round table">Lifetime 5-Foot Round tables</a> with colorful tablecloths.</p> <p><strong>What to Serve</strong><br />In addition to the award-winning batches of chili, consider offering a drink and desert to make a complete meal.&nbsp; Don&rsquo;t forget to have popular chili toppings available such as beans, rice, corn bread, tortillas, saltine crackers, cheddar cheese, onion, garlic, hot sauce, and sour cream.</p> <p><strong>What to Charge</strong><br />If it is a workplace fundraiser, establish a set price for people to attend the cook-off luncheon such as $5.00.&nbsp; However, if you are opening the event to the public, you may find that you will raise a lot more money if you simply ask for donations.</p> <p>Chili cook-offs should be fun and easy. And, if all goes well, it may just turn into an annual lunchtime competition.&nbsp;&nbsp; This year&rsquo;s winner can be next year&rsquo;s head judge.&nbsp; No matter whether you make your cook-off fundraiser a big or small event, it&rsquo;s bound to be one hot time! </p>Jan02 Mar 2010 9:18:00 AMSmall Space Entertaining<p><a href=""></a><img src="" alt="DinnerParty1_11x17.jpg" width="150" height="232" />Living in a small space doesn&rsquo;t mean you can&rsquo;t entertain family and friends comfortably. With a bit of thought and preparation, you can host enjoyable gatherings no matter the size of your house or apartment. In a small space a simple approach is best, so take note of these 8 tips to get you up and running in no time.</p> <p><strong>Un-clutter:</strong> Move furniture and large plants to the sides of your rooms to create more floor space. Keep it simple by removing any clutter, knick-knacks, etc. to give a more open feel. Use as much natural light as possible.</p> <p><strong>Open up:</strong> If you have outdoor space like a terrace, patio, deck or small backyard, use it. Leave your patio door open and set-up a seating group or table and chairs to increase space.</p> <p><strong>Fill it up:</strong> If your place will hold 10 people, invite 16-18. It is unusual for every invited guest to be able to attend. Ask for an RSVP to help with your planning.</p> <p><strong>Be creative:</strong> Use floor cushions for extra seating. Utilize end tables, desks, etc. for serving space.</p> <p><strong>Simplify:</strong> If you have a tiny kitchen, prepare easy recipes you can make in advance. Consider purchasing an inexpensive hotplate to use for an extra burner. Fill in your menu with some fantastic purchased food. This will simplify your event and help you to enjoy yourself.</p> <p><strong>Create food &amp; drink stations:</strong> Consider serving drinks and finger foods instead of a sit-down dinner.&nbsp; Set up Lifetime<a title="Personal Folding Table" href="" target="_blank"> Personal Folding Tables</a> around your area. The table is incredibly functional for using in small spaces. Another advantage? They fold flat and take up very little storage space.</p> <p><strong>Use what you have:</strong> To accommodate a larger number of guests, consider hosting an open house with staggered times on the invitations or utilize community space like a barbecue area that your apartment or association may have available.</p> <p><strong>Think vertical:</strong> If you have white dishes, use those along with any stemware you may have. Fill some of your stemware with spiced nuts, olives, snacks and place in different areas. Use space-saving tiered serving trays or plate racks. For a sit-down dinner, decorate the dining table in a simple color palette and place small mirrors on the table (from a craft or hardware store) with votive candles. Use additional votive holders to float single flower blooms or citrus slices for an elegant look.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>admin22 Feb 2010 2:17:00 PMPlanning a Super Bowl Party!<p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Super Bowl Sunday is a fine excuse to throw a great party. You and your guests can cheer on a favorite team, laugh together at outrageous Super Bowl commercials and last but not least, catch up while enjoying the all-important food and drink. Follow these tips to plan a fun, casual Super Bowl Party:</p> <ul> <li>Make your guest list and invite your friends with a football-themed e-vite. They can RSVP and get maps to your home online.</li> <li>Purchase football-themed party goods and decorations at a party supply store. Pick up napkins, plates, cups, streamers, etc in your team&rsquo;s colors. If you are on a tight budget, concentrate your decorating on the table where the food will be served.</li> <li>Prepare the Chili Boats with Fixin&rsquo;s the day before the Super bowl and simply re-heat. These savory chili boats are tempting because guests can customize their own bowl with corn chips, cheddar cheese, sour cream, cilantro and fresh sliced jalapenos. Enjoy this easy recipe from my book, Easy Entertaining for Beginners. Add a crunchy salad and a few sweets such as fudgy brownies, chewy cookies or cupcakes decorated with a football theme.</li> <li>Ask each guest to bring their all-time favorite munchies for your snack table. Set up Lifetime&rsquo;s&nbsp;<a title="Card Table" href="" target="_blank">37" Card Table</a> in the room where the main television is located. Some snack suggestions: guacamole, 7 layer dip, chips, and nachos, hot wings with blue cheese dressing, sushi, taquitos, and pot stickers.</li> <li>For beverages, offer an assortment of soda, juice and bottled water.</li> <li>Spoil your guests by setting up a second television in the kitchen or dining room by the main buffet table so no one will miss any of the game action.</li> </ul> <p><strong>Chili Boats with All the Fixins</strong><br />Serves 8<br />2 tablespoons vegetable oil<br />2 pounds ground boneless beef chuck<br />1 large white onion, chopped<br />1 green bell pepper, seeds removed, chopped<br />4 cloves garlic, chopped<br />1 can (28 ounces) crushed tomatoes<br />1 tablespoon ground cumin<br />1 1/2 tablespoons dried oregano<br />1/4 cup chili powder<br />1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper<br />2 cups (one 14-ounce can) beef broth (soup aisle)<br />1 tablespoon salt<br />2 cans (15 ounces each) small red beans (pinquitos) or pinto beans<br />Freshly ground black pepper<br />1 bag (9 3/4 ounces) Fritos corn chips</p> <p><strong>Toppings<br /></strong>3 cups shredded Cheddar cheese<br />2 cups sour cream<br />2 limes cut into wedges<br />3 large jalape&ntilde;o chilies, sliced<br />1/2 cup chopped cilantro</p> <p>In a large Dutch oven or pot, heat the vegetable oil and brown the ground chuck. Drain the fat from the meat by carefully holding the lid with potholders slightly askew and pouring the fat into a mug. (Don&rsquo;t pour it down the sink). Add the onion and green pepper and cook, stirring, for 4 to 5 minutes. Add the garlic and cook for 1 minute more. Stir in the tomatoes, cumin, oregano, chili powder, cayenne pepper, beef broth, and 1 tablespoon salt. Simmer for 1 hour over low heat. Add the beans and salt and pepper to taste and simmer for 5 minutes.<br />To serve, put a handful of Fritos in the bottom of a bowl. Top with a ladleful of chili and let guests add their own toppings.</p>admin27 Jan 2010 5:10:00 PMAmbassador Huntsman Tours Lifetime China Facility and EcoHouse<p><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Last week, I had the honor of traveling to Xiamen, China, to show our factory and new EcoHousing Initiative to Jon Huntsman Jr., previous governor of Utah and current Ambassador to China. The tour of our Xiamen facility was well organized and I could not be more pleased with the way things turned out.</p> <p>A bit of history. In 2008, we opened a wholly-owned and operated facility in Xiamen, China. This means we have tight control over product quality. This is a huge distinction and big advantage over imitation "Lifetime" products made in China by other companies. By having our own manufacturing facility overseas, we can be more globally competitive and more effectively and profitably manage our international sales and distribution to the more than 52 countries we sell products to worldwide. Being wholly-owned also means the facility, the equipment, the products, and the employees are all Lifetime's &mdash; making Lifetime more profitable overall. That profit comes back to benefit everyone in the company, in our Utah community, and all of our customers. Staying competitive with companies manufacturing overseas makes us more profitable, which is essential to maintaining our Clearfield, Utah factory, which is our largest manufacturing facility and our corporate headquarters.</p> <p>It was a pleasure to show Ambassador Huntsman our Xiamen facility and tell him about our manufacturing operations, goals, and our great employees on both sides of the ocean. It was also very exciting to show him the Lifetime EcoHouse that we are manufacturing 100% in our Utah factory and hear his thoughts on our entire EcoHousing Initiative. The Ambassador sent this message after his visit:</p> <blockquote>"The management and employees at Lifetime have created what could be a revolutionary approach to dealing with humanitarian needs across the globe. I compliment them on running a quality business and maintaining a sense of innovation that could benefit others globally."</blockquote> <p>We hope this amazing high-level international exposure for the EcoHouse can help us get this new product global attention. This is a great innovation that will be manufactured in Utah and shipped around the world to improve people's lives. It will take time to get started, but the potential is endless and can help us keep jobs in Utah while helping others.</p> <p>You can read more about our EcoHousing Initiative at <a title="Lifetime EcoHouse" href="" target="_blank"></a>. As Lifetime continues to grow into an international company, we always strive to do right by our employees, our community, and our customers. I'm proud to be part of this new initiative and all the continuous improvements at Lifetime Products. I look forward to the many good things that lie on the horizon.</p>Richard Hendrickson26 Jan 2010 8:00:00 AMCreating a Home Workspace<p><a href=""></a>Where do you pay bills? In a recent survey of my newsletter readers, 43% said they pay bills in their home office/study/den and 45% said they pay bills in the kitchen, living room, dining room or bedroom (the remaining 12% pay bills outside the home).</p> <p>Having a designated home office space makes it simpler and easier to handle incoming mail and paperwork, organize bill paying, and manage your household. But what if you don&rsquo;t have an entire room that you can dedicate for your workspace? In many homes, the kitchen or dining room table does double duty as a home office. The biggest hitch with this solution is that papers tend to accumulate on the table, leaving nowhere for the family to eat!&nbsp; It&rsquo;s not just you who needs to pay bills and manage mail; your children also need a place to do their homework.</p> <p>What if you could quickly set up a workstation whenever you need it?&nbsp;A <a title="buy a Lifetime folding table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime&nbsp;folding table</a>&nbsp;can be set up anywhere in minutes. You can easily move it if you need to or fold it up and store it out of the way. Alternatively, you can set it up in the living room, bedroom or guest room and hide it behind a freestanding room divider to create a more private and semi-permanent workspace. If you need more than one workstation for students, set them up back to back!</p> <p>Store paper, pens, and other office supplies in a portable, lidded bin that you can pull out when you need it and put back when you&rsquo;re done. Put papers in an accordion style folder or crate that accommodates hanging files or stash the papers in a rolling file cart. All of these items (even the desk!) can be stored in a closet.&nbsp;&nbsp; File only what you really need to file. Research has proven that 80 percent of what is filed is never looked at again. Ask yourself: Do I need it for tax or legal reasons? If not, toss it. Most everything else you can get again pretty easily if and when you ever need it.</p>admin13 Jan 2010 9:00:00 AMJanuary is National Puzzle Month<p>I was just reading the latest issue of <a target="_blank" href="" title="January BHG"><em>Better Homes &amp; Gardens</em></a> magazine and noticed that January is National Puzzle Month.&nbsp; Who knew?&nbsp; For the life of me, I can&#39;t find any information regarding who actually declared this celebration or started it, but I&#39;ll go along with it.&nbsp; (If you know the background, leave us a comment and please share!)</p> <p><a href=""></a><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Personally, I LOVE jigsaw puzzles.&nbsp; In fact, my husband and I put one together every year as part of our Christmas traditions.&nbsp; This year was no different.&nbsp; I set up my <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime card table">Lifetime card table</a> and <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy Lifetime folding chairs">Lifetime folding chairs</a> in our living room and we started our masterpiece.&nbsp; This was my first year using our new Lifetime card table for our annual puzzle tradition and it worked great.&nbsp; The <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime card table">Lifetime card table</a> is extra big (37&quot; compared to most card tables that are 33&quot; or 34&quot;) which means there was ample assembly space, even with all of the 1000 pieces scattered around.&nbsp; I also liked how easily the puzzle pieces slid around on the Lifetime plastic tabletop compared to our old vinyl tabletop where the pieces sometimes seemed to stick a bit.&nbsp; </p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Even though I only put a puzzle together once a year, for some reason I still buy a new puzzle every year.&nbsp; (Not sure why, it&#39;s not like I&#39;ll remember how all the pieces go together!) Sometimes I pick a puzzle based on its difficulty - I think the hardest one I&#39;ve ever done was a two-sided puzzle.&nbsp; Other times, I pick a puzzle based on the picture itself - my favorite puzzle was of a pilot in his flight suit showing his young son his airplane.&nbsp; Since my husband is an Air Force fighter pilot, we actually framed that puzzle for my son&#39;s room. (You can buy puzzle glue at your local craft store.&nbsp; It&#39;s an easy process, just follow the directions on the bottle.)&nbsp; </p> <p>The past two years, however, I purchased an <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy an I Spy puzzle">&quot;I Spy&quot; puzzle</a> so my son could participate in the fun.&nbsp; After we assembled the puzzle, the box had clues for hidden pictures to find in the puzzle.&nbsp; After about three days, we finished our puzzle this year and found all of the hidden pictures after some hard searching.&nbsp; However, there was one thing we never did find&hellip;the missing piece of our puzzle!&nbsp; It was a brand new puzzle and somehow we were missing an edge piece!&nbsp; Weird. Good thing we didn&#39;t plan on framing this one.<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a></p> <p>So anyway, if you&#39;re looking for something to do these cold winter days, pull out your folding table and chairs and celebrate National Puzzle Month with your family.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan05 Jan 2010 7:30:00 PM5 Ways to Entertain Kids with A Folding Table<p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Christmas is over, the presents have been opened, and you still have one more week to entertain the kids before they head back to school!&nbsp; Dreading the boredom that&#39;s sure to hit soon? Being cooped up inside during the cold winter months can make kids (and parents) go stir crazy.&nbsp; If you&rsquo;ve run out of new play ideas to try, pull out your Lifetime folding table and read on.&nbsp;&nbsp; I&#39;ve put together a list of easy ideas that kids can do with each other, or the entire family can do together. And, no batteries or expensive toys and gadgets are required&hellip;it&rsquo;s just good old fashioned fun!&nbsp; You&rsquo;ll soon discover that with a little imagination a folding table can be much more than just a simple table!&nbsp; </p> <p><strong>1.&nbsp;Build a fort.</strong>&nbsp; Kids love to have their own &ldquo;secret&rdquo; place to hide.&nbsp; Set up a <a target="_blank" href="" title="Buy a Lifetime Card Table">Lifetime card table</a> and throw a large blanket or comforter over the top to create an instant clubhouse.&nbsp; Use couch cushions to make a tunnel entrance or a barricade around the fort.&nbsp; Give kids a flashlight, snacks, a radio, books ,etc. and they can have hours of fun in their new kid-sized hangout.</p> <p><strong>2.&nbsp;Make a puppet show.</strong>&nbsp; Unfold the legs of a <a target="_blank" href="" title="Buy a Lifetime table">Lifetime table</a> and lay the table on its side.&nbsp; Ta-da&hellip;a puppet stage playhouse.&nbsp; Kids can sit behind the table to hide from the audience while presenting their show.&nbsp; If you don&rsquo;t have actual puppets to use, be creative.&nbsp; Give them old socks, markers, paper and glue to make sock puppets. Or, simply use favorite stuffed animals and dolls.&nbsp; </p> <p><strong>3.&nbsp;Play table tennis</strong>.&nbsp; If your&nbsp;kiddos need an energy outlet, set up a <a target="_blank" href="" title="Buy a 6&#39; Lifetime folding table">Lifetime 6-Foot folding table </a>and draw a line down the middle (across the short side) using a dry erase marker.&nbsp; (Don&rsquo;t worry, it will wipe right off!).&nbsp; Buy some inexpensive ping-pong paddles and a ball and let your kids hit the ball back and forth using the line as an imaginary net.&nbsp; </p> <p><strong>4.&nbsp;Build an obstacle course.</strong>&nbsp; Set up your <a target="_blank" href="" title="about Lifetime tables">Lifetime tables</a> and <a target="_blank" href="" title="Buy Lifetime chairs">chairs</a> in various places around the room.&nbsp; Put your couch cushions and pillows on the floor, grab some balls and other items from around the house, and make your own indoor obstacle course.&nbsp; The possibilities are endless for how you design it and what rules you make&hellip;jump on one foot from cushion to cushion, crawl under the table, roll a ball under the chair and into a plastic water pitcher, etc.</p> <p><strong>5.&nbsp;Build a ramp or slide.</strong>&nbsp; Take your cushions off your couch.&nbsp; With the legs of your <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a 4&#39; Lifetime table">Lifetime 4-Foot Table</a> folded, lean the table on the couch to make a small ramp.&nbsp; Kids will love seeing how fast and far their cars will go down their ramp. Or, use it as a slide for stuffed bears and dolls.</p> <p>Have fun and leave us a comment if you an idea of your own you&#39;d like to share with other bored kids in need!&nbsp; :)</p>Jan28 Dec 2009 5:00:00 AM2 More People On Your Christmas List Who Need a Lifetime Table<p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" width="229" height="170" /></a><strong>1.&nbsp; The Kids</strong><br />Sure, kids love to get new toys for their Christmas.&nbsp; But more than that, most toddlers like things that are &ldquo;just like Mom and Dad&rsquo;s&rdquo;!&nbsp; Give them a <a title="buy a Lifetime kids' picnic table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Children&rsquo;s Picnic Table</a> so they can sit and eat at a table just their size and they&rsquo;ll soon be begging for dinnertime!&nbsp; And, just like the adult version, the plastic top and metal frame fold flat to hang on the wall for easy storage during the winter months.&nbsp; Oh, did we mention it&rsquo;s stain resistant? Even permanent marker, spaghetti sauce, or grape juice won&rsquo;t stain this table!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><a href=""></a><a href=""></a><strong>2. The Teacher<br /></strong>Looking for a unique gift for your child&rsquo;s teacher that she can use both in her classroom and at home?&nbsp; Give her a <a title="Buy a Lifetime Personal Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Personal Table</a>.&nbsp; It&rsquo;s inexpensive and with the three adjustable heights it can be used for an extra desk, as a podium, to hold graded papers, or to hold the class pet hamster cage!</p> <p>Looking for gift ideas for other people?&nbsp; Be sure to check out my previous blog post "<a title="3 people blog post" href="" target="_blank">3 People on Your Christmas List Who Need a Lifetime Table."</a>&nbsp; Happy shopping...only 15 days left!</p>Jan11 Dec 2009 11:37:00 AMHoliday Entertaining—Hosting an Open House<p><a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>The holidays always stimulate the desire to connect with people in my life that I have been meaning to spend time with all year long. A holiday open house is a drop-in event and is the perfect solution to have family, friends, co-workers and neighbors over for an afternoon of good food and warm hospitality. An open house gives your guests the option of choosing a time in the afternoon that fits into their busy holiday schedule and gives you the opportunity to catch up with many near and dear in one casual event.</p> <p>Follow these guidelines for the easiest and most delicious open house yet! Happy Holidays!</p> <ul> <li>Send your paper invitations 3-4 weeks in advance as social calendars around the holidays can fill up fast. Or send an e-vite via the internet. Guests can get all the information to your open house including a map to your home and can also RSVP online. </li> <li>Give a start and finish time on the invitations; usually 4-6 hours. If inviting a large number of guests, stagger the times on the invitations, i.e., half of the invitations-2-5 pm, the other half &ndash; 3-6 pm.</li> <li>Set up your Lifetime <a title="Fold-in-Half Tables" href="" target="_blank">Fold-in-Half Adjustable-Height Table</a> and decorate with this simple theme: Use a white tablecloth and red velvet ribbon. Make a large bow with streamers and set it on top a purchased swag of fresh, dark greens with red winter berries on the table. Tie utensils wrapped in white napkins with the red velvet ribbon. Place hurricanes with white candles wrapped in a length of the ribbon, being mindful of where they are placed for safety.</li> <li>Offer plenty of finger foods such as cheese platters, crudit&eacute;s with dip and spiced nuts. Make a bowl of punch and have bottled water, coffee or tea.</li> <li>Create a fuss-free menu by serving make-ahead recipes. Set out small serving dishes and replenish between guests for a fresh looking buffet. Save time by filling in your menu with some purchased items. Serve Christmas cookies on a tiered plate.</li> <li>Use warming trays and slow-cookers. Allow food sit out for no more than 2 hours.</li> <li>Set a casual, festive mood with holiday music such as Noel by Josh Grobin or A Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guaraldi (jazz). For comfort, have plenty of Lifetime <a title="Folding Chairs" href="" target="_blank">Folding Chairs</a> for guests to sit on.</li> </ul>admin08 Dec 2009 9:00:00 AM3 People On Your Christmas List Who Need a Lifetime Table<p><strong><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>1.&nbsp;The Hostess<br /></strong>Know a woman who has a knack for hosting dashing parties?&nbsp; Lend her an extra hand and give her the <a title="buy a Lifetime 4' adjustable height table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4-Foot Adjustable Height Table</a>.&nbsp; This table is a hostess&rsquo; dream.&nbsp; It&rsquo;s lightweight so she can easily set it up in advance by herself.&nbsp; Use it at the table height for extra adult dining space, set it at its lowest height for the kiddie table at family gatherings or birthday parties, or use it at the tall buffet height for a convenient and portable serving table.</p> <p><br />&nbsp;<br /><strong><a href=""></a><a href=""></a>2.&nbsp; The Craft Queen</strong><br />She can sew, she can scrapbook, she can arrange flowers, she can paint&hellip;you name it and she can make it.&nbsp; Give her a<a title="Buy a Lifetime 5' fold-in-half table" href="" target="_blank"> Lifetime 5-Foot Fold-in-Half Table</a> and she&rsquo;ll call it Craft Central Station.&nbsp; This table has just the right amount of room to spread out all of her supplies and still have room to work, yet it&rsquo;s still short enough to fit in smaller work areas. Plus, it folds in half for storage under a bed or in&nbsp;the car trunk to showcase her goods at the local craft fair!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p><strong><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>3.&nbsp; The Outdoorsman</strong><br />Men love to look the part when it comes to gadgets and gear.&nbsp; Help your man look like a camping veteran with the <a title="buy a Lifetime Camp table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Camp Table with Stove Rack</a>.&nbsp; No more balancing on stacks of logs - now he&rsquo;ll finally have a way put the stove at table height with all the food and condiments right beside it.&nbsp; Plus, the chrome stove rack has plenty of practical bells and whistles for him to impress his buddies like built-in utensil hooks, a paper towel holder and even garbage bag holders!</p>Jan07 Dec 2009 5:00:00 AMHappy Thanksgiving!<p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>We were fortunate to enjoy an early Thanksgiving dinner last weekend with our Air Force squadron family.&nbsp; A sampling of ingredients for our massive family feast:<br />2 turkey fryers<br />7 turkeys<br />8 <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime folding table">folding tables</a><br />20+ desserts<br />60+ people<br />A heaping cup of friendship</p> <p>No matter how big or small your celebration may be, I hope you enjoy a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a></p>Jan25 Nov 2009 5:00:00 PMTemporary Diaper Changing Table<p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Do you have guests with little ones coming to stay with you for the holidays?&nbsp; Fill ill-equipped to meet all the baby needs?&nbsp; Sometimes the little comforts of home can make a big difference when traveling with children who are used to routines.&nbsp; One easy way to accommodate your diaper-wearing visitors (and their parents) is to have a changing table set up in their room.&nbsp; Hold on, no need to run to the local baby store.&nbsp; Simply pull out your <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime table">Lifetime folding table</a>!&nbsp; Trust me, it works perfect! </p> <p>This summer when we were home visiting my parents, my mom set up her <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime 4&#39; table">Lifetime 4&#39; adjustable height fold-in-half table</a> in my daughter&#39;s room.&nbsp; We used it as a diaper changing table for my 2-year-old and the <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a 4&#39; fold-in-half table">4&#39; table</a> was the perfect size...we even had room to keep the wipes on the table, too.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; And, since Lifetime tables are plastic, if there happened to be a little &quot;oopsie&quot; while changing, it was no big deal!&nbsp; <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime folding table">Lifetime folding tables</a> are built strong and sturdy; however, they don&#39;t have any side barriers like a formal changing table so remember to always closely watch the baby so he/she won&#39;t roll off.</p>Jan21 Nov 2009 11:49:00 AMThanksgiving Kids' Table<p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Gathering extended family together on Thanksgiving Day adds quality to life. There is excitement in the air as guests start to arrive and greet each other and catch up. Children especially love to visit their cousins at the holidays. When entertaining, always keep in mind that invited children are guests too. Having an activity table for the kids that can double as a dining table can be invaluable at holiday gatherings.</p> <p>My six grandchildren love to have their own kids' table with activities. On a busy day like Thanksgiving, offer crafts that are simple and fun. Try these easy ideas to keep your young guests entertained. As always for safety, adult supervision is required.</p> <ul> <li>Set up a Lifetime <a title="Kids Picnic Table" href="" target="_blank">Children&rsquo;s Folding Picnic Table</a> and cover with a sheet of white butcher paper and fasten with tape. Have washable markers and show the kids how to decorate their table with colorful turkeys by tracing the outline of their open hand with a marker. Draw a beak and eyes on the thumb and feet at the bottom of the handprint and then color the fingers as turkey feathers</li> <li>Have a bowl of miniature pumpkins to decorate along with stickers, glitter pens and markers</li> <li>Go to <a title="Free Crafts" href="" target="_blank"> </a>to print out free Thanksgiving coloring pages, puzzles and mazes to keep the kids amused.</li> <li>Pasta necklaces are fun to make. In advance, color assorted pasta shapes by putting into a zipper lock bag. Add 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and a few drops of food coloring and shake. Let the kids string the pasta onto lengths of yarn for festive necklaces.</li> <li>Set aside time in the day for all family members to share something they are thankful for. This puts the focus on the &ldquo;Thanksgiving&rdquo; part of the day.</li> </ul>admin17 Nov 2009 1:09:00 AMR2D2 and Minnie Mouse Costumes<p><a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Hope you had a fun and safe Halloween this year.&nbsp; We sure did!&nbsp; My kiddos were the perfect age this year to really enjoy it.&nbsp; Of course, I wouldn&#39;t being doing my doting mommy duty if I didn&#39;t brag about how cute my kiddos looked.&nbsp; Personally, I think they were the cutest costumes I saw...maybe just slightly prejudice, I know.&nbsp; :)&nbsp; </p> <p>My two-year-old daughter went as Minnie Mouse and my 6-year-old son was <a target="_blank" href="" title="about R2D2">R2DT</a> from <a target="_blank" href="" title="about Star Wars">Star Wars</a>.&nbsp; At first I figured R2D2 would be easy to find since Star Wars is so popular right now.&nbsp; What I didn&#39;t realize is that R2D2 is not in the new movies and cartoons.&nbsp; Tons of Stormtroopers and Darth Vadar costumes were readily available, but leave it to us to pick the one character for which a costume doesn&#39;t exist.&nbsp; </p> <p>Luckily, my son LOVES to do craft projects so we decided to fully embrace his R2D2 passion and tackle yet another homemade costume. I must say, despite all the trips&nbsp;it took to find the supplies, it turned out AWESOME!&nbsp; He was the hit at his school costume parade and in the neighborhood.&nbsp; Believe it or not, we ended up making the R2D2 costume out of a trash can!&nbsp; Wait just a minute. Before you start giving me any creativity points, I have to admit, I completely borrowed the idea from <a target="_blank" href="" title=""></a>.&nbsp; Another wonderful (and much more creative) mom graciously posted her pictures and step-by-step directions of how to make the entire costume.&nbsp; Thank you, thank you!</p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>It was pretty cute watching R2D2 (complete with working lights) walking up and down the street.&nbsp; Our neighborhood is only one square block - perfect! You make the loop, buckets are full, and you&#39;re done!&nbsp; Instead of having kids walk up and ring the doorbell, many neighbors simply set up <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime table">Lifetime folding tables</a> and <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime chair">chairs </a>at the end of their driveways so they could see all the costumes, and kids quickly knew which houses were handing out candy.&nbsp; One group&nbsp; even made it a neighborhood socializing event.&nbsp; Costumed adults set up a <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime table">8&#39; Lifetime folding table</a> and about five different neighbors had&nbsp; their treats on the table for kids to fill their buckets.</p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>After the trick-or-treating, my husband and I&nbsp;donned our own homemade Halloween costumes - Titanic Survivors - and headed to a costume party.&nbsp; (This time the costume idea was completely our own!)&nbsp; Another successful Halloween.&nbsp; Now, I just have to figure out how to get rid of all this candy before the Easter Bunny comes!</p>Jan02 Nov 2009 12:00:00 PMFall Yard Sale Tips<p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>I&rsquo;ve been to a lot of yard sales. At a recent one, I bought a 1921 replica Coca-Cola serving tray and made arrangements with a seller to pick up a refinished oak tool chest that I plan to use as a coffee table.