Free Lifetime Products! Hurry To Enter the Lifetime Kiddie Table Sweepstakes

Free Lifetime Products!  Hurry To Enter the Lifetime Kiddie Table Sweepstakes

Free Lifetime Products! Hurry To Enter the Lifetime Kiddie Table Sweepstakes

    We all like free stuff, right?  Well, here’s something pretty cool…Lifetime is sponsoring a Kiddie Table Sweepstakes for the holidays. Five lucky people are going to win two Lifetime 4-foot adjustable-height folding tables, eight Lifetime folding chairs, holiday table decorations, tableware, art supplies, games, puzzles and a $300 gift card to purchase the holiday food!

It’s super simple.  Nothing to buy or even asked to buy, no surveys to answer, no ads to view, no essays to write.  You simply type your name, address, phone number, e-mail and birthdate in the online registration form, click “submit”, and you’re entered in the contest.  Quick and easy.  Seriously, it takes about 30 seconds.  Here’s the best part…you can even enter more than once!  Each person can submit up to one entry per day! There’s no catch, I promise.  Your name and information is NOT going to be sold to a third party.  You are NOT going to receive spam e-mails and solicitations from Lifetime.  (Although, there is a box you can check if you would like to receive future e-mails from Lifetime…but even then I can assure you Lifetime does not regularly send out advertisements or promotions.) 

So, what’s the deal?  Well, it’s pretty straight forward.  According to a survey, 61 percent of American adults and 72 percent of American children have sat at a holiday “kiddie table”.  This year, instead of making the kiddie table an excluded place where kids sit dreaming of the day when they will graduate to the big table, Lifetime wants to make sure the kiddie table is a place that kids will rush to and that will leave adults wishing they could be a kid again!  And, what better way to do that than with a table just the right size for kids, complete with special decorations, art supplies, games, and more!  

If you’re not familiar with the Lifetime 4-foot adjustable-height folding tables, you’ll quickly become a fan and wonder why you ever owned a table that didn’t have adjustable heights!  Use them at the lowest height for a children’s table, use them at the middle height for a regular table, or set them at the top countertop height for buffets and standing work stations.

That’s the scoop. I’m so excited to tell you about this chance to win FREE stuff!  But, you need to hurry…the deadline to enter is December 1, 2008 at 4pm.  (Winners will be selected December 5 so you won’t have to wait long at all to find out if you won!) 


Click here and submit your first entry today!  Good luck!

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Name- Jan

What I do for a living- First and foremost, I'm a doting mommy of a second grader and a 4-year-old, and a proud wife of a USAF F-16 fighter pilot!  In my pre-children life, I was the Communications Manager for Lifetime Products.  But, once you're a Lifetime fan, you're hooked!  So, after a few years of hiatus, I'm now a WAHM and am happily back on board at Lifetime as a freelance PR Consultant.  In addition to blogging for Lifetime, you can follow and chat with me on Lifetime's Twitter account @Lifetime365 and on the Lifetime Products Facebook page!

Topics I blog about- How I use Lifetime products in my everyday life at home, for kids parties and community activities, as well as inspiring stories... and GIVEAWAYS!  :)

My favorite products from Lifetime- 4x2 Table, 30” Personal Table, Chair, Youth Kayak, and Wheelbarrow.  Although, our Shed and Yard Cart are pretty close favorites, too!

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Nilda Torres

11/15/2008 10:15:59 AM

Not so much for the kiddie table, but the holiday meal certificate would be so helpful. I have 4 adults in the home that have recently been laid off from work, my husband is struggling to bill bills on his income.

Our holidays are not looking to promising.

Thank you.   Nilda


J Stephen

11/16/2008 7:57:26 PM

How can you exclude Hawaii and Alaska from your sweepstakes?  You sell your products here in Hawaii but you discriminate against residents of the President elect's birthplace for purposes of your sweetstakes?!


Jeremiah Fisher

11/17/2008 4:48:00 PM

I have a lifetime portable basketball goal. Sorry to say the plexiglass backboard broke and if I don't make a basket everytime I throw the ball.... I have to chase after it over to my neighbors house.

Hey,  Do you-all make replacement parts for basketball goals?



11/17/2008 4:54:01 PM

J Stephen, 

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Lifetime Kiddie Table Sweepstakes. Our sincere apologies for not being able to include the states of Alaska and Hawaii into this year's sweepstakes due to various state regulations and timing.  We will certainly look to do so for future sweepstakes, and appreciate your response.  Thank you.



11/17/2008 6:43:49 PM


Yikes!  Sorry to hear about your backboard.  If you contact our Customer Care Department ( they can get you all taken care of.  And depending on how old your system is and what happened, it may even fall under the warranty.

You can drop them an email ( or give them a call at +1 (800) 225-3865 Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (MST) or Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (MST).


Howard Char

11/21/2008 7:08:26 PM

Why can't Hawaii residents participate in this sweepstakes?



11/22/2008 7:05:41 AM


You are not alone with your inquiry.  We have had other people also asking why Alaska and Hawaii are not included in our sweepstakes.  Unfortunatley, we were unable to include them into this year's sweepstakes due to state regulations and timing.  But, we will try to include them in future sweepstakes.  Thanks for your interest and Happy Thanksgiving!


Bestbrandsfurniture » Blog Archive » Lifetime Folding Tables

11/23/2008 2:49:03 PM

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Wanda Cornelius

12/8/2008 9:48:44 AM

I would like your to enter me in the the Lifetime sweepstake give away for the kidie table I have two grandchildren and I am not working so that will be a blessing for me and my grandchildren.

thank you


Joan Niles

4/19/2009 9:17:54 PM



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