Taking Sit-On-Top Kayaks to the Next Level with New Lifetime Tamarack

Taking Sit-On-Top Kayaks to the Next Level with New Lifetime Tamarack

Taking Sit-On-Top Kayaks to the Next Level with New Lifetime Tamarack

tamarack.jpgAs I promised in previous posts, it’s time to unleash a brand-spanking-new sit-on-top kayak!  This season we’ve introduced our Lifetime Tamarack 120 and the Lifetime Tamarack 120 Angler and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

The Lifetime Tamarack 120 comes in a beautiful vibrant red with tons of added features like shock cords, carry handles, storage deck and a sealed hatch!  This kayak also features our new folding seat back!  It folds up when you’re using it to give your back the support it needs and then, at the end of the day, it completely folds down for transport.  What more could you ask for? But wait, there’s more! We’ve specially designed this kayak to be fast, track well and be extremely stable, so no matter where your paddle adventure leads, our Tamarack 120 is equipped to take you there!

tamarack angler.jpgSo maybe you are an avid fisherman or fisherwoman?  Great!  We have the Tamarack 120 for you.  We’ve taken the fantastic basic Tamarack 120 and outfitted it for a relaxing and efficient day of fishing.  It has all the great extras and gadgets as the standard model plus we threw in two flush mounted fishing pole holders, one top mount rod holder and an additional storage hatch!  What? Did you hear that, two storage hatches!  Our stable design allows for easy casting and makes reeling in your big catch a breeze.  This version also comes in a more neutral tan color to help you blend in with your surrounding so you can sneak up on those unsuspecting fish.  So whether you have been fishing for years or just want to dabble in the sport of kayak fishing, the Tamarack 120 Angler is for you!

Measuring at 10’, the Tamarack 120 and the Tamarack 120 Angler  are great all around kayaks.  These kayaks really do make for a fun and safe day out on the water, trust me, I’ve tested them!  :)

To pick up one of these new Lifetime Tamarack kayaks for your own, head into The Sports Authority.  They will also soon be available in the Lifetime Store Online.

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Candace_Weaver0006w.jpgName- Candace

Position at Lifetime Products- Watersports Marketing Manager for Lifetime and Emotion brand kayaks

How long at Lifetime Products- Since January 2012!  I came as a packaged deal with the acquisition of Emotion Kayaks where I’d been for over a year.

Topics I blog about- Events and news in water sports, places to kayak, and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family.

My favorite products from Lifetime- Any of the Kayaks and paddleboards.  One of these days I’ll get my hands on a Fold-up Trailer and a Camp and Tailgate Table!

On a Saturday afternoon you can find me- This question will always depend on the season!  When the weather outside is frightful, you can find me at one of the nearby ski resort enjoying the fresh snow and crisp air or snowshoeing through the mountains.  Once the sun is shinning and the birds are chirping, my Saturdays are spent outdoors hiking, backpacking, biking, paddle boarding or my most favorite activity of all, kayaking!  All while enjoying the company of good friends of course!

My favorite escape- Anything whitewater, whether it be kayaking or rafting.  A more relaxing escape would be taking my camera out into the wilderness to photograph everything from wildlife to serene landscapes.

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wilbert Rodriguez

4/24/2012 11:27:05 AM

I check Sport Authority on line and they dont sell the kayak :((



5/14/2012 12:28:11 PM

They do!  It might not have shown up on their website yet but they have kayaks at the stores.  You can always check in store or give the Sports Authority a call to find out how to get one. Also you can visit http://www.lifetime.com/sporting-goods/water-sports/tamarack-kayaks

and order one through our website!



5/25/2016 8:44:18 PM

I am looking a replacement hatch cover for the dry well on the Tamarack 12 can you point me in the right way

Michael Musser

7/31/2017 9:15:45 PM

Hello, I need some help in obtaining 2 deck hatch covers that were stolen from my tamarack 100 angler kayak. Serial number is LPE22933A717. I can't seem to find these hatches anywhere that fit. Can you help? Willing to pay for them but time is of essence since I am leaving on fishing trip down the Colorado river on Saturday, August 5th. Mike Musser 5622 E Milton Dr. Cave Creek, AZ 85331 801-703-0521 mmusser5566@gmail.com


5/14/2012 12:10:00 PM

I would like to know more about this one, and compare its tracking and speed to the Calypso(Lotus) kayak, as a point of reference. My experience with the Calypso, before I returned the product, was that it was extremely slow and my weight (195lbs) created a strong drag on the back of the boat, which made it very difficult to paddle. I am a fairly strong guy, but that one mile treck on the Calypso was tormentingly slow. Can you please comment, realistically, on how the Tamarack compares, as far as spped and tracking? Does the kayak require constant paddling to maintain movement, or will it glide accross the water fairly well? Does it keep straight, regardless of its flat bottom hull? Also, can the hull stand up to hard knocks against low rocks in a river? Given my experience with the prior Lifetime Kayaks, I found them to be extrememly basic and used more for kid use. I really need to know if the Tamaracks are designed for a liesurely 4-mile treck accross a river. Thank you,



5/14/2012 12:11:14 PM

Hello, thanks for your comment. 