</p> <p>After years of experience buying and selling, I&rsquo;ve also brought home what I call my three Ps for a successful yard sale: Planning, Presentation, and Pricing.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Planning is crucial. If you sell it, they will come, right? Wrong. Run a classified ad in your local newspaper. Be sure to include popular and big-ticket items as well as the date, time, and location of your sale. Post a free listing at <a title="Craigslist" href="" target="_blank"></a> also. Then make signs to put up at the nearest major intersections and other strategic spots to direct people to your sale. (Check with your local municipality or homeowners association first to make sure it&rsquo;s okay to have a yard sale and that signage is permitted.)</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Presentation is everything. Don&rsquo;t just throw stuff out on the lawn and call it good. Organize your sale like a retail store &ndash; by department &ndash; so buyers can more easily find what they&rsquo;re looking for. Hang clothing on racks (you can make a rack by inserting a broom through the rungs of two step ladders). Display all other items attractively on sturdy folding tables, like those from Lifetime Products.&nbsp; I like the <a title="Lifetime Fold-In-Half Tables" href="" target="_blank">Fold-in-Half Tables</a> because they store easily when I&rsquo;m done using them.&nbsp;</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Price to sell. Forget what you paid for an item. Price at 20-30% of the original price and be willing to negotiate. Remember, you&rsquo;re trying to turn clutter into cash, so accept all reasonable offers. Put a price tag on everything so buyers don&rsquo;t have to ask &ndash; some will, some won&rsquo;t and those who don&rsquo;t will just walk away. I use a Sharpie marker on blue painter&rsquo;s tape because it peels off easily. Another strategy is to group like items such as books in a bin and create one sign with one price for all.&nbsp;</p> <p><br />Happy yard sale-ing!</p>admin28 Oct 2009 4:01:00 PMPumpkin Basketball and Gourd Bowling<p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>This past weekend we headed to a local pumpkin patch for our squadron&#39;s annual Fall Festival. It was an easy and fun way to celebrate autumn and Halloween without having to attend yet another costume party!&nbsp; </p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>It&#39;s tough to say what my kids&#39; favorite activity was because there were so many cute things to do.&nbsp; As soon as we got there, my daughter was immediately drawn to the Corn Box...a metal bin filled with corn instead of sand and loaded with buckets, shovels, and trucks.&nbsp; However, the Corn Box soon took a back seat as soon as she heard the sputtering sound of tractors and noticed there were hayrides and little cart rides. My son enjoyed winding through the hay maze and pumping the old-fashioned water pumps for the plastic duck races.&nbsp; And, naturally, they both took advantage of the free face painting.&nbsp; (Personally, I passed on the face painting, but was thrilled to see they were using a <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime adjustable height table">Lifetime 4&#39; adjustable height table</a> as their painting station!)&nbsp; </p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>The farm also had stuff your own scarecrow stations, petting zoos, obstacle courses, and pumpkin basketball.&nbsp; Yes, you read that right...pumpkin basketball.&nbsp; They had a <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime portable basketball hoop">portable Lifetime basketball hoop</a>, but in the spirit of the festivities, you played with a pumpkin instead of a basketball.&nbsp; Hey, it&#39;s round and orange, right?&nbsp; Obviously, I was a bit concerned since pumpkins are heavy, hard, and tend explode when dropped!&nbsp; Thankfully, it was a fake pumpkin!&nbsp; They also had Gourd Bowling... roll a pumpkin at gourds set up like bowling pins.&nbsp; Yes, once again, these were all fake, too.&nbsp; Whew!&nbsp; </p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>If you&#39;ve never been to a pumpkin patch, they are worth the trip for the fun and to support your local farmers.&nbsp; And, don&#39;t forget to check your local apple farm and corn mazes for Fall festivities, as well.&nbsp;&nbsp; You&#39;d better hurry though, because most are only open with special festivities through the end of October.</p> <p>Save yourself some work and check out <a target="_blank" href="" title="Pumpkin Patches and More">this great website</a> I found that makes it easy to search for pumpkin patches near you!&nbsp; Have fun and Happy Halloween!</p>Jan22 Oct 2009 8:00:00 AMTailgating Party Video Tips<p>In case you've been living under a rock and haven't noticed, it's officially&nbsp;football season again!&nbsp; Know how I know?&nbsp; My husband is glued to the TV every weekend and Monday night!&nbsp; And, he's constantly checking his fantasy football league scores online.&nbsp; Sigh.&nbsp; Personally, I just don't understand the fantasy football fascniation/obsession!</p> <p>Anyway, the start of football season also means the start of tailgating season!&nbsp; <span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;">It may still be called a &ldquo;tailgate&rdquo; party, but nowadays, most people use more than just a tailgate when it comes to pre-game or pre-race festivities!<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>In fact, quite often, RVs and buffet tables with canopies have replaced simple tailgates.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Likewise, a rack of ribs or skewer of shrimp has replaced the traditional game day hotdog or burger.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>And, surprisingly, a lot of people never even plan on going to the actual game!<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>They simply attend the tailgate party for the camaraderie and fun.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Yes, people actually tote their generators, televisions, and portable heaters to set up camp for one day in an over-crowded, paved parking lot!&nbsp; </span></p> <p><span style="font-family:'Arial','sans-serif';font-size:10pt;mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;"><a title="tailgating party tips video" href="" target="_blank"><img title="tailgating party tips video" src=" video.jpg" alt="" /></a>So, I wanted to pass along a quick video to get you psyched and prepped&nbsp;for your own tailgate party.&nbsp; Check out these <a title="tailgate of a lifetime video" href="" target="_blank">tailgating video tips</a> from <a title="about Jay DiEugenio" href="" target="_blank">Jay "The Tailgate Guy" DiEugenio</a>, author of <em>I Got Your Tailgate Party Right Here!</em>&nbsp; He gives you some cool set up ideas and shows you some ideal tailgating products (including, of course, <a title="buy a Lifetime table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime tables</a> and <a title="Buy a Lifetime folding chair" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime folding chairs</a>!).&nbsp; The video gives you a great view of how easy it is to adjust and fold <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime's adjustable height fold-in-half tables</a>, too!&nbsp; </span></p> <p>After you watch the video, click on over to&nbsp;<a title="It's Tailgating Time tips" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime's Tip and Solutions</a> page for even more tailgating ideas no matter how simple or extravagent your spread may be, including some fan-pleasing recipes that are sure to score big!</p>Jan15 Oct 2009 2:00:00 PMHobo Pies<p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>One of my Dad&#39;s traditions at the lake house is to build a campfire outside almost every night.&nbsp; My dad likes to eat popcorn around the fire, but when the grandkids visit, it&#39;s time to break out the good ol&#39; traditional smores!&nbsp; After all, what kid can resist melted chocolate and gooey marshmallows smooshed between graham crackers?&nbsp; </p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>For a change of pace for&nbsp;the kids&#39; campfire&nbsp;sweet treats, one night my sister-in-law introduced us all to Hobo Pies.&nbsp; If you&#39;ve never had a Hobo Pie, you&#39;re in for, well, something different from smores.&nbsp; :)&nbsp; First of all, to make a Hobo Pie over a campfire, you need an <a target="_blank" href=";keywords=pie+iron&amp;tag=googhydr-20&amp;index=aps&amp;hvadid=2983225435&amp;ref=pd_sl_47zz64t9xa_b" title="iron pie makers">iron pie maker</a>, available in camping departments.&nbsp; Then, you&#39;ll need bread and some fillings.&nbsp; In the tradition of &quot;pie&quot;, my sister-in-law brought apple pie filling and cherry pie filling.&nbsp; First, we lined up all of our ingredients on our <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime picnic table">Lifetime picnic table</a> so everyone could easily see the flavor choices available for Hobo Pies.&nbsp; Next, you simply butter two pieces of bread on the outside and put your filling on the inside, making a sandwich.&nbsp; Place the sandwich in your pie maker and place in the campfire for about 5 minutes.&nbsp; Be sure to flip your pie maker to get both pieces of bread toasted!&nbsp;<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>&nbsp; &nbsp;<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>&nbsp;</p> <p>Now let me warn you, Hobo Pies do NOT taste like Granny&#39;s apple pie or even a McDonald&#39;s hot apple pie.&nbsp; When you look at them, they look a bit like a grilled cheese sandwich, and they kind of taste like one too...with the exception of a fruit taste instead of a cheese taste, of course!&nbsp; I don&#39;t really like regular apple pie or even apple cobbler, so a Hobo Apple Pie didn&#39;t sound much better to me.&nbsp; But, on the inside of the pie maker box label there were other recipe ideas.&nbsp; It turns out you can use the pie maker to make just about any meal over a campfire...sandwiches, eggs, you name it.&nbsp; Anyway, there were several dessert suggestions, too, including some with chocolate! So, I improvised and whipped up my own favorite Hobo Pie creation: </p> <p><strong>Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Hobo Pie<br /></strong>1.&nbsp; Spread peanut butter on each slice of bread<br />2.&nbsp; Place thin slices of banana on one slice of bread<br />3.&nbsp; Place 3 rows of Hershey Bar chocolate on top of banana<br />4.&nbsp; Put other slice of bread on top<br />5.&nbsp; Butter outsides of both pieces of bread <br />6.&nbsp; Place in pie maker and cook over fire about 5 minutes</p> <p><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Mmmmmmm.&nbsp; Now that was yummy!&nbsp; If you like marshmallows,&nbsp; I think a marshmallow in the middle of my creation would also be pretty good.&nbsp; If you&#39;re having a campfire cookout sometime this Fall, why not try something new and give Hobo Pies a try.&nbsp; Get creative and let me know your favorite concoction!</p>Jan15 Sep 2009 11:00:00 AMJust My Size!<p><a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></a>Kids have a way of doing things that just make you smile.&nbsp; It&#39;s always surprising and amusing how even the tiniest of tots can be pretty resourceful.&nbsp; Take, for instance,&nbsp;my daughter&#39;s witty idea a few weeks ago when we visited my family in Ohio.&nbsp; While we were up at their lake house, we ate almost every meal outside to enjoy the lake view and the beautiful weather.&nbsp; Plus, with six adults and five kids, we simply had more table space outside than inside.&nbsp; </p> <p>Typically, the adults would always sit at my parents&#39; patio table and chairs&nbsp;while the kids would eat at the <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime picnic table">6&#39; Lifetime picnic table</a>.&nbsp; Even though it wasn&#39;t a <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime kids&#39; picnit table">children&#39;s Lifetime picnic table</a>, all of the kiddos could reach just fine, except for my two-year-old daughter, Alyssa.&nbsp; She loves being like the big kids though so don&#39;t think for a second that size would stop her!&nbsp; </p> <p>Nope, usually Alyssa just sat on her knees and could reach the tabletop without much problem.&nbsp; One meal, though, she got pretty wiggly and silly and actually fell off.&nbsp; (Thank goodness she wasn&#39;t hurt.) So, the next meal, instead of trying to sit still like we asked, she came up with her own plan!&nbsp; She simply pulled her little toddler outdoor chair up to the bench of the <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime picnic table">picnic table</a> and used the bench as her tabletop.&nbsp; It was the perfect height for her!&nbsp; And, who knew a plate was the perfect size&nbsp;to sit&nbsp;on a&nbsp;picnic table bench?&nbsp;&nbsp;Alyssa was finally able to sit on her bottom and was still able to eat at the picnic table with the big kids!&nbsp; Now, why didn&#39;t I think of that?!</p>Jan28 Aug 2009 6:00:00 PMTable Clips for Lifetime Tables - Two Packs for the Price of One!<p><a href=""><img src="" alt="" border="0" /></a>Out of the blue, two people have mentioned <a title="buy table clips" href="" target="_blank">table clips</a> to me in the past few weeks.&nbsp; It's not exactly a popular conversation topic or product, so I'm taking that as a sign that I should blog about them!&nbsp; Wanna hear something else weird...both people were named Nancy.&nbsp; Good thing I'm not superstitious.&nbsp; :)</p> <p>My aunt Nancy was telling me how her friend was looking for table clips to fit her Lifetime table to hold her material in place for quilting.&nbsp; Hmmm...clever idea for you quilter's out there, huh?!&nbsp; And, one of our <a title="Christmas in July blog" href="" target="_blank">blog readers</a>, said she was looking for table clips to fit her <a title="buy a Lifetime table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime tables</a> that she uses in her restaurant with skirting on them.</p> <p>Just so you know, the edges of most <a title="Lifetime banquet tables specs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime banquet tables</a> are thicker than traditional wooden folding banquet tables, which makes it a little harder to find clips that fit properly.&nbsp; But, have no fear!&nbsp; Just click on over to the <a title=" table accessories" href="" target="_blank">table accessories</a>&nbsp;department at&nbsp;<a title="" href="" target="_blank"></a>.&nbsp; has <a title="buy table clips" href="" target="_blank">plastic&nbsp;table clips with velcro strips</a> that fit Lifetime tables.&nbsp; You can use the clips to hold your table cloth in place, as well as attach skirting.&nbsp;</p> <p>The clips are sold 10 per pack for $10.&nbsp; But, here's the best part.&nbsp; Right now is offering a special coupon code good for $10 off your purchase of $20 or more.&nbsp; (And, as always, shipping is FREE!)&nbsp; So, that means if you order two packages of table clips, you'll end up getting one of them for FREE...two packs for the price of one!&nbsp; Gotta like that!&nbsp; Just enter coupon code&nbsp;____ (**Sorry, coupon has expired**)&nbsp;when you check out.&nbsp; And, don't forget to check out Buylifetime's other great table accessories too, like <a title="buy a table skirt" href="" target="_blank">table skirts</a> and <a title="buy a picnic table cover" href="" target="_blank">picnic table covers</a>.</p>admin21 Aug 2009 11:24:00 AMHappy Blogging Birthday!<p><a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></a>I can&#39;t believe it&#39;s been one year already since I wrote my first blog for; I have to admit, back when the folks at Lifetime first asked me if I was interested in blogging, I was a bit hesitant.&nbsp; Don&#39;t get me wrong, I was super excited they asked me since I am a former Lifetime employee and I LOVE writing.&nbsp; It was a perfect fit.&nbsp; But, I wasn&#39;t quite sure how I would ever come up with enough topics about Lifetime products from my daily life to blog one to two times a week.&nbsp;</p> <p>Well, it turns out that when you really like something, it&#39;s pretty easy to talk (er, blog) about it non-stop!&nbsp; Kind of like how people can go on and on and on about their kids.&nbsp; :)&nbsp; Until I started this little project, I honestly never realized how many times and ways I use Lifetime products almost every day.&nbsp; And, as you&#39;ve probably noticed, I only use a handful of their wide selection of products.&nbsp; Most of my blogs only focus on <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy Lifetime tables">folding tables</a>, <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy Lifetime chairs">chairs</a>, <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy Lifetime sheds">sheds,</a> and <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy Lifetime wheelbarrows">wheelbarrows</a>.&nbsp; Why?&nbsp; Because, quite simply, that&#39;s what I own!&nbsp; That means I haven&#39;t even scratched the surface of Lifetime&#39;s other assortment of quality products like basketball hoops, utility trailers, composters, and playground equipment.</p> <p>So, one year and 58 blogs later, happy blogging birthday to me!&nbsp; Hmmm, maybe it&#39;s more of an anniversary than a birthday.&nbsp; Oh well,&nbsp;moot point.&nbsp; Either way, I hope my blogs have helped to educate, enlighten, and inspire you at least a little bit over this past year.&nbsp; Here&#39;s to many more blogs to come...</p>Jan18 Aug 2009 11:00:00 AMWater Balloon Fun...1...2...3...Throw!<p><a href=""></a><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Summer is quickly winding down.&nbsp; But, thankfully, August is one of the hottest months so there are still plenty of days left to squeeze in some last minute authentic summer fun.&nbsp; Here in Texas, it&#39;s been crazy hot.&nbsp; Ok, insanely hot &ndash; something unbelievable like 35 days over 100 degrees before August even started!&nbsp; </p> <p>I was tired of simply heading to the pool or waterpark to stay cool, so the other day I surprised my kids with some good ol&#39; fashioned water balloons.&nbsp; Sure, it took twice as long to fill them up as it did to throw them, but it was worth it to see the smiles on their faces and hear their giggles.&nbsp; My son had fun trying to throw them at me, while my daughter just liked dropping them on the grass and watching them pop.</p> <p>I grew up playing with water balloons by having a simple water balloon toss contest. However, my neighbor&nbsp;shared a fun idea for water balloons that I had never heard of before.&nbsp; Every summer she lets her daughter have a water balloon party with her friends and they have a water balloon war similar to paintball.&nbsp; Her daughter spends all morning filling an entire laundry basket with water balloons.&nbsp; They set an unfolded <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime table">Lifetime banquet table</a> on its side in the yard and use it as a base and protective barrier to take cover behind as they launch the balloons at each other. Super simple, yet super fun and the kids look forward to it every year.</p> <p>Once I started looking around online, I quickly realized a simple water balloon toss is only&nbsp;a mere&nbsp;beginning.&nbsp; If you&#39;re looking for other clever games to play with water balloons before summer is over, check out these sites I found that describe dozens of games to play with water balloons - everything from musical chairs to water balloon shaving!&nbsp; Have fun!</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p>Jan12 Aug 2009 11:30:00 AMThree Dreaded Words... Back To School<p>I picked up my son&#39;s registration packet for kindergarten yesterday. (Still can&#39;t believe my baby is going to kindergarten. Sniff, sniff. But, that&#39;s a story for another day!) Geez, how many forms can they make us fill out? So overwhelming and seemingly redundant in many ways. Amongst the huge stack of papers, guidelines, and forms was the obligatory school supply list. Wow, so much for just needing to buy a backpack, pencils, and notebook anymore, huh? The kindergarten supply list has nearly 20 items on it! Crazy!<img src="" border="0" alt="" /></p> <p>Personally, I was one of those nerdy kids that always got fired up about &quot;back to school&quot; time because, being the organizer that I am, I couldn&#39;t wait to pick out all of my new school supplies, especially my new <a target="_blank" href="" title="what is a Trapper Keeper">Trapper Keeper</a>! Ironically though, my husband came home from the store just the other day and said he saw the three most dreaded words for kids. For the life of me, I couldn&#39;t figure out what he was talking about. Then it dawned on me... &quot;Back to School&quot;. Yep, when you&#39;re a kid, those three words on store signs and ads mean summer and endless days of fun are almost over. </p> <p>Anyways, so as I&#39;m looking over this long list of school supplies that I need to buy for my son, I couldn&#39;t help but think that they forgot a very important supply... a Lifetime Personal Table! Ok, so I know you don&#39;t really need one at school, but for older kids it is important to have a designated place to do homework at home... and a <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime Personal Table">Lifetime Personal Table</a> is the perfect size for a desk. (Not to mention the perfect price!) And, you can fold it up and stash in under a bed or behind a door if space is really limited. </p> <p>So, while you&#39;re buying your list of school supplies, don&#39;t forget to throw a <a target="_blank" href="" title="about Lifetime Personal Tables">Lifetime Personal Table</a> in your cart, too. And, I&#39;ll let you in on a little secret.... now is the perfect time to buy one! In case you missed <a target="_self" href="" title="Christmas in July Sale">Joe&#39;s last post</a>, is having a special &quot;Christmas in July&quot; sale! Just enter the coupon code <b>JMA010</b> when you checkout on <a target="_blank" href=""></a> for $10 off your purchase... that&#39;s in addition to the always FREE shipping they offer! </p> <p>Oh, and if you&#39;re looking for more ways to get kids ready for homework time, check out these <a target="_blank" href="" title="study zone 101 tips">Study Zone 101</a> tips and solutions at <a target="_blank" href=""></a>. Off to go shopping... </p>Jan05 Aug 2009 10:30:00 AMHave a Unique Fundraising Idea? Win Free Tables and Chairs!<p><a target="_blank" href="" title="spirited grant details"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Wanna earn some money and Lifetime folding tables for your religious organization? Check out the new <a target="_blank" href="" title="spirited fundraiser grant details">Spirited Fundraiser Grants program</a> that Lifetime is sponsoring! Not-for-profit religious organizations are invited to submit their best and/or most unique fundraising tactics for a chance to win a $1000 check. Oh, and some Lifetime products, of course! Hmmm, how about four <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy a Lifetime folding table">6&rsquo; Lifetime folding tables</a> and 16 <a target="_blank" href="" title="buy Lifetime folding chairs">Lifetime folding chairs</a> in addition to the cashola? Yep, those could sure come in handy! </p> <p>I know what you&#39;re probably thinking, &quot;I never win anything.&quot; Well, guess what? A total of seven grants will be awarded! How&#39;s that for some uplifting news?</p> <p>Entries must be submitted before October 30, 2009! So, hurry and check out all the details at <a href=""></a>.</p>Jan23 Jul 2009 1:00:00 PMAddicted to Chalkboard Paint<p>I&nbsp;recently came across this article on <a href="" target="_blank">Kasi Good's blog</a>, and liked it so much,&nbsp;I asked if we could share it here! So here it is, a cool and&nbsp;functional&nbsp;makeover for your <a title="Shop for Lifetime Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Table</a>:</p> <p><strong>"I am addicted to chalkboard paint...</strong> <br />It's true. We had the kids computer and art stuff on this hideous lifetime table. It was covered in paint, since I routinely use it for painting furniture or picture frames or whatever else I decide to slather paint on. I decided it couldn't get any worse, so I rolled on a couple coats of black chalkboard paint!</p> <p><a href=""><img style="border: 0px;" src="" alt="" width="225" /></a></p> <p>Now, I may as well be honest and tell you that it's not going to last forever. I can envision one of them realizing that if they try hard enough they can scratch the paint off and that will be the end of it. But it will be fun while it lasts.</p> <p>EDIT: I ended up stripping off the paint so that I could put down a plastic primer first. So I sprayed on the plastic primer, sanded the table, and then rolled on the chalkboard paint. It is much more permanent now! I love, love, love it! When I am at the computer and I need to jot something down I can just grab a piece of chalk and write on the table! Very handy!"</p> <p>Check out the article on&nbsp;Kasi's blog <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. And remember, if you're Lifetime table is 'hideous'&nbsp;chalkboard paint isn't the only solution, all&nbsp;those paint marks and scuffs are easy to clean off too! Check out&nbsp;official <a href="" target="_blank">table cleaning&nbsp;tips at</a>.</p>Katie02 Jul 2009 12:00:00 PMDo you use Lifetime Table Carts?<p>So, we&#39;re curious... Do you, your company, your church, your civic organization, your city, your Mom, yadda yadda use <a target="_blank" href="">Lifetime Tables</a>?</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>If so, how many?</li> <li>What kinds?</li> <li>Where are they stored when not in use?</li> <li>Are they stored/transported using <a target="_blank" href="">Lifetime Table Carts</a>?</li> <li>If so, do you have any feature requests for us?</li> <li>If not, why not?</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Please reply with your answers here! Your feedback is GREATLY appreciated!</p>Joe13 Jun 2009 2:58:00 PMTen Cool Summer Indoor Outings for Kids<p>School is out!&nbsp; Wait for it, wait for it.&nbsp; Yep, there is it, I knew I’d hear it soon.&nbsp; “Mom, I’m bored.&nbsp; What can we do today?”&nbsp; </p> <p>Sigh. Of course, there are the traditional summer activities of swimming pools, parks, and amusement parks.&nbsp; But, sometimes hanging outside in the heat and dripping in sweat just isn’t appealing.&nbsp; Personally, I try to so some sort of outing at least twice each week to help break the monotony.&nbsp; One day is usually focused outside around water either at a swimming pool, splash park, lake, or water park.&nbsp; The other day I try to find something to do that’s inside.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <img border="0" src="" alt="" /></p> <p>&nbsp;<img border="0" src="" alt="" />Earlier this week, we tried out a new indoor play place here in San Antonio called <a href="" target="_blank">Funtastic Playland</a>.&nbsp; Wow, where were these places when I was a kid?&nbsp; It had a huge pirate ship, castle, monster truck, bouncy castle, and playground for the kids to climb on and slide down.&nbsp; My kids&#39; favorite part was the kid-powered train…it wore them out!&nbsp; We only spent a few hours there, but we easily could have stayed longer since they even had a snack bar.&nbsp; Oh, and guess what they used for chairs in their eating area?&nbsp; <a title="buy a Lifetime stacking chair" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime stacking chairs</a>!&nbsp; They probably had about 10 <a title="buy a Lifetime cafe table" href="" target="_blank">café tables</a> with four Lifetime chairs at each table.&nbsp; At first, I was surprised to see the <a title="About Lifetime stacking chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime stacking chair</a>, but then I realized it made much more sense than the <a title="Buy Lifetime folding chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime folding chair</a>.&nbsp; First, the black color shows less dirt.&nbsp; Secondly, and more importantly, when you have little ones climbing on and off the chairs, you don’t have to worry about them pushing on the back of the seat and accidentally folding the chair while they are climbing, or pinching fingers.<img border="0" src="" alt="" />&nbsp;<img border="0" src="" alt="" /></p> <p>Anyway, if you&#39;re trying to come up with new places to go with your kids this summer, here’s a list of some of my favorite indoor kid-friendly outings to stay cool in the summer.</p> <p>1.&nbsp;<strong>Children’s museums</strong> – Don’t let the word museum scare you away!&nbsp; If you’ve never been to a children’s museum, you’re in for a treat.&nbsp; They are like a&nbsp;miniature city of sorts&nbsp;with kid-sized grocery stores, hospitals, painting stations, water stations, and more.&nbsp; And, you can touch everything!&nbsp; </p> <p>2.&nbsp;<strong>Inflatable jumping zones -&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;Places such as <a href="" target="_blank">Pump It Up</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">Inflatable Wonderland</a> are rooms dedicated to nothing but bouncy castles!&nbsp; They usually have an &quot;open jump&quot; time each day which is sure to wear your kids out!</p> <p>3.&nbsp;<strong>Indoor playlands</strong> – Sometimes shopping malls have great indoor playlands which are free. (And, you can combine them with a quick shopping treat for you, too!) Or, you can also find larger stand-alone playlands (like Funtastic Playland) with a small entrance fee. Just Google &quot;indoor playland&quot; or &quot;indoor playground&quot; for your city.</p> <p>4.&nbsp;<strong>Pottery&nbsp;studios</strong>&nbsp; - Let your kids get creative and paint a piece of pottery as a gift for someone or just themselves.&nbsp; Trust me, pottery painting is much more than a plate nowadays!&nbsp; Money banks, flower pots, picture frames, and chip and salsa dishes are just a few of the options you&#39;ll find.</p> <p>5.&nbsp;<strong>Libraries</strong> - In addition to just checking out new books and movies, don&#39;t forget to take advantage of your library&#39;s many free activities like reading clubs and storytimes.&nbsp; If your kids won&#39;t sit still to listen to a story, don&#39;t worry!&nbsp; Storytimes usually include songs, crafts, and sometimes even games and snacks!</p> <p>6.&nbsp;<strong>Bowling&nbsp;allies</strong>&nbsp;- What kid doesn&#39;t like to throw a ball and make a mess?!&nbsp; Plus, it&#39;s an activity that even Mom and Dad can legitimately enjoy. Most lanes now feature gutter guards that automatically pop up for kids and go back down for the adults.&nbsp; And, even the little tikes can enjoy rolling the ball all by themselves with the help of a handicap ball ramp.</p> <p>7.&nbsp;<strong>Painting studios</strong> – If you are raising a little Monet, another option is to look for an art studio that has open paint time for kids. Some cities even have art studios just for kids, such as Artworks here in San Antonio.&nbsp; You pay a small fee to paint as much as you want with many different types of mediums ...and the best part is you don&#39;t have to clean up the mess!</p> <p>8.&nbsp;<strong>Children&#39;s theaters</strong> - Lots of cities&nbsp;have theaters that host performances geared solely for kids. The shows are professional, fun, and SHORT!&nbsp; In addition to live theater, don&#39;t forget to check out your local movie theaters for summer specials.&nbsp; Many theaters (including Regal Cinemas)&nbsp;show FREE kid movies in the mornings!&nbsp; Honest!</p> <p>9.&nbsp;<strong>Pizza play places</strong> – Combine your food and fun in one place!&nbsp; Grab a bite to eat then spend the day playing arcade games at places like <a href="" target="_blank">Incredible Pizza</a>,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Chuck E. Cheese</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Peter Piper Pizza</a>, or&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Gatti&#39;s Pizza</a>. (Check your local paper, coupon books, and online before you go for free token coupons!)&nbsp; If you have teenagers, check out the more &quot;grown up&quot; versions like <a href="" target="_blank">Dave &amp; Buster&#39;s</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Jillian&#39;s</a> that also have billards, shuffleboard, bowling, and a nice sit-down restaurant.</p> <p>10.&nbsp;<strong>Playdates at a friends house</strong> - We all know someone else&#39;s toys are much more fun than your own!&nbsp; Invite a friend over to your house to play then swap locations next week. Backyards are more fun when you have your own playground too! Check out Lifetime&#39;s <a href="" target="_blank">variety of playgrounds</a> that bring the fun and adventures right to your backyard.</p> <p>I hope this gives you a few ideas of things to check out in your city this summer.&nbsp; (If you try at least one each week, that should get you through almost the entire summer!)&nbsp; Stay cool and have fun!</p>Jan12 Jun 2009 12:00:00 PMHow to Make an Umbrella Hole in Your Lifetime Picnic Table<p>Sunday&nbsp;night was the season premiere of <a href="" target="_blank">Army Wives</a> on <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime TV</a>.&nbsp; I love this show!&nbsp; Since I&#39;m a military spouse, there are so many aspects of the show that hit pretty close to home.&nbsp; So naturally, I was glued to the TV anxiously awaiting the fate of my favorite characters.&nbsp; </p> <p>Now, I&#39;ve <a title="Lifetime tables on CSI: NY post" href="">admitted before</a> that I pathetically watch for Lifetime products in TV shows.&nbsp; Well,&nbsp;Sunday night was no different.&nbsp; Wait, wait.&nbsp; I promise I&#39;m not going to write about every single time I see Lifetime products on TV, but I just have to share a snapshot from&nbsp;Sunday night&#39;s Army Wives episode!&nbsp; Why?&nbsp;&nbsp; Because it highlights a great, yet little-known feature, of the Lifetime picnic table.&nbsp; </p> <p><img border="0" src="" alt="" />Check out this first photo.&nbsp; What do you notice?&nbsp; Yep, the table has an umbrella in it! How did that happen?&nbsp; Most people buying a <a title="about Lifetime picnic tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime picnic table</a> know the tables fold flat for storage since that is how they come in the package and it&#39;s mentioned in the assembly instructions/owner&#39;s manual.&nbsp; But, a lot of people don&#39;t take the time to read the fine print or box text to realize the Lifetime 5&#39;, <a title="buy a Lifetime 6&#39; picnic table" href="" target="_blank">6&#39;</a>&nbsp;and <a title="buy a Lifetime 8&#39; picnic table" href="" target="_blank">8&#39; picnic tables</a> are built to accommodate an umbrella hole.&nbsp; It&#39;s not obvious because the tabletop is flat with no holes or indentations.&nbsp; BUT, if you look on the underside of the tabletop, you&#39;ll notice a recessed area in the center that you can drill to create an umbrella hole.&nbsp; Simply use a saw that is 1/16&quot; larger than the diameter of your umbrella pole, but no larger than 2&quot; diameter.&nbsp; Center the saw in the hole, drill the hole, then lightly sand the hole edges.&nbsp; Ta-da! Your Lifetime picnic table can now hold an umbrella to give you shade!&nbsp;&nbsp; (I will say, Lifetime neglects to mention this feature in the actual table <a title="Lifetime assembly instructions" href="" target="_blank">assembly instructions</a> for some reason.&nbsp; But, you will find the umbrella hole directions in the <a title="picnic table care instructions" href="" target="_blank">&quot;Picnic Table Care Instructions</a>&quot; portion&quot;.)</p> <p><img border="0" src="" alt="" />The Army Wives episode also showed numerous Lifetime picnic tables in a scene later on in the show.&nbsp; Hmmm, I wonder if the military really does use Lifetime picnic tables in Iraq?&nbsp; I can tell you for certain that a few years ago when my husband was deployed to Qatar, his squadron did in fact ship several <a title="about Lifetime banquet tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime banquet tables</a> over to Qatar to use as their desks.&nbsp; Unfortunately, that was before my blogging days, so I don&#39;t have any photos!&nbsp; Hey, if you&#39;re deployed to Iraq or another combat zone, leave us a comment and let us know if you&#39;re using Lifetime picnic tables or tables and tell us how they are working out in desert heat and sand storms!</p> <p>If you missed the Army Wives season 3 premiere, you can watch the <a title="Army Wives season 3 premiere" href="" target="_blank">full episode online</a> - just be sure to keep your eye out for the Lifetime picnic tables!&nbsp; :)</p>Jan10 Jun 2009 12:00:00 PMHow to Make A Waterproof Banner in Minutes<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />Sometimes I just amaze myself with how stinkin&#39; creative I am!&nbsp; Just kidding.&nbsp; But, I must say though, I am pretty tickled with the clever idea I came up with last week.&nbsp; Our neighborhood was having a community garage sale, and two days before the sale, the HOA president agreed with my suggestion to hang a banner on the fence at the entrance of the subdivision to help advertise the sale.&nbsp; We are located right behind a school so lots of parents turn around in our subdivision to drop-off/pick-up their children.&nbsp; So, we wanted the banner to be out on Thursday and Friday to catch the school traffic.</p> <p>Since I was the one to suggest a banner, I felt obligated to volunteer to check on banner pricing.&nbsp; Unfortunately, a one-day turnaround was not going to work in our favor, unless we wanted to pay through the nose. ...which we didn&#39;t want to do since we didn&#39;t even know for sure if the city would allow our banner to stay hanging.&nbsp; (Our city ordinances only allow you to post signs on the day of the sale in specific, designated places.&nbsp; However, the fence is private property so we were hoping it would be ok.)</p> <p>I called the local fabric store and asked if they had vinyl to make a banner...they did and it was only $2.99 a yard. Great!&nbsp; But, after I went to the store, I realized they neglected to tell me it was clear vinyl!&nbsp; Oops.&nbsp; So, I went to the local party store and thought about buying one of those &quot;make your own&quot; banners, but all they had were birthday ones with balloons.&nbsp; Feeling defeated, I came home and searched through my craft closet.&nbsp; That&#39;s when I found the perfect item to make a waterproof banner!&nbsp; Shelf liner paper!&nbsp; You know, the kind that&#39;s a little bit rubbery?&nbsp;&nbsp; See, told you it was clever! It&#39;s the perfect width to unroll and make a banner!&nbsp; I simply bought a roll of white shelf liner and some black vinyl letter stickers (available in the poster section at a craft store) and ta-da!&nbsp; (You probably also could use a permanent marker if you wanted to forego the stickers.) It didn&#39;t look as nice as a professionally printed one, but it was quick, inexpensive (only about $7 ), and waterproof.&nbsp; </p> <p>Well, the banner must have worked to draw in the traffic because I had people swamping my driveway at 7:30!&nbsp; (The sale didn&#39;t even start until 8am!).&nbsp; We opened up our garage at 7:30 and people started walking in our garage trying to buy things (even things that weren&#39;t for sale - crazy) while my husband and I were trying to carry out all of the tables onto the driveway.&nbsp; We borrowed two <a class="" title="buy a Lifetime 8&#39; folding table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 8&#39; folding tables</a> and two <a class="" title="buy a Lifetime 6&#39; table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 6&#39; folding tables</a> from my husband&#39;s squadron. Thank goodness I had set everything up on the tables the night before in our garage because it made it&nbsp;so quick and easy&nbsp;for us to simply carry the loaded tables out in the morning.&nbsp; I also used my <a class="" title="buy Lifetime Personal Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Personal Table</a> and <a class="" title="about Lifetime chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Chair</a> as my &quot;checkout&quot; table where people paid for their items.&nbsp; <img src="" border="0" alt="" /></p> <p>We were rained on twice during the day.&nbsp; So, we quickly carried the Lifetime tables back into the garage...and then back out...and then in...and then out.&nbsp; Ugh. Thank goodness the <a class="" title="about Lifetime tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime tables</a> were lightweight and so sturdy because it made that inconvenient chore a lot easier.&nbsp; <img src="" border="0" alt="" /></p> <p>Anyway, despite the rain, the sale was still a success...thanks in part to my creative waterproof banner!&nbsp; So, that&#39;s my garage sale tip for this year.&nbsp; If you want some more ideas on how to make your garage sale a success, read my <a class="" title="Garage Sales are a must" href="">post from last year&#39;s garage sale</a>, or check out <a class="" title="garage sale tips" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime&#39;s website</a> for more garage sale tips!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan02 Jun 2009 12:00:00 PMTeacher Thank You Gift Ideas<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />Whoo-hoo!&nbsp; School is almost over!&nbsp; For most kids here in Texas, this is either the last week or next-to-last week of school.&nbsp;&nbsp; If you haven&#39;t already, it&#39;s time to really start thinking about&nbsp;how to thank your child&#39;s teacher.&nbsp;</p> <p>Wow. A teacher plays such an instrumental role in&nbsp;your child&#39;s life. A mere gift seems almost too simple and meaningless.&nbsp; Nonetheless, it is the thought that counts and even the smallest gesture of appreciation is treasured by teachers.&nbsp; For starters, a sincere handwritten thank you note can mean more to a teacher than any tangible gift.&nbsp; You can even go a step further and pass along your words of praise for the teacher to a principal or administrator so they know how much their staff is valued.&nbsp; It&#39;s a gift that costs nothing but the impact is priceless.</p> <p>If you do want to give a tangible gift in addition to a thank you note, there are two basic directions you can take when it comes to teacher thank you gifts.&nbsp; You can give a gift that can be used by the teacher in the classroom, or you can give a personal gift that the teacher can use to pamper her/himself after a year of hard work.</p> <p>Giving a gift for the teacher&#39;s classroom is a great way to thank the teacher and help give back for the wonderful year your child spent in that classroom.&nbsp; If you&#39;re down to the wire, here are some easy last minute ideas that are sure to be a hit:</p> <p>~&nbsp; <a class="" title="about a Lifetime Personal Table" href="">A Lifetime Personal Table</a> - The folding table is adjustable in height and small in size so it&#39;s perfect to store yet easy to pull out as an extra desk, art table, fish tank holder, podium, etc.&nbsp;&nbsp; If parents go together as a class for a larger gift, an adjustable height <a class="" title="about Lifetime tables" href="">Lifetime banquet table</a> is a great option, too!&nbsp; </p> <p>&nbsp;~ Make a&nbsp;Teacher Mini Album. &nbsp;Ask your child to&nbsp;collect a&nbsp;few photos, notes, and memorabilia from the year, and make a small album. This honors the teacher for a great year, and shows off the highlights in a way that he/she can show off again and again. And, it&#39;s a great way for the teacher to show parents and students in next year&#39;s class some of the activities&nbsp;they can&nbsp;look forward to. Try these&nbsp;instructions on Lifetime&#39;s website&nbsp;for&nbsp;an <a class="" href="" target="_blank">easy envelope album</a>.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>~&nbsp; Donate your child&#39;s favorite book to the classroom.&nbsp; Be sure to write an inscription in the front cover from your child, and maybe even include a photo of your child.</p> <p>~&nbsp; A gift card to a teacher supply store - Often times, teachers spend their own money to buy supplies and equipment for their classrooms which can really add up quickly.&nbsp; </p> <p>Me?&nbsp; I went the more personal route this year for my kids&#39; preschool teachers and centered everything around a &quot;hand&quot;&nbsp; and &quot;growing&quot; theme.&nbsp; I made a card that said &quot;Hands Down My Teacher Is The BEST&quot; and added my kids&#39; painted handprints.&nbsp; Inside I attached a picture of my child from preschool and wrote a heartfelt message from my son that included the line, &quot;Your caring hands and big heart have helped me grow in so many ways this year.&quot;&nbsp; I bought a cute pair of gardening gloves and then my son picked out his favorite scents of hand lotion, hand soap, and hand sanitizer to fill the gloves.&nbsp;&nbsp; Nothing over the top, but hopefully, it&#39;s appreciated and the meaning is taken to heart.</p> <p>If you&#39;re looking for more clever and crafty inspirations for teacher thank you gifts, check out these websites I found with more fun ideas!<br /><a href=""></a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p>Jan27 May 2009 11:00:00 AMTen Upcoming Reasons to Buy A Lifetime Table Now<p>Ok, so maybe this title has a slight arrogant flare.&nbsp; But, just hear me out.&nbsp; I honestly have your best interest in mind and I&#39;m only trying to help you get the most bang for your buck.&nbsp;&nbsp; </p> <p>The idea for this post popped into my head after talking to my neighbor who just bought a <a class="" title="About Lifetime tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime table</a>.&nbsp; She&#39;d been wanting to buy a Lifetime table for a while, but just never got around to it.&nbsp; (Sound familiar?) Her friend was having a 40th birthday party and asked if our neighbor had a folding table she could borrow for the party.&nbsp; Since my neighbor had been wanting to get one for her monthly <a class="" title="about Girl Scouts" href="" target="_blank">Girl Scouts</a>&#39; meetings and her upcoming garage sale, she went out that day and bought a <a class="" title="Buy a Lifetime 6&#39; Fold-in-half table" href="" target="_blank">6&#39; fold-in-half Lifetime table</a> and then immediately loaned it to her friend for the birthday party.&nbsp; Being able to clearly see how should would use the table for multiple future occasions, as well as having an instant need, gave her the kick-in-the-rear and justification she needed to finally make the purchase.</p> <p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />Let&#39;s think for a minute.&nbsp; How many times in the past year have you hosted a party or event of some sort and as you were setting up, you realized you really could use an extra folding table?&nbsp; But, the thought of running out and spontaneously buying a table for one occasion just didn&#39;t seem justifiable.&nbsp; Right?&nbsp; So you either scrambled to call friends, neighbors, and your church to see if you could borrow one of theirs, or you simply did without. </p> <p>Well, now is the time to put an end to this unnecessary stress.&nbsp; This weekend is <a class="" title="what is Memorial Day" href="" target="_blank">Memorial Day</a> and, more than likely, several stores will have Lifetime tables on sale as part of their holiday specials.&nbsp; A reduction in price is always a nice motivation.&nbsp; But, if you&#39;re worried about whether you&#39;re really going to get your money&#39;s worth out of buying a folding table, I thought I&#39;d help you out and put together a quick list of popular summer festivities.&nbsp; Check it out and count how many of these upcoming activities you&#39;ll be hosting or attending... at which a folding table would come in handy!</p> <p>1.&nbsp;Memorial Day picnic<br />2.&nbsp;Graduation party<br />3.&nbsp;1st Communion celebration<br />4.&nbsp;County fair booth<br />5.&nbsp;4th of July picnic<br />6.&nbsp;Birthday party<br />7.&nbsp;Garage sale<br />8.&nbsp;Neighborhood pool party/BBQ<br />9.&nbsp;Family Reunion<br />10.&nbsp;Labor Day party</p> <p>And, this is just your summer list!&nbsp; Don&#39;t even get me started on the fall/winter list with holiday dinners, school bakes sales, etc.&nbsp; Lifetime banquet tables are available in <a class="" title="about Lifetime tables" href="" target="_blank">4&#39;, 5&#39;, 6&#39; and 8&#39; lengths</a>, as well as <a class="" title="buy a Lifetime adjustable height table" href="" target="_blank">adjustable heights</a>, if preferred.&nbsp; And, no more using storage space as an excuse either because the <a class="" title="buy a Lifetime fold-in-half table" href="" target="_blank">fold-in-half versions</a> take up minimal storage space and are easy to transport in your vehicle to all your activities. One last shameless plug... if you&#39;re not in the mood to run to the store, save yourself a trip and simply order it online. The shipping&#39;s always free at <a href=""></a>.&nbsp; So, go buy your Lifetime table now while you are thinking about it and happy celebrating! </p>Jan20 May 2009 12:00:00 PMMr. Moneybags Steps Up to the (Lifetime) Table<p>Who doesn&rsquo;t love a good game of MONOPOLY? At the <a title="2009 Monopoly U.S. National Championship" href=";newsid=E95E1C7A-D56F-E112-49D773782965055F" target="_blank">2009 MONOPOLY U.S. National Championship</a>, held on April 14 and 15 in Washington, DC, the focus was on the game &mdash; and the pressure was on for the 28 finalists. Up for grabs was $20,580, which is equivalent to the &ldquo;bank&rdquo; in a standard game of Monopoly. <br /><br />To ensure that no wobbly tables stood in the way of their peak performance, Lifetime provided the tournament with twelve <a title="37-inch square fold-in-half card tables" href="" target="_blank">37-inch square fold-in-half card tables</a>. (Check out the picture to see them all set up and ready for competitive play). These tables turned out to be perfect for the intense game. <img style="width: 369px; height: 259px;" src="" border="0" alt="" width="493" height="364" />Their fold-in-half frames lock automatically, so they could stand up to the players&rsquo; table slaps of excitement and fist pounds of frustration. They also come with a convenient carrying handle, making tournament setup and cleanup a snap (literally!). Plus, Lifetime&rsquo;s <a href="" target="_blank">fold-in-half tables</a> can be used both indoors and outdoors, so if next year&rsquo;s tournament is held on one of the real-life streets from the game, the players need not worry!<br /><br />After three rounds of competitive play, Richard Marinaccio of Buffalo, NY bankrupted the competition to become the new MONOPOLY U.S. national champion. His next stop is Las Vegas, NV for the 13th MONOPOLY World Championships. I know that the next time I&rsquo;m hosting a MONOPOLY tournament, I&rsquo;ll be using a Lifetime table &mdash; after all, if it can handle the U.S. National Championship, it can certainly stand up to the competition in my own home.</p>admin29 Apr 2009 12:00:00 PMM-I-C-K-E-Y T-A-B-L-E<p><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Yes, the title of this post should be sung to the tune of the chorus of <a class="" title="hear the song" href="" target="_blank">The Mickey Mouse Club theme song</a> can thank me later for getting that song stuck in your head all day.&nbsp; :)</p> <p>I can&#39;t believe it!&nbsp; My little baby girl is 2.&nbsp; Seriously, where did the time go?&nbsp; The days go by soooo slowly (with all the whining, screaming, monotonous routines, etc.), but&nbsp; yet the years go by sooooo quickly.</p> <p>We celebrated with a <a class="" title="about Minnie Mouse" href="" target="_blank">Minnie Mouse</a> birthday party on Saturday with a few family members and friends.&nbsp; I decorated while Alyssa was napping so she was completely surprised when she woke up.&nbsp; It was so heartwarming to see her huge smile when she saw all of the Minnie Mouse decorations!&nbsp; &quot;MINNIE!&nbsp; Party!&nbsp; Ready to party!,&quot; she shouted while bouncing up and down.&nbsp; So cute!<img src="" border="0" alt="" /></p> <p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />It rained for two days straight (unusual for Texas), but thankfully it stopped Saturday morning so we were still able to have the evening party outside.&nbsp; Shew!&nbsp; It&#39;s a lot easier to have 10 kids running wild and eating black frosting in my backyard than in my house!&nbsp; I usually have the kids sit at <a class="" title="kids&#39; picnic table post" href="">our kids&#39; picnic table</a>, which seats six.&nbsp; Obviously, this year, I needed a little extra seating. So, I set up our <a class="" title="buy a Lifetime Personal Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Personal Table</a> and set it at the lowest height.&nbsp; It was the perfect picnic table extension!&nbsp; It ended up being like one long table which was so nice because all of the kids could sit together.&nbsp; We have two little plastic Adirondack chairs that I tried using as seats at the <a class="" title="About Lifetime Personal Tables" href="" target="_blank">Personal Table</a>, but they were too short for the kids to reach the table.&nbsp; So, I ended up pulling out some more folding chairs which worked just fine.&nbsp; Yes, you will notice they were some of those small, cheap folding chairs rather than Lifetime chairs.&nbsp; Wait!&nbsp; Before you jump to conclusions, I have a legitimate reason for not using my <a class="" title="About Lifetime chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime chairs</a> with the Personal Table.&nbsp; It&#39;s because I was using all of my Lifetime chairs at my <a class="" title="buy a Lifetime 4&#39; table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4&#39; folding table</a> since I needed extra seating for the adults , as well!&nbsp; See?!?&nbsp; <img src="" border="0" alt="" /></p> <p>All of the kids had a great time at the party, especially the birthday girl.&nbsp; We were exhausted after all the chaos, but seeing the smile on her face made it all worth it.</p> <p>And, yes, in case you are wondering, I made her Minnie Mouse cake, with some artistic help from my husband.&nbsp; It&#39;s always one of my traditions to attempt to make a homemade birthday cake for my kids.&nbsp; My frosting techniques aren&#39;t exactly professional, but if I do say so myself, this year&#39;s cake turned out pretty darn cute!&nbsp; Minnie&#39;s face only had a few &quot;wrinkles&quot;...but, hey, she&#39;s like over 80 years old anyway, right?! <img src="" alt="Party!!!" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan21 Apr 2009 12:03:00 PMFavorite Room In My House<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />We moved to a new house two years ago and I love it!&nbsp; Out of the entire house, guess which room my favorite?&nbsp; Ok, trick question…it’s not even really a room. It’s the closet in our office!&nbsp; It’s a large walk-in closet with two doors and a window.&nbsp; I use one side for storage of big things like suitcases, our baby pack-n-play, etc.&nbsp; The other side is my own little niche….my craft closet.&nbsp; Most of the crafts I do are just small paper type crafts (handmade cards, invitations, etc.) so I don’t need a lot of room or fancy supplies.&nbsp; </p> <p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />Most people laugh at me and ask why I don’t just use the entire office as my craft room.&nbsp; Well, as I’ve mentioned before, I love to be organized so it’s crucial to my sanity that I don’t leave projects-in-process just laying around where I can see all of the clutter.&nbsp; So, turning the closet into my craft closet was ideal since I need a place to store supplies anyway!&nbsp;&nbsp; Plus, I set up my kids&#39; craft/coloring table right outside the closet door and they love working on their crafts while Mommy does. But, the space is clearly divided so they don&#39;t get in my way or use my stuff.</p> <p>If the closet is messy, I can simply shut the door and no one sees it, even if they go into our office to work on the computer.&nbsp; I use my <a class="" title="About Lifetime tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4’x2’ folding table</a> as my craft table and it’s awesome because it fits perfectly under the window in the closet!&nbsp; While I’m working on projects, I can glance outside to watch our street scene, and I can take advantage of the natural lighting.&nbsp; </p> <p>The <a class="" title="buy a Lifetime 4&#39; table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4’x’2 folding table</a> is the perfect size for my cutting mat.&nbsp; I also have a set of little plastic drawers on the table to keep scissors, hole punches etc.&nbsp;&nbsp; Since I’m a bit of an organizational freak, it’s important that I have everything within arm’s reach when I’m working on a project.&nbsp; So, I’ve actually created a little U-shaped work space.&nbsp; I have some old bookshelves right beside the table with all my paper supplies and additional paper cutters.&nbsp; Behind the table, I have clear plastic drawers with all of my gift wrapping supplies…tissue paper, ribbon, wrapping paper, scissors etc. Sure it&#39;s a bit cozy, but I love it.&nbsp; </p> <p>The nice thing about keeping things stored on shelves beside and behind my craft table is that if I need to use my&nbsp;Lifetime table for birthday parties, garage sales, etc., I can quickly fold it back up and take it out of the craft closet without having to move around a lot of stuff.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Ideally, I would love to install built-in shelving in this closet to really make it more &quot;craft&quot; friendly, but since we will be moving in a few years, I want to keep it usuable as a clothes closet to help with resale purposes. If you want some more ideas on how to set up a craft space, check out&nbsp;<a class="" href="" target="_blank">Basic Setup&nbsp;with Angie</a>&nbsp;in Lifetime&#39;s Tips &amp; Solutions articles.</p> <p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />I just finished making my daughter&#39;s Minnie Mouse birthday invitations for her birthday party...I can&#39;t believe she&#39;s going to be 2 already! Sniff, sniff.&nbsp; To give you a better idea of what I&#39;m talking about when I say I just shut the door, just look at my before and after pictures of my craft area after making the invitations.&nbsp; Oops, my secret&#39;s out.&nbsp; Time to go clean up!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan14 Apr 2009 12:00:00 PMKids' Picnic Table Gets New Color(less)!<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />So, I have to fess up. Lifetime makes a <a class="" title="buy a Lifetime kids&#39; picnic table" href="" target="_blank">kids&#39; picnic table</a>, but I don&#39;t own one. To make matters worse, I own a Step 2 picnic table instead.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>And, I actually bought my kids&#39; picnic table AFTER I worked for <a class="" title="About Lifetime" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Products</a> and knew firsthand the great quality in all products from Lifetime.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Oh, stop it!<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>I can already hear my former co-workers shouting &quot;why, why, why?&quot; <span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp;</span>as they read this.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span></p> <p><span style="mso-spacerun:yes;"></span>I purchased the table for my son&#39;s 2nd birthday. (Great present idea, BTW!)<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>At the time, we lived in Phoenix <span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp;</span>where we had a tiny backyard with an in-ground pool and a piece of grass that was smaller than our master joke.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Everyone&#39;s backyard in Phoenix is surrounded by a 6&#39; cement block cozy, huh?!?<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Anyway, with such a small lot and a pool taking up half of it, I didn&#39;t want the rest of the &quot;yard&quot; to be mistaken for a daycare with brightly-colored, giant, plastic toys cluttering the space.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span><span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp;</span>It actually all started with the sandbox for Nathan&#39;s 1st birthday.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>I was adamant about not having a massive, green turtle staring at me when we opened our back door.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Don&#39;t get me wrong, those animal-shaped sandboxes are cute, but it was too much for me in our minuscule &quot;yard&quot;.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>So, I was thrilled when I found a sandbox that was beige and actually looked like it was made out of rocks to &quot;blend in&quot; with our oh-so-beautiful cement block walls. </p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="MARGIN:0in 0in 10pt;">Then came birthday number 2.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>A kids&#39; picnic table seemed liked the perfect gift idea.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>And, I must say, it was!<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>We have used our kids&#39; picnic table a TON.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>I wanted to get a table that would sit at least six kids and would be big enough and strong enough for older kids to sit on so Nathan wouldn&#39;t outgrow it too quickly.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>The <a class="" title="buy a Lifetime kids&#39; picnic table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime kids&#39; picnic table</a> met all of that criteria perfectly.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>And, it even folded flat for storage. (Although, we didn&#39;t need that feature since we lived in Phoenix and could use a picnic table year-round.)<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>So, what was my problem with the Lifetime table?<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Yep, you guessed it, the bright colors.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>The Lifetime kid&#39;s picnic table had a blueberry blue tabletop with raspberry red benches.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Very fun for kids, but much too busy for our tiny backyard.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Sorry Lifetime.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Even though I helped name the colors, I just couldn&#39;t bring myself to buy such vivid furniture.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Call me a traitor.</p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="MARGIN:0in 0in 10pt;">But, guess what? <span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp;</span>Last week when I was looking online at <a href=""></a> , I noticed Lifetime now has a new ALMOND-colored kids&#39; picnic table!<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>I guess I must not be the only crazy mom out there who wants to escape the never-ending rainbow world.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>So, now you can buy your little munchkins a picnic table that looks exactly like Mom and Dad&#39;s!<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>And, we all know how much kids&#39; love miniature versions of our stuff.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>This thing is identical to the <a class="" title="about Lifetime picnic tables" href="" target="_blank">grown-up version</a>.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>And, it&#39;s built just as tough as the <a class="" title="buy Lifetime picnic tables" href="" target="_blank">adult&nbsp;picnic tables</a> aren&#39;t going to outgrow this one for a loooong time. <span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>Check out the <a class="" title="kids&#39; table dimensions" href="" target="_blank">dimensions</a>, you&#39;ll be impressed how it stacks up to other kids&#39; tables out there. <span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp;</span>Sure wish this would have been around three years ago because I would have bought it in a jiffy!<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="MARGIN:0in 0in 10pt;">Moral of this long story...if you&#39;re looking to buy a kids&#39; picnic table for this summer, check out the new one from Lifetime.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Trust me, you won&#39;t be disappointed with the quality...and now that it is available in almond, you won&#39;t be disappointed with the color, either!<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>:)</p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="MARGIN:0in 0in 10pt;">Oh, need a little extra incentive to choose the Lifetime kids&#39; picnic table?<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Don&#39;t forget when you purchase from&nbsp;<a href=""></a> shipping is <a class="" title="FREE shipping details" href="" target="_blank">FREE</a>!!<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Yep.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Zip, zero, nada.