 The Tamarack is 2 feet longer than the Calypso, so it will be faster and track better.  Kayaks that are only 8 feet long like the Calypso are meant for basic and casual paddling.  It is hard for an 8 footer to track well and be extrememly fast, it is just a size design limitation that will be rather constant across all kayaks of that size.

The Tamarack is considered to be a comination hull design and has a more  keel than the Calypso.  Because of larger length it will go faster than the 8 foot Calypso and it will track better due to the defined keel in the back.   It will glide and track well for a 10 foot kayak. The Tamarack, just like all of our other kayaks, will still be extremely stable.   The design of the Tamarack also allows for some basic edging, which isn't really possible in a flat bottom design like a Calypso.  Edging will allow you to more efficiently turn and it will also help with choppy or rougher waters.  The Tamarack can take some bumps and rock hits but it isn't designed for whitewater use or extremely low or shallow water ways.  If you are looking to do a 4 mile Leisurely trek accross the river, the Tamarack will work great.


General Note:  All of the Lifetime Kayaks are recreational kayaks, this means their overall design objective is stability.  Kayaks made for speed and long distance traveling are considered touring kayaks.  These kayaks are often much longer and skinnier which makes them much faster but they are much much less stable.  Recreational kayaks combine all three attributes, speed, tracking and stability but are always going to be on the more stable end of the spectrum.



5/25/2012 6:20:39 AM

Can you tell me what country these are manufactured in?



5/25/2012 9:05:17 AM

All of the Lifetime Kayaks are manufactured in the United States!   We are based in Clearfield, UT where we have our production facility and headquarters.  We employ well over 1,000 local Utahns! 



5/25/2012 12:03:29 PM

Thanks. Just picked 2 up at Sports Authority. They are on sale right now and today they have a 20% off coupon. $255 each out the door. BUY AMERICAN MADE !!!



5/27/2012 7:16:27 PM

I came across this kayak today while searching for an affordable way to get into the sport... im weary tho that it wont be nearly as stable as the more pricey models.. have any pictures or videos of them in use?



7/5/2012 4:25:24 PM

Thanks for your interest in the Tamarack!  This kayak is extremely stable.  Money isn't a good indicator of stability or performance.  Many companies have larger mark ups than we do.  At Lifetime, we strive to make kayaking affordable for everyone, that is why we design our kayaks with people in mind.  We make quality designs but don't over price our kayaks, that is why our kayaks are much less than many on the market.  The Tamarack just as stable as many of those higher priced kayaks, we just want everyone to have a chance to get out there and paddle!


Here is a pictuer of the Tamarack Angler in use!




6/5/2012 3:10:01 PM

I just purchased the tamarack 120 angler Saturday the had to order it, they didn't have any in stock. I am really excited to get it I have never been on a kayak before but ready to try it and of course I love to fish that's why i went with the angler. Can you tell me if this kayak is stable enough to fish standing up in.If it's not that will be ok just wondering.Anyway can't wait to get it and try it out. Thank you, Zach



7/5/2012 4:32:17 PM

Hi Zach, glad to hear you choose the Tamarack Angler!!!  You won't be disapointed.   The Tamarack is extremely stable.   The ability to stand while fishing will be dependent on each individual persons balance, but it is stable enough that you can fish standing up.  We designed this kayak to be one of the most stable kayaks of its kind on the market.  It also has a built in tracking keel to help the kayak go straight while you are paddling.  I hope you enjoy your new kayak and catch tons of fish!



6/20/2012 6:07:15 AM

My wife and I bought 2 a couple of weeks ago and we love them. We live just north or Tampa, FL and there are a lot of places to use them. We do have one issue with the side carry handle on one of them. The material came off the rivet that holds it to the kayak. We contacted Lifetime by phone and they acknowledged that they have had some problems with that and are sending a repair for it. It was a pleasant surprise to actually be able to talk to someone in the U.S. and get resolution so easily. I'll let you know how the repair goes.



7/5/2012 4:34:43 PM

Thank you for contacting us.  I hope you were able to make all the adjustments neccessary to fix the handle.   If anyone else has experienced this issue, please give our customer service line a call 1-800-225-3865.  We have a fix and we want every single person who has an early edition tamarack to give us a call so we can get you all the parts you need to solve this issue.  We appoligize for this small glitch and we will do everything in our power to make things right!


leo baltazar

7/2/2012 1:36:21 PM

Can you use it at the beach for surfing?