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span></p>Jan09 Apr 2009 12:30:00 PMImpromptu Kids' Picnic Table<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />I know, I know.&nbsp; You're probably getting tired of hearing about my <a title="spring break post" href="">Lifetime Spring Break stories</a>.&nbsp; But, I can't help it!&nbsp; There were just too many to share.&nbsp; But, I promise, this is my last least for Spring Break 2009.&nbsp; :)</p> <p>The weather during Spring Break was absolutely gorgeous.&nbsp; We spent practically every waking minute outside.&nbsp; So, it was no surprise that my kids wanted to eat lunch outside on the little tiny condo balcony one day.&nbsp; (And, I do mean tiny!)&nbsp;</p> <p>At home, my kids eat outside quite often on their own little <a title="buy a Lifetime kids' picnic table" href="" target="_blank">kids' picnic table</a>.&nbsp; But, the only patio furniture at the condo were tall, bar-height chairs designed so you could see over the railing to view the ocean...not exactly conducive for short, fidgety kids.&nbsp; So, we had to improvise.&nbsp; Sure, we could have just let them eat on a blanket on the ground, but they wanted a table.&nbsp; Never fear, Grandma (or Mammy, as my kids call her) to the rescue! My Mom pulled out her <a title="buy a Lifetime Personal Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Personal Table</a> and set it at the lowest height.&nbsp; (Oh, I forgot to mention, she <a title="packing tables for spring break post" href="">packed that table, TOO</a>!) Voila!&nbsp; We didn't have any kid-size chairs, so my daughter simply stood to eat and my son&nbsp;ate on his knees. It certainly wasn't ideal for every meal, but it did make for a fun lunch treat one day.&nbsp;</p> <p>Aaah, basking in the sun and watching the waves roll in while sipping a Capri Sun...doesn't get much better for a kid!</p>Jan08 Apr 2009 5:00:00 AMLife Is Short...So Are Adjustable Height Tables!<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />In my <a title="spring break post" href="">Spring Break post</a>, I mentioned how my parents crammed their van full and drove from Ohio to Texas to stay in a condo on the beach in Port Aransas for the month of March.&nbsp; Let me tell you, they packed practically everything but the kitchen sink.&nbsp; Literally.&nbsp; Clothes, tool boxes, fishing poles, a laptop, a printer, bicycles, a sewing machine... and even a Lifetime table!&nbsp; Seriously!&nbsp; My mom packed her <a title="Buy a Lifetime 4' Adjustable Height table" href="" target="_blank">4' fold-in-half adjustable height table</a> so she could use it as her sewing table.&nbsp; (Thank goodness its compact for easy transportation because they needed every inch of cargo space they could get.)&nbsp;</p> <p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />Mom set the table up right in front of the windows so she could enjoy the ocean view while she sewed.&nbsp; She loves to make quilts as a hobby, but I also took advantage of her skills and had her take tucks in some of my skinny-mini son's shorts and a fix shirt for me.</p> <p>Luckily, she didn't need to pack her Lifetime chairs.&nbsp; She just borrowed chairs from the <a title="condo social room" href="">condo's social room</a> which was completely filled with Lifetime tables and <a title="about Lifetime chairs" href="" target="_blank">chairs</a>!</p> <p>The portability of Mom's Lifetime table also&nbsp;proved handy on St. Patrick's Day when several of the condo neighbors got together for a festive potluck.&nbsp; Mom carried her Lifetime table up to the neighbors so they would have more eating space that night.&nbsp; Here's a funny story though.&nbsp; She took the table up earlier in the day and just left it with the neighbor without explaining anything about it.&nbsp; When they went back up that night to eat, the neighbor said, "Thanks for bringing the table, but I think we'll just use it to set food on since it's much too low to eat on."&nbsp; Really?&nbsp; Well, turns out the neighbor didn't realize the table was adjustable in height so she when she unfolded the legs it automatically set up at the lowest kid height!&nbsp; Ooops!&nbsp; I guess the adjustable legs aren't always intuitive.&nbsp; So, lessoned learned, if you loan out your <a title="about Lifetime adjustable height tables" href="" target="_blank">adjustable height table</a>, you might want to be sure and mention how to raise and lower the legs.&nbsp; :)</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan02 Apr 2009 5:00:00 AMLifetime Round Tables: the card table redefined™<p><a target="_blank" href="">Lifetime round tables</a> add elegance to any gathering and bring people together with ease and style. Whether it&#39;s a birthday or dinner party, or an occasion as special as your wedding, <a target="_blank" href="">Lifetime round tables</a> are your solution. Even large, 6-foot L<a target="_blank" href="">ifetime round tables</a> feature lightweight construction, making them easy to fold, lift, and store when the party&#39;s over. <a target="_blank" href="">Lifetime round tables</a> &mdash; the card table redefined&trade;.</p>Joe01 Apr 2009 4:59:00 PMA Lifetime Social Room<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />When I was visiting my parents at their condo in <a title="Spring Break blog" href="">Port Aransas</a> last week, I happened to snap a picture of the condo building's social room.&nbsp; It's not that it was super attractive or decorated beautifully (or even decorated at all!) but, it was filled with nothing but Lifetime tables and chairs!&nbsp; Yep, that was it.&nbsp; Four plain walls, seven <a title="About Lifetime tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 6' banquet tables</a>, and numerous <a title="About Lifetmie chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime chairs</a>.&nbsp;</p> <p>The tables and chairs are used every Monday morning when the residents gather to eat breakfast, and at various other times for potlucks, game nights, etc.&nbsp; Many residents also borrow the <a title="buy a Lifetime chair" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime chairs</a> to use in their own condos.&nbsp; My Mom borrowed two so she could have extra seating at the dining table since it only came with four chairs.&nbsp; And, she also used the Lifetime chairs at her sewing table.</p> <p>The <a title="Buy a Lifetime table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime tables</a> and chairs were an inexpensive solution for the condo to furnish its social room.&nbsp; Plus, maintenance-free products that are built to handle the wear-and-tear of beach vacation renters were a must.</p> <p>If you're looking for some&nbsp;pointers of how to arrange and furnish&nbsp;your own&nbsp;social room or small business break room, check out Lifetime's <a title="Tips &amp; Solutions" href="">"Give Me A Break"</a> Tips &amp; Solutions at <a href=""></a>.</p>Jan30 Mar 2009 10:00:00 AMSpring Break in Port Aransas<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />Deep breath.&nbsp; Looong slow exhale. Ok, I think I&rsquo;m mentally ready to unwind from my spring break vacation and start writing.&nbsp;</p> <p>As much as my parents deny it, they&rsquo;re becoming Ohio snowbirds.&nbsp; For the past two years they&rsquo;ve packed their mini van full and moved to Texas for the month of March.&nbsp; They rent a condo right on the beach in <a title="About Port A" href="" target="_blank">Port Aransas on Mustang Island</a>.&nbsp; I am very blessed that they choose to come to Texas rather than Florida so they can spend quality time with me.&nbsp; Ok, who am I kidding, we all know it&rsquo;s for the quality time with my kids, not me!&nbsp; :)</p> <p>So, last week we headed to Port Aransas for spring break week to visit my parents.&nbsp;&nbsp; Spring break at Port Aransas is&hellip; well, different.&nbsp; I did the whole spring break trip to South Padre Island back in my college days.&nbsp; It was pretty much what you see when watching <a href="" target="_blank">MTV&rsquo;s Spring Break</a> show&hellip;hotels and condos lining the beach, bikini clad college kids packed as far as the eye can see, loud music blaring, various contests, etc.&nbsp; Ummm,&nbsp;I&rsquo;ll keep this censored and let you use your imagination from there.&nbsp; Port Aransas&hellip;well, not so much.&nbsp; First off, we were actually there the week after most college spring breaks when it was a little tamer with families rather than college students.&nbsp; But, still, the scene is just different.</p> <p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />For starters, you can actually drive and camp right on the beach in Port Aransas.&nbsp; So, instead of seeing wall-to-wall people partying, you see wall-to-wall RVs, tents, and vehicles.&nbsp; It is nice that you don&rsquo;t have to figure out how to lug all of your beach toys, umbrellas, food etc. all the way down the beach.&nbsp; Simply drive your vehicle to your perfect spot, pop your trunk, and you&rsquo;re ready to enjoy the day or week.&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"></a><img src="" border="0" alt="" />Spring breakers planning to make a week of it have a pretty elaborate set up with canopies, BBQ grills, tents, etc.&nbsp; Almost every canopy I saw was shading a food table.&nbsp; And, guess what the table of choice seemed to be?&nbsp; Yes!&nbsp; <a title="About Lifetime tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime tables</a>!&nbsp; They were everywhere!&nbsp; I guess it makes sense&hellip;waterproof, lightweight, and they easily fold for transportation.&nbsp; (Not to mention they are relatively inexpensive and conveniently available at home improvement stores, club stores, discount stores, sporting good stores and more.)&nbsp; People were using them to hold food, BBQ grills, water tanks, etc.&nbsp; My personal favorite was this <a title="Buy a Lifetime table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4' table</a> set up by a proudly displayed American flag.</p> <p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />Instead of standing around partying, what do Port Aransas spring breakers do?&nbsp; Well, after staking their ground, people start cruising up and down the beach scoping out the crowd.&nbsp; To cruise in true Texas style, a big diesel truck is the preferred beach vehicle.&nbsp; But, anything goes.&nbsp; In fact, the crazier the better, and the more attention you&rsquo;ll get&hellip;golf carts, limousines, and even a huge homemade beach buggy made out of old army equipment.&nbsp; Whatever floats your boat, I guess!</p> <p>The weather was fantastic and my kids have wonderful memories of building sand castles, flying kites, chasing the waves, riding bikes on the beach, feeding seagulls, watching dolphins, swimming in the pool, fishing, picking up seashells, and spending quality time with Mammy and Papa at the condo in Port Aransas.&nbsp;&nbsp; We had a blast!&nbsp; Sadly, Spring Break 2009 is over and now it is back to the daily grind.&nbsp; Sniff, sniff.&nbsp;</p> <p><br />&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan24 Mar 2009 10:00:00 AM30 Years Later<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />When I was a little girl, my Grandpa made me a very special keepsake gift...a handmade wooden dollhouse, complete with shingles cut from sandpaper.&nbsp; Well, just like a real house roof has to be replaced about every 20 years, evidently so does a dollhouse roof!&nbsp;</p> <p>After&nbsp;our four moves, (ok, and 30 years of sun damage, dust, and wear-and-tear!) the dollhouse roof was about 10 years past its prime.&nbsp; The sandpaper shingles were curling up and literally falling off.&nbsp; My Dad and I have been wanting to replace them for several years now, but we've just never got around to it whenever he came to visit from out-of-state.&nbsp;</p> <p>This weekend my parents were here and it was a cold, rainy weekend with not much to do.&nbsp; So, my Dad and I FINALLY started the dollhouse roof replacement project.&nbsp; My Dad's father was the one who originally built the dollhouse so it was a sentimental project for my Dad.&nbsp; My Dad is now a grandfather so it was touching for me to see him working on a project his father built at about the same age my Dad is now.&nbsp; It's like catching a glimpse of the past when you see someone fill the shoes of previous generations.&nbsp; Watching my Dad work on the dollhouse, I could easily envision my Grandpa building the same dollhouse wearing his flannel shirt and glasses... and I could almost smell the sweet aroma from the cherry pipe he always smoked.</p> <p>Ok, enough nostalgia for one blog.&nbsp; So....after cutting the rows of sandpaper, my Dad stapled the rows of shingles while the dollhouse was on our workbench.&nbsp; But, he had to nail the top roof caps instead of stapling them, which required the dollhouse to be at a lower level so Dad could see to align the caps properly.&nbsp; At first, he just sat the dollhouse on the floor to&nbsp;do the nailing. But, his back quickly grew tired from bending over.&nbsp; So, my Mom suggested I bring out my <a title="Lifetime Personal Table details" href="" target="_blank">adjustable height Lifetime Personal Table</a>.&nbsp; Initially, I was hesitant because we had tried to use our <a title="Workbench Like Daddy's blog post" href="">Lifetime Personal Table as a workbench</a> for my son a few months ago and discovered it didn't provide the most stable support for hammering.&nbsp; But, it did seem like the perfect height solution, so I figured we should give it a try.&nbsp; BINGO!&nbsp; We put the table at its lowest level (21") and it was the perfect height so Dad could easily nail on the top of the dollhouse without bending over.&nbsp; And, since he was only gently tapping tiny tacks into sandpaper rather than pounding long nails into hard wood, instability wasn't an issue at all.</p> <p>So, the <a title="Buy A Lifetime Personal Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Personal Table</a> saved the day and my Dad saved my dollhouse roof... at least for the next 30 years!&nbsp; Thanks, Dad. :)</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan17 Mar 2009 4:00:00 AMWaterproof Tables at Swim School<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />My son started taking swimming lessons a few weeks ago at a new swim school that just opened by our house.&nbsp; I must say, for a 5-year-old he does really well!&nbsp; He's known how to kind of swim for several years, but we're hoping this new class will help perfect his stroke so he is proficient and completely independent for this summer's swim season.&nbsp;</p> <p>The place where he takes swimming lessons has a pretty thorough system of checks and balances to ensure each child completes the necessary skills in each level. They have an instructor that monitors the swim teacher and student during the lesson and evaluates if the skill is mastered.&nbsp; After the skill is mastered, it is recorded in a logbook and marked off on the child's wristband.</p> <p>I was happy to see when I walked in the first day that they use a <a title="buy an adjustable height table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4-foot adjustable height table</a> as the "desk" inside the pool area!&nbsp; It's the perfect solution since Lifetime's plastic tabletops are waterproof so they won't&nbsp;warp or peel in the humid pool area.&nbsp; And, the <a title="about powder-coating" href="" target="_blank">powder-coated steel legs</a> help prevent rusting.&nbsp; The adjustable height table set at the <a title="adjustable height table details" href="" target="_blank">tallest countertop height</a> is ideal for the swim instructors.&nbsp; They can quickly walk over to the table to look at the student roster and skill checklist without having to bend down and drip all over the paperwork.</p> <p>Oh, and here's a funny story.&nbsp; So, I had my camera out taking pictures through the glass window during swim class.&nbsp; One of the other parents said, "I think you can actually go inside the pool area if you want to take pictures of your child."&nbsp; Take pictures of my child?&nbsp; HA!&nbsp; I had to fess up and admit that I wasn't taking pictures of my son, but of the Lifetime table!&nbsp; I told him how I used to work for the company that made the tables and now I blog about how I use&nbsp;Lifetime Products&nbsp;in my every day life.&nbsp; "Those tables?" he said, pointing to the Lifetime table.&nbsp; "Those tables are awesome!&nbsp; Our family has about six of them,"&nbsp;he said.&nbsp; "We love them!"&nbsp; Aaah, another encounter with yet another satisfied Lifetime customer.</p> <p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />The swim school also uses another <a title="Lifetime 4-foot table details" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4-foot table</a> for something very special.&nbsp; They use it to display newsletters and announcements and, most importantly (to the kids), a bucket of suckers for a good job swimming!&nbsp; Yes, it really is the little things in life that make us all happy.&nbsp; :)</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan12 Mar 2009 5:00:00 AMLifetime Chairs on CSI:NY!<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />I may not be quite as sharp as the CSI team, but my keen eyes did spot several Lifetime tables and chairs on&nbsp;last week's <em><a title="CSI video" href=";pid=nDR2vXVP8XaUppnh9Q_ObO5c4sOU5_e6&amp;play=true&amp;cc=" target="_blank">CSI:NY "Turbulence"</a></em> episode!&nbsp; (A rerun BTW.)&nbsp;</p> <p>Some companies pay BIG bucks to get ideal <a title="learn more about product placement" href="" target="_blank">product placement</a> (meaning actually using or showing the product) in movies and TV shows.&nbsp; You know, like how all the <em><a href="" target="_blank">American Idol</a></em> judges have a giant Coca-Cola cup sitting in front of them every show!?&nbsp; But, sometimes, a company is fortunate enough to have its product used just because it is the ideal product for a scene.</p> <p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />I'm always watching the background shots of various shows, especially home improvement shows, to see if they use Lifetime tables.&nbsp; Every once in a while, I catch a glimpse of one.&nbsp; But, the folding&nbsp;tables and chairs in this <em>CSI: NY</em>&nbsp;episode were pretty hard to miss.&nbsp; Well, for me anyway.&nbsp;&nbsp;You probably wouldn't notice unless you're a diehard <a title="About Lifetime Products" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Products</a> fan.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;But, the <a title="Lifetime chair details" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime tables</a> and chairs definitely were in quite a few scenes at the end of the show.&nbsp;</p> <p>This week's show was about a murder (big surprise, huh?) that took place on an airplane. So,&nbsp; the <em>CSI: NY</em>&nbsp;team set up temporary offices in the airplane hangar.&nbsp; If you look closely at the tables and chairs they used for their equipment and their interrogation area, they're Lifetime products!&nbsp; It's kind of hard to tell for sure if the tables are Lifetime since they rarely show a full leg shot, but the <a title="Lifetime chair details" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime white folding chairs</a> are pretty unmistakable.</p> <p>It's not like <em>CSI: NY</em>&nbsp;was actually endorsing <a title="Buy a Lifetime table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime's tables</a> and chairs, but still, I wonder how Gary Sinise liked sitting in a Lifetime chair. :)</p> <p>&nbsp;If you want to see the Lifetime chairs in CSI:NY for yourself, <a title="CSI video" href=";pid=nDR2vXVP8XaUppnh9Q_ObO5c4sOU5_e6&amp;play=true&amp;cc=" target="_blank">click here</a> to view the full "Turbulence" episode on</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan10 Mar 2009 5:00:00 AMWhere Do You Store Your Lifetime Tables &amp; Chairs?<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />I know, I know.&nbsp; It's been forever since I last blogged, but I'm back!&nbsp; Back from where?&nbsp; Oh, just the usual, life in visits, taking the kids to school and soccer, cleaning house, whatever.&nbsp; Although, I did squeeze in a quick vacation to Cancun which was soooo relaxing and fun!!&nbsp; Anyway, to those of you who have missed my regular weekly posts (thanks, Mom), your wait is over!&nbsp; :)</p> <p>So, the other day when I was getting out my vacuum cleaner, I happened to see my <a title="Lifetime chair details" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime folding chairs</a> and began to wonder.&nbsp; (Yes, I&rsquo;m infamous for random association-thinking&hellip;you know, where one thought leads to another to another to another.)&nbsp;</p> <p>Anyway, my first thought was that Lifetime folding chairs are super comfortable. But, geez, compared to other cheap, flimsy&nbsp;folding chairs, they sure are big. (Obviously, this is a great feature when it comes to sitting, but not so much for storage.)&nbsp; Lucky for me I have a big under-the-stairs closet that is a perfect storage spot where the chairs are out of sight but still easily accessible.&nbsp; Actually, the three houses that we&rsquo;ve lived in have always been two-story houses and have always had significant under-the-stair closet storage.&nbsp; I honestly don&rsquo;t know what I would do without that space&hellip; perfect for storing our heavy artificial Christmas tree, as well as decorations, vacuums, coats, and folding tables and chairs.&nbsp;</p> <p>Then, I started thinking&hellip; oh mercy, we&rsquo;re in serious trouble when we move if we don&rsquo;t have an under-the-stairs closet!&nbsp; Where in the world would I keep a card table and folding chairs? (Not to mention all the other stuff, especially that huge Christmas tree!)&nbsp;&nbsp; So, it got me wondering.&nbsp; Where do other people store their tables and chairs, especially Lifetime&lsquo;s big <a title="buy a Lifetime 6' table" href="" target="_blank">6-foot</a> and <a title="buy a Lifetime 8' folding table" href="" target="_blank">8-foot</a> folding tables?</p> <p>Now I&rsquo;m curious.&nbsp; As you know, I&rsquo;m always on the hunt for good organization ideas.&nbsp; So&hellip;.where do you store yours?&nbsp; Please share!&nbsp; I&rsquo;m sure some other readers out there could use some creative ideas of where to store their <a title="Lifetime table details" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime tables</a> and chairs when they have limited storage.&nbsp; Can&rsquo;t wait to hear all of the unique and unusual spots and find out what seems to be the most popular place.&nbsp; Thanks in advance for sharing and check the replies often to see if there are any handy ideas you can steal!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan04 Mar 2009 7:00:00 AMNew Tables and Chairs at BuyLifetime.com<p><a href="" target="_blank"><img style="border-top-width:0px;display:inline;border-left-width:0px;border-bottom-width:0px;margin-left:0px;margin-right:0px;border-right-width:0px;" title="image" src="" border="0" alt="image" width="27" height="41" align="right" /></a> <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Contoured Folding Chairs (Putty color)</a> are now available for under $33 each when purchased in bulk!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <hr /> <p><a href=""><img style="border-top-width:0px;display:inline;border-left-width:0px;border-bottom-width:0px;margin-left:0px;margin-right:0px;border-right-width:0px;" title="image" src="" border="0" alt="image" width="48" height="40" align="right" /></a> These aren&rsquo;t your grandma&rsquo;s card <a href="" target="_blank">tables</a>, these are Lifetime&rsquo;s durable <a href="" target="_blank">37&rdquo; Square Card Tables</a>, available for under 80 bucks when you buy one, or $50 each when you buy in bulk.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <hr /> <p><a href="" target="_blank"><img style="border-top-width:0px;display:inline;border-left-width:0px;border-bottom-width:0px;margin-left:0px;margin-right:0px;border-right-width:0px;" title="image" src="" border="0" alt="image" width="39" height="27" align="right" /></a><a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4-foot Folding Utility Table</a> is a great work or task table! It&rsquo;s large and steady enough to get your work done, but folds up small enough to tuck away when you&rsquo;re not using it. If you like the compact nature of this table, imagine the possibilities <a href="" target="_blank"><img style="border-top-width:0px;display:inline;border-left-width:0px;border-bottom-width:0px;margin-left:0px;margin-right:0px;border-right-width:0px;" title="image" src="" border="0" alt="image" width="38" height="30" align="left" /></a>when you can fold it in half and adjust the height, it&rsquo;s even better! Take a look at <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime&rsquo;s 4-foot adjustable fold-in-half table</a>. Perfect for pre-schools, daycares, and kindergartens!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <hr /> <p><a href=""><img style="border-top-width:0px;display:inline;border-left-width:0px;border-bottom-width:0px;margin-left:0px;margin-right:0px;border-right-width:0px;" title="image" src="" border="0" alt="image" width="32" height="31" align="right" /></a> The Lifetime Personal Table is the ideal replacement for that old, wobbly TV tray, but it&rsquo;s great for tasks, cross-words, puzzles, reading, and all sorts of other crafts and tasks.</p> <ul> <li><a title="" href="">40-pack 30&rdquo; x 20&rdquo; Personal Table</a>&nbsp; </li> <li><a title="" href="">4-pack 30&rdquo; x 20&rdquo; Personal Table</a> </li> <li><a title="" href="">48-pack 18&rdquo; x 26&rdquo; Personal Table</a> (limited time only! close-out special) </li> <li><a href="" target="_blank">30&rdquo; round Personal Table</a> </li> <li><a href="" target="_blank">Square Bistro Table</a></li> </ul>Joe19 Feb 2009 11:03:44 AMOur Chinese New Year Celebration<p>Occasionally our family likes to take a time out from our usual dinner routine and enjoy something unique from a culture different than ours.&nbsp; <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Last week, since Chinese New Year was in full swing, we thought it would be a great opportunity to enjoy a part of the rich Chinese culture.&nbsp; Oftentimes we celebrate with extended family or a couple of families in our neighborhood but this year we decided to try something a little more trouble-free and just celebrated with our little family.&nbsp; <br />We started by bringing one of our <a title="Lifetime Banquet Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 6 foot folding banquet tables</a> up from the basement and placing it (with the legs unfolded) on a couple of short storage bins.&nbsp; This allowed the table to sit about 18 inches from the ground.&nbsp; Although sitting on the floor isn&rsquo;t necessarily a dining practice in the Chinese culture,&nbsp;some close friends started doing this a number of years ago and our two boys now look forward to it so we continue to &ldquo;celebrate&rdquo; Chinese New Year in this fashion.&nbsp; (Chinese tables are most often round, with a rotating server set in the center).&nbsp; <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>After decorating the table with a table cloth and assorted Chinese New Year d&eacute;cor, we were ready for the important part . . . the food.&nbsp; We ordered take out from one of our favorite Chinese restaurants.&nbsp; This time we ordered a couple of my favorites, Walnut Shrimp and Tangerine Beef.&nbsp; <br />I was impressed how well my five year old son was able to manipulate his chopsticks after just one quick lesson.&nbsp; Our two-year-old preferred to use one of his chopsticks as a &ldquo;sword,&rdquo; fortunately no injuries were reported during the meal.&nbsp; It was a memorable family meal and a fun way to usher in the Chinese New Year.</p>Jason13 Feb 2009 5:00:00 AMLifetime Round Tables<p><a title="Lifetime round tables" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank"><img style="border-right:0px;border-top:0px;display:inline;border-left:0px;border-bottom:0px;" title="Lifetime round tables" src="" border="0" alt="Lifetime round tables" width="408" height="143" /></a></p> <p>King Arthur used round <a href="" target="_blank">tables</a> in his court as a symbol of equality, that even he, as King, was an equal to the Knights in his court. Maybe that&rsquo;s why <a title="Lifetime round tables" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime round tables</a> are so popular!</p> <p><a title="Lifetime round tables" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime round tables</a> are generally easier to move around than square or rectangular <a href="" target="_blank">tables</a>, you simply fold them up, and wheel them away. Not only that, <a title="Lifetime round tables" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime round tables</a> typically can seat more people and have more available work-space than your typical card table, without taking up any more space to store.</p> <p><a title="Lifetime round tables" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime round tables</a> are ideal for garage sales, scrapbooking, photo-albums, game night, special occasions, church functions, banquets, and even Sunday dinner.</p> <p>Several models, colors, sizes, and options are available. Head on over to <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and pick out your Lifetime round table today!</p>Joe02 Feb 2009 5:00:00 PMTailgating at the BCS Championship Game<p><img border="0" alt="" width="1" height="1" align="top" /><img border="0" alt="" width="1" height="1" align="top" /></p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"><img style="border: 0px;" src="" alt="" width="225" /></a></p> <p>If there&rsquo;s one thing I love, it&rsquo;s college football season.&nbsp; Having attended a large public university where football is its own institution, Saturdays are always spent in front of the TV watching the <a title="NCAA official site" href="" target="_blank">NCAA</a> action.&nbsp; I hadn&rsquo;t had the pleasure of actually going to a game &ndash; and better yet, enjoying the tailgating festivities &ndash; in more than five years until recently.<br /><br />I might as well spill it now.&nbsp; I&rsquo;m a Gator fan &ndash; I bleed orange and blue.&nbsp;&nbsp; And now is as good a time as any to be a Gator fan.&nbsp; In case you don&rsquo;t follow college football, the Gators ranked second this year and claimed a spot to play the number one ranked <a title="Oklahoma Sooners Official site" href="" target="_blank">Oklahoma Sooners</a> in this year&rsquo;s <a title="Bown Championship Series official web site" href="" target="_blank">Bowl Championship Series</a> game in Miami, FL.&nbsp; Essentially, this is the Super Bowl of college football.&nbsp; <br /><br />As a Florida native, I knew I had to make it to this game.&nbsp; A couple friends and I were able to get tickets and spent the day tailgating at <a href="" target="_blank">Dolphin Stadium</a>.&nbsp; We had all the usual fixings &ndash; wings, burgers, hot dogs, drinks and of course, the perfect Gator fanfare everywhere.&nbsp; We broke out our Lifetime tables and chairs for easy set up and break down.&nbsp; The best part was the people who were tailgating next to us.&nbsp; They had a Gator cake that rested alone on its very own <a title="Shop for adjustable height tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime height-adjustable table</a>.&nbsp; I can&rsquo;t think of a better thing to put on a Lifetime table.&nbsp; After tailgating all day, I was fortunate to have scored lower level, 16th row seats where I watched the <a href="" target="_blank">Florida Gators</a> beat the Oklahoma Sooners with a final score of 24-14.&nbsp; National Champions!!<br /><br />I guess this is where I should apologize to all the <a href="" target="_blank">University of Utah fans</a>.&nbsp; I&rsquo;m sorry the Utes were &ldquo;robbed&rdquo; this season.&nbsp; I support a playoff system.&nbsp; I honestly do.&nbsp; I also support my Gators and still think the outcome would have been the same.<br /><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" width="1" height="1" align="top" /></a></p>admin29 Jan 2009 12:00:00 AMFolding round table<p><a title="folding round tables" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank"><img style="border-right:0px;border-top:0px;display:inline;margin-left:0px;border-left:0px;margin-right:0px;border-bottom:0px;" title="image" src="" border="0" alt="image" width="238" height="240" align="right" /></a> If you&rsquo;re considering buying a card table, you owe it to yourself to check out this <a title="folding round table" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank">folding round table</a>.</p> <p>Round <a href="" target="_blank">tables</a> typically don&rsquo;t take up any more room than those old-fashioned square card <a href="" target="_blank">tables</a>, but they roll and store so much easier it&rsquo;s almost criminal to consider the &ldquo;square&rdquo; alternative.</p> <p>A <a title="folding round table" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank">folding round table</a> generally has a greater surface area and can seat more people than square <a href="" target="_blank">tables</a>, they look nicer in a banquet setting, and are still ideal for game night, scrapbook parties, church activities, holiday events, and even garage sales.</p> <p>This <a title="folding round table" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank">folding round table</a> is available with <strong>free shipping</strong> from <a href="" target="_blank"></a>! Bulk discount pricing available.</p>Joe15 Jan 2009 5:00:00 PMWho Dunnit?<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />My oh my.&nbsp; What a weekend!&nbsp; My husband and I hosted a party at our house for his squadron on Saturday night.&nbsp; We always like to make things interesting and entertaining so we decided to host a Murder Mystery party for our 39 guests.&nbsp; Never been to a Murder Mystery party?&nbsp; More details on how it works in a minute...</p> <p>The theme of our Murder Mystery party was a Class of '85 High School Reunion.&nbsp; Everyone had to dress like their character would have in the 80s.&nbsp; Wow, talk about some, like, totally awesome costumes!&nbsp; The women pulled out all the classics including jelly bracelets, leggings, shoulder pads, and cans of Aquanet hairspray to tease their hair.&nbsp; (Ah, the good 'ol days.)&nbsp; Not to be outdone, the men donned layered shirts, Miami Vice suits, acid washed jeans, and rat tails.&nbsp; Hillarious!&nbsp; And, if the costume reminiscing wasn't enough, the 80s background music was the icing on the cake.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>I digress.&nbsp; Since the theme was a high school reunion, all of the guests had to "register" as soon as they walked in the door.&nbsp; So, I set up my <a title="Lifetime table details" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4'x2' table</a> as a registration table.&nbsp; It was the perfect size because it was just about the same width as our entry hallway.&nbsp; I simply threw a white sheet over the table and hung a "Welcome Back" Banner around it for decoration.&nbsp; It worked great because after everyone arrived, I was able to quickly fold it up and move the <a title="buy a Lifetime table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime table</a> out of the way so people could walk through the hallway to mingle with guests.</p> <p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />Now, back to the party details.&nbsp; Here's how a Murder Mystery party works in a nutshell.&nbsp; Prior to the party, the host assigns each guest a character.&nbsp;&nbsp; (For our high school reunion party, we had typical classmate characters like the Class President, The Jock, The Cheerleader, The Prom King/Queen, The Drama Queen,&nbsp; The Valedictorian, The Punk, The Math Team Captain etc.)&nbsp;&nbsp; When you send out the invitations, you give every guest their character assignment and a brief character description.&nbsp; When guests arrive at the party, you hand them an envelope with objectives they need to complete which all become possible motives for the murder.&nbsp; Sometime during the party, a murder of one guest will take place.&nbsp; (We planned our murder&nbsp;to take place during the reunion dance in our garage ...complete with an 80s breakdance contest!&nbsp; So fun!).&nbsp; After the murder, guests receive another envelope with more objectives to complete and evidence to share...if they choose.&nbsp; People are also given fake money to bribe/blackmail people to gain evidence and information.&nbsp; After an evidence presentation, guests fill out a form and guess "who dunnit".&nbsp; And, they also vote for Best Dressed and Best Performer of the night.<img src="" border="0" alt="" /></p> <p>If you want to host a memorable event, I would highly recommend a Murder Mystery party.&nbsp; You can purchase games online for groups of different sizes ranging from 15-100+ people. (We used <a href=""></a> ) The games include everything you need to plan the party and run the game, including the invitations.&nbsp; Oh, and as the host, you can play along without knowing "who dunnit".&nbsp;&nbsp; Give it a me, your guests will be talking about the night long after the party is over!</p>Jan13 Jan 2009 9:11:00 AMA Workbench Like Daddy's<p><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Ever run out of ideas for fun activities to do with your kids?&nbsp; Does your child enjoy craft projects but you never seem to have the right supplies to make something really cool?&nbsp; Well, take a trip to your local home improvement store and you're in for a treat!&nbsp;</p> <p>Our local Lowe's offers <a title="build and grow info" href="" target="_blank">Build and Grow clinics</a> for kids.&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="" target="_blank">Lowe's</a> supplies all the materials and directions to assemble a simple woodworking project with your kids.&nbsp; They even give you a kid-sized Lowe's apron and real safety goggles...all&nbsp; for free!&nbsp; What a great deal!&nbsp;</p> <p>My 5-year-old son is really starting to get into "projects" and enjoys using his Daddy's tools to build things.&nbsp; So, a few weeks ago, we decided to try a Lowe's Build and Grow clinic.&nbsp; Lesson #1... we now know that these classes fill up FAST!&nbsp; We assumed we could just show up that day and we'd be able to participate - WRONG!&nbsp; You need to sign-up in advance, and most people actually <a href="" target="_blank">register online</a>.&nbsp; My son was so disappointed because he was looking forward to his "man-time" with Daddy.</p> <p>Luckily, a few hours later, Lowe's called and said they actually had an extra kit available because someone didn't show up for the clinic.&nbsp; So, we were welcome to pick up the kit and assemble it at home.&nbsp; My son was so excited!</p> <p>Nathan wanted to build his woodworking project in the garage, just like Daddy does.&nbsp; But, Daddy's workbench was slightly too high for him to use.&nbsp; Since the project was small, I simply pulled out our <a title="Lifetime Personal Table info" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Personal Table</a> for Nathan to use as his workbench.&nbsp; Perfect size!&nbsp; I was able to lower it so Nathan could easily stand in front of it to assemble his project on a real "workbench".&nbsp; The <a title="Buy a Lifetime Personal Table" href="" target="_blank">Personal Tables</a> are perfect for kid-sized projects, especially since you can adjust the height.&nbsp; But, I must admit, as much as I love Lifetime tables, the Personal Table is not really meant to be a heavy-duty "workbench".&nbsp;&nbsp; While it did get the job done for this lightweight project, it wasn't very stable when it came time for hammering.&nbsp; (Good thing we only had three tiny tacks to hammer!) It would have been better if I would have gone to the extra effort and pulled out our <a title="Lifetim4 4'x2' table info" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4'x2' table</a> since it is much stronger and actually sold as a <a title="Buy a Lifetime 4'x2' table" href="" target="_blank">garage utility&nbsp;worktable</a> in some stores.<img src="" border="0" alt="" /></p> <p>Thanks to Lowe's and Daddy, Nathan is now the proud owner/builder of a football goalpost for finger football, complete with a scoreboard.&nbsp; And, Nathan's already reminding us to register now for the next clinic!&nbsp;</p> <p>If you're looking for something new to do with your kids, check your local Lowe's (online or at the customer service desk) for upcoming Build and Grow clinics in your area.&nbsp; (By the way, I think <a href=";catalogId=10053&amp;langId=-1" target="_blank">Home Depot</a> offers a similar program if you don't have a Lowe's nearby. )&nbsp; Most importantly, enjoy the quality time with your kids and have fun!</p>Jan07 Jan 2009 5:00:00 AMLifetime tables<p><a title="Lifetime tables" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank"><img style="border-right:0px;border-top:0px;display:inline;border-left:0px;border-bottom:0px;" title="Lifetime tables" src="" border="0" alt="Lifetime tables" width="391" height="137" /></a></p> <p><a title="Lifetime tables" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime tables</a> come in a variety of shapes and sizes, round, square, rectangular; folding, fold-in-half, specialty; 48&rdquo;, 60&rdquo;, 6&rsquo;; work stations, meeting <a href="" target="_blank">tables</a>, banquet <a href="" target="_blank">tables</a>, picnic <a href="" target="_blank">tables</a>; <a href="" target="_blank"></a> even has TV-trays and carts to move and store all your <a title="Lifetime tables" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime tables</a>, and all of them come with free shipping, right to your door (or loading dock, whichever you prefer).</p>Joe01 Jan 2009 5:00:00 PMHot Chocolate Delight!<p>Is there anything more fun in the wintertime than coming in after an afternoon of fun in the snow and enjoying a cup of hot cocoa?&nbsp; <a href="" target="_blank"></a><a href="" target="_blank"></a>It is definitely something we look forward to . . . especially if we are hosting family or close friends.&nbsp; <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>We have a delicious hot chocolate recipe we use that I would like to share.&nbsp; Offering an assortment of fun additives to your cocoa makes it even more memorable!&nbsp; You may also want to consider serving the hot chocolate outside.&nbsp; A <a title="Lifetime Adjustable-Height Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime adjustable-height folding table</a> makes set-up quick and easy whether you are setting it up inside or out.&nbsp; Most of us don&rsquo;t have a thermal Airpot dispenser kicking around the house, so a large thermos or a crock-pot set to low will make sure that your cocoa will still stay warm so you won&rsquo;t have to miss out on that last sled run down the hill.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Creamy Hot Chocolate</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>1 1/3 cup packed brown sugar<br />4 teaspoons cinnamon<br />1 gallon chocolate milk<br />&frac12; pint whipping cream</p> <p>Mix the brown sugar and cinnamon in a large stockpot.&nbsp; Add milk.&nbsp; Use an electric hand mixer to make it frothy.&nbsp; Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently to serving temperature.&nbsp; Do not boil.&nbsp; (The whipping cream is to bring the milk to whole milk.&nbsp; If it happens to be whole milk, omit cream.)&nbsp; Also, if you choose to offer an assortment of mix-ins with your hot chocolate, I would consider cutting back or eliminating the cinnamon.</p> <p>Mix in ideas: whipped cream, crushed peppermint candy, chocolate shavings, crushed toffee bar, flavored creamers, marshmallows, chocolate-dipped marshmallows, candy canes, red hot candies, etc.</p>Jason31 Dec 2008 3:21:00 PMA Game You Can “Settle” On<p>&nbsp;With The Holidays fast approaching, I want to share another reason to pull out that <a title="Shop for Lifetime Square Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Card Table</a> and <a title="Shop for Lifetime Folding Chairs" href="" target="_blank">Folding Chairs</a> and gather family and friends together near the fireplace.&nbsp; I would like to recommend another board game called &ldquo;The Settlers of Catan&rdquo;.<br /><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>&ldquo;<a title="Settlers of Catan Wikipedia " href="" target="_blank">The Settlers of Catan</a>&rdquo;, which originated in Germany, is surprisingly light and enjoyable in its first play.&nbsp;Players take on the role of immigrants on&nbsp;the newly discovered island of Catan. The game &ldquo;board&rdquo; is obviously different. It is comprised of several hexagonal tiles randomly arranged into the shape of a large hexagon.&nbsp; Since the tiles will almost certainly be arranged differently for every game, each game will be different.&nbsp; Each tile represents a particular resource such as wood, brick, sheep, ore, or wheat. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Each turn, a roll of the two dice determines which hexes produce resources.&nbsp; By trading ore, timber, wheat, wool, and bricks, players attempt to extend and upgrade their settlements to earn enough victory points needed to win. Players establish settlements at the junction of land tiles in order to draw on the surrounding resources, which they can spend on new settlements, roads, soldiers, and more. Controlling a seaport tile gives a player the ability to convert plentiful resources into scarce ones without having to trade with other players.<br />The object is simple to understand and doesn&rsquo;t take forever to achieve. The object is to be the first to earn 10 victory points, and everyone starts with 2. You score victory points for each settlement, city, longest road, largest army, and whatever you get from drawing development cards.<br />Writing this out makes it seem far more complicated than it actually is-- Settlers of Catan is user friendly for new players and because it is not designed for play with less than three, it is a good social game. Trading with others makes friendly competition more interesting and engaging.&nbsp; An added bonus to the game is that no one is eliminated until the game ends so you will not have a guest or family member idly watching the others compete for first place.<br />For those with young children, there is also a spin-off of Settlers of Catan called &ldquo;Kids of Catan&rdquo; where the children help build their new village on the island of Catan by gathering different resources in their wagon.&nbsp; The game is easy to understand and the wood pieces are easy for small hands to handle.&nbsp; Our only criticism is that the wood game pieces are a little top heavy and one bump of the board can easily knock pieces over, but it doesn&rsquo;t affect the overall play of the game, it is more of an annoyance.<br />Besides &ldquo;Kids of Catan&rdquo;. Settlers of Catan has several other spin-offs such as Seafarers of Catan, additional player expansions sets, and Cities and Knights of Catan.&nbsp; Settlers of Catan requires 3 to 4 players, although you can purchase an additional expansion pack that will allow you to play with up to 6 players.&nbsp; I believe the age recommendation is 10 and up but I think an 8 year-old wouldn't have a problem keeping up with the game play.&nbsp; A typical game usually lasts about an hour and a half to two hours.&nbsp; So, if you are looking for that last minute Christmas gift or are just looking for some entertainment during the holiday break, you will not be disappointed by settling with Catan.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jason22 Dec 2008 6:00:00 AMKeep Your Receipt - Long After The Holidays Are Over!<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />If you're like me, you've been shopping up a storm this past month and have acquired enough receipts to wallpaper a room.&nbsp; I'll hang on to them for a few weeks after Christmas just in case something is broken, doesn't fit, etc.&nbsp; But, once I see everything is good to go, I usually shred the receipt unless it is a big ticket item or electronic device.&nbsp;</p> <p>Here's a friendly holiday tip:&nbsp; if the product has a warranty, don't throw away the receipt!&nbsp; I learned this lesson the hard way.&nbsp; About two years ago I purchased a <a title="Buy a Lifetime fold-in-half table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4' fold-in-half adjustable height table</a> as a gift for my mom. As a former employee of <a title="About Lifetime" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime</a>, I was obviously familiar with the strength and durability of <a title="view all Lifetime tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime tables</a> and had seen first-hand the outstanding manufacturing process.&nbsp; However, I also should have known that, unfortunately, even the highest quality products can sometimes have a manufacturing defect.&nbsp;</p> <p>After only using the table for a few months, my mom's table developed a small crack/hole in the plastic right on the seam of the table.&nbsp; For some reason the plastic is just too thin right in that spot.&nbsp; I can assure you, this is rare for <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime tables</a>!&nbsp; It's very minor and doesn't affect the strength of the table or the usability.&nbsp; But, it definitely shouldn't happen.</p> <p>The bummer of the whole thing is that since I was confident in my purchase and it wasn't a big ticket item or electronic product, I didn't keep the receipt!&nbsp; I also didn't get a gift receipt for my mom since I knew it was something she wanted and wouldn't return.&nbsp; Double bummer.&nbsp; Lifetime (as well as most other companies) clearly states in its <a title="Lifetime warranty info" href="" target="_blank">warranty</a> that you must provide a "copy of your dated sales receipt".&nbsp; I suppose if I really wanted to, I could have tried to beg and plead my case to the good people in <a title="contact Lifetime" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime's Customer Service department</a>.&nbsp; But, I'm not that kind of person...especially when the crack did not affect the usability of the table.&nbsp; Rules are rules and they are made for a reason.&nbsp; I need to own up to my mistake (er, stupidity) of not keeping the receipt for a product that carries an awesome <a title="Lifetime warranty info" href="" target="_blank">10-year warranty</a>.&nbsp; DUH!</p> <p>Anyway, long story short...if you purchase a product this Christmas that has a warranty, be sure to keep your receipt.&nbsp; And, take advantage of the store's offer for a gift receipt so your gift recipient can utilize the warranty if needed without ever knowing how much you paid.</p> <p>Happy Holidays!</p>Jan19 Dec 2008 9:58:00 AMWrapping Up the Holidays<p><img border="0" alt="" width="1" height="1" align="right" /></p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"><img style="border: 0px;" src="" alt="" width="225" /></a></p> <p>&nbsp;My friends and family know that I love the holiday season &ndash; in fact, it&rsquo;s the time of year when my three favorite G&rsquo;s come into play: get togethers, gift giving and gift wrapping.&nbsp; I absolutely love to gift wrap.&nbsp; There&rsquo;s nothing better than cranking up the holiday music, making a hot cup of cocoa and rolling out the wrapping paper.<br /><br />Over the years, I&rsquo;ve found that setting up a gift-wrapping station is the best way to stay organized. One year, I almost gave my grandma a necktie meant for my dad.&nbsp; Since then, I&rsquo;m diligent about making sure I set up a proper wrapping station.&nbsp; Wrapping on a flat surface is key, so I break out my<strong> </strong>4-foot fold-in-half <a title="Check out Lifetime's tables and chairs" href="">Lifetime table</a> before I go to work.&nbsp; I use one half of the table for actual cutting and wrapping; the other side houses all my supplies: ribbon, rolls of paper, scissors, tape, and embellishments.&nbsp; The fact that the table sets up and breaks down easily is perfect for me since I live in an apartment.&nbsp; The <a title="Shop for Lifetime fold in half tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime fold-in-half table</a> fits perfectly in my coat closet.<br /><br />Once I&rsquo;m all set up, I measure my paper before I wrap any box.&nbsp; On the long side of the box, it&rsquo;s easy to measure the paper so that it meets in the middle and wraps around the entire box.&nbsp; On the short side where you do the corners, it&rsquo;s much more difficult.&nbsp; I once learned this trick: bring the paper to the edge of the box and hold it up so it extends about 2 inches from the top of the box.&nbsp; Cut the paper, taking into account those extra two inches.&nbsp; That should give you more than enough paper &ndash; but not too much &ndash; for tackling the corners.&nbsp; From there, I start my seamless wraps, tucking in any excess paper so my sides and corners look polished and crisp.&nbsp; I&rsquo;m also a huge fan of big, elaborate bows, and I&rsquo;ve discovered over the years that using wire-edged ribbon makes your bows stay upright and look full.&nbsp; <br /><br />After I&rsquo;ve wrapped, I try to personalize any gifts with fun embellishments.&nbsp; For my mom, who loves to bake, I tie cookie cutters on to packages.&nbsp; Dad always gets the requisite golf balls.&nbsp; For my friends, instead of buying them a card every year, I like to print out photos and paste them on card stock so they can keep them throughout the year.<br /><br />If I&rsquo;ve learned anything over the years, it&rsquo;s definitely that the effort spent to make your packages look presentable is valued more than any gift.&nbsp; The gift inside is simply the afterthought.<br />&nbsp;</p>admin17 Dec 2008 5:00:00 AMWe Went Wassailing...Sort Of<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />It's hard to believe that Christmas is almost here.&nbsp; We don't really have any big pre-holiday traditions of our own, but we do try to partake in some of the local festivities wherever we live.&nbsp; To help get us in the holiday spirit this year, we attended the annual Wassailfest one evening in a nearby town.&nbsp; You're probably thinking, "what in the world is a Wassailfest?"&nbsp; Don't worry, so were we!&nbsp;</p> <p>I've heard&nbsp;of the Christmas carol "Here We Come A Wassailing" but didn't really know much more.&nbsp;Once I read the <a title="song lyrics" href="" target="_blank">lyrics</a> and did a little more reading, everything made more sense!&nbsp;&nbsp;<a title="wassail info" href="" target="_blank">Wassail </a>is a traditional European beverage, popular at the holidays.&nbsp; (It tastes kind of like hot apple cider.)&nbsp; Apparently, wassailing dates back to the middle ages as an early&nbsp;form of holiday charitable giving.&nbsp;&nbsp;Peasants would go caroling to each house carrying cups.&nbsp; They would sing until their cups were filled with wassail...hence the popular lyrics "we won't go until we get some".&nbsp; It's really quite an interesting's a <a title="wassailing info" href="" target="_blank">link</a> to learn much more than what I quickly summarized.</p> <p>So, with that in mind, Wassailfest is a free festival that centers around all of the downtown businesses that host open houses for the community and serve their own blend of wassail. This was our first year attending Wassailfest and we were flabbergasted by the extremely long lines people waited in just to taste the tiny cups of free wassail offered at each store!&nbsp; Maybe if we weren't toting a screaming toddler, we might have been more inclined to wait&nbsp;at more than just one store.</p> <p>In addition to tasting the wassail and mingling with friends, local groups perform, carolers stroll the street, and the downtown courthouse and square are adorned with thousands of lights.&nbsp; You can also view a live nativity scene and visit Santa Claus.&nbsp; But, hands down, the highlight of the evening for my kids was the train museum.&nbsp; Both of my children are train fanatics. Little did we know that the train museum would be participating in Wassailfest!&nbsp; They had a real train decorated with lights that people could climb on and ring the bell.&nbsp; And, they also had several miniature train exhibits.&nbsp; One exhibit was simply set&nbsp;up outside under the depot so kids could stand around and watch the trains.&nbsp; Since it was a temporary exhibit, guess what they were using as train tables?&nbsp; Yes, <a title="Lifetime table info" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime tables</a>!&nbsp; They had about eight <a title="buy a Lifetime table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 6' tables</a> pushed together in variations directions to accommodate the track layout.&nbsp; We've been to lots of train shows over the past few years and almost all of the engineers use Lifetime tables for their layouts.&nbsp; Normally, however, the displays feature elaborate designs with fake grass, mountains, trees, buildings etc. so you can't really see the table.&nbsp; But, since this display was outside for just one night, it was easy to see they were using Lifetime tables!<img src="" border="0" alt="" /></p> <p>Anyway, I hope you're looking forward to the holidays and finding fun festive things to do.&nbsp; If you want to share some wassail with your friends and neighbors, check out some of these recipes I found at <a title="wassail recipes" href="" target="_blank"></a>.&nbsp; Happy Holidays!</p>Jan16 Dec 2008 5:00:00 AMThe Community Food Co-Op of Utah<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />&nbsp;"If you eat, you qualify!" This is the motto of the Community Food Co-Op of Utah of which I've been a member since last Spring. The way it works is very simple. The program allows consumers to buy fresh, local food at wholesale prices, without paying for the services of "a middle man," namely the big supermarkets. Members of the co-op submit their monthly orders via telephone or email. Volunteers pick up the food from local wholesalers, package it at the co-op warehouse in Salt Lake, and deliver it to various Pick Up locations in the Salt Lake valley. Obviously, buying in bulk saves us money, so the more members, the less each of us pays for our groceries!</p> <p>&nbsp;So where does Lifetime come in? At our "Store!" As you can see, the Store is actually a garage, generously made available to the co-op members by one of our volunteers. Clearfield City was gracious enough to loan her several <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime tables</a> and a couple of <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime chairs</a> for our monthly food Pick Up day. On Pick Up day, my husband and I arrive early to help unload the goods and get them organized and ready for the eager customers who take advantage of this money-saving program.</p> <p>These tables are loaded down with all kinds of good, healthy food from local producers: mostly meat and produce, with special monthly extras like nuts, jams, coffees, and teas. Good thing Lifetime tables are designed with commercial strength! After the last happy customer has departed, the tables and chairs are quickly folded up and stored away 'til next month. Their durability, portability, and easy-to-clean low maintenance, makes Lifetime tables and chairs the perfect solution for our Community Food Co-op.</p> <p>Check out The Community Food Co-Op. The food is high quality and delicious. The volunteers are enthusiastic and generous. And the money goes right back to our own local food producers. Everyone wins and it's a great way to support our community! You can contact the Community Food Co-Op of Utah for more information at (801) 746-7878, or by e-mail at <a href=""></a>.&nbsp;Their website is <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p>Charlys09 Dec 2008 5:00:00 AMLifetime Chairs at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade<p><img style="border: 0px;" src="" alt="" width="225" />Did you know that an estimated 2.5 million people go to the <a href="" target="_blank">Macy&rsquo;s Thanksgiving Day Parade</a>&nbsp;in New York City each year? That&rsquo;s roughly twice the population of Hawaii, and all these people are standing on the same street in New York City at the same time to watch the parade. That&rsquo;s a lot of people all hoping to get front row spots for the festivities!</p> <p>Because there&rsquo;s such limited front-row space, people show up 3 or 4 hours before the parade starts to get the best views, which means a lot of time standing and waiting. This year, to make the morning more relaxing, we decided to bring <a title="Shop for Lifetime Chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Chairs</a> to some of these people who were anticipating the start of the parade. <img style="border: 0px;" src="" alt="" height="225" />That way, they could have a comfortable place to sit and rest their feet while getting a great view of all the floats, dancers and balloons. All the people who sat in our Lifetime Chairs during the parade got great views of Miley Cyrus, Hello Kitty, Dora the Explorer and others.</p> <p>When I was a kid, I got up really early to get a good view of the parade, and I definitely wanted a place to sit then, so it was exciting to put such a smile on people&rsquo;s faces with chairs this year! <img style="border: 0px;" src="" alt="" height="225" />I couldn&rsquo;t believe how many people told us that they had already set up <a title="Shop for Lifetime Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Tables</a> and Chairs for their Thanksgiving dinners that evening.</p> <p>Once the parade was over, we took the chairs and went home to our friends and family. Since Lifetime Chairs are lightweight and they fold up, it was easy for us to get through the crowds. In fact, a few people even noticed how well we maneuvered and said they would definitely bring their own Lifetime Chairs from home next year!</p>admin03 Dec 2008 5:00:00 AMGiving thanks at the Kiddie Table<p><a title="Shop for a Lifetime kids table" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>The new Lifetime&nbsp;<a title="Read about and enter the sweepstakes" href="">Kiddie Table Sweepstakes</a> has reminded me of some fond memories. My mother came from a family of 8 children, so when her side of the family gets together for holidays many of us cousins were told to sit at the kiddie table... usually a <a title="Shop for Adjustable height tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime adjustable height table</a>. When I was finally big enough to sit at a table where I could swing my legs I was ecstatic to say the least. But as the years passed, I started to look at the kid's table again with a little more fondness. Being one of the only female cousins my age, I had a serious shortage of friends at these occasions. So I decided to start sitting at the kiddie table again. When you are in your teens and you start paying attention to children you get an instant fan base. After this move I became a family celebrity. You may laugh, but it's true. When I was elected student body VP at <a href="" target="_blank">Weber State University</a> they all asked for autographed campaign posters. Though I doubt they still have them now, the friendships created at the kiddie table will stay with me forever. In fact, I'll see all those cousins in a few weeks for <a title="Thanksgiving tips and recipes" href="">Thanksgiving</a>. They have graduated from the kiddie table now. Most of them have their own cell phones and boyfriends and are dressing much cooler than me. But every now and then I see a few of them return to the kiddie table for a visit... and that makes me smile. Do you have memories of the kiddie table? Please share!&nbsp;</p>Katie19 Nov 2008 5:00:00 AMFree Lifetime Products! Hurry To Enter the Lifetime Kiddie Table Sweepstakes<p><span style="FONT-SIZE:10pt;FONT-FAMILY:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;"><img style="border: 0px;" src="" alt="" width="225" height="176" />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; We all like free stuff, right?<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Well, here&rsquo;s something pretty cool&hellip;Lifetime is sponsoring a <a href="" target="_blank">Kiddie Table Sweepstakes</a> for the holidays. Five lucky people are going to win </span><span style="FONT-SIZE:10pt;FONT-FAMILY:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:13.0pt;mso-ansi-language:EN;">two <a title="buy a Lifetime adjustable height table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4-foot adjustable-height folding tables</a>, eight <a title="Buy a Lifetime folding chair" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime folding chairs</a>, holiday table decorations, tableware, art supplies, games, puzzles and a $300 gift card to purchase the holiday food!</span></p> <p><span style="FONT-SIZE:10pt;FONT-FAMILY:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:13.0pt;mso-ansi-language:EN;">It&rsquo;s super simple.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Nothing to buy or even asked to buy, no surveys to answer, no ads to view, no essays to write.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>You simply type your name, address, phone number, e-mail and birthdate in the online registration form, click &ldquo;submit&rdquo;, and you&rsquo;re entered in the contest.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Quick and easy.