7/5/2012 4:38:44 PM

The Tamarack is a very versitle kayak.   Depending on where you are, you might be able to surf the Tamarack, though it wasn't quite intended for that.   It is a larger wider kayak which will be a bit harder to surf than something that is thinner with more of a keel or fin on the back.    It is important to be very careful when surfing a kayak in the ocean, waves can toss you around a bit so always wear proper safety equipment and be prepared.  


Roswell Henderson

8/20/2012 8:05:11 AM

I purchased the Tamarack 120 on August 3rd... for me. However, my 10 year old son tried it out on the first day's use.....now I own TWO !!!! No regrets! I do have a "problem/complaint" - My brand new one (owned a total of 3 days) - I hauled it home and when I got home - the hatch cover was GONE !!!! I went a local Sporting Goods store and the hatch cover they had will not fit (too small)? Where/how can I get a replacement? I'm more than willing to pay for it...as I (or, most likely, a 10 year old boy) did something to cause this. Thanks!



8/23/2012 10:25:37 AM

We are glad to hear you and your son are enjoying your Tamarack 120's!   We can definitely help you out with the hatch.  Give our customer service line a call and let them know your issue.  (801) 776-8993 

Always let us know if you ever run into a problem!  We'll do everything in our power to fix it!



9/5/2015 9:11:57 PM

I need one too! Mine blew off today on the freeway, I was unable to retrieve it.


12/26/2012 2:11:40 PM

I bought a Tamerack 120 on sale at Sports Authority for $199.00. I like the stability and tracking better than my son's $500.00 kayak by a different manufactuer. It is a little slow when trying to paddle fast, but tracks amazingly well. I've had it out in slow, winding, Loahatchee Slough about six times, for 5 or 6 miles eahtime. I'm going to be taking it for a 9-mile trip on the Loxahatchee River in Florida soon, which will inolve some wide-open river stretches. I'll let you know how that went.



3/18/2013 10:17:03 PM

Hello, I just purchased the Tamarack and the Tamarack Angler at Sports Authority and am wondering about the storage hatches. The staff didn't seem to know much, but the hatches don't seem right to me and Im wondering if something is wrong. On both of the kayaks the storage hatches are completely open to the whole inside of the boat... there is no compartment once you take the black lid off. If I were to put my car key in there they would end up in the nose of the boat for example... So are these boats defective???



3/25/2013 3:13:19 PM

Your hatches are just fine.  It is very common for hatches to be open to the interior of the kayak in order to be able to stow larger items like bags, lunch pails, finishing equipment etc..   Smaller items like keys, phones or cameras, that require more care and cannot get wet should not be stored inside hatches with out a dry bag.  Our hatches are extremely water resistant but no hatch is 100% dry unless it is made from dry bag materials.  There is a reason for this, especially when it comes to Sit-on-top kayaks.  Just like a closed bag of chips or pretzels will expand as you rise in elevation, so does a kayak.  Because of that, we have to leave small gaps (drain plugs etc) that allow the kayak to breath.  Every kayak out there has to follow this rule, otherwise places like Denver, the mile high city, would never be able to have kayaks!  So, don't worry, your kayaks are not defective, they are made that way.  We just wanted to leave adequate space for all medium to larger-sized items you might need while on the water. 

If you do need a storage bag to store smaller more fragile items, we do have them at our online store. 





Guy Koppel

3/24/2013 5:52:45 PM

I just was at sports authority and saw the tamarack 120 (red). This will be my first kayak and I have a couple of questions. 1 I weigh 240 lbs. and I'm 6'3" will this be ok for me? 2. I plan on using this in the marina and possibly ocean, how will it handle? I've seen the "ocean" brand kayaks and I'm wondering if they are the same style just different brands. I definitely like the lifetime tamarack 120



3/25/2013 3:26:05 PM

Thanks for your interest in our Tamarack 120, it is by far our most popular kayak!!  The Tamarack has a weight Capacity of 275 lbs so you are just fine with a bit of room to play with!  The Tamarack is extremely stable but does not compromise tracking or speed.  This combination is very hard to find in the kayak market, especially for kayaks around 10 feet.   No matter where you take it, it will preform very well and remain extremely stable.  There truely is no better kayak on the market, especially for a beginner, than the Tamarack.  You will be able to enjoy the marina or the ocean with confidence.  You won't need to worry about being stable, the Tamarack has that all taken care of for you.  This would be an excellent beginner kayak for all the reasons I've mentioned above.  Beginner friendly and fun for all!

Ocean Kayaks is just a brand name and does not neccessarily mean it is good for the Ocean.  That depends more on the design of each individual kayak model.


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