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Seriously, it takes about 30 seconds.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Here&rsquo;s the best part&hellip;you can even enter more than once!<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Each person can submit up to one entry per day!</span><span style="FONT-SIZE:10pt;FONT-FAMILY:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:13.0pt;mso-ansi-language:EN;">&nbsp;</span><span style="FONT-SIZE:10pt;FONT-FAMILY:Arial;mso-bidi-font-size:13.0pt;mso-ansi-language:EN;">There&rsquo;s no catch, I promise.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Your name and information is NOT going to be sold to a third party.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>You are NOT going to receive spam e-mails and solicitations from Lifetime.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>(Although, there is a box you can check if you would like to receive future e-mails from Lifetime&hellip;but even then I can assure you Lifetime does not regularly send out advertisements or promotions.)<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp;</span></span></p> <p><span style="font-size: x-small;"><span style="mso-bidi-font-size:13.0pt;mso-ansi-language:EN;">So, what&rsquo;s the deal?<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Well, it&rsquo;s pretty straight forward.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>According to a <a href="" target="_blank">survey</a>, </span><span style="FONT-FAMILY:Helvetica;mso-ansi-language:EN;">61 percent of American adults and 72 percent of American children have sat at a holiday &ldquo;kiddie table&rdquo;.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span></span>This year, instead of making the kiddie table an excluded place where kids sit dreaming of the day when they will graduate to the big table, <a title="about Lifetime" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime</a> wants to make sure the kiddie table is a place that kids will rush to and that will leave adults wishing they could be a kid again!<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>And, what better way to do that than with a table just the right size for kids, complete with special decorations, art supplies, games, and more!<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp;&nbsp;</span></span></p> <p><span style="font-size: x-small;">If you&rsquo;re not familiar with the Lifetime <span style="mso-bidi-font-size:13.0pt;mso-ansi-language:EN;">4-foot adjustable-height folding tables, you&rsquo;ll quickly become a fan and wonder why you ever owned a table that didn&rsquo;t have adjustable heights!<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Use them at the lowest height for a children&rsquo;s table, use them at the middle height for a regular table, or set them at the top countertop height for buffets and standing work stations.</span></span></p> <p><span style="FONT-SIZE:10pt;FONT-FAMILY:Helvetica;mso-ansi-language:EN;">That&rsquo;s the scoop. I&rsquo;m so excited to tell you about this chance to win FREE stuff!<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>But, you need to hurry&hellip;the deadline to enter is December 1, 2008 at 4pm.<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>(Winners will be selected December 5 so you won&rsquo;t have to wait long at all to find out if you won!)<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="MARGIN:0in 0in 0pt;">&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="MARGIN:0in 0in 0pt;"><span style="FONT-SIZE:10pt;FONT-FAMILY:Helvetica;mso-ansi-language:EN;mso-fareast-font-family:'Times New Roman';mso-fareast-language:EN-US;mso-bidi-language:AR-SA;"><a title="Kiddie Table Sweepstakes entry form" href="" target="_blank">Click here</a> and submit your first entry today!<span style="mso-spacerun:yes;">&nbsp; </span>Good luck!</span></p>Jan14 Nov 2008 12:43:00 PMPilots, NASCAR, and Tailgating?<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />So, my hubby Mike did something pretty cool last weekend.&nbsp; I think I&rsquo;ve mentioned before that he is an <a title="f-16 info" href="" target="_blank">F-16</a> pilot in the Air Force.&nbsp; Right now he is stationed at <a href="" target="_blank">Randolph Air Force Base</a> in San Antonio, Texas as an Instructor Pilot for the <a title="T-38 info" href="" target="_blank">T-38</a> jet.&nbsp; Anyway&hellip;last weekend he (and some other guys from the squadron) did the flyby for the Nationwide <a href="" target="_blank">NASCAR </a>Series Race up in Dallas.&nbsp; Thanks to the wonders of technology, I was able to pause live TV and snap this photo of his flyby as shown on ESPN.&nbsp;:)</p> <p>After doing the flyby, Mike and the other pilots were escorted into pit row to watch the race.&nbsp; Mike said it was a pretty cool experience being right down by the action.&nbsp; They met <a title="info about Jack Roush" href="" target="_blank">Jack Roush</a>, owner of several NASCAR teams and fellow aviation fan, and they stood within arms reach of <a title="info about Kyle Busch" href="" target="_blank">Kyle Busch</a> during his celebration in victory lane.&nbsp; However, what surprised Mike the most was how much the pilots were treated like the celebrities by the fans and even the racecar drivers.&nbsp; He was the one looking forward to meeting the race personalities, but it turns out they were just as excited to meet the fighter pilots.&nbsp; I guess we sometimes take for granted what he gets to do for a job since flying is what he does every day.<img src="" border="0" alt="" />&nbsp; But, to most people, being a fighter pilot is still a pretty unusual and &ldquo;cool&rdquo; job that most people only get to dream about as a kid.</p> <p>Mike was so amazed at how welcoming all of the NASCAR fans were to the pilots.&nbsp; When they walked through the rows and rows of tailgaters, they were bombarded with offers of food, photo requests, and sincere appreciation for what they do for our country.&nbsp; One thing Mike noticed while he was talking with fans was how many people had Lifetime tables set up for their tailgate parties.&nbsp; Unfortunately, he decided pictures of Kyle Busch and T-38s were more exciting than tables so he didn&rsquo;t take any pictures to back up his story!&nbsp; But, I&rsquo;m sure he&rsquo;s telling the truth.<img src="" border="0" alt="" /> In fact, since Lifetime tables are such a staple tailgate item, in 2005 and 2006, Lifetime actually hosted a giant <a title="Tailgate of a Lifetime details" href="" target="_blank">&ldquo;Tailgate of a Lifetime&rdquo;</a> party with over 40,000 NASCAR fans attending at the Michigan International Speedway!&nbsp; Whether it&rsquo;s a <a title="buy a camp table" href="" target="_blank">camp table with wire rack</a> to set the grill on, a <a title="buy a Lifetime banquet table" href="" target="_blank">banquet table</a> to set the food on, or <a title="buy a Lifetime chair" href="" target="_blank">chairs </a>to put your rear on, Lifetime products are pretty much ideal for tailgates.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>So, regardless if you&rsquo;re a football fan or NASCAR fan, &lsquo;tis the season to tailgate!&nbsp;&nbsp; And, if you&rsquo;re tired of serving the traditional burgers and hotdogs, be sure to check out the yummy recipe for <a href="" target="_blank">Grilled Flank Steak Sandwiches</a>, as well as other tailgate tips and solutions at <a href=""></a>.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Oh&hellip;and hope you enjoy this &ldquo;bird&rsquo;s eye&rdquo; view of NASCAR as seen from a T-38!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan12 Nov 2008 5:08:00 AMHappy Veteran's Day!<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />Happy Veteran&rsquo;s Day!&nbsp; As a kid, to me, this was just another day to get out of school.&nbsp;&nbsp; But, now that I&rsquo;m an adult and my husband is in the Air Force, the holiday obviously has a much greater meaning to me and I appreciate the significance behind this annual day of recognition.&nbsp; With <a href="" target="_blank">Veteran&rsquo;s Day</a> today, as well as election day last week, it&rsquo;s seems only appropriate to&nbsp;show our&nbsp;American pride.&nbsp;</p> <p>Did you know that ALL of Lifetime&rsquo;s sheds are made right here in America and are backed by a <a title="warranty information" href="" target="_blank">10-year warranty</a>?&nbsp;&nbsp;My <a title="buy a Lifetime shed" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime shed</a> was delivered last week and one of the first things that caught my eye on the&nbsp;packaging was the American flag with &ldquo;Made in the USA&rdquo; printed under it.&nbsp; (Stay tuned to future posts for my shed building progress and videos!)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Yep, made in the good &lsquo;ole USA&hellip;. in the state of Utah to be exact.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; That&rsquo;s pretty cool, huh?</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Products</a> is proudly headquartered in <a href=",_Utah" target="_blank">Clearfield, Utah</a>. That&rsquo;s where the owner <a title="history of Lifetime" href="" target="_blank">started the company</a> almost 25 years ago.&nbsp; So, on this patriotic holiday, I thought I would enlighten you with a few more &ldquo;proud to be an American&rdquo; facts that should make you feel good about your purchase and proud to own a Lifetime Product:</p> <ul> <li>ALL Lifetime <a title="buy a Lifetime shed" href="" target="_blank">sheds</a> are made in the USA.</li> <li>ALL Lifetime <a title="Lifetime chair info" href="" target="_blank">folding chairs</a> are made in the USA.</li> <li>ALL Lifetime <a title="Lifetime trailer info" href="" target="_blank">trailers</a> are&nbsp;ASSEMBLED in the USA.</li> <li>ALL Lifetime <a title="Lifetime yard cart info" href="" target="_blank">yard carts</a> are ASSEMBLED in the USA.</li> <li>ALL Big Stuff (made by Lifetime) <a title="Big Stuff playset info" href="" target="_blank">playsets</a> are made in the USA.</li> <li>98% of Lifetime <a title="Lifetime bball info" href="" target="_blank">basketball</a> products are made in the USA.</li> </ul> <p>And, of course, manufacturing all of these products translates into jobs, jobs, jobs! Lifetime employs 1,550 people in Utah, and 2,200 worldwide!</p> <p>Now that&rsquo;s just good news!&nbsp; I hope you enjoy and appreciate this important American holiday today.&nbsp; And, to all of our soldiers who are protecting our country and our freedom (and those who have done so in the past), THANK YOU!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan11 Nov 2008 12:00:00 PMA 50 Year Achievement<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />The Mercedes-Benz dealership in Salt Lake City celebrated its fifty year anniversary earlier this month.&nbsp; My wife, Jenny was asked to assist with this event.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="" target="_blank"></a><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p> <p>The celebration was an important event for not only the local dealership, but to Mercedes-Benz as well.<a href="" target="_blank"></a>In the automobile business it is uncommon for one dealership with the original franchise owner to stay in business with the same car franchise for over fifty years. The award presentation featured a beautifully designed trophy, sculpted with metal in the form of a classic Mercedes-Benz automobile.&nbsp; After the presentation, a lunch was served for those in attendance. Jenny couldn&rsquo;t help but notice that the tables and chairs that were set up for the event were of course made by Lifetime. They used <a title="Lifetime Banquet Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 6 foot banquet tables</a> covered with white linens and floral arrangements for centerpieces and surrounded the tables with white <a title="Lifetime Folding Chairs" href="">Lifetime folding chairs</a>. To honor the fifty year anniversary of the dealership, they also made arrangements with a local car collector to bring in a striking 1950&rsquo;s era Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing as the centerpiece of the event.&nbsp; Apparently, the Mercedes-Benz executives in attendance were very impressed with the event.&nbsp; I think it was the Lifetime tables and chairs that made the difference. ;-)<img src="" border="0" alt="" /><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></p>Jason07 Nov 2008 10:00:00 AMLifetime Brands<p>Earlier this year, we bought a <a href="" target="_blank">GMC Acadia</a>.&nbsp; I LOVE it!&nbsp; It was the first crossover SUV of its kind and now several other automakers have followed suit.&nbsp; The Acadia is an SUV on the outside with the seating configuration of a mini-van on the inside.&nbsp; Perfect for those of us who like the idea of a mini-van, but not all the psychological baggage that comes along with them!</p> <p>Over the past few months, as friends see our vehicle they will often say comments like, &ldquo;This reminds me a lot of a <a href="" target="_blank">Saturn Outlook</a>.&rdquo;&nbsp; Or, &ldquo;Is this like a Saturn Outlook?&rdquo;&nbsp; Well, you know why?&nbsp; They are the same car!&nbsp; <a href="" target="_blank">GM</a>&nbsp;owns both the GMC and&nbsp;Saturn brand and, consequently, the Acadia and Outlook bascially come off the same production line.&nbsp; (And, the <a href="" target="_blank">Buick Enclave</a> too!).&nbsp; For various marketing and sales strategies, companies often make the same product with slight variations and sell them under a different brand.&nbsp; We probably notice it most often in the automobile industry, but clothing manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers, etc. all employ these brand tactics.&nbsp; And, yes, so does Lifetime.&nbsp;</p> <p>As Katie pointed out in her <a href="">&ldquo;What&rsquo;s In A Name&rdquo;</a> posting, customers know and trust the quality and reputation associated with the Lifetime name.&nbsp; The majority of our products are sold under the <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime brand</a>.&nbsp; However, I thought I would point out that we do have a few other brands that are still products made by <a title="Lifetime company history" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime</a>.&nbsp;</p> <p>So here&rsquo;s our list&hellip;</p> <p><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><a title="Lifetime basketball" href="" target="_blank">Basketball</a></span></strong> system brands made by Lifetime<br /><em>Lifetime<br /><a title="Mammoth Bball details" href="" target="_blank">Mammoth</a><br />Atlas <br />Reebok</em></p> <p><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><a title="Lifetime tables and chairs" href="" target="_blank">Table and chair</a></span></strong> brands made by Lifetime<br /><em>Lifetime<br />Executive Choice</em></p> <p><strong><a title="Buy playground equipment" href="" target="_blank">Playground equipment</a> </strong>brands made by Lifetime<br /><em><a title="Big Stuff playset details" href="" target="_blank">Big stuff</a></em></p> <p><br />So, keep your eyes open for these brands when you are shopping.&nbsp; Despite sporting a different logo, you can be assured our other brands are of the same high-quality as those with the Lifetime logo.&nbsp; One important thing to note is that all of our <a title="Lifetime shed details" href="" target="_blank">sheds</a>, <a title="Lifetime utility trailer details" href="" target="_blank">trailers</a>, and <a title="Lifetime yard cart details" href="" target="_blank">yard carts</a> bear ONLY the Lifetime name&hellip;so don&rsquo;t sacrifice quality and be fooled by imitations!</p> <p>Oh, and here&rsquo;s a little tip if you&rsquo;re in doubt whether a product is made by Lifetime&hellip; all products made by Lifetime, regardless of brand, will have printed (in words, not a logo) &ldquo;Manufactured by Lifetime Products, Inc.&rdquo; on the box or label where the manufacturers&rsquo; name and address is listed.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan05 Nov 2008 1:11:00 PMSyracuse City uses Lifetime Products<p>In Syracuse, Utah, We&rsquo;re lucky to have a community center that houses workout equipment, a running track, double-gymnasium, and has various classrooms and meeting rooms.</p> <p>Recently my fellow web developers attended the Davis County .Net User&rsquo;s Group which was held in one of the Community Center&rsquo;s classrooms. These user group meetings are generally held lecture-style, with the speaker presenting at the front of the room with their laptop computer hooked up to a projector displaying the material on the far wall.</p> <p>In this setup both the speaker and the attendees had plenty of sitting room and <a href="">table</a> space available. In the room were half-a-dozen <a href="">Lifetime</a> folding <a href="">tables</a>, <a href="">Lifetime</a> folding <a href="">chairs</a>, and a <a href="">Lifetime</a> chair cart loaded with even more folding <a href="">chairs</a>.</p> <p>It was nice to see that my city had taken the time to research the best product and make the investment in products that will last a very, very long time&hellip; and were comfortable to sit in for hours or learning geeky stuff at the meeting.</p> <p>What brand of tables and chairs does your city use?</p>Joe03 Nov 2008 8:00:00 AMLast Minute Homemade Lifetime Halloween Costumes<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />A few days ago we helped my son Nathan make his first homemade Halloween costume.&nbsp; I&rsquo;m embarrassed to admit, but this is the first year we have fully embraced the fun and festivities and attempted a homemade costume.&nbsp; I&rsquo;ve always wanted to, but normally Nathan has always eyed something in the store that he really wanted to be like Elmo, a spider etc. (except last year when he wanted to wear his own flight suit to be a fighter pilot like Daddy!).&nbsp; And, it just made things a lot easier anyway.&nbsp;</p> <p>This year Nathan is really into <a href="" target="_blank">Disney&rsquo;s Wall-E</a>, and robots in general. So, we made our own robot.&nbsp; First, we spray painted two rectangular boxes with silver metallic paint.&nbsp; Next, we cut the bottom out of the &ldquo;body&rdquo; box, and we also cut a head hole and arm holes.&nbsp; In the smaller &ldquo;head&rdquo; box, we cut out a big rectangle for his face to poke through. Then it was time for the creativity and imagination of a 5-year-old to take over.&nbsp; Naturally, every robot must have lights.&nbsp; So, I covered some of those&nbsp;<a href="">Stick 'N&nbsp;Click</a>&nbsp;lights with colored plastic wrap to make red and blue lights. (Best use I've found for those things yet!)&nbsp; Nathan added some pipe cleaners for antennas; old caps for eyes; and stickers, nuts and washers for control panels etc.&nbsp; I must admit, it turned out really cute and I can honestly say I think it&rsquo;s one of my favorite costumes so far!</p> <p>But, the whole homemade costume idea got me thinking.&nbsp; I wonder if anyone has every tried to be a Lifetime product for Halloween.&nbsp; Sure enough, after just a few quick <a href="" target="_blank">Google</a> searches, I came up with some creative ways to be a <a title="Lifetime table details" href="" target="_blank">table </a>or <a title="Lifetime basketball hoop details" href="" target="_blank">basketball hoop</a> for Halloween!&nbsp;</p> <p>So here are the links I found to a few ideas for you if you&rsquo;re crazy about <a title="About Lifetime Products" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime</a>, <a title="Lifetime table details" href="" target="_blank">tables</a>, or <a title="Lifetime basketball details" href="" target="_blank">basketball</a>.&nbsp; Some are cute (like the one in the photo above), some are scary... but, all of them are pretty funny and creative.&nbsp; Of course, I&rsquo;d add one other small detail to your costume that these people skipped&hellip;the Lifetime logo!&nbsp;&nbsp;:)&nbsp; Seriously, if you do dress up as a Lifetime product, send us a picture, we&rsquo;d love to see it and post it on our blog!</p> <p><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Basketball Hoop Costume</span></strong></p> <blockquote> <p><a href="">&gt;</a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> </blockquote> <p><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Dinner Table Costumes</span></strong></p> <blockquote> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> </blockquote> <p><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Scary Head on A Platter Table Costume</span></strong></p> <blockquote> <p></p> </blockquote> <p>Happy Halloween!</p>admin29 Oct 2008 5:34:00 PMPumpkin Carving Fun<p>For a fun family activity last night we thought it would be fun to do some pumpkin carving.&nbsp; It was an amusing evening that our two boys thoroughly enjoyed.<img src="" border="0" alt="" /><br />As soon as I left work, I picked up the boys and we drove down to a local outdoor produce stand that always seems to have a great selection of pumpkins, all in different shapes and sizes, each one seemed to have their own personality.&nbsp; I think Josh and Jake changed their minds on which pumpkin they each wanted about eight times.&nbsp; Originally Josh was really set on a small pumpkin just a little bit larger than my fist, (I don&rsquo;t think I have the patience to carve a pumpkin that small), so I had to use my best diplomatic efforts to convince him to choose a different pumpkin.&nbsp; He eventually chose another one-- the largest one out there.&nbsp; Jake also chose one that I am sure outweighed him.&nbsp; I thought I would have to look up my car&rsquo;s towing capacity in my owner&rsquo;s manual to make sure I could get the pumpkins home.&nbsp; <br />After we arrived home and ate dinner, the boys were ready to get started.&nbsp; Before dinner, I picked out a great jack-o-lantern design from the&nbsp;<a title="Pumpkin Carving Tips" href="" target="_blank">tips and solutions</a> pages on <a title="Lifetime Products" href=""></a>, and printed it off.&nbsp; I chose the &ldquo;<a title="Goofy Template" href="">happy template design</a>&rdquo;.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Since Mom was still cleaning up dinner and working on a treat for the family in the kitchen, we decided to take our pumpkin carving adventure out to the garage.&nbsp; I set up a <a title="Lifetime Folding Tables" href="">4-foot Lifetime folding table</a> and placed a disposable plastic table cloth over it so that clean up will be really easy when we are finished.&nbsp; We set the pumpkins on the table and went to work.&nbsp; The boys were hovering over me like hawks, asking me what I was doing at every move.&nbsp; The best part was when I finished carving out the &ldquo;lid&rdquo; of the pumpkin and got to hear their squeals as we pulled on the stem and revealed the &ldquo;guts&rdquo; of the pumpkin.</p> <p>The boys were having a great time.&nbsp; Cleaning out the pumpkin was a messy job that I thought Jake, our youngest, would love to do.&nbsp;&nbsp; But he was pretty tentative about sticking his hands in the pumpkin, so he was satisfied with just using the metal tongs provided by his mother.<br />After marking the template, I started carving the pumpkin.&nbsp; <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>The boys were really interested while we were carving the first eye of the jack-o-lantern but by the time we started on the second eye, their attention span was gone and they were ready to wash their hands and ride their bikes around the garage.&nbsp; Before long, our &ldquo;family activity&rdquo; turned into dad, a lone man, carving a pumpkin in the garage.&nbsp;</p> <p>When I finished the first pumpkin, we gathered everyone back together to place a light inside the pumpkin and set it out on our front porch.&nbsp; The boys were really proud how well their pumpkin turned out.&nbsp; The second pumpkin will have to wait until this evening, it was a school night and the boys had definitely had plenty of Halloween fun for one evening.</p>Jason28 Oct 2008 10:41:00 AMFun Halloween Recipes<p>Jan's post about her <a title="go to Jan's article" href="">favorite&nbsp;fall recipes</a>&nbsp;got me thinking about Halloween. I'm a big fan of making spooky treats for Halloween parties, and October is the perfect time to cook with your&nbsp;children. Simply&nbsp;pull out a&nbsp;<a title="See Lifetime tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime&nbsp;table</a>, some sugary ingredients,&nbsp;and let your kids go to town.&nbsp;No matter what they&nbsp;invent you know it will still be scary ;).&nbsp;Here's a fun idea posted on a personal blog by my good friend Jennifer,&nbsp;from Lifetime's own IT department.</p> <p><img src="" border="0" alt="" width="175" height="133" /></p> <p><strong>Spider Cupcakes</strong></p> <p>1 pkg. (2-layer size) chocolate cake mix <br />1 pkg. (4-serving size) JELL-O Chocolate Flavor Instant Pudding &amp; Pie Filling <br />1/3 cup KOOL-AID Orange Flavor Sugar-Sweetened Soft Drink Mix <br />2 Tbsp. hot water <br />1 can (16 oz.) ready-to-spread white frosting <br />24 OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookies <br />12 pieces black string licorice (32 inch each) <br />48 miniature candy-coated chocolate pieces</p> <p>PREPARE cake batter as directed on package; blend in dry pudding mix. Spoon evenly into 24 paper-lined medium muffin cups. Bake as directed on package for cupcakes. Cool completely. <br />DISSOLVE drink mix in hot water. Stir into frosting until blended. Frost cupcakes, reserving some frosting for attaching candies. <br />CUT each licorice piece into sixteen 2-inch pieces; set aside. Place 1 cookie on top of each cupcake. Insert 4 licorice pieces into each side of each cookie for the "spider's legs." (Eight licorice pieces for each cookie.) Add 2 candy-coated chocolate pieces to top of each cookie using some of the reserved frosting for the "spider's eyes."&nbsp;</p> <p>I'm also a big fan of easy recipes,&nbsp;especially&nbsp;during the busy holiday season. The recipe below&nbsp;is certainly going into my cookbook.&nbsp;If your&nbsp;life is anything like mine--&nbsp;anything that takes&nbsp;longer than 20 minutes to&nbsp;prepare usually just remains a collection of ingredients that&nbsp;sit in the fridge (along with all my good intentions) until they go bad.&nbsp;</p> <p>For all you busy people out there, here's a great recipe from Jennifer for quick Pumpkin Cookies.</p> <p><strong>Pumpkin Cookies:</strong><br />1-Spice Cake Mix<br />1-15oz. can pumpkin<br />1C of chocolate chips or desired amount</p> <p>Mix, bake in the oven at 375 degrees&nbsp;for 15-20 minutes.<br />Makes 2 dozen.</p> <p>Have a sweet Halloween!!</p>Katie27 Oct 2008 11:00:00 AMScrapbooks With A Click Of A Mouse<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />We headed up to Dallas this past weekend to visit my in-laws.&nbsp; My sister-in-law is a Director and Consultant for<a title="Learn about Creative Memories" href="" target="_blank"> Creative Memories</a>, a scrapbooking company.&nbsp; Personally, I&rsquo;ve always been anti-scrapbooking because I detest never-ending projects!&nbsp; I&rsquo;m a person that likes to see the fruits of my labor and I want to be able to relish in the feeling of accomplishment and productivity when I see a project completed.&nbsp; Plus, I&rsquo;m way too anal retentive&hellip;I hate cutting and gluing my pictures, I feel like I&rsquo;m ruining them.&nbsp; I also loathe messes so I&rsquo;d spend way more time cleaning up and organizing my supplies than working on my scrapbook!</p> <p>But, there is a new scrapbooking fad that is a little more up my ally&hellip;digital scrapbooks!&nbsp; No fancy-schmancy paper, no glue or &ldquo;embellishments&rdquo;, no cutting pictures required.&nbsp; Apparently, it&rsquo;s all the rage.&nbsp; My sister-in-law made a digital scrapbook for my daughter&rsquo;s first birthday incorporating all the photos and memories from her birthday party.&nbsp; I must admit, it turned out really cute and is a neat keepsake.&nbsp; The digital scrapbooks feature a hard cover and are available in a variety of sizes.&nbsp; Basically, it&rsquo;s like making a slick coffee-table book with your own photos and text.&nbsp; You can select from prepredesigned pages where you simply drag and drop in your photos, or if you have a creative mind and want more flexibility, you can create pages from scratch.</p> <p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />My sister-in-law Tara frequently hosts scrapbooking workshops for customers in her home&hellip;kind of like a <a title="How to host a scrapbooking party." href="" target="_blank">scrapbooking party</a>.&nbsp; So often, in fact, that her living room is actually permanently set up with three <a title="Buy a Lifetime table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 6&rsquo; folding tables</a> for scrapbooking work areas.&nbsp; She also has a <a title="Buy a Lifetime table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4&rsquo; adjustable height fold-in-half table</a> set up to display her albums, paper kits, and supplies that are for sale. The folding tables can easily be rearranged in different layouts so everyone has room to spread out supplies and share tools depending on how many attend.&nbsp; However, the night I was visiting, Tara was hosting a digital scrapbooking workshop.&nbsp; Her customers simply brought their laptops and Tara helped them learn to use the special scrapbooking software and develop creative page layouts.&nbsp; Now, that&rsquo;s my kind of scrapbooking party!&nbsp; Why lug around a bunch of markers, paper, pictures, glue etc. when you can just carry a laptop instead?</p> <p>The holidays are quickly approaching and I must say, a digital scrapbook would make a wonderful &ldquo;handmade&rdquo; gift for grandparents or other loved ones.&nbsp; Relive that family vacation, capture that senior year of school, or simply remember special family bonds.&nbsp; One of my favorite ideas - gather favorite family <a title="create a digital recipe book" href="" target="_blank">recipes in a digital scrapbook</a>! What a fun concept to include pictures of the cook beside each recipe for a unique family treasure!&nbsp;&nbsp; But, if you&rsquo;re still a little leery of the digital concept and prefer the good ole&rsquo; fashioned cut-and-paste technique, check out&nbsp;Scrapbooking with Angie&nbsp;Tips and Solutions&nbsp;at <a href=""></a> on how to create an ideal <a title="Designing Scrapbooking workspaces" href="" target="_blank">scrapbooking workspace</a>, <a title="Lifetime Tips and Solutions" href="" target="_blank">design eye-catching layouts</a>, and more.</p> <p>Tara&rsquo;s digital scrapbook workshop was a success and on Saturday morning she attended a local vendor fair to help further build her digital scrapbook business. And, guess what?&nbsp; Yep, she loaded up her <a title="Lifetime table details" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime tables</a> and hauled them to the vendor fair to display her products!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Jan24 Oct 2008 5:00:00 AMFavorite Fall Foods…Mmmmm!<p>Tuesday night was my turn to host our Air Force squadron&rsquo;s monthly wives&rsquo; meeting.&nbsp; The evenings in Texas are just starting to cool down so I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to serve my favorite Fall foods&nbsp; - soup and pumpkin desserts!&nbsp;</p> <p>I didn&rsquo;t want to spend too much time and effort on decorating since the meetings are supposed to be simple.&nbsp; So, I planned to eat outside in the cool autumn air and allow Mother Nature to provide my d&eacute;cor.&nbsp; Well, unfortunately, Mother Nature didn&rsquo;t exactly cooperate with her end of the deal&hellip;apparently she thinks low 80s is ideal for Fall!? But, after the sun set, it did feel slightly &ldquo;brisk&rdquo;.</p> <p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />I borrowed three of bales of straw from a friend to set around in the yard as easy Fall decorations and extra seating if needed. I used my patio table and chairs, a card table and chairs, and my <a title="buy a Lifetime 4' table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4&rsquo;x&rsquo;2 table</a> and <a title="Buy Lifetime chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime chairs</a> for seating.&nbsp; Since the Lifetime table was white, I threw a Fall tablecloth over it to help tie it in with the natural d&eacute;cor just a bit more.&nbsp; I also added a tiny, lighted pumpkin and a bowl of Halloween candy to each table for the centerpieces.&nbsp; Like I said, I was going for easy!&nbsp; But, if you want to get crafty and really dress up your tables for Fall or Halloween, check out these <a title="Spooky Halloween Table Decor" href="" target="_blank">Halloween Table Decor&nbsp;Tips</a> at <a href=""></a>.&nbsp; I should have taken a picture of my actual food serving table, because that is what looked festive and coordinated, but I forgot amongst all the chaos of getting everything ready and people arriving!</p> <p>A few of my friends helped make the food so we had a nice variety of Fall favorites for people to sample.&nbsp; Cheesy Potato Soup, Taco Soup, Caesar Salad, Cornbread, Buttery Pumpkin Bars, and Pumpkin Muffins. I had several ladies ask my for the recipe for the soup and pumpkin dessert I made, so I thought I would share them with you as well!&nbsp; If you like creamy, cheesy soups, you can&rsquo;t go wrong with this quick standby.&nbsp; And, the dessert recipe is an easy twist on the traditional pumpkin pie.&nbsp; It uses yellow cake mix for a moist crust and cream cheese for an extra creamy filling!</p> <p><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Cheesy Potato Soup</span></strong><br />4 cups water<br />3 - 3 1/2 cups diced potatoes<br />1 medium onion diced<br />1 small carrot, shredded<br />1 1/2 stalks celery, diced<br />1/2 bag bacon bits<br />4 chicken bouillon cubes<br />2 cans cream of chicken soup<br />1 lb velveeta cheese, cubed</p> <p>In large stockpot, combine water, potatoes, onion, carrot and celery.&nbsp; Cook until potatoes are tender (about 15-20 min).&nbsp; Add bacon bits and bouillon cubes.&nbsp; Add cream of chicken soup.&nbsp; Add cheese.&nbsp; Cook until melted...stir frequently to avoid sticking to bottom.&nbsp; 6 servings.</p> <p><img src="" border="0" alt="" /><br /><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Buttery Pumpkin Bars</span></strong><br /><strong><em>Cake Crust<br /></em></strong>1 box yellow cake mix<br />1 stick butter<br />1 egg</p> <p><strong><em>Filling</em></strong><br />8 oz cream cheese<br />2 cups powdered sugar<br />1 stick butter, melted<br />3 eggs<br />1 teaspoon vanilla<br />1 15oz can pumpkin<br />1 teaspoon cinnamon<br />&frac12; teaspoon nutmeg</p> <p>Stir the cake mix together with 1 egg and 1 stick of butter.&nbsp; Pat the mixture evenly onto the bottom of a greased 9x13 baking dish.Beat the cream cheese and pumpkin together.&nbsp; Beat in the eggs, vanilla and butter.&nbsp; Gradually stir in the powdered sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Spread the pumpkin mixture over the cake layer.&nbsp; Bake for 45-50 minutes at 350 degrees.&nbsp; Cool and cut into squares.&nbsp; Serve with whipped cream.</p> <p>Enjoy!</p>Jan20 Oct 2008 9:40:00 AMThe Pre-School Experiment<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />If you run a pre-school, a day care, or just have children at home, you probably know all too well what creative little&nbsp;ones can do to furniture. I neither have children, nor have I taught children. But I&rsquo;ve seen <a title="Internet Movie Database profile" href="" target="_blank">Daddy Day Care</a> and that was enough to know that things break when children are invited to do their worst.</p> <p>If children were to work with our Research and Design lab, I think they&rsquo;d come up with some interesting new tests. I remember using <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Banquet Tables</a> as slides in our game room. Then my sisters and I would put foam mats on top of them and use them as tall beds for sleepovers. I have a vague memory of reenacting the princess and the pea once&hellip; lucky for me, no injuries were incurred.</p> <p>Anyway,&nbsp;the other day a co-worker gave&nbsp;gave me&nbsp;an ingenious idea-- The Pre-School Experiment. She suggested that we donate a Lifetime Table to a pre-school, give them a few months to color on it, stand on it, spill icky things on it, do all sorts of things that children tend to do (and that we at Lifetime don&rsquo;t advise)-- then check back to see how it survives.</p> <p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />I took her idea and called Ms. Laura. With about 9 children attending her pre-school and a relatively small area, she and I picked out the small and sturdy <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4-foot Adjustable Height table</a>. Laura was happy to accept a new table and kindly allowed me to visit her class. As I sat with the kids making <a title="Hasbro's Play Doh site" href="" target="_blank">play-doh</a> shapes on the table, I pointed out the pink crumbs that were sprinkled everywhere. &ldquo;You&rsquo;ve got a lot of little crumbs around here,&rdquo; I said. Without hesitation, one child piped up &ldquo;Oh, that&rsquo;s ok.&rdquo;</p> <p>Then I asked &ldquo;But couldn&rsquo;t they get stuck to the table?&rdquo;</p> <p>Claire, a small girl with a cookie cutter in her hand responded to my question matter-of-factly: &ldquo;No.&rdquo;</p> <p>&ldquo;Why?&rdquo; I asked</p> <p>Claire looked around searching for an answer, and then she said &ldquo;Because the carpet gets stuck with play-doh.&rdquo;</p> <p>She then quickly returned to her work of lining up play-doh x&rsquo;s and o&rsquo;s, meticulously making sure that they were all the same size.</p> <p>Before I left the little school, Ms. Laura stopped me and asked where she could get another 4-foot Lifetime table.&nbsp;This table is&nbsp;available at <a href="" target="_blank">Sam&rsquo;s Club</a>, <a href=""></a>, and <a href="" target="_blank">Back Yards Inc</a> store locations. Of course, I felt all warm and fuzzy as I walked out the door. It&rsquo;s a great start, but we still need to see how the table holds up in the long run. After-all, it&rsquo;s only been a couple weeks. Check back in January for a follow-up to this post, and see if our table survived the Pre School Experiment!</p>Katie16 Oct 2008 5:39:00 PMWhat's in a name?<p>Interesting little&nbsp;story here. I&nbsp;recently received this email from Joanne Nelson of Exeter, Rhode Island:</p> <p>&ldquo;I purchased a <a title="Shop for Lifetime personal tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Personal Table</a> several years ago and I love it. I am a quilter and this little table goes with me when I go to classes because I can set my sewing machine on it and adjust the height to exactly what I need so it is ergonomically correct for my sitting position&hellip;&rdquo;</p> <p>&ldquo;However... I recently brought my table to a quilting retreat to let a 84 yr old lady, who is tiny, borrow my table so she could sew comfortably for the 5 day retreat.&nbsp; She was so happy about the table that I wanted to buy one for her. I found one and brought it home only to be very disappointed in the redesign of it.&rdquo;</p> <p><a title="the Personal Table-- a handy little sidekick" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>&ldquo;My table has metal legs and they are secured into a metal frame work so the legs can't come out very easily by accident if the table is moved with weight on it.... With this new table, the legs are just pressure fitted into the top and they don't fit at all.&rdquo;</p> <p>&ldquo;When I picked the table up out of the car trunk to give it to this old lady, the top came right off of the legs. After looking at it more carefully I realized it was a poor imitation of the wonderful table that I owned. I wouldn't want this lady to put her sewing machine on it and have it fall on her. The legs on this new one are awful. Please tell me that there are two models and I got the wrong one&hellip; If this is a redesign it should be recalled as a hazard to anyone using it. Please reply to me about this problem. I am returning this table.&rdquo;</p> <p>Now&hellip; I use a Lifetime Personal Table for sewing myself and I have a quilting machine similar to Joanne&rsquo;s. Though sewing (and even mending) are&nbsp;sadly very rare occassions&nbsp;in my house, I'm glad my sewing machine has not slid off and smooshed me. After emailing&nbsp;Joanne, we figured out that she purchased a table made by another company&nbsp;that looked a lot&nbsp;like the&nbsp;original Lifetime's&nbsp;tables.&nbsp;She emailed me this follow-up to her story&hellip;</p> <p>&ldquo;I forgot to mention that I returned the table I purchased today, and I told them when they asked me why I was returning it, that it was a 'knock off' and I was very disappointed in the store for selling such a poorly made item&hellip;&nbsp; I did go on a little about its bad qualities, but I think they deserved it.&rdquo;<a title="" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" width="120" /></a></p> <p>Joanne's story got me&nbsp;thinking. There are a lot of look-alike brands out there,&nbsp;so it&rsquo;s quite easy to see a lightweight gray, plastic and metal table and assume it&rsquo;s&nbsp;the Lifetime brand. Looking for the Lifetime logo is the best way to know you&rsquo;re getting <a title="About the Lifetime brand" href="" target="_blank">quality and engineering</a> that goes into all our products. What&rsquo;s in a name? The logo says it all.</p>Katie14 Oct 2008 12:57:00 PMNational Night Out<p><a title="National Night Out website" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>Last night was a fun night in our neighborhood.&nbsp; We celebrated <a title="National Night Out details" href="" target="_blank">National Night Out.</a>&nbsp; Apparently, most of the country celebrates this event in August.&nbsp; But, because of the summer heat, Texas officially moved its National Night Out to October 7.&nbsp; Plus, we all know, Texas just has to be different!&nbsp; :)</p> <p>The night is a national crime/drug prevention event designed to heighten community awareness and strengthen community spirit.&nbsp; San Antonio and outlying towns hosted various festivals and events last night.&nbsp; And, some individual subdivisions also hosted activities.</p> <p>Our subdivision celebrated by hosting a block party fully sponsored by our Homeowners Association.&nbsp; It was great&hellip; we just RSVPd and showed up for a yummy dinner and chance to mingle with our neighbors!&nbsp; A free night out of the kitchen&hellip;whoo-hoo!&nbsp; <br />&nbsp;<br />Our subdivision is made up of only 64 houses on two streets.&nbsp; So, we simply blocked off the middle of the street for the &ldquo;party&rdquo; area.&nbsp; The event featured catered BBQ for dinner (what else would you expect in Texas?!).&nbsp; There were several <a title="Lifetime folding table details" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime banquet tables</a> set up in the street for people to eat on and the caterer also used <a title="Buy a Lifetime table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime folding tables</a> under the Texas awning to serve the chow.&nbsp; Neighbors simply brought their own lawn chairs for seating arrangements to keep it simple.<img src="" border="0" alt="" /></p> <p>One neighbor rolled out his <a title="Buy a Lifetime portable bball hoop" href="" target="_blank">portable Lifetime basketball hoop</a> for some friendly competition and the kids were all worn out from jumping in the rented bouncy castle.&nbsp; And, since the event is a crime/drug prevention awareness night, members of our local police department and fire department visited as well.&nbsp; The kids (and adults) loved being able to climb on the fire truck!&nbsp; Our block party was super simple, but for its inaugural year, it was certainly a success!<img src="" border="0" alt="" /></p> <p>We&rsquo;ve lived in four states so far during our military assignment and Texas is the first place we have lived where our neighborhood participated in this fun event.&nbsp; Hopefully, the event is growing nationwide.&nbsp; If you want to host National Night Out event in your neighborhood next year, now is the time to get the wheels in motion to get everyone on board!&nbsp; Check out the tips and organizational kit available at the <a title="National Night Out details" href="" target="_blank">National Night Out website</a> to help get you started.&nbsp;</p>Jan08 Oct 2008 9:25:00 AMHide it Under a Skirt<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />My inspiration for this blog came from a design show I was watching on <a class="" href="" target="_blank">HGTV</a> a few weeks ago – Summer Showdown.&nbsp; Two expert HGTV designers took the same exact family room and competed to make it the most functional and attractive for the family.&nbsp; <a class="" href="" target="_blank">Vern Yip</a> was one of the designers.&nbsp; I love Vern’s design style….very simple, comfy, and cozy.&nbsp; And, he’s not over-the-top with whacky, impractical ideas like a lot of the designers. </p> <p>Anyway, the family kept a huge dog kennel in their family room.&nbsp; Vern very cleverly put a table over the kennel and used it as an end table beside the couch.&nbsp; He then used fabric to make a fitted cover for the table to hide the kennel and make the end table attractive.&nbsp; (Here’s the <a class="" title="Summer Showdown episode" href=",,HGTV_22056_68859,00.html?pageref=Photo_Video-932639&amp;vw_arrange_order=DESC&amp;vw_sort_order=MOST_RECENT&amp;pn=1" target="_blank">link to the episode</a>.&nbsp; Click to the second picture showing Vern’s winning design and you can just barely see the dog kennel/end table in the bottom right corner with the brown striped fabric.) </p> <p>Vern’s idea reminded me of a similar “hiding technique” my friend Angela uses in her craft room.&nbsp; She has a small <a class="" title="Buy a Lifetime 4&#39;x2&#39; table" href="" target="_blank">4’x2’ folding table</a> that she uses for a workspace.&nbsp; Like most craft areas, she has a lot of supplies stashed under the table for storage.&nbsp; In order to hide her stacks of stuff, she simply used adhesive Velcro to attach fabric around the outside of the table to make a fitted table skirt.&nbsp; She left an opening in the middle (like closed drapes) for easy access to the stuff under the table.&nbsp; It looks more contemporary than using a floor-length table cloth since it is actually “tailored” to the table.&nbsp; And, with the opening in the middle, it provides much easier access than lifting up a tablecloth.&nbsp; <img src="" border="0" alt="" /></p> <p>So, if you are using a <a class="" title="Buy a Lifetime Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime table</a> or other table around the house, think about putting a skirt on it for some quick and attractive storage space!&nbsp; This is also a great tip for college students living in dorm rooms or those of you in small apartments.&nbsp; Simply Velcro fabric under your desk, between two dressers, under a bathroom sink, across shelves, etc. to make the space do double duty for you! </p> <p>Can’t sew?&nbsp; No worries!&nbsp; There are plenty of easy ways to avoid sewing for a project like this.&nbsp; Use fusible tape like <a class="" title="Buy Stitch Witchery" href="" target="_blank">Stitch Witchery</a> (available at fabric stores and even craft departments at discount stores) to make the hems on the sides and ends.&nbsp; The fusible tape irons on and basically replaces a needle and thread!&nbsp; (It’s kind of the Duct Tape of the sewing world!)&nbsp; Before you head out to buy new fabric to make your table skirt, check your linen closet…and maybe use some old sheets instead! That band that runs along the top of your sheets makes a nice decorative edge (already sewn!) for the bottom of your table skirt.&nbsp; Simply cut the sheet to the length you need for your table and use fusible tape to hem the top of your skirt.&nbsp; Then, just stick the adhesive Velcro on both the table and skirt.&nbsp; Ta-da!&nbsp; <img src="" border="0" alt="" /><br /></p>Jan30 Sep 2008 1:07:00 PMIndoors at the Outdoor<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" /><br />For the past several years our company has participated in the <a class="" href="" target="_blank">Annual Outdoor Retailer Show</a> at the Salt Palace in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.&nbsp; You’ll find the show filled with aisle after aisle of camping gear, climbing gear, custom water craft, outdoor apparel and the like.&nbsp; This year at our booth you would have also found our sweet <a class="" href="" target="_blank">Fold-Up Utility Trailer</a> and our convertible <a class="" href="" target="_blank">Yard Cart</a>.<br />But anyone who’s been to a trade show knows that besides touting your own wares, half of the reason you’re there is to see what everyone else is doing.&nbsp; So while meandering through the multitude of retailers just trying to keep up on relevant trends, I happened across some of our <a href="">tables</a>.&nbsp; A configuration of several card tables made for a very practical and common use of our product – a convenient meeting area to discuss the business of the day.<br />I was glad to see our tables being put to good use at the show, but I can’t say that I was surprised, our tables and chairs can be found almost anyplace indoors or outdoors.&nbsp; Ironically enough, in this instance, I guess you could say they were being used indoors at the Outdoor.</p>William24 Sep 2008 7:37:00 AMGot an RV? You need a Lifetime Fold-in-Half Table<p>Do you like to go camping or RVing? Don’t we all? There’s one thing I’ve noticed, there never seems to be enough room to put pots and pans, board games, work areas, or just places to sit down and have a nice meal. The problem is space. RV’s don’t have a lot of room for “extra stuff” and regular folding <a href="">tables</a> can take up quite a bit of room.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">JEBar</a>, a senior member over at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>,&nbsp; recommends Lifetime’s fold-in-half tables to solve this problem. They open up to a good working size but fold to a nice, compact size.</p> <p>JEBar says: </p> <blockquote> <p>features we like .... adjustable height .... easy to clean .... folds to a really nice size so as to fit into the basement of our camper (open size 2&#39; X 4&#39; -- folded size 2&#39; square about 4&quot; thick) ..... seems to be very stable .... one concern, will I have to put some sort of heat shield between our grill and the table top?</p></blockquote> <p>To answer your question, yes, putting some sort of heat shield between the heat-source and the table top would be a very good idea with any sort of table, not just a Lifetime table. Doing so not only protects the table surface from heat but also from anything that might fall onto the table’s surface.</p> <p>Thanks for the write-up, JEBar! We’re glad our tables are working out for you!</p>Joe22 Sep 2008 9:34:00 AMLifetime Announces Institutional Sales Department<p>Lifetime’s folding <a href="">tables</a> and <a href="">chairs</a> have long been a staple of churches, schools, governments, airports, and non-profit organizations. </p> <p>Lifetime looked closer at these institutions and noticed some&nbsp;of them making larger orders, most need some way to store and transport <a href="">tables</a> and <a href="">chairs</a> when not in use, and many need custom bids and personalized service.</p> <p>In an effort to better serve these institutional customers, Lifetime has created the new <a href="" target="_blank">Instutional Sales department</a>.</p> <p>If you fall into one of these categories, get in touch with our specalist&nbsp;<a href="" rel="co-worker met contact colleague">Michael Mower</a> and see how Lifetime can help you!</p>Joe18 Sep 2008 11:46:00 AMWeigh Anchor and Hoist the Mizzen!<p>Ahoy There, Me Hearties!&nbsp; If you like to navigate shrewdly, fight recklessly and pillage mercilessly.&nbsp; I have the perfect board game for you.&nbsp;<img src="" border="0" alt="" /></p> <p>One of the many uses we get out of our <a class="" title="BuyLifetime Square Tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Card Table</a> and our <a class="" title="Lifetime Folding Chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Folding Chairs</a> is using them for a convenient gaming table.&nbsp; The card table is handy for board games where access to the board is necessary.&nbsp; It’s small enough that you do not have to stretch across the table to draw a card or move a token.&nbsp; This also allows us to use the dining table for the dining portion of the evening and the game can be already set-up ready to go instead of waiting to clear and clean the dining table.&nbsp; The dining table can also be reserved to host a large array of desserts and treats.&nbsp; One of our favorite board games is called “<a class="" title="Pirates Cove" href="" target="_blank">Pirates Cove</a>”.&nbsp; </p> <p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />Your objective in Pirates Cove is to battle for the rights to plunder and become the most famed and feared pirate in the world by collecting “fame” points.&nbsp; You will gain fame points by winning battles; burying gold and treasure; and bragging about your exploits at the Tavern. The game has 12 turns and at the start of every turn, each pirate must decide (secretly) which of the 6 islands they will visit. Each island offers various amounts of treasure and game resources; each island also offers an opportunity to upgrade a specific section of your ship, which is vital when fighting the other pirates for the booty.&nbsp; If any two or more players end up at the same island, a combat with the dice ensues.&nbsp; The battles are straight forward and a player can choose to flee to Pirate&#39;s Cove rather than fight when it is their turn to fire.&nbsp; The last remaining pirate wins the booty for that island. <br />Pirates Cove is a great family game for both adults and children over the age of eight.&nbsp; You need between 3 to 5 players to play.&nbsp; The playing time is 60-90 minutes.&nbsp; If you are feeling extra adventurous, consider making a theme night out of it.&nbsp; Invite everyone to dress as pirates, enjoy dinner and snacks, play Pirates Cove and possible end with your favorite swashbuckling blockbuster.&nbsp; Best of luck to ye!<br /></p>Jason17 Sep 2008 4:48:00 PMIt’s National Play-doh Day!<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" />Bet you didn’t know it’s <a class="" title="National Play-doh Day details" href="" target="_blank">National Play-doh Day</a> today, did you?&nbsp; Not exactly sure why I know, I guess I just stumbled across it online somehow.&nbsp; I’m also not sure what you’re supposed to do on National Play-doh Day and who even recognizes or sponsors it.&nbsp; But, in honor of National Play-doh Day, I thought it would be appropriate to post of picture of my son playing with…yep, you guessed it…<a class="" title="Where to buy Play-doh" href="" target="_blank">Play-doh</a>!&nbsp;&nbsp;:)&nbsp;&nbsp; </p> <p>Kids love Play-doh. Parents love the idea of fun, quiet, creative play…but, deep down, most of us hate the mess it makes and detest the fact that the stuff dries out after just a few months no matter how tightly you put on the lid!&nbsp; A lot of my friends only let their kids use Play-doh outside so they don’t have to worry about cleaning up those gazallion little rice-sized pieces that get dropped on the floor.&nbsp; I’m not that hard-core, but I do insist that it is an in-the-kitchen toy so I only have to worry about vacuuming the tile and not the carpet. (Although Play-doh smooshed in grout isn’t too fun to clean either!)&nbsp; </p> <p>Usually, I let Nathan use Play-doh at the kitchen table, especially now that he’s tall enough to sit on the grown-up chairs.&nbsp; But, back when he was smaller, I’d just pull out our Lifetime Personal Table and let him go to town.&nbsp; And even nowadays, if I’m trying to get dinner ready and don’t want to have to clean up Play-doh to set the dinner table, I’ll still pull out the <a class="" title="Buy a Lifetime Personal Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Personal Table</a>.&nbsp; It actually works quite well since it adjusts in height so I can make it low enough for him to sit or stand.&nbsp; So many of those Play-doh press toys require lots of “leverage” that you can only get if you are pressing down from a standing height so a short table is better than our kitchen table anyway.&nbsp; (I usually set the Personal Table at the <a class="" title="Lifetime Personal Table details" href="" target="_blank">24” height</a>.)&nbsp; </p> <p>The other day, Nathan was using Play-doh on the Lifetime table and dinner was ready.&nbsp; He was excited because he didn’t have to put away his creations to eat dinner!&nbsp; After dinner, he immediately went back to making snakes, rolling out make-believe pizzas, and designing fabulous jewelry for me to wear.&nbsp; </p> <p>Clean up is a cinch on the Lifetime table (although I still dread doing it!).&nbsp; The Play-doh wipes right off the plastic and doesn’t get smeared in the wood grain or in the table-leaf cracks like it does on our kitchen table.&nbsp; </p> <p>One more thing.&nbsp; If you’re like me, your Play-doh creative juices are about as dried up as your Play-doh and you can’t bear to roll out yet another snake!&nbsp; So, try some of these fun, new design ideas I found on <a class="" href="" target="_blank">Hasbro’s Fresh Idea Gallery</a>.</p> <p>Happy National Play-Doh Day!</p>Jan16 Sep 2008 6:18:00 AMHow to Contact Lifetime Products<p>We’ve been seeing a few comments posted here from customers trying to reach our <a href="">Customer Care</a> team.</p> <p>While we’re glad to try and address your questions here, most of the time we pass your questions directly on to our Customer Care team who is happy to help you get the information or help you need regarding your product.</p> <p>We always invite your&nbsp;comments and don’t want to discourage anyone from writing in (after all, that’s what this blog is all about), we do want to make sure that when you have questions they get answered as quickly as possible.</p> <p>That said, when you want to talk to a product or lifestyle expert, this is the place to post those questions, comments, suggestions, examples, etc. </p> <p>When you have questions regarding assembly, warranty, replacement parts, etc.&nbsp; you’ll want to contact Customer Care. First, check the Customer Care section of our web site at <a href="" title=""></a>, we may have already answered your question, or you can always contact&nbsp;a representative&nbsp;using one of the email links on our Contact Us page: <a href="" title=""></a>.</p>Joe15 Sep 2008 11:29:00 AMAn Elegant Wedding Reception<p>A few months ago I attended a wedding reception for an old friend of mine. He and his bride chose a beautiful nursery garden for the location; a small waterfall, a pond, and the abundance of lush foliage set the perfect scene. T</p> <p>he entire setup also used Lifetime<a href="">tables</a> and <a href="">chairs</a> in a great way that was simple and elegant, to be specefic, they used Lifetime <a href="">round tables</a> and <a href="">folding chairs</a>.&nbsp;<img src="" border="0" alt="" />Having planned my own wedding just 1 year ago last week, the whole process is still fresh on my mind. He and his bride emailed me 6 months before the wedding asking for some tips and contacts. So naturally, I was very curious to see how the reception turned out. </p> <p>After being a picky bride, you tend to notice all those things that tend to take SO MUCH time to choose. You appreciate the little details that took hours of debating, several last minute fixes, and frustrating arguments with mom. You know what I mean--- the cake, the color(s), types of flowers, her shoes, and most certainly-- the dress. The table&#39;s centerpieces are&nbsp;certainly one of these details. <img src="" border="0" alt="" />I remember holding color swatches&nbsp;against a white table cloth,&nbsp;running to the store to buy yet another kind of vase, debating over disposable cameras, sprinkling flower petals over the table, then clearing them off and sprinkling on some little rocks...&nbsp;I was&nbsp;always keeping my eyes open for something unique. </p> <p>Well, this couple had very unique centerpieces I just had to share with you: glass vases in a cast iron stand, with fish and flowers.&nbsp;It was&nbsp;a combination of everything a bride wants! Very cool. Very cool. If you&#39;re a bride to be, or know someone planning a wedding, or even if&nbsp;you&#39;re the groom and could care less about centerpieces,&nbsp;you should check out this useful site&nbsp;<a class="" title="" href=";MsdVisit=1" target="_blank">The Knot</a>, for some great centerpiece ideas like this one,&nbsp;and plenty more ideas for wedding planning&nbsp;and wedding decor.</p>Katie15 Sep 2008 8:29:00 AMLifetime at the Lake House<p><img style="border: 0px;" src="/imagecache/blog/picnic table on patio.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="225" />My parents recently bought a vacation house at <a title="travel to Lake Erie" href="" target="_blank">Lake Erie</a> and I saw it for the first time when I went home to Ohio last month.&nbsp; (Boy, good thing I made the trip to Ohio because it&rsquo;s given me tons to blog about!) I was happy to see they had furnished several areas of the house with <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime</a> products.&nbsp; (I taught them well!)&nbsp; My parents actually became <a href="" target="_blank">Sam&rsquo;s Club</a> members for the first time just so they could buy some Lifetime products for their new house since Sam&rsquo;s Club has such a large selection.</p> <p>Remember my <a title="Free Picnic Table Rides?!" href="">last post</a> and how I was talking about my parents still having a heavy picnic table at home that they actually move with a lawn mower?&nbsp; Well, apparently, it IS possible to teach an old dog new tricks! My parents purchased a <a title="Buy a Lifetime picnic table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 8-foot picnic table</a> for their patio at their lake house.&nbsp;&nbsp; Hip-hip, hooray!</p> <p>Since their backyard has a view of the lake, they wanted plenty of outdoor eating options for neighbors, grandkids etc. So, they also bought a <a title="Buy a Lifetime banquet table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 6-foot banquet table</a> and six <a title="Buy a Lifetime chair" href="" target="_blank">chairs</a> that they can set up outside or inside.&nbsp; When the banquet table isn&rsquo;t needed outside, they just keep it set up in the basement for crafts, games, storage, etc&hellip;and really just to kind of fill the empty basement!&nbsp;</p> <p>Oh, but wait, that&rsquo;s not all!&nbsp; When I first got to their new house, my mom was waiting on a little kitchen cart to arrive that she had ordered to fill a corner where she planned to keep jars of snacks for the grandkids.&nbsp; In the meantime though, she was using her <a title="Buy a Lifetime Personal Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Personal Table</a> to hold the snacks.&nbsp; What a perfect temporary fix! (Oops, I forgot to take a picture.)</p> <p>And, Mom had a <a title="Buy a Lifetime fold-in-half adjustable height table" href="" target="_blank">4&rsquo;x 2&rsquo; fold-in-half adjustable height table</a> set up in her sewing room with her sewing machine on it.&nbsp; It was a great fit for the small room and, if they need it, they can always take it outside for even more eating or serving space.</p> <p>It was great to see that even though I&rsquo;m no longer a Lifetime employee, Mom and Dad still purchased numerous Lifetime products because of their quality, versatility, and convenience.&nbsp; Hmmm, now that I take a tally, I think my parents officially now own more Lifetime products than I do.&nbsp; Way to go, Mom &amp; Dad!</p>Jan11 Sep 2008 8:45:00 AMPark It in the Garage<p><a href="" target="_blank"><img style="border: 0px;" src="/imagecache/blog/garage_table_blog.jpg" alt="" width="267" height="200" /></a>Small gatherings of family and friends are not uncommon at our home.&nbsp; My wife really likes to entertain guests.&nbsp; However, inviting about 100 of our closest relatives during the heat of the day was a little bit of a stretch for our home, so I came up with a solution . . . overflow seating in the garage!</p> <p>Here&rsquo;s what happened:&nbsp; A few weeks ago, we decided to celebrate the birth of our 2 month old baby girl.&nbsp; We agreed to hold a casual party to celebrate this occasion with a few of our closest relatives.&nbsp; After the invite list ballooned to around 100 people, I realized my wife&rsquo;s definition of &ldquo;a few&rdquo; was much different than mine.&nbsp; It wasn&rsquo;t long before I realized the seating capacity of our home would not accommodate her expanding invite list.&nbsp;Due to time constraints, the only time the party could be held was in the middle of the afternoon. Since the temperature during that time of the day was in the mid 90's, hosting some of the guests on our back patio was not a viable option.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"></a>Fortunately, earlier in the summer I finished our two-car garage and it was still virtually clutter free and to a point where I felt comfortable seating people in our garage. <br />Overall, I think it worked out really well. After setting up four Lifetime 6-foot <a href="" target="_blank">folding banquet tables</a> and 28 <a href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Folding Chairs</a>, we were able to comfortably accommodate an additional 28 people.&nbsp; Setting up our Lifetime Tables and chairs in the garage was a breeze. Because our garage door faces the northwest; the temperature in the garage was quite pleasant.&nbsp; We were also able to leave the door open during the party, which created a feeling of openness.&nbsp;</p> <p>Although this solution may not be practical for everyone, it was a simple solution for our entertaining needs that day. We had a wonderful afternoon and enjoyed the company of 100 of our closest neighbors and family members.&nbsp; My next goal . . . use a pulley system to drop a couch down from my garage ceiling then install a projection screen television so I can invite 100 of my closest buddies for the next big game . . .&nbsp; hmmm.</p>Jason09 Sep 2008 1:51:00 PMFree Picnic Table Rides?!<p><img style="border: 0px;" src="/imagecache/blog/Picnic table rides.jpg" alt="" />This picture just made me laugh and it begged to be blogged about for an explanation.&nbsp; When you live in the country, fun often comes in strange and crazy forms.&nbsp; This summer, my city-raised son experienced yet another new adventure at Mammy and Papa&rsquo;s house in the country&hellip;picnic table rides!&nbsp; (Yes, you read that right&hellip;not pony rides, but picnic table rides.)&nbsp; Ok, probably not the most exciting thing in the world or his most memorable experience, but it was different to say the least.</p> <p>Remember <a title="Back When I Was A Kid..." href="">last post</a> I was talking about how easy it is to move my parents&rsquo; <a title="buy a Lifetime picnic table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4-person picnic table</a> compared to the wooden A-frame picnic table we had when I was a kid?&nbsp; My parents did in fact get rid of the small wooden A-frame table and now use their <a title="buy a Lifetime picnic table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4-person picnic table</a> for daily use by the pond.&nbsp; But, what I didn&rsquo;t mention is that they are still hoarding two more picnic tables that aren&rsquo;t Lifetime!&nbsp; I know, I know.&nbsp; I wish I could say it&rsquo;s not true, but it is.&nbsp; Sigh.</p> <p>If my parents have big family or neighborhood picnics and need more eating space, Dad will pull (and yes, I literally mean PULL) out their old, heavy, long picnic tables.&nbsp; The things are HUGE&hellip;.8' long, made out of 2&rdquo; thick wood planks bolted to steel legs.&nbsp; Simple translation&hellip;HEAVY!&nbsp;&nbsp; So heavy that he literally ties a rope around them (look closely, you can see the red ropes in the photo) and pulls them with a lawn mower to get them from the barn (where he stores them) to the yard&hellip;which is when my son decided to hop on for a free ride.&nbsp; The old tables are in somewhat good condition and since&nbsp;my parents&nbsp;live in the country with a large barn, storage isn&rsquo;t a huge problem.&nbsp; So, needless to say, my parents have been reluctant to get rid of the heavy tables even though Dad has to repaint them every few years despite keeping them stored inside the barn during the winter.</p> <p>Well, at least the heavy tables made for a fun ride for my son!&nbsp; But, my point (yes, I really do have one) is that if my parents would simply buy the <a title="buy a Lifetime picnic table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 8-person picnic table</a> and get rid of those other contraptions, they definitely wouldn&rsquo;t have to use a mower to move them anymore!&nbsp; Since my parents already have a Lifetime picnic table, they are well aware of how lightweight and maintenance-free Lifetime picnic&nbsp;tables are&hellip;and that they even <a title="Lifetime picnic table details" href="" target="_blank">fold flat</a> for easy storage and transportation.&nbsp; (Hint, hint.)&nbsp; But, well, hmmmm.&nbsp; There are just too many clich&eacute;s that can be applied to this saga&hellip;"old habits die hard"&hellip;."if it ain&rsquo;t broke, don&rsquo;t fix it"&hellip;."a penny saved is a penny earned".&nbsp; Etc.&nbsp; So, until those old tables really fall to pieces, I suppose the picnic table rides will continue.&nbsp; But, for those of you who don&rsquo;t have the luxury (er, desire) to move your picnic table with your lawn mower, lesson learned &ndash; just buy a Lifetime table the first time and save yourself a lot of trouble!&nbsp;:)</p> <p>&nbsp;Have your own story about the crazy ways you struggle to move heavy tables?&nbsp; Do share, I&rsquo;d love to hear!</p>Jan09 Sep 2008 9:33:00 AMBack When I Was A Kid...<p><img style="border: 0px;" src="/imagecache/blog/picnic table by pond.jpg" alt="" width="225" height="168" />&nbsp;</p> <p>Well, like I mentioned a few posts ago, I just got back from visiting my parents in Ohio.&nbsp; I love visiting Ohio in the summer&hellip;it&rsquo;s soooo pretty with all the green grass and trees everywhere.&nbsp; Never been to Ohio?&nbsp; Just check out the picture I took of my parents&rsquo; backyard&hellip;seeing is believing!</p> <p>Anyway, the real reason I snapped this photo is because it shows my parents&rsquo; <a title="Buy a Lifetime picnic table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4-person picnic table</a>&nbsp;in such a picturesque setting.&nbsp; I gave the table to my Dad about five years ago&hellip; for Father&rsquo;s Day, I think. My parents love it!&nbsp; (Ahhh, for once I found the perfect gift!)&nbsp; It&rsquo;s the ideal size to provide a little eating area/seating by their pond and it requires no maintenance.&nbsp; In the winter, Dad can easily just <a title="Lifetime Picnic Table details" href="" target="_blank">fold it up</a> and hang it on the wall down in the barn.&nbsp;</p> <p>As I slid the <a title="Buy a Lifetime picnic table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime picnic table</a> under the shade tree one day for the kids to eat lunch, I couldn&rsquo;t help but wish we had that picnic table back when I was in high school and had to mow the yard. Ok, sounds silly, I know.&nbsp; But, back then we used to have a wooden A-frame picnic table about the same size as a Lifetime 4-person picnic table.&nbsp; Even though the wood table was small in size, it weighed a TON!&nbsp; (Ok, slight exaggeration.&nbsp; But, honestly, I could barely lift one end by myself.)&nbsp; When I was mowing the yard, I would have to hop off the mower and pull the picnic table out of the way. Then a few laps later, I would have to hop off and drag it back again.&nbsp; If I managed not to smash my toes, the four wooden picnic table feet/legs would just stick in the grass and most times I would end up making &ldquo;skid&rdquo; marks where the feet/legs literally tore out the grass.&nbsp; Man, being able to simply slide the Lifetime picnic table with one hand would have made things so much easier!&nbsp; Oh well, I guess I can make it my &ldquo;When I was a kid, I had it so rough<a href="" target="_blank"></a>&hellip;&rdquo; story for my kids and grandkids!</p>Jan04 Sep 2008 4:22:00 PMEven on Madison Avenue...<p><a href="" target="_blank"></a><img style="border: 0px;" src="/imagecache/blog/IMG_0161.JPG" alt="" width="200" />It's funny to see where our <a title="6-Foot Folding Table" href="" target="_blank">tables</a> pop up.</p> <p>This table sighting isn't all that big of a surprise, but I certainly think it's noteworthy. We have a long-standing partnership with <a title="Hunter PR" href="" target="_blank">Hunter Public Relations</a> out of New York City. Hunter PR handles all of our media realtions, large-scale media programs and helps us get the word out about our <a title="The Lifetime Story" href="" target="_blank">brand</a> and our products. They are in the midst of remodeling their corporate offices in Manhattan, and their current workspace is -- to say it mildly -- a bit fragmented. They have had to make do with our fine products as their conference room tables. It seems to be working out just fine.</p> <p><img style="border: 0px;" src="/imagecache/blog/IMG_0163.JPG" alt="" width="200" height="150" />We'll be heading out there in a few weeks to plan for our 2009 strategy, and although I hope their offices are finished, it would be fun to sit in a big, prestigious PR office on Madison Avenue talking about our company while sitting at one of our own white tables. Maybe it will inspire us.</p> <p>You are welcome to inspire us as well...if you have an idea for a promotion or PR activity for our line tables and chairs, leave us a comment.</p>admin04 Sep 2008 2:52:00 PMLabor Day Fun<p><img style="border: 0px;" src="/imagecache/blog/six flags.jpg" alt="" width="160" height="142" /></p> <p>I always look forward to Labor Day with such mixed emotions. Naturally, I love having the three-day weekend and having my hubby home for an extra day of fun or to-do projects.&nbsp; But, it also means summer is officially over.&nbsp;&nbsp;:(&nbsp;</p> <p>My son, Nathan, started preschool today so we wanted to spend our Labor Day weekend enjoying the last remaining hours of summer freedom.&nbsp; We took the kids swimming one day and we also took them to <a href="" target="_blank">Six Flags Fiesta Texas</a>.&nbsp; So much fun!&nbsp; Nathan was tall enough to ride a few of the adult roller coasters this year so that made it even more exciting for all of us.&nbsp; (Wow, there is nothing more heartwarming than watching your child grin literally ear-to-ear all day long from having such genuine fun and thrills!)&nbsp;</p> <p>But, just like my last post, our adventure started off with <a title="About Lifetime Products" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime</a>!&nbsp; It&rsquo;s everywhere!&nbsp; To enter Six Flags, you have to walk through metal detectors and have your bags inspected, kind of like at an airport.&nbsp; Behind every metal detector, they had a <a title="Buy an Adjustable Height Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime 4-Foot Adjustable Height Table</a> for the security worker to put the bags.&nbsp; The tables were set at the <a title="Adjustable Height Table details" href="" target="_blank">highest setting</a> (countertop height) so the workers could easily look through bags without having to bend over all day and get a backache.&nbsp; I was hoping we might catch a glimpse of some more Lifetime tables throughout the park to eat on etc., but most of the eating facilities had permanent table fixtures.&nbsp; It was still cool to see such a big-name establishment like Six Flags understanding the practicality of <a title="Buy an adjustable height table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Adjustable Height Tables</a>!</p>Jan02 Sep 2008 10:56:00 AMEver Wonder?<p>We flew to Ohio to visit my parents last week.&nbsp; The kids had a blast at Mammy and Papa's house and the trip went by way too fast, as usual. I know it's crazy, but as soon as our adventure began, I couldn't help but think of Lifetime. When we went through the airport security checkpoint, I counted seven Lifetime <a title="Buy a table" href="">tables</a> just at the one gate I was using!&nbsp; You know the table you put your carry-on luggage and shoes on before you push them through the conveyor belt?&nbsp; Yep, a majority of the time, those are Lifetime <a title="Buy a table" href="">tables</a>!&nbsp; Considering all of the hundreds of thousands of things that get dropped and scooted on the tables each day, they were in pretty good shape.&nbsp; It definitely speaks well to the <a title="Lifetime table details" href="">strength and durability</a> of Lifetime tables.&nbsp; (I did notice, however, they've started bringing in a few metal tables with built-in storage shelves underneath to stack those plastic gray bins that hold wallets, watches etc.)</p> <p>When 9-11 occurred and the heightened security checks were initiated, I was a full-time employee at Lifetime.&nbsp; I remember we used to talk in staff meetings about how quickly we were seeing our tables popping up at airports.&nbsp; But, I hadn't put much thought into it was just another one of those airport fixtures I started to take for granted, I guess.&nbsp;&nbsp; Think about it though...ever wonder how many thousands of Lifetime tables must be in use in airports around the globe?&nbsp; Pretty cool and pretty mind-boggling!</p>Jan29 Aug 2008 1:30:00 PMFolding Table Tips<p>In the months since we&rsquo;ve started this blog, I've received several questions regarding Lifetime's fold-in-half tables... interestingly enough, most people ask the basic question: How do you to unfold them? Esther from Niceville, FL wrote in yesterday:</p> <p>"I just bought your 5 ft <a title="" href="" target="_blank">fold-in-half table</a>. It&rsquo;s great, but I do not know how to open it up and there wasn't any directions. Sorry, I am 69 years old and not mechanically minded and am afraid that I might do something to mess it up..."</p> <p>How do you unfold it?? The first few times I&rsquo;ve seen this question, I admit, I thought it wouldn&rsquo;t be all that hard. But then I walked down to our showroom and tried to open a new table myself... it took a little more elbow grease thought! I looked into why this is, and it turns out our engineers developed these tables to stay safely closed when you carry, transport, or store them, which is actually a really good thing. This means they are snugly shut the first few times you pull them out to use them, and opening them may require a strong tug.</p> <p>Esther asked that we send some simple directions so, based on&nbsp;my experience, here they are!</p> <p><img style="border: 0px;" src="/imagecache/blog/IMAGE_140.jpg" alt="" width="160" height="128" />Unfolding a Lifetime&nbsp; fold-in-half table<br />1-&nbsp;Place your hands inside the groove (on the side opposite of the table's hinges). <br />2-&nbsp;Pull the two sides apart. Though this can require a little strength the first few times, it will get easier the more you use your table. <br />3-&nbsp;Once you unfold it, lay it on its side and lock it in place with the red switch on the table's underside (if your table is an older model, lock it in place using the gray sliding bar). <br />4-&nbsp;From there, you can stand the table on its legs. <br />5-&nbsp;If it&rsquo;s an <a title="" href="" target="_blank">adjustable-height table</a>, you can place your foot on the cross bar while it's in the standing position, to easily raise and lower the table's height one side at a time.</p> <p>The good news is, if you've gotten your table this year you'll enjoy an improved opening mechanism. In early 2008 our engineers realized that the clip holding the table shut was doing its job a little TOO well, so they took the opportunity to make some improvements. Tables made in 2008 and after have been developed to open easier, still close tight, and have that easy red tab to lock them in place when they&rsquo;re set up. Hope this helps you, and you know more about our convenient and unique fold-in &ndash;half tables.</p>Katie29 Aug 2008 8:43:00 AMTables Are Garage Sale Must!<p><img style="border: 0px;" src="/imagecache/blog/garage sale.jpg" alt="" />Earlier this summer, we had a garage sale.&nbsp; We had a lot of <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">junk</span> treasures, to clean out.&nbsp; I was excited about the prospect of making a good chunk of change based on a few of our "big" objects and the oodles of infant gear and kids' clothes, which are always hot garage sale items.&nbsp; But, I knew that presentation was the key to getting more things sold.&nbsp; The neater my "treasures" were displayed, the quicker and better they would sell.</p> <p>We have annual garage sales so I've somewhat perfected my strategies over the years.&nbsp; I usually try to arrange things similar to a mini-store with all like-items placed together.&nbsp; Normally, I have enough table space simply by putting a big piece of plywood on top of our sawhorses, and setting up my card table and Lifetime <a title="Buy a table" href="">4'x2' table</a>.&nbsp;&nbsp; I also always use my Lifetime <a title="Buy a Personal Table" href="">Personal Table</a> for my separate cash table.&nbsp; This year, however, we had way too much stuff...I needed more table space.&nbsp; My husband is in the Air Force and, luckily, his squadron had three Lifetime <a title="Buy a table" href="">8-foot tables</a> we could borrow.&nbsp; Whoo-hoo!&nbsp; However, did I mention these tables are normally used by a bunch of fighter pilots for BBQs and lobster boils?&nbsp; Oh, and the tables are stored outside.&nbsp; Consequently, when Mike brought the tables home, they were disgusting.&nbsp; Dried on BBQ sauce, beverages, butter, and layers of dirt and filth.&nbsp; Do the guys ever clean these things?!?&nbsp; (Rhetorical question, I suppose.)&nbsp; But, just like Lifetime advertises, the tables are pretty much stain-resistant.&nbsp; Fortunately, most of the aged stains hosed right off, and only a few of the really crusty ones required a little more elbow grease with some soap and a brush.</p> <p>Having all the table space was great.&nbsp; It allowed us to set up everything the night before in the garage and simply carry the tables out to the driveway in the morning to open business. And, I could use one table for baby items, one for household d&eacute;cor, one for electronics, etc.&nbsp; However, one thing tables aren't good for displaying at garage sales ...clothes.&nbsp; People tend to just rummage through neatly stacked piles and you end up with a huge heap of what looks like dirty laundry!&nbsp; So what did I do with the TON of kids' clothes I had?&nbsp; Well, here's a helpful tip... I took an extending pole (or use a shower rod) and laid it between the rungs of two ladders and tied the rod fast so it wouldn't roll.&nbsp; I hung all of the nicest and cutest outfits on the rod.&nbsp; Then, I used&nbsp;pink and blue index cards cut in half to make hang tags for the rods to separate each section of clothes by size and gender, just like you see in a store.&nbsp; For other clothing items like onsies, pajamas, shorts, etc, I used big clear bins with giant signs stating what sizes and gender it contained.&nbsp; Oh...and EVERYTHING was priced individually.&nbsp; It takes a little longer to price everything individually and organize it well, but it's definitely worth it in the end...we made over $400 in four hours and our biggest ticket item was only a $40 TV!&nbsp; If you plan on having a <a title="garage sale tips" href="">garage sale</a> in the near future, check out some more handy garage sale tips at <a href=""></a>.</p>admin22 Aug 2008 8:07:00 AMNew Patio Furniture on BuyLifetime!<p><a href="" target="_blank"><img style="border: 0px;" src="/imagecache/blog/tailgate_party_01.jpg" alt="" width="186" height="124" /></a>My best friend recently replaced all her wicker patio furniture with Lifetime <a href="">patio furniture</a>&mdash;her wicker chairs and table had rotted from sun exposure in less than two years! As she said, &ldquo;I like the wicker look, but I&rsquo;m not made out of money. These tables and chairs will last forever.&rdquo;</p> <p>Maybe they won&rsquo;t last <em>forever</em>, but they should last a good deal longer, and I agree with her that they look a lot better. Her wicker furniture was faded and ratty in the first summer, even before it fell apart. The clean, smooth finish on her new Lifetime patio furniture will last much longer.</p> <p>I know, because I&rsquo;ve been using Lifetime <a href="">tables</a> and <a href="">chairs</a> as patio furniture for ages. Long before I came to work for Lifetime, we had a Lifetime <a href="">picnic</a> table on our deck and Lifetime folding <a href="">chairs</a> sitting in the shade under our walnut tree. Apparently, I&rsquo;m not the only one. Since coming to Lifetime and learning to recognize the products, I&rsquo;ve seen them everywhere. People use our tables and chairs on their decks, their patios, their lawns, their gardens.</p> <p>So, we figured if everyone is already recognizing how great our products look on their patios, it&rsquo;s about time we did too! We have a created a whole new category just for <a href="">patio furniture</a> on BuyLifetime. It groups our most popular patio furniture into a single location on the site, making it easier to compare the different products and choose which table or chair or bench would best suit your outdoor living areas.</p> <p>Personally, my current favorite and next intended purchase is the <a href="">glider bench</a>. What&rsquo;s yours?</p>Katie07 Aug 2008 12:15:00 PMCamping, Camping and a Salute to BSA<p><a href="" target="_blank"></a><a href="" target="_blank"></a><a href="" target="_blank"></a><a href="" target="_blank"></a><a href="" target="_blank"></a><a href="" target="_blank"></a><a href="" target="_blank"><img style="border: 0px;" src="/imagecache/blog/campkeisel1.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="400" /></a>Anyone who works with a youth group knows that summer camp is one event that&rsquo;s looked forward to all year, and slightly feared by most adult leaders. Whether it&rsquo;s a group of giggling girls or rambunctious boys, the ideal summer camp has enough to do to keep everyone busy. Joe attended the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) owned <a href="" target="_blank">Camp Kiesel</a>, and told me a little about his trip. Nestled in Utah&rsquo;s mountains above Causey Reservoir, The camp offers excellent programs geared towards Cub Scouts and Webelos. The camp teaches archery, wrist-rockets (aka "slingshots"), outdoorsmanship, physical fitness, boating/canoeing, and even a BB rifle range. Although individuals are required to pack their own lunches, the camp offers a large area of <a title="Buy a Lifetime Picnic Table" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Picnic Tables</a>&hellip;The perfect place to relax, share stories, and for camp leaders, taking a much needed rest from the day's activities!</p> <p>Lifetime Tables contain powder-coated metal and plastic components that are easy to clean, and very long lasting -- making them a perfect choice for the tough conditions of a mountain camp and for your back yard.</p> <p>My own girls camp experience at BSA&rsquo;s Camp Hunt, on the wooded shore of Utah&rsquo;s Bear Lake, was more humorous than anything. After 2 days of bug bites, sunburns, 5 a.m. nature hikes, and chasing girls from activity to activity, we got a welcome break gathering at the fire pit to watch skits put on by the Boy Scouts and camp staff. In one of their funniest skits, a thief was showing his apprentice how to steal a wallet from a sleeping man&hellip; sleeping on a Lifetime 4&rsquo; adjustable fold-in-half table. I&rsquo;ll admit&hellip; I was a little nervous as he theatrically tossed and turned repeatedly on the lightweight table, scaring the thief. He shook the table back and forth, but it never started to fold, lean, or tip over. I later saw the same table being used at the waterfront, and other than a layer of dirt, it looked great.&nbsp;</p>Katie24 Jul 2008 2:28:00 PMScrapping old Memories; Making New<p><img src="/imagecache/blog/Katie-ScrapbookingWEB.jpg" border="0" alt="" width="1" height="1" /><img src="" border="0" alt="" width="211" height="148" />Scrapbooking for 3 days straight may&nbsp;sound like a weird form of torture... but even after the paper cuts, late nights, and reeeeally early mornings,&nbsp;I look forward to&nbsp;it&nbsp;twice a year.</p> <p>My family&rsquo;s crazy little tradition is called "Scrapbook Weekend". If you&rsquo;re anything like me; you have a busy schedule, a suffering photo album, talkative friends and family, and an endless&nbsp;appetite for good cooking. Scrapbook Weekend gives&nbsp;me the chance to learn new layouts, trade materials, or just catch-up on all my photos.</p> <p>Twice a year, all my aunts and cousins (about 18-20 people total) drive to my mom&rsquo;s house with cars full photos, paper supplies, and the fixin's for some great food. We load all the food in the fridge, spread out our cutters, paper, pictures and embellishments on about 6 or 7 Lifetime <a href="">tables</a>, and <a href="">camp</a> out for 3 days&hellip; stacking pages like we&rsquo;re warming up for "Scrapbooking with the Stars". We always put the <a href="">tables</a> in a square formation to facilitate talking. I&rsquo;m not really sure why... we seem to have no problem doing that otherwise. You learn a LOT: who&rsquo;s kids are just starting school, my aunt's new neighbors, the latest cooking trick, my aunt's new singing group, my cousin who&rsquo;s falling in love, and some stories so funny they&rsquo;ll make you cut crooked.</p> <p>Scrapbook Weekend is really the only time I sit down and do some major damage to the 'ol album... if you saw my pages you'd know what I mean ;). This year I brought a fat stack of wedding and honeymoon photos. Good thing my mom stepped in; I actually ended up with some pretty sweet layouts. But even with the help, I was a <a href="">scrapbook</a> slave. The last to go to bed and the first to wake up. I plowed through my college days, wedding preparation, some of my wedding day, and skipped to our Cancun honeymoon.</p> <p>Indisputably, the best thing about Scrapbook Weekend is the food. We're not a family of gourmet cooks, but some of my aunts could probably host on the Food Network. They seem to compete for the best recipe. Which means three days of eating better than a newlywed could ever dream!</p> <p>This Scrapbook Weekend I came home with a few more pounds &mdash; but our album gained some too. I think it's a pretty fair trade-off.&nbsp; Since the weekend, I've set up a <a href="">Personal Table</a> to work at home, and haven't touched my album. I salute all you <a href="">scrapbook</a>ers who can dedicate time every week to your <a href="">scrapbooking</a>! At least I know it's there... patiently waiting for me to organize my life.</p>Katie02 Apr 2008 4:15:00 PMLifetime adjustable tables<p><a title="Lifetime adjustable tables" href="" target="_blank"><img style="border-top-width:0px;display:inline;border-left-width:0px;border-bottom-width:0px;border-right-width:0px;" title="Lifetime adjustable tables" src="" border="0" alt="Lifetime adjustable tables" width="454" height="159" /></a></p> <p><a title="Lifetime adjustable tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime adjustable tables</a> are a dream come true for anyone who needs something other than the &ldquo;standard&rdquo; table height. <a title="Lifetime adjustable tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime adjustable tables</a> work well in arts and crafts as well as preschool and kindergarten environments, and anywhere you want to change the height of your work surface.</p> <p>Gardeners have found <a title="Lifetime Products" href="" target="_blank"></a><a title="Lifetime adjustable tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime adjustable tables</a> work very well starting seedlings early. Since they&rsquo;re not wood they won&rsquo;t rot, and because the metal used is powder-coated they&rsquo;re strong, yet rust-resistant.</p> <p><a title="Lifetime adjustable tables" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime adjustable tables</a> are available with <strong>free shipping</strong> from <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p>Joe03 Mar 2008 10:33:00 AMLifetime table carts<p><a title="Lifetime table carts" href="" target="_blank"><img style="border-top-width:0px;display:inline;border-left-width:0px;border-bottom-width:0px;margin-left:0px;margin-right:0px;border-right-width:0px;" title="Lifetime table carts" src="" border="0" alt="Lifetime table carts" width="240" height="213" align="right" /></a> <a title="Lifetime table carts" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime table carts</a> is the 6520 Lifetime Accessory Storage Rack and Cart for <a title="Lifetime Products" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime</a> (and other) moving and storing folding <a href="" target="_blank">tables</a>. These <a title="Lifetime table carts" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime table carts</a> come with a 16-gauge steel, powder-coated, gray hammer tone finish for durability and good looks.</p> <p>Great for both commercial and home storage needs, <a title="Lifetime Products" href="" target="_blank"></a><a title="Lifetime table carts" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime table carts</a> have heavy-duty swivel casters, a tough frame, and ample storage for ten rectangular <a title="Lifetime tables" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime tables</a> or <a title="folding round table" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank">folding round table</a>s (not for use with 72&rdquo; <a title="folding round table" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank">folding round table</a>s). The lightweight structure and swivel-wheel caster design of the <a title="Lifetime table carts" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime table carts</a> makes storage and transportation of your tables safe and convenient.</p> <p><a title="Lifetime Products" href="" target="_blank"></a><a title="Lifetime table carts" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime table carts</a> are available with <strong>free shipping</strong> from <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p>Joe03 Mar 2008 9:11:00 AMLifetime folding chairs<p><a title="Lifetime folding chairs" href="" target="_blank"><img title="Lifetime folding chairs" style="border-right:0px;border-top:0px;display:inline;border-left:0px;border-bottom:0px;" height="132" alt="Lifetime folding chairs" src="" width="377" border="0" /></a> </p> <p><a title="Lifetime folding chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime folding chairs</a> are comfortable, portable, and durable. The curved surface of <a title="Lifetime folding chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime folding chairs</a> are ergonomically contoured to fit the human body, making sitting much more comfortable than in those hard metal folding chairs. The lightweight folding design of <a title="Lifetime folding chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime folding chairs</a> makes these <a href="" target="_blank">folding chairs</a> much more portable and easy to set up. </p> <p><a title="Lifetime folding chairs" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime folding chairs</a> are available individually or in bulk-discount packages, all with <strong>free shipping</strong> from <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p>Joe03 Mar 2008 9:08:00 AMLifetime Chair Cart<p><a href=""><img style="border:0px none;display:inline;margin-left:0px;margin-right:0px;" title="Lifetime chair cart" src="" border="0" alt="Lifetime chair cart" width="231" height="240" align="right" /></a> The <a title="Lifetime chair cart" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime Chair Cart</a> allows you to move and store up to 32 Lifetime folding chairs at once!</p> <p>The <a title="Lifetime chair cart" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime chair cart</a> is designed made of powder-coated, 16 gauge square tubing with commercial strength in mind. Swivel casters to enable you to maneuver the <a title="Lifetime chair cart" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime chair cart</a> safely and easily.</p>Joe03 Mar 2008 9:03:00 AMLifetime folding picnic table<p><a title="Lifetime folding picnic table" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank"><img style="border-top-width:0px;display:inline;border-left-width:0px;border-bottom-width:0px;margin-left:0px;margin-right:0px;border-right-width:0px;" title="Lifetime folding picnic table" src="" border="0" alt="Lifetime folding picnic table" width="240" height="135" align="right" /></a></p> <p>The <a title="Lifetime folding picnic table" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime folding picnic table</a> comfortably seats six to eight people and folds-flat when not in use. It&rsquo;s lightweight yet strong and durable. Its patented high density plastic polyethylene (HDPE) surface is easy to clean and resistant to chipping and cracking.</p> <p>With a UV-protected surface and rust-resistant, powder-coated frames and legs, the <a title="Lifetime folding picnic table" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime folding picnic table</a> works great in sun or shade, wherever your picnic takes you!</p> <p>A <a title="Lifetime folding picnic table" rel="vote-for" href="" target="_blank">Lifetime folding picnic table</a> is a great investment for many years of entertaining.</p> <p>Available with FREE SHIPPING from <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p>Joe01 Mar 2008 8:00:00